Some Seemingly Unaddressed Bugs+Glitches

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Some Seemingly Unaddressed Bugs+Glitches

Post by Shiverdam » Tue Oct 11, 2016 7:13 pm

I've encountered quite a few recurring glitches in WQ that I haven't seen addressed or otherwise reported. These have all happened to me in Multiplayer and I'll try and get video/screenshots of them, if nobody else can.

1. The "bite" glitch:
Known to me as The Glitch, it disables all players aside from the host from being able to bite predators, eat carcasses, pick up pups, feed pups, and even open the pause menu. If it does happen, it's when the "Let's Go!" prompt for the final journey comes up. It can be "fixed" if you force quit the game and come back, but more often than not, the host reloads from a save.

2. The Food Glitch
Seemingly at random, feeding a single puppy will void your entire pup food supply and leave a row of regurgitated meat on the ground. You can tell when this happens in game to either yourself or someone else due to the feeding noise repeating rapidly. After this happens, any attempt the player makes at refilling the pup food by eating will go directly to the pup that they fed when the glitch happened.

3. Autotargetting
As we know, WQ automatically targets predators, prey, and food with the little wolf head icon, and your wolf will hone in on the target without you needing to steer. Occasionally, a player will lock on to a carcass but cannot unlock, and their wolf will be constantly steered towards that carcass, or even in circles. So far the only fix I've found for it (aside from leaving the game and coming back) is to allow your wolf to get killed. Other times it can right itself.
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Re: Some Seemingly Unaddressed Bugs+Glitches

Post by Koa » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:47 pm

Please report all glitches to using the tips found on this thread to help you submit a thorough report; this is the only way glitches can be fixed and handled.

The bite glitch has been around for a long time. Please send in a report about the food glitch as that also still appears to be occuring for some individuals (see:
It would be best to re-install the game, first. If that still does not work, please submit your bug reports to the e-mail provided. Though some glitches are more common than others, it helps the team to have more bug reports from different players on different platforms, machines, etc.

You can discuss the bugs you found here:
What bugs did you find?

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