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Another wolf computer game.

Post by Harmony » Tue Jul 31, 2007 2:12 pm

Note from Anduril: Keep in mind this game was released in 1994, and thus the information about wolves it provides is unreliable as it may be outdated (for instance, the game follows the 'alpha'/ranking system).
  • * Note August 12 2017 - "FYI, the download seems somewhat broken, incomplete, and buggy. Wolf pictures are marred by a pink box, and what was once informative text during loading screens is gibberish."

    Edit by Anduril
As I'm not entirely sure either past links of how to get the game to work are still up, I'll write up a new guide here.

Note that WOLF is marked as 'abandonware', which essentially means that the ownership of the game has been abandoned (although perhaps not intended for free by developers). See Abandonia's stance on what they consider 'abandoned' in the following post: ... 37#p381537

Game Download Links
  • - This version comes pre-packaged with DOSBox and provides you with an installer resulting into an executable file you can simply run to launch the game. To download, click the 'Download' button tab (just about underneath the rating bar), and click "Download (exe)". Then, click "Download (exe)" again in the new window that should have appeared. You should get a popup with a big Download button now, and when you click that your .exe download will finally start. (Thanks to Lexwolf for providing this link)
  • (Recommended) - Click the big red "GET IT!" button twice. The game should download as a .zip folder.
Getting it to work
Using the download: Locate the file you downloaded ( and run it. You might get prompted for administrator permisson. Run the installer. When you close it, it should automatically open the folder you installed your game in (the standard being C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Wolf). Run WOLF.exe. It should work right away.
Using the Abandonia download: First off, you'll need to download and install DOSBox. Then, locate the .zip folder you downloaded, and unzip it - I suggest creating a new folder for this, as the files in the .zip folder are all seperate. Now, the main idea is to get DOSBox to run the WOLF.exe file that's among the files you just unzipped. While MS-DOS was completely text-based and would have required you to go through the mounting/changing directory process (explained later), it doesn't have to be so tricky anymore. Try one of the following methods:
  • Drag and drop. For the quickest and easiest way to launch WOLF through DOSBox, simply locate both your WOLF.exe (or, the folder you created to unzip it in) and your DOSBox executable. Drag and drop the former on the DOSBox executable. It should now open whatever you dropped on it; if this was the folder, all you'll need to do is type "WOLF" in the command prompt and hit enter. The game will launch.
  • Using the command prompt. If you feel like going through the original MS-DOS experience to launch the game (or have to because you're on Mac and other methods don't work), please follow these instructions:

    - Run DOSBox.
    - Locate the directory WOLF.exe is located in. I created a new folder (also named WOLF) to unzip it to on my desktop, so in my case, it is C:\Users\Charlotte\Desktop\WOLF. (An easy way to do this is to open the folder you've got your .exe in, and clicking the location text field, like so).
    - In DOSBox: Mount the directory you found in the step above. If it is located on your c: drive, type "mount c c:\<results from above>". If it's located on a different drive, use that drive's letter instead of the c.
    - Change DOSBox target directory to the disk you just mounted, by typing it in and hitting Enter. Assuming it's your c: drive, you just have to type in "c:" and hit Enter.
    - DOSBox should now be targeting the folder you just mounted. All you need to do now is to have it run your .exe file. Type in "WOLF" and hit Enter. The game should launch.
For a screenshot of how this process went in my case, click here.
Similarly, it might be worth noting that DOSBox's commands for changing directory is 'cd', which could be useful if you've accidentally mounted the wrong directory and need to move from there. See this screenshot for how I'd have to get to the correct place if I had only mounted my c: drive.

Have fun!

EDIT by SolitaryHowl:
Because the same questions have been asked multiple times, I am going to provide a little FAQ for people who have questions about this game.
revised above
Q: Where can I find this game?
A: You can find this game at Click the download button to start the download.

