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Fake admins? [Staff Impersonation on MP]

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 8:23 pm
by Rain0
So I was looking around in the multiplayer servers. I came across a server called 'Wolfquest Creator' I log on to make sure their not stinking, and it says 'Server owned by Wolfquest@petunia' or something similar to that. I report them, and some other people have done it aswell as their game, and they claimed that 'no i'm not stinking I'll tell you the lost river story and updates'. We tell them it's not enough proof, and ask them to make a livestream. They say they will, and then tell their friend, who's wolf was called Gabriella, I believe, and tell them to come on a server with them because they need to talk, and then shut down the server. I'm almost 100% sure that person was stinking, and they claimed to be 29 though they were most likely a much younger person, and I was wondering where we could find a list of admins and staff to make sure that the person is stinking.

Re: Vote for a New Animal!

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:12 am
by paperpaws
The forum filter is acting up a tad in your post, unfortunately. I can confirm however that servers like those are fake.

There is no list of in-game names of the developer team, but your best bet would be to browse the forum categories (and if necessary check team members' individual profiles to see if they have a 2.7 username listed). As a general rule of thumb, though, it would be safe to assume anyone who claims and is flaunting to be part of the WolfQuest team is bluffing. No-one within the Team would feel the need to.

You did well to report the game; I'd encourage you to keep reporting games and users that try to impersonate staff.