Hardware Compatibility Issue? - Game unplayable

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Hardware Compatibility Issue? - Game unplayable

Post by apocalypticPoet » Tue Jul 16, 2019 2:02 pm


I've been playing on Wolfquest 2.7 from Steam on my computer for years without any issue until a few months ago. All the PC hardware has remained the exact same, Windows is up to date, nothing seems to be any different from when the game was last working. But one day when I opened the game it was unplayable without any noticeable changes on my part.

To summarise the issue: Even with no input from the keyboard, my wolf continuously walks/runs to the left, the camera is permanently zoomed in, and with a different camera mode won't stop spinning.

The game starts up normal with the title screen, I can select a single player game or connect to a multiplayer game without any issue and all my wolves are loaded fine with their stats correct. But once my wolf is loaded into any map: without any keyboard input whatsoever, the camera zooms in as far as it can go (zooming out is unresponsive), and my wolf runs/walks forever to the left, never stopping.
If I change the camera mode with the 'o' key, it stays zoomed in but now is spinning around my wolf when it is supposed to be stationary (all input to move the camera in the opposite direction or zooming out is again unresponsive).
My wolf can do actions such as bite and jump, I can change the run to a walk and even walk to the right with the arrow keys (except backwards is unresponsive), but with absolutely no input from the keyboard the wolf wont stop running to the left and the camera wont stop zooming in and spinning.
When opening the game in Steam you can change the registered input keys for whichever action. I have checked this and all seems to be fine, keys are registered correctly as default as they always have been. I eventually felt it must just be a hardware issue with a faulty keyboard, as I can run the game perfectly fine on my laptop. But this happens to ONLY Wolfquest on my PC, no other game or program I own on it suffers with any similar issues. I don't understand how a hardware issue can effect only one specific game and literally nothing else. An Xbox controller doesn't stop any of this either and the bug persists still when uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I can't seem to find the issue the game is having. I'm not the most computer savvy person sadly; I've been ignoring this issue for a while for my own saddened convenience as I have no clue how to fix it and found no similar bug reported. I really do miss playing this game with better graphics, and with the new Wolfquest Anniversary Edition coming out soon (I doubt my laptop could happily run that with how good it looks) I felt I might need to fix it in case the new game suffers a similar fate.

If anyone has an idea with what I am doing wrong or needs any clarification of that big loaf of text, please let me know! Thank you!

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