Q: How do I get the game to work?
A: Kouga has posted a very helpful walkthrough to get Wolf working on Windows XP systems. The link is ... olf-t2.htm
Q: How do I get puppies in the game?
A: You have to wait for the right season, and you have to make sure you hold one of the Alpha positions and are not hungry or thirsty. To find out what season it has to be for each region, please refer to the original post below.

Q: Does the game work on Mac? If so, how do I get it to work?
A: Yes, it can be run on Mac because DosBox works on Mac.
To get it to work:
- Download and install DosBox for Mac.
- Download the Wolf game from (or another similar site).
- Place the .zip file of the wolf game into your home folder (the one that looks like a house.)
- Follow the directions in the tutorial posted above, but replace the C:/ drive with ~ (the tilde)[/spoiler]

---Original Message---

Ok so after I posted about this game (Wolf by sanctuary woods) everyone wanted to know about it. After finded the post I got it from im gonna show you guys,

Heres where I first heard about it,

In that post there will be info on downloading it and where you can get it. But let me tell you guys some warnings,
1.This game is hard -very hard- to start because its a DOS game.
2.It dosent work on all computers
3.The graphics are pretty bad but after playing for a while, you wont even notice
4.It takes a looonnnnggggg time to have pups, took me about 2 months but I didnt play that often,

I like this game personally and surprising for me, I started it up very easily. Heres the manual,



In this option you choose a task to complete - like "Kill a hare", "Find a
Partner," or "Win a fight". You can view your scenario profile - the season,
weather, size of the game world - even the characteristic of your wolf.
However in the Scenario option, you cannot change the preset parameters.


In this simulation you setup everything yourself. You select your wolf, as
well as the other wolves in your pack. You choose the weather, season, length
of play, number of prey, size of your game world, population, human
interaction and other parameters.



Cold. Little cover. Long winters. Short summers. Not as much prey
as the other regions. The prey are often easier to catch since there are not
as many places for them to hide. You need to stick together as a pack here.
Man is found most often in airplanes. The mating period is the first two
weeks of spring.


The forest
. Protected and plentiful. Home to a wide variety of prey,
especially smaller animals like rabbit and beaver. Though prey abounds here,
it is more difficult to catch. Man enters this area on foot and with
helicopters. The mating period is an entire month in winter.


The prairie.
Broad. Flat. Almost every species of prey, large and small,
thrives here. You'll also find more domestic animals here, like cows. But of
course, with cows, come men. Many of them. On foot and airplanes. The
mating period is an entire month in winter.


To navigate, move the mouse in the direction that you want the wolf to
travel. The further you move the cursor from your wolf, the faster your wolf
goes. To stop, place the cursor on top of your wolf. As you change speed,
the color of your cursor changes. Here's what each cursor color indicates:

WHITE: pointing YELLOW: trotting
GREEN: walking RED: running

Note: When running, the stamina bar at the bottom of the screen shows the
depletion of your energy level.


The way to survive in the wilderness is to constantly use your senses. It's
the only way you can stay a step ahead of danger. And the best way to find
food and water.

TO HEAR: Press H TO SEE: Press S
TO SMELL: Press N TO MAP: Press M

Continually consume food and water to replenish your strength. Drink from
lakes, ponds, and rivers, or in rain and snow. Kill prey or find a carcass
for food.

TO DRINK: Press D TO EAT: Press E


By press the space bar you can see the Command Bar. The game pauses while you
get a chance to look at your wolf's vital statistics: hunger, thirst,
endurance and health levels, as well as access the options button and the
vital statistics of the other wolves in your pack. The "Fast Time" option
allows you to jump to your den, or the closest water, carcass or buried cache
To attack an animal, click the mouse when you have targeted the cursor over
your intended prey. The program decides if you are close enough and strong
enough to take down your victim.

