Lost River DLC

A fictional area in the Mountain West, featuring both expansive wilderness and a mysteriously-abandoned town.

Some years ago, all human residents evacuated the town of Lost River. Nature has begun to reclaim the place, with elk herds and other wildlife wandering the abandoned streets and subdivisions. Wolves may wonder what happened here, but they will never know.

This is a reimagined version of the Lost River: Classic map, remade from the ground up and now equal to the scope and quality of Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek.


  • 8x8 kilometer map (30% larger than the WQ:AE Yellowstone maps)
  • The full arc of quests, from learning to hunt through raising pups. (That currently brings you to Endless Summer, but once the Saga is completed, it will be available in Lost River as well as in the Yellowstone maps.)
  • The mysterious town of Lost River, which humans abandoned some years ago -- but where you'll find clues about their activities and concerns.
  • A vast wilderness reaching into the mountains, where elk roam and grizzlies roar, dotted with interesting natural and human-made features.
  • Over a dozen buildings that wolves can enter and explore.
  • All the gameplay and animals in the main game, plus a few more!
  • Over 20 new achievements.
  • Cattle ranch where players can press their luck by preying on the herd -- but beware of tricks that the ranchers have up their sleeves!
  • New music tracks when exploring the human areas of the map, in the same style as the original Lost River soundtrack.
  • And much more (including the return of Lost River's best-kept secret) -- but you'll have to explore the map to discover it all.

Purchase in-game from Steam or itch.io

Fifteen more coats!

Based on actual Yellowstone wolves – important, famous, or just cool.

Injuries, oddities, and ten more wolf coats.

Purchase this DLC and you can create a wolf with even more character! Cosmetic injuries and oddities based on real-life wolf conditions. Plus ten new wolf coats (five grays and five blacks) inspired by Yellowstone wolves. You can preview them in-game.

WolfQuest Dreams Wallpaper

FREE for your desktop or phone

FREE WolfQuest Dreams Wallpaper Pack

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition dream images as wallpaper to spruce up your deskstop or phone. Includes 21 wallpaper/desktop pictures depicting dream images from WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition. Each picture comes in two sizes suitable for desktop screensavers, phone lock/home screens etc.

WolfQuest Dreams Wallpaper images by Susan Nagel

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Wolf Dreams

In the game, your wolf occasionally dreams of their quest for survival in Yellowstone National Park. We don't know if wolves dream in real life but we created dream art to depict things we think wolves might imagine while they snooze. What do real wolves actually dream of? No one knows, so these images are our best (albeit whimsical) effort to imagine them.

Watch the video below to learn more about the making of WolfQuest dreams.

Sleeping restores your health in the game (resting does too, but at a slower rate). You must sleep about 16 hours a day to maintain energy (just like a real wolf). Dreaming helps pass the time as you recharge. (But don't worry, game sleep time is accelerated.)

screenshot by: lesbian seagull (rowan)