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Re: WolfQuest Pups - General Discussion

Post by duskypack » Wed Dec 16, 2015 3:30 pm

I mostly see three of one gender and coat (my coat, usually) and one with a differing gender and my mate's coat. It's a bit annoying because I really want to see more pups like my mate ;-;
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Re: WolfQuest Pups - General Discussion

Post by naruto10482 » Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:44 am

Since recently returning to WolfQuest ive had five litters of pups and continuing to have more. What i like to do is follow the pups lives into adulthood and their lives with their pups
(Main Pack) Bear+Star
Celestial(Female), Sarge(Male), Toto(Male), Soul(Male[Died])
Ash(Male), Cheza(Female), Lace(Female), Amber(Female)
Kage(Male), Junior(Male), Bane(Male), Nyla(Female)

(Adult Celestial)Celestial+Max(her mate)
Honey(Female), Ayah(Female), Lady(Female), Ghost(Male)

(Adult Sarge)Sarge+Yana(his mate)
Koba(Male), Solo(Male), Tamu(Female), Unknown( i think unknown is a pretty unique name. Female[Died by an EVIL EAGLE :evil: ] those Are ALL my pups so far
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Re: WolfQuest Pups - General Discussion

Post by PearlyReborn » Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:55 am

I try to name them in ways that correspond to the parents, so for Canis' and Lupus' litter, they had pups named after subspecies of wolves (they aren't actually those subspecies). Orion (Greenland Wolf), Lycaon (Eastern Wolf), Rufus (Red Wolf), and Arctos (Arctic Wolf).
Aggie's (Ag) and Arthur's (Au) were named after the periodic table. Felicity (Fe), Rue (Ru), Connor (Co), and Henry (He).
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