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Citizen Science Projects

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 1:38 pm
by Kivia
Many times when scientists and researchers are working on a project, they reply upon the public for information pertaining to their research. This is often very useful for those studying wildlife and nature, and it's often a wonderful opportunity for the public to not only be outside, but to help science in the process!

Last summer I participated in a citizen science project that focused on studying osprey in my home state of Delaware. For the entire nesting season, I watched and took data of a local osprey nest. The osprey pair that nested there successfully fledged two chicks, and it was just such a satisfying project to take part in. I got to watch and learn about osprey behavior, and I got to help out my state Division of Fish and Wildlife with osprey research and keeping track of Delaware's osprey population. It's cool stuff!

So I was curious- has anyone else participated in a citizen science project? I would highly recommend getting involved if anyone has interest in supporting the scientific community. There is always need for help!

Here is one site that I found that lists a few projects (I looked into nature projects in particular- feel free to look into others though!). I know there are probably more, but this is a start. I would also recommend seeing if there are any local opportunities where you live.