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Host or Join?

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Re: Host or Join?

Post by amethystrose » Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:59 pm

I'll do a little comparing and contrasting between the two:

Joining (The bad things that happen): When and if you join a server, sometimes you have to deal with people telling you to leave because they are saving spots. Now saving spots are against the rules, because the rules state that EVERYONE is allowed to join opened public servers. People never learn that if they want certain people to come to their server, then they should make a private server. So they don't have that problem of telling others to leave their server because of... (So and so).
Also, some people can be very, very bossy when hosting a server when someone else is joining. They are never nice to everyone in asking them what they like to do, and never accepting other people's opinions.
When you describe your character in a certain way, sometimes the host may take away certain things that are and can be allowed, but the host doesn't think that it's interesting enough. Sometimes this makes me quite saddened. (I haven't joined anyone's server in a long time, so I'm not so sure on that).

Joining (The good things that happen): I really like when someone asks you or talks to you about joining their server. This makes you happy, because then you won't have to deal with any mean people because the host of the server might tell you all about their friends that might come too. You can describe your character very easily. Sometimes people might come up to you for fun and play little games with you. But when you have to leave, it's like leaving a best friend behind, because you were having such a good time with them, and you don't want to leave. A good host always leads their server in the best way possible. Having fun and doing whatever it is that the host wants you to do. That way, things go smoothly.

Now for the Hosting... (Pros and Cons).

Hosting a server (The bad things that happen): Someone could come into your server, and talk about what you have called it in a very negative way. (This has happened to me a bunch of times. You try to explain why you called your server (whatever you like to call it), and the person still doesn't accept your explanation and they continue to criticize you.
Another bad thing that could happen is, people acting the way you didn't expect them to act. Everyone starts going out of control, you are staring at your computer screen, and wondering why everyone is acting like this. You try your best to calm them down and get everyone under control, but they don't listen and continue to do their behavior.
Here's another bad thing that happens to me sometimes, that could happen to you too. Someone coming into your server, while a bunch of other people are following your lead of role playing or whatever, and that person just decides to take away your members by getting them to come to their server. I hate that! Don't you?? It's like, There is a place to advertise your server on the WolfQuest forums. Do you REALLY need to go into other peoples servers and tell them to come to YOUR server? You go to other people's servers to have fun, NOT to go around and advertise your server in THEIR server. That's the really annoying part.
Another bad thing that could happen is, someone thinking that THEY are the leader of your server when really it should be YOU controlling the server. You need to let them know WHO IS LEADER. You? Or them?

Hosting a server (The good things that happen): Let's talk about the good things, shall we? You know when time flies and everything in your server is going as planned, and no one rains on your parade, that's the good feeling(the fun feeling).
You include everyone in your server who wants to be a part of your pack. No one feels left out. You like to make sure no one feels like they are not a part of your pack and they decide to leave. Everyone gets to do something, right?
You feel like you have more power towards others, but in a positive way of course. You don't feel like you are ranked down when joining another persons server. You're the Alpha female/male. Make decisions and decide what is and what is not right.
Although there might be many more good things about hosting a server, I'm going to say overall that...

I like hosting a server.

I love the many friendly people out there that decide to come to your sever, and having all that power, then joining another persons sever, and feeling like you have less power. For me, joining another persons server just makes me feel uncomfortable. You never know what to expect when you join severs. You have no idea what that person will be like. Either evil and competitive... Or very kind, and respectful.
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Re: Host or Join?

Post by duskypack » Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:50 pm

I agree, Amethyst.

I enjoy hosting because of the rules concept and that I can easily manage the realism level :3

When I joined, the host said it was realistic, then had blue and purple eyes saying they can do what they want O,o
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Re: Host or Join?

Post by Neamara » Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:08 pm

Host. At the time, I remember hosting for my cousins since they could only join games.
Now that they have moved on from WQ, I'm more for joining on the rare occasion that I actually launch the game and look into the multiplayer lobby.
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