What pack is worse? Specimen, Slough or Druid?

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which is worst? speclemen, slough or druld?

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Re: What pack is worse? Specimen, Slough or Druid?

Post by Flamesky » Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:32 pm

Lunawolf25 wrote:Obviously it's the Druid because they are hard to be defeated but when I use a female wolf with a lowest strength and a high stamina and speed I could defeat them lol I'm like "So... The weaker my wolf is, the easier thing to do is kill the Druid?" :| and the most annoying thing happen to me was the Druid keep coming to my den and I have to kill the Druid -_-

Stamina reduces the damage an enemy wolf, coyote, or prey animal can inflict on you when you attack them. Strength affects how much damage you can inflict on another animal. So a combination of strength and stamina will help you attack and defend in your territory (although you will have a very slow wolf).

You can get a submissive stranger wolf to roll over by saying "It's cool" twice, then the wolf will lunge at you once. Say "I'll wait and see", and the wolf will roll on his back and say, "No offense meant". This only works with wolves that will submit to you without fighting (certain wolves in Slough/Specimen territories, dispersals, some wolves in Slough Creek).
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Re: What pack is worse? Specimen, Slough or Druid?

Post by amethystrose » Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:56 am

Even though I have completed the whole game millions of times, I have to say that...

Druid is the worst pack.

They are the strongest out of the other two packs. The Slough wolves and the Specimen wolves are the easiest in my opinion. They don't take that much effor to take down. But if you had good stamina, you could take down all three wolves from all three packs. In Slough Creek, the only wolves that show up sometimes in random places, is the Druid wolves.
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Re: What pack is worse? Specimen, Slough or Druid?

Post by ItsLiminal » Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:36 pm

Druids seem to be pretty difficult to defeat. Most of the time it seems they don't submit until both your wolf and it are on the brink of dying! Plus, they're the ones who usually pop up in your territory in the second game installment! The Slough wolves have always been the easiest to track and the easiest to defeat for me. That may be intentional since it's so close to the spawn location. The others require a teensy bit more work to get to. xp

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