Wolves leave scent marks to mark off the areas around their dens. You can
leave as many scent as you like, but if you try to mark too great of an area,
it may not keep intruders out. Sometimes other wolves in your pack leave
scent marks. Other times you must do it yourself. Press C to leave a scent
mark. Now I never leave scent marks because im a female and I let my mate do that ;)

When night falls, you can make your wolf sleep by pressing the L key.


If you'd like to take a break, but want your wolf to keep on going, press A
(for Autoplay.) Your wolf continues to eat, drink, roam and survive. To find
your wolf, press J (for Jump) and you immediately go to the sceen your wolf
currently is. Press A to disengage Autoplay and regain control of your wolf.


Within each wolf pack there is always one wolf who's stronger, braver, and
smarter than all the others. This wolf becomes what is called the Alpha Wolf.
The leader. A wolf's status can change within a pack. As a wolf grows in
confidence and ability, or as other wolves weaken due to age or injury, a new
Alpha Wolf could emerge. Generally wolves challenge each other for the
position of Alpha Wolf.

To challenge another wolf, click on that wolf. A screen of information will
appear, asking if you want to challenge. DO NOT TRY TO CHALLENGE HIGHER RANKING WOLVES OVER AND OVER BECAUSE YOU COULD DIE FROM FIGHTING INJURIES. Just wait until your health and hungar bar is higher than the alphas. Get um when there weaker than you :D


To mate, several conditions must come together simultaneously. First, you
need an Alpha Male and Alpha Female wolf. It must be the right time of the
year: the end of winter or early spring depending on which geographic region
you are in. There must be no impending danger. Both wolves must be free of
thirst and hunger and must be well rested

- Click on an Alpha Wolf of the opposite sex. if your a female wolf (not sure about males) dont waste your time always clicking the mate button on your mates page. Just wait until he wants to breed, usually you dont have to click anything, hell breed on his own.


If you're lucky enough to successfully mate and to stay alive during the
gestation period youll experience the jow of newborn pups. Once your pups
are born, make sure you take the opportunity to name them. As long as you
continue to play, they are apart of your den. When they reach a year in age,
they automatically join the pack. Your gestation period is about 2 months game time.

Your wolf has a sixth sense, especially when it comes to men. If your wolf
"feels" the presence of man, even when you haven't activated any senses,
man's icon appears on the screen. This means man is very close. Bark at
once to warn the rest of your pack. Then leave the area as quickly as

— Stay away from people. Especially those who own livestock. Theyll shoot you on the spot.

— Never stop using all of your senses. They are very helpful

— When hunting, look for injured animals. They're easier to kill. If you're
alone, don't attack big animals (moose, bison, musk, oxen...) It could be
dangerous and you get injured. Instead, gather together others in your pack
to help you by howling.

— Don't fight with wolves stronger than you. Wolves have been known to kill
their own kind. My wolf has died from injurys before :(

-- Always save your game as often as possible, its very easy to die in this game but If you set your options on easy and save your game every time its night time in the game you can just replay it ;) Ive died many times but my wolf always comes back to life -evil laugh-


S- See- Allows you to see whats infront of you.

L - Sleep- Lets you sleep when it gets dark -sleeping regains lost energy-

E - Eat- Allows you to eat

G - Dig up-Allows your wolf to dig up the food you buried

I - Sit- Allows your wolf to sit

J - Jump to wolf-If your on Autoplay this allows you to jump to your wolf incase it wonders off.

B - Bark-If a human icon pops up out of nowhere on your screen bark to warn your pack to get out of there!

F1 - Help-Shows all the commands incase your forget ;)

F2 - Cursor-Takes the arrow away

H - Hear-Allows you to hear other wolves howls.

C - Scent mark-Keeps other wolves out of your territory

Space -Commands-Here you can see your wolfs health and hungar meter, Its senses, the pack, options where you can save your game and much more!

N - Smell w/ Nose- Show the nearest humans,wolves, and prey and there distance

P - Drop meat-Makes your wolf drop whatever meat is in its mouth -You cant pick it back up after dropping it-

U - Bury-Makes your wolf bury its food if you want it for later -will tell you where your buried it-

M - Map location-Helps you find out how far your den is or to determine when the closet carcass or water is.

