The Music of WolfQuest

The WolfQuest Original Soundtrack & Music Extras pack includes the soundtrack to WolfQuest Classic and new music of WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, composed and performed by Tim Buzza and Ben Woolman, plus a 25-minute video featuring Tim Buzza talking about how he created the signature sound of WolfQuest and many memorable tracks in the game. You can also watch the video on YouTube.

Buy the pack to get nearly three hours (84 tracks) of original music plus this fascinating video. Cost: US $10.00. All sales revenue help support further development of the game.

Tim Buzza

Tim Buzza created the soundtrack for the original game, WolfQuest Classic (2006-2010). He is a music teacher, a classically trained tenor, an informally trained rock musician, songwriter, producer, and composer. Tim returned to the project to create new music for the Lost River Classic map, and with WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, he created a rich new soundtrack that complements the original tracks.

Ben Woolman

Ben Woolman is an accomplished guitarist, composer, instructor, and performer. He contributed to several Slough Creek music tracks for WolfQuest Classic. He's now returned to create new music for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, collaborating with Tim on some tracks and creating many new tracks for the Slough Creek episode.

WolfQuest Classic

Composed & performed by Tim Buzza


  1. Title Theme
  2. Exploration
  3. The Chase
  4. Danger!
  5. Low Hunt
  6. High Hunt
  7. Death
  8. Foreboding
  9. Into the Woods
  10. Wary of Strangers
  11. Attack
  12. Sleeptime
  13. Waking Up
  14. Bear Attack
  15. Satisfaction


  1. Slough Creek Exploration
  2. The Creek
  3. Mission Completed
  4. Pups
  5. Playing with Pups
  6. Death of a Pup
  7. Defending the Den
  8. You've Got Pups!
  9. Freeplay
  10. The Ranch
  11. The Journey
  12. Danger at the Creek
  13. Rendezvous

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

Composed & performed by Tim Buzza & Ben Woolman


  1. Exploration Unplugged
  2. Roaming
  3. Herd Ahead
  4. Flight of the Wapiti
  5. Elk Showdown
  6. Dinner Music
  7. Sweet Dreams
  8. Rumble
  9. Sunny Meanders
  10. Chilling
  11. Exploration (Fingerstyle)
  12. Lazy Day
  13. Courtship Conversation
  14. Maybe-Mate Melody
  15. Chasing Meals
  16. Idyll Idle
  17. Menu Music
  18. Food Fight
  19. Night Ramble
  20. My Mate and Me
  21. Ungulate Hunt (Fingerstyle)
  22. Wild and Free
  23. Mate Quest
  24. Journey to Slough Creek (variation)


  1. Discovering Slough Creek (Fingerstyle)
  2. Big Bad Bull Bison
  3. House Hunting
  4. A Break in the Shade
  5. Home Sweet Home
  6. Snug as a Pup
  7. Den Days
  8. Playful Pups
  9. Danger at the Den
  10. Idle Days in Slough Creek
  11. Hanging Out with the Pups
  12. Naptime for Pups
  13. Hide and Snack
  14. Traveling Day
  15. Endless Summer

LOST RIVER (Classic and now new DLC tracks)

  1. Lost River Main Theme
  2. Lost River Exploration
  3. Neighborhoods
  4. Lost River Chase
  5. Low Danger
  6. Danger–Lost River
  7. Low Hunt–Lost River
  8. High Hunt–Lost River
  9. In the City
  10. Bear Attack–Lost River
  11. Dying
  12. Dying Extended
  13. Bonus Piano Theme
  14. Ranch Bandit
  15. Ghost Town
  16. River Run
  17. Bubbles and Steam
  18. Midnight Pass
  19. Lost and Found
  20. Long Gone
  21. Sneaker
  22. Floppy's Theme

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Music

New music by Tim Buzza and Ben Woolman!

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition music features all the WolfQuest Classic tracks and lots of new WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition music.

We’re using a new type of game-music system, called adaptive music, to make the soundtrack more dynamic and immersive than ever before. Instead of playing one track after another, Tim created layered tracks that we can control on the fly during gameplay.

Devblog videos:

Tim Buzza and the Music of WolfQuest
Updated WolfQuest Soundtrack DLC with new music tracks.

Music and Elk Herds and Trees, Oh my!
New music, the new elk herd names, and whitebark pines. (3/21/19

Play That Wolfy Music
Implementing adaptive music (10/18/18)

A Little Elk Music
New elk hunt music (7/19/2018)

Tune Up
Adaptive music intro (2/1/2018)