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Re: WolfQuest Roleplay Thread

Post by TimberRaven » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:49 pm

I join a game of RP with my friends. There is an obnoxious brat in the server whining about how we should do a zombie apocalypse vampire ghost Halloween RP while everyone else has better ideas. Whisper (obnoxious person) kept yelling at us to vote for her ideas, but everyone ignored her and I kept saying that the host should decide (Salt). Salt said she didn't know what she wanted, and that didn't help >_^
So eventually, after resisting Whisper's screaming that we're not voting for her pumpkin RPs, we all decided on a natural disaster RP --but to turn it into horror, it had to be more than two disasters... oof
So we're all in the game, a separate game than Salt's, so a good ol'friend of mine named Shadows was host. Whisper joined; I wasn't surprised.
Shadows: Okay so we all live here in this cabin as a pack
Me: 'Ight
Whisper: i'm a cat y'alls
Me: No you're not, it's a wolf RP! I really hate it when there's a dino in a dog RP, can we have a pure game?
Shadows: What do you mean pure
Me: no game is pure just ignore me
I really was annoyed when Whisper was allowed to be a cat. I had to put up with so many games with people who were obsessed with Jurassic stuff and were playing as dinosaurs.... and she was from Warrior cats and I really do actually think it's a series for kids, not teens, like Harry Potter. (Neither of them I'm growing to like, haha, I'm unique XD)

Whisper: *Finds the mangled body of what looked like a kitten*
Pepper (another friend): EWW
Me: nu
Whisper: *It had bled out from a gash, so we buried it in tears*
Me: WHISPER STOP IT (Whisp had already found a dead kitten and I was getting fed up)
Shadows: why you do that it ICKY
Whisper: I wuv cats
Me: No you don't
Pepper: ;-;
Whisper: Because I'm a stupid potato
Me: ...who's gonna get reported
Me: Yes, that is a threat
Pepper :O XD
Shadows: :\
Pepper: okay BTWRP
Me: What's BTWRP
Pepper: Back To Weird RP
Me: XD
So a while of that nonsense, then a 'dust storm' swoops over, then we hunt and bring Pepper a chunk of meat, and then a tornado comes, then the dams (we were in LR) gave way and the place flooded so much that I had to dive down to find Pepper, couldn't, could when I was about to drown, went up for the sake of character, then went back down, was banged in the head by a plank (according to Pepper, because she didn't want me to save her XD), woke up on a log XD, went down to save Pepper again, got her out and to land, went to the hills... and looked back and she wasn't there. In the meantime, Shadows is hanging out with an NPC character cougar named Jolt and he's making him his mate... which is weird because they're both males. ._.
Then I go back down to get Pepper, but then get trapped in a house looking for her and can't get out then I drown because it's dinner time and I need to be at the table
--eats dinner--
then I get back on, game's still going, I go back to where I left off (because I hadn't missed much and Pepper was in her same spot) and I wake up AGAIN on a raft that's slowly sinking, I get to shore and then pass out from exhaustion
Then I find Whisper and Shadows and Pepper sitting there, and none of them seem happy to see me... and Shadows didn't even know I was there until he told me to kill Jolt so I DID XD
And Pepper resisted all the help I tried to give her to protect Whisper's "kits", which I didn't really care about because they were immortal anyway (how can a newborn kitten survive a fire when the fire started first in the same building they're in? :|) and yeah it just went downhill from there. The beginning was really fun besides Whisper's shinadigins, and then after something happened (forget what XD) I tried to kill Whisper... oh yeah I remember why just now OOF
And you know what's funny?
Walter, my character I used in that RP, is terrified of water XD
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Re: Funniest Wolfquest Roleplay Posts on MP

Post by noir_187 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 2:56 am

A couple weeks back I was in this ridiculous RP. So I joined the RP, looking for a good time. I describe my character and make it clear she's not that nice and to not take what she says personally, you know? And since I'm roleplaying I write in-character.

I had my wolf walk through a field at night and this one chick was there, 'seeing her dead lover's ghost' or something and was literally screaming, running around, and tripping over herself. My character naturally thought this chick was crazy and decided to leave that alone. Until she tried talking to some other girl by the river and the girl got spooked and this chick was getting mad and started an argument with me over... something. I have no idea, it was that inconsequential. I think it was because I 'scared that other girl off' or something.

Anyway, later I went over by the bison peak den, which was claimed even though there were no packs. This chick showed up and got mad at me for being near the den, though my wolf was just saying stuff like "nice place you got here" lol I was not interested in leaving, so there was an argument.

This chick was actually getting really worked up IRL. Like she was steaming mad. She was making OOC comments every other message talking about how annoying my wolf is. I told her to chill and that it was just an RP, nothing personal and nothing to get mad about. She was 'unsheathing her claws' and everything. I commented on how wolves can't do that, and she said "i saw someone in another rp do it okay!" And then she was asking for permission to kill. My wolf didn't even do anything LOL

I just ditched, called her and her buddy edgelords (because they were ngl, all this claws business, asking to kill, saying they've killed 5000000 wolves or whatever, and being like "my wolf isn't normal >:3c"), and went to chill by the river. I was RPing a chat with another player and the argument up the hill became the topic of conversation, because it was so loud this other character could hear all the yelling down by the creek. And the chick i was 'fighting' with (lol) got so angry about this that she left. The funniest part was that everyone was glad she was gone! Like... wow. That was how salty this chick was.

