Things to do while you're bored on wolf quest

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Re: Things to do while your bored on wolf quest

Post by elkhunter123456 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 5:26 am

Flamesky wrote:
Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:39 pm
Herding elk to run to a specific location.
I like to herd them to cougars or bears at carcasses
mule deer

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Re: Things to do while your bored on wolf quest

Post by TimberRaven » Sat Jun 22, 2019 12:58 pm

I like to capture screenshots of funny chat moments, paste it into something, crop out the rest of the picture besides the chat box and keep it XD (here's my latest:)
Me: (joins as SnortySnort, basically FootNibbler, just to see what RP it is before getting a character)
Host: Hi! LOL love your name
Me: thank you snort snort
P1: lol hi
Me: What RP is it?
Host: power
Me: okay brb gonna get Adharc (POOF!)
Me: okay I'm back
P2: I say we kick him when he comes back
Host: WB
Me: KiCk WhO?
P1: XD
P2: nvm
P2: no one, nothing
Me: yeah RIGHT snoOOORT
Host and all other players except P2: XDDDD (and are probably laughing their heads off)
It's funny looking through your collection of funny screenshots, and taking screenshots of your wolf jumping can get weird since the wolf's spine in WQ 2.7 is broken :D XD
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Re: Things to do while you're bored on wolf quest

Post by ReaperShadow52 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:09 pm

Depends why I am bored, I typically don't stay on wolfquest for very long if it is not stimulating me at the moment. Reasons I get bored on WolfQuest include:

-When there is no good servers, at least my standards. (I usually just go play a different game or get stuff done around the house in this case, giving it some time. Then I check back and see how it is going with servers now.)

-When I can't find a good group in multiplayer that I click with. (This one is more out of my control because like with all online things, you are not going to get along with everyone. You just have to savor those times you get a good group rather it be for rping or hunting servers.)

-When the rp is going on, but no one is interacting with each other or myself. (Times like this I simply have a lot of questions for the people I am group with. Like for starters why are you in an rp server you guys are not going interact with one another and want to all be anti-social loners.)

-Lastly when it is just slow, yes simple is that. Does not have to be any of the above and WolfQuest just may be at their lower activity levels certain hours. Understandable why it would be boring. (This one I usually just don't play that day and will check back at a better hour.)

Those are all the ways I remedies when I am bored on WolfQuest, sometimes if I can't find a good rp and that is causing my boredom, I do sometimes join pup servers and hunting servers. They can be pretty fun!

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Re: Things to do while you're bored on wolf quest

Post by Zebbaby » Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:49 am

On 2.7, gather up a bunch of people in multiplayer and attempt to kill a bear. You'll never get bored because it's not possible but you won't let yourself believe that.
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