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WQ Radio 3.0

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:13 pm
by 1BitJay
As discussed back in 2014, I previously got permission to do this as in this quote.
ShadesOfJay wrote:Yeah, Adalae was online earlier and I shot her a PM and she said go for it!
It doesn't matter to me about what we do about a new topic or switchover owners...

WQ Radio 3.0
Credit goes to Larkarl and Adalae ... =newspaper

The WolfQuest Radio is about members being involved together and randomly discussing things, but under a loose restriction of an outline. The many things that will be discussed include current things in development to the random funny quirks happening in the General Discussion topic. Whatever we will discuss, be ready to laugh and enjoy hearing some random members talk for the first time, instead of reading this text.

Want to check out episodes, visit the following link! ... yyJet1CkEw


- ShadesOfJay

Job Descriptions
These people rule the audio- they report the stories, tell the jokes, and speak. A microphone or a headset is required for this position.

This is currently a closed position. He/she run the show- they edit/compile audio, arrange/lead Skype meetings, do a bit of reporting, and receive WQ Radio-related PMs.

These awesome people collaborate to write our podcast outlines and help out with management. These episodes wouldn’t be possible without their hard work! No microphones and the like are needed for this position.

Want to join the team?
So you want to become a part of this? Well, make sure you have the qualifications below and simply fill out the form and PM it to ShadesOfJay. All positions except Coordinator is currently available. So, fill out the form!

    • - Must have a Skype.
      - Must have humor in some form.
      - Must try to be available at some normal given times.
      - Must stay in contact with ShadesOfJay at all times.
      - Must be willing to have fun!!

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    [b]WolfQuest username:[/b]
    [b]Skype username:[/b]
    [b]Position wanted:[/b]
Please, PM it to ShadesofJay!![/color]

Re: WQ Radio 3.0

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:31 pm
by EternalLaughter
This seems like a really good idea. Hopefully people will join soon.