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Slough Creek crashing on iOS

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2020 10:48 pm
by soothsager
hey, i play wolfquest on iOS on my ipad 6, and i’ve noticed that whenever i try to play slough creek on single player, it crashes every 30 seconds-5 minutes. initially i thought it was because of the pup models being too much for my device to handle, but strangely enough i can play it on multiplayer with 7 other people with no issues. i turned my graphics settings to the bare minimum, with no luck, which is also strange because i could play amethyst mountain with the beautiful setting, medium density foliage, 60 fps and shadows with nothing wrong. lost river also doesn’t present any issues. i closed out all of my tabs, restarted my device, and it still is crashing. does anyone know why this might be/how to fix it? thanks so much!