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Central to WolfQuest's success will be a national network of zoos and other informal science education institutions. Five institutions will be part of the initial project launch in December 2007, with more joining the network in 2008.

Minnesota Zoo - Apple Valley, Minnesota
Located south of the Twin Cities, this zoo contains 2,350 animals on 500 acres, including Mexican Gray Wolves. A second wolf exhibit can be found in the new Minnesota Trail exhibit set to reopen July 7-8, 2007. They are involved in conservation efforts with the Mexican Gray Wolves.

International Wolf Center - Ely, Minnesota
The Center strives to teach the world about wolves. They currently have two Arctic Gray wolves, two Great Plains Gray wolves, and two Northwestern or Rocky Mountain Gray wolves at the International Wolf Center in their Ambassador pack.

Phoenix Zoo - Phoenix, Arizona
This zoo contains approximately 1,200 animals on 125 acres, including Mexican Gray Wolves which are found on their Arizona Trail. They are involved in conservation efforts with the Mexican Gray Wolf.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park - Washington D.C.
On 163 acres, this zoo contains about 2,000 individual animals, including Mexican Gray Wolves. They are most well-known for their Giant Pandas. They are involved in the conservation efforts with the Mexican Gray Wolves.

Yellowstone National Park
America's first national park established in 1872 is located in parts of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The park boasts a large variety of wildlife, including approximately 130 gray wolves. Yellowstone National Park is the setting for the WolfQuest game.

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