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Re: WolfQuest Roleplay Thread

Post by Black Burn » Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:07 am

Name: Decatur
Age: 3 Years
Appearance: A short and stocky guy with a dark grey pallette and icy blue eyes; he is shorter than most wolves, but call him small and you may have one big problem.
Personality: Tough, Humorous, Arrogant, Fun-loving, Reckless, Daring, Kind, Short-tempered
The grey furred male casually trotted over the hard ground, short legs moving swiftly. Decatur, a rather short wolf, was currently on the hunt for any small creature he could possibly take down with his height. It had been a good few days since he'd eaten a decent meal, a lonesome mouse didn't really count in his opinion. Elk would be nice, any large meal would, but thanks to his height he couldn't possibly take one down and make it out alive to eat it.

Decatur paused his stride, raising his head high to gaze around; nothing that his blue eyes could see. Maybe if he could find someone whose already made a kill, that would be something at least.

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Re: WolfQuest Roleplay Thread

Post by YellowstoneWolves1 » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:02 pm

Snake loped after a younger elk he'd gotten separated from the herd. He'd managed to lose the mother (he wasn't sure how he managed that) and was closing in. He snapped at it's back leg, digging his teeth in. The young elk stumbled and fell to the ground. Snake let go of it's leg and managed to kill it. "Lucky me." He said to himself, licking his lips as he stood over his prey.
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Re: WolfQuest Roleplay Thread

Post by Edda She-Wolf » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:10 pm

Skylark whimpered and licked her paw. It ached something horrid now. She watched the herd again,
and saw a wolf go right for the calf she'd chased for so long. And he killed it. Jealousy got the best of her and she snarled to herself. That was MY job! I was the one so committed to tiring it out! For him to just-
She had no proof that he really got her food though. It wasn't even her prey. It was just a calf that she failed to kill. She made a vow to herself that she'd eat today. With that she trotted down the hill, limping, to beg for food.
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Re: WolfQuest Roleplay Thread

Post by TimberRaven » Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:49 pm

Adharc turned, and so did his ear, before he held still as both of his pointy, big ears pivoted left, right, up down, as he heard distant rustling and uneven pawsteps. However, the wind was blowing in the wrong direction of the sound, and he was unable to catch any scents. With the sun to the right of his vision, he squinted, trying to spot what he heard. He couldn't, so he casually tried to slink away from the sounds, before the wind shifted in his direction and he got a whiff of several wolves... and a fresh elk kill.
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Re: WolfQuest Roleplay Thread

Post by LamarWolf » Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:41 am

Chulyin's eyes opened as he caught a whiff of freshly killed elk on the wind. He trotted off in the direction of the smell, as grew closer he picked up the scent of something that put him on edge, other wolves. Could this a wolf pack's territory, should I turn around now or see if I could get meal. In the end food won other Chulyin fear and he continued towards the scent but more carefully this time and slinking close to the ground. He emerge from a patch of white bark pines and saw a meadow with a wolf standing next to a dead elk calf, another wolf, this one limping, approached the other. The smell of elk made his mouth water for his meal this morning had been only meager scraps. Chulyin dropped down to the grass using the trees' shadows to hide him. He would wait until the other wolves were done then come and eat his fill, although he would not get any of the organ meat it was still an effective strategy for him. So he was content to wait. Then the wind changed, blowing his scent right to the other wolves.
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