W - Howl-Need help bringing down a moose? Your pack can help,or maybe you just want them to get together, this key will make them come running!

T - Eat and carry-Very handy if you have pups or if you just want to bury your food far from the carcass

D - Drink-Theres lakes and ponds throught the game

A - Autoplay-The computer plays your wolf for you if you need a break

Any furthur questions post it here because that other post is dead. Ill try to answer them as best as I can. Sorry for the long post


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Post by arctic-wolf » Tue Jul 31, 2007 6:26 pm

Wow! That sounds almost as cool as WolfQuest! I'm going to try and download it.
P.S. I have a furrypaws acount too. I just haven't been on it in forever. oops...

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Post by Whitefang2331 » Tue Jul 31, 2007 7:13 pm

ooo interesting :D

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Post by Harmony » Tue Jul 31, 2007 7:20 pm

Well not quite as good as wolf quest but it is a good game. Let me know if it works for you guys. Ill try to help.

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Post by kefa » Tue Jul 31, 2007 11:28 pm

Oooh thanks! This will help ease the wait for WQ. XD

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Post by kefa » Wed Aug 01, 2007 12:01 am

1. After installation, open up the WOLF folder.
2. Double click on SETUP.exe.
3. Unless you have a MS-DOS Computer, click no sound.
4. Scroll up and click no music.
5. Click save settings.
6. Double click on WOLF.exe.
7. ENJOY!!!"

I found the folder in my computer but it's empty????
I dunno if I did it right where do I go for folders?

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Post by Cherrylin » Wed Aug 01, 2007 12:32 am

I heard about something they had made too, called Lion.
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Post by Whitefang2331 » Wed Aug 01, 2007 6:18 am

I heard about that too on wikipedia

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Post by Harmony » Wed Aug 01, 2007 9:42 am

Yea they did make a sequal but It never worked for me :(

I dont know if this will work for you but it worked on my computer.
1.Hit the start tab
2.Click ''My Computer''
3.Click on dive (C: ) -mine said HP pavilion (C: ) but you might not have the same computer.-
4.It should show a list of files. Click the one that says ''Program files''
5.Then it should show more files, click the one that says Wolf DOS game -Its in alphabetical order-
6.Then it should show a bunch more stuff, click Wolf.EXE and a tiny black screen should pop up but dont exit it out, just wait a little bit and it should start up.

I dont know if this is helping because ive never tried it on another computer but I hope it helps! *I had to put a space between (C: ) because it turned it into a smiley if I didnt :lol:

''For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack” -Rudyard Kipling

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Post by kefa » Wed Aug 01, 2007 12:47 pm

Thans for the help Harmony, but I don't think the game is going to work on my computer because the blak scren turned brown and I've been waiting for somthing to happen for half an hour. :(

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Post by Harmony » Wed Aug 01, 2007 2:00 pm

Man thats the only thing I hate about this game :x

''For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack” -Rudyard Kipling

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Post by tikomi » Wed Aug 01, 2007 5:55 pm

Kewl. I have a furryPaws account, but it ran SO slow so I stopped playing... *leaves to checok out wolf game
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Post by Gentle Fang » Wed Aug 01, 2007 10:48 pm

Haha! I remember not too long ago, i found this game and i downloaded a DOS emulator and the ROM version of the game, and then spent all night configuring everything and learning how to use DOS to get it to work. But it was so worth it. :D

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Re: Another wolf computer game.

Post by Spottedpelt » Sat Aug 18, 2007 1:27 am

link wont work D:
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Re: Another wolf computer game.

Post by coyote » Sat Aug 18, 2007 10:15 pm

you can also get it on ... i'm happy that i got it to work on windows vista 'cause i heard some people say it wouldn't work... though i had to use Dosbox, and it runs kinda slow...

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