how i plan to help animals

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how i plan to help animals

Post by wolfman200789 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:40 pm

what i did is i took my favorite animal the whale and made my avatar my avatar shows a dead whale not because i want them dead because i think that if i show this to people the just might feel a little sorry for the whale or something and want to find a way to help whales and other life to but im going to need a little help so anyone who wants to can follow my idea maybe not with a whale but with any animal the more people who start to care the more protected they can be

planet earth is are home so we should treat it with respect
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Re: one simple way to help the earths creatures

Post by Masika » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:13 pm

Hello wolfman200789,

I find what you've done to support/help whales quite interesting, I think its nice of you to be a supporter of these creatures; its good that you are wanting to help out the animals and earth (: However, I believe that there are already various threads such as this one to encourage helping the Earth, such as this thread:

100 Ways to Help Animals and the Earth:

Also, considering that some whale poppulation is greatly effected; some are near to being classed as Endangered. If you ever want to dicuss endangered animals including whales, you could always do that here, perhaos you could bring up wearing an avatar of the animal you support to show that you really do support and try to help them:

Endangered Animals: ... 05&start=0
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