History of WolfQuest


A grant-funded game about wolf ecology

From its first incarnation, WolfQuest was designed to combine the fast-paced action of videogames with accurate, real-world wolf biology and ecology. The game was originally developed by the Minnesota Zoo and Eduweb, an educational game developer, with funding from the National Science Foundation, Best Buy, and other foundations and donors.

Watch the WolfQuest: 2006 Preview Video (below). The video that started it all! We created it in 2006 as a fundraising aid for the WolfQuest project.

First released in December 2007 as a free download for Mac and Windows computers, the game was accompanied by a lively community forum for discussions about wolf ecology, conservation, and related topics, as well as the game itself. In subsequent years, the Minnesota Zoo and Eduweb developed several game expansions, concluding with WolfQuest 2.5, released in October 2011, before active development ceased due to lack of funding. Despite that, forum participation continued and kept the WolfQuest community alive.


Eduweb develops WolfQuest 2.7

Even after funding ran out in 2011, people continued to download and play WolfQuest, and the community forum remained active. So in 2014, Eduweb took up game development again and, in November 2015 released WolfQuest 2.7, an improved and expanded version of the game for purchase. In 2016, WolfQuest 2.7 was released on Steam and, later that year, for iOS, Android and Kindle devices. A series of game updates added new animals, improved graphics and enhanced environments.

Watch the WolfQuest 2.7 Preview Video (below)

Watch: Wildest Dreams: The Story of WolfQuest (Chapter 1)


WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition

In 2017, Eduweb announced that development of WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition was underway. This new version, a complete remake and expansion of the original game, is a much more sophisticated and realistic wildlife simulation with broad appeal.

Eduweb released the first episode, Amethyst Mountain for PC/Mac on Steam and itch.io, as Early Access on July 25, 2019, followed by Slough Creek and the Lost River Classic map. While in Early Access, we are updating the game frequently with more features and multiplayer (available now for Amethyst Mountain and coming soon for Slough Creek). Future maps, such as Tower Fall, will be released as DLC.

We are currently focusing on PC/Mac development but will turn our attention to other platforms once WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is out of Early Access.

Coming in the Future

A new episode: Tower Fall

The upcoming episode Tower Fall will continue summer and autumn life with pups. The Tower Fall expansion will be an in-game purchase (DLC) and will be released after WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition.

What will be in the new episode Tower Fall?

In the first weeks of June, the pups frolic at the rendezvous site in Slough Creek while their parents bring them their first meals of fresh elk meat. When the elk herds move down into the Lamar Valley, the pack follows — only to find other packs have already established territories in the valley. So they journey further south, up and over Specimen Ridge, then down into the valley of the Yellowstone River. There, on the banks of the Yellowstone, with Tower Fall thundering nearby, the pack makes a new home amidst fellow predators and plentiful prey. Here the pack will stake out a new territory, protect their family from danger, and and raise a new generation of skilled hunters.