Interesting WQ Facts

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Interesting WQ Facts

Post by Sunset-Light » Fri Jun 23, 2017 5:29 pm

After coming back to an old discovery that I.. well.. discovered.. in late 2016 I believe, I wanted to share it out, and decided to make a thread for anyone else who has found out something that others might not know about.


Back in 2.5, only the player wolf could "mark" on the "Mark your Den" mission, right? Well, in that marking animation, the wolf is shown lifting it's right leg, then turning its head to the left (like he/she did something wrong xD). Then, the animation stops.

In 2.7, the player wolf is only shown lifting its right leg (I think left leg if he/she has a limp) and doesn't perform any head gestures. However, since the player's mate is able to mark with the player now, the mate actually has a different animation than the player- and guess what? The mate's marking animation is the exact same as the player's 2.5 marking animation.

What are your intriguing facts?
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