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Radio Collar and Limpy..

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 3:24 pm
by GoldenBeauty
It seems like everyone's forgotten about this except me. :?
In 2.7, you would see a plane occasionally every time you wore a radio collar. In 3.0, there's no planes soaring above the skies checking on my collared wolf. I really liked the neat little addition to the radio collar. I hope the WQ team adds it someday. Limpy isn't in 3.0 either. I heard that Limpy wouldn't be added in 3.0 because of some technical issues? The limpy customization was based off of an actual wolf (Limpy). I think wolves with an injured leg can still hunt and run, albeit it takes more effort. Even if they're unable to add limpy, that's fine. It's just the limpy customization is apart of many players' wolves.

Re: Radio Collar and Limpy..

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:53 am
by TimberRaven
I did notice this too, and I think the limpy leg could definitely cause some more leg issues than there already is. They may add these in the future, but for now, they probably want to fix the weird stuff going on with the legs they've already got. That, and wolves like Limpy are somewhat rare --so for every player to have a limpy leg is a bit, well, unrealistic. Usually when wolves are living on three legs, the bad one is paralyzed, broken, or deformed. Deformities as bad as this are very uncommon, and paralysis could be caused by something going wrong with the brain or spinal column, which could drastically shorten the wolf's life, and if the leg is broken, it could become infected or bleed out, both leading to eventual death. Limpy was a pretty lucky wolf, and it's sad but reasonable if they don't re-add the limpy leg feature into AE edition.
The radio collar thing, though, could definitely come later, maybe when the episodes are all released and Dave gets bored and adds it again. :D Maybe he'll add something even better!