Before Reporting & How To Report Bugs and Glitches [Update]

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Before Reporting & How To Report Bugs and Glitches [Update]

Post by wolf567 » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:06 am

Before Reporting a Problem

Unfortunately with all games you may encounter problems, and WolfQuest is no exception to this. To make sure you can be helped, please follow these steps before posting your problem.
  • 1. Check the FAQ’s and follow the solutions listed if they pertain to your problem.
    2. Make sure you have the latest update to the game.
    3. Restart your computer.
    4. Check the Tips, Hints, and Help section. (Others may also have your problem, and solutions may have already been posted.)
If you still have a problem after this, make sure you include these steps; they will help you get a solution quicker.
  • • Post a thread in Tips, Hints, and Help. Make sure you have a descriptive title, not just "Help"
    • Be descriptive with your problem; explain it as much as you can. (Where you experience it, what you were doing right before the problem started, if you were playing single or multi-player, etc.)
    • Say what you have done so far to try and fix the problem.
    • Include screen-shots if possible.
    • Most importantly, be patient. Wait for a reply; it may be a few days or longer. Don’t expect a reply with solution straight away.

    If you haven't solved it using the methods above, please submit a bug report to Please include DEMO 2.7 Mac/Win (put the one you are using) for the demo version in the report's subject title. For the full version of the game, please include 2.7. Mac/Win/iPad/Android (put the one you are using) in the report's subject title. Bug reports are no longer accepted or addressed for 2.5. Include all the information listed above, plus an output log and saved game if possible. You will not receive a reply unless more information is needed, but perhaps your reported bug(s) will be fixed in the next release of the game because of your help.

Where to find your output log:
• Windows: Documents/My Games/WolfQuest/WolfQuest/WolfQuest_Data/
• Mac: launch Applications/Utilities/ Then in the left sidebar, look for FILES/~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log. Open that log, and copy the entire log into a text file or the email itself.

More information on out_put logs can be found on Faybrin's topic:

Where to find your saved games:
Windows: [Your Username]/My Documents/WolfQuest
Macintosh: [Your Username]/WolfQuest

Where to find your screen shots:
Windows: [Your Username]/My Documents/WolfQuest
Macintosh: [Your Username]/WolfQuest
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Reason: updating bug report information. Reports for 2.5 are no longer accepted. Will make more updates if needed.
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Re: Before Reporting a Problem

Post by orangeonfire » Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:17 pm

A note for Vista and Windows 7 users:
Rikku wrote:WolfQuest Community members who run Vista may have had difficulty finding their output_logs, thanks to some default security settings in Vista. In Layman's terms, these setting will prevent your output_log from showing up in your WolfQuest data folder.

We really want our members to include their output_logs when reporting multiplayer abuse or bugs & glitches.

A quick and simple way to fix this problem, without manually lowering your overall security settings on Vista is to right click on your WolfQuest desktop game icon, and Run as Administrator.

The drawback is Vista may ask you each time you try to run WolfQuest if it's okay to run it (which you will have to continue to select "Allow"). But your output_log should now show up in the data folder.

Note: If you are not the computer administrator (on a family computer) and/or have computer restrictions---then be sure to get your parent/guardian or the computer administrator to enable this for you.