they also told me to use quotations for speech as if i wasn't using quotations and as if I don't know that. like, dudes i've been at this for nearly a decade. I know what i'm doing lol i guess they got confused because i was writing my character's thoughts/feelings or whatever, but i think they just wanted something to gripe about
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Re: Funniest Wolfquest Roleplay Posts on MP

Post by TimberRaven » Sat Nov 03, 2018 10:19 pm

Me: >Joins< Hola amigos
Crow (friend I know): *lies panting, coughs up blood*
Shadow: *Pins Crow to den wall by his neck* Any last words?
Crow: Shadow... Sonia... I have always hated you guys... *dies*
Me: Seraphina is dead man I'm RPing Fluffernut this time
1stPrize: >Joins game< hai what RP
Me: I wish I knew XD
Shadow: wolf RP IDC if its loner or pack
Me: Fluffernut is a unicorn raider that can eat air
1stPrize: *Kicks rock* mmph! Move! You mean rock bully! Moveeee! *Kicks rock more* >Jumps through rock over and over growling<
Me: *Pushes rock out of way and then holds it up for the moon to retrieve:
Shadow: the moon: *takes the rock and hugs it close* i love you dauhter
Crow: *Comes back to life and takes the rock from the moon and tosses it up into the air and then it lands in his mouth and he swallows it whole* >Howls<
Me: *Throws Gandalf at Crow, then turns him into a crow and wrestles him, feathered claw hooves jammed into his wings, but he doesn't have wings, so fries him and makes him into shrimp and puts him on a pizza*
Me: *Also adds Gandalf for extra flavor and eats Sonia*
Me: but you taste like watermelon
1stPrize: *eats sonia*
Me: *After 1stPrize ate Sonia, also eats Sonia* >Sonia is on the opposite side of map than us<
Crow: *Is now a floating pizza shrimp, and sends 1stPrize to space*
Shadow: *removes rock bully from Crow's stomach and proposes to it*
Me: *Takes the rock and eats it, then puts it back in Crow's stomach because he ate it first and it's rightfully his*
Crow: *Shares rock and puts half in fluffer*
Me: *Eats Sonia after re-eating her*
Sonia: WAIII
Me, 1stPrize: because you taste like watermelon
1stPrize: *Eats Sonia 1,000000000000000000000000 times*
Me: *Eats Sonia forever*
Shadow: *Wrestles an alligator out of the Hudson river and makes French fries*
Shadow: *Eats tarantulas for breakfast after eating fatlegs11 and alligator fries*
Me: *Vomits up rock and gives it to Crow to make room for something else*
Me: *Eats Sonia and 1stPrize and then Crow along with the rock*
Anyway it just went on like that O.o XD

Hmm... well, I was forced to convert Kjados into a wolf. It was bad...
I was walking around while leaving weird pawprints, locked with my friend in the BCE enclosure. Apparently he was a WW, but transformed into a demon named "BloodKiller" one night, and it turned into a crazy power play! Eventually, dawn came, and it all ended. Then a tsunami came. We were washed over the gate and then apparently my friend died and turned into a spirit. People everywhere were transforming into things, so I decided to be my actual character, which isn't actually a wolf. It got crazy. Later, we all decided to hunt a bull elk while my spirit friend was trying his best to keep the RP alive (and was failing XD). poof why does this keep happening to me

Edit 2: I just had a flashback XD Here's a reeeaaallly ancient roleplay! LIKE. I WAS....... SEVEN OR EIGHT.
Starry (me): Sunny! doesnt move
Sunny: throws up again *tosses watermelons everywhere*
Starry: pukes
Sunny: moans and groans
Sunny: Fairy: You have to help her, Starry! What are you doing?
Starry: I'm as bad as Sunny is!
Sunny: Fairy: fine goes over to Sunny and then gets the Curry flu
Starry: Oh no!!!
Sunny: pukes and drowns in it *flies to the heaven we built in the sky*
Sunny: Fairy: NOOOOO!!!!!!
Starry: pukes *starts SPAMming the chat with "pukes" over and over*
Starry: starts bleeding from wing randomly, flicks ear, backflips out of the hospital, lands in the desert and dies
Starry: yay Sunny
Sunny: Fairy: nuuUUU!!! *collects waterbottles*
Sunny: yay we trapped together!
Starry: PUKES
Starry: *tosses cakes and watermelons from heaven, and it rains down on the horses and cows and zombies beneath*
Sunny: moans again and falls out of heaven and then dies
Sunny: Scarlet: mwahahaha takes Sunny into the Nether
Starry: oh great'
--much later--
Sunny: hey school nurse? I fell off the slide that's like one foot high and broke both wings. And I have cancer on my butt
Starry (me in mind): why does she always do that??
Sunny: School nurse: AAAHHHH!! THE CANCER IS EATING THE WALLS *breaks blocks from the walls*
Starry: AAHHH
Starry: turns away *goes to the signs on the school desks, and changes the sign on Sunny's desk that says "Sunny, Ender Dragon" to "Sunny, Butt Cancer"* (Like, I'm writing this post and dying of laughter XDDD so stupid!)
--much later--
Sunny: *leaves angry notes all over heaven complaining about how she went shopping and that it wasn't her fault that Starry died and is now "trapped" in heaven*
Starry: Sunny! goes into the pool and farts
Sunny: lol
Starry: pees
Sunny: eww
Starry: pen pineapple apple pen!
Sunny: OOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Starry: !
Starry: how?
Sunny: HALP HALP HALP HALP *flops into another Nether portal. Darn.*
Starry: *falls out of heaven and then goes into portal, before accidentally walking into a ghast* AAAAA *gets killed by ghast*
Sunny: *also gets killed by ghast*
and so much more
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