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Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:29 pm
by loboLoco
WolfQuest patch 2.7.2p6, released September 23, 2016.

This patch has a variety of improvements and fixes. All of these are already in the latest update of the Android/Kindle game (released yesterday). Most are already in the iOS version, but a couple new ones are in an update currently waiting for Apple review — should be released within a day or two.

* When predators attack, your mate will now pick up a pup to protect it.
* Wolf scaling is shown properly in multiplayer games.
* Improvements to pup behavior around Slough Creek ponds.
* Players kicked from a multiplayer game cannot rejoin that game again.
* New achievement: Alas, Poor Yorick
* Minor improvements to predator behavior when spawning near den.
* Minor AI fixes on wolf packs patrolling their territory.
* Fixes to chat problems on cross-platform multiplayer games.
* Another fix to prevent multiple cougar spawning.
* Tweaks to cougar running and turning animations.
* A few refinements to screen layout issues and multiplayer reporting instructions.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 2:49 pm
by loboLoco
WolfQuest Patch: Version 2.7.2p7 released, November 14, 2016. This is a maintenance patch with a few new things and a lot of bug fixes.

* In multiplayer games, after the host kicks three players, no new players can join the game. (Please do not abuse the Kick function. Create a private game if you want to play only with friends! Excessive kicking may lead to restrictions on your game account.)
* Online status now displays correctly in the Account: Friends panel.
* Host username is now displayed in the multiplayer game lobby.

General Bugfixes:
* Multiplayer bug that prevents players from picking up pups (at least, one such bug).
* Various other fixes that should prevent some rare bugs in multiplayer games.
* Another fix to prevent multiple cougars from spawning in multiplayer.
* Corrections to inconsistencies in kill stats and achievements (not retroactive, alas).
* Bug that prevents the ESC/Pause Menu from appearing (at least, one such bug).
* Bug related to howling and Pack Affinity.
* Bug that prevented game conclusion when all players reach rendezvous spot.
* Coyotes and other animals will not spawn during stranger-wolf encounters.
* Bug that made Pack Rally more difficult to achieve with fewer players in a multiplayer game.

Mobile-Specific Bugfixes:
* Reduced memory load during transition from Mark Territory to Pups mission, to reduce possible crashes on mobile devices with 1GB RAM.
* Various bugs that cause crashes (after chasing away eagle, upon reaching rendezvous site, etc.)
* Players who have not purchased the Coats Customization pack will see customized coats and bodies on other players. Also, stranger wolves will now properly have a variety of the basic coats.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:57 pm
by loboLoco
WolfQuest 2.7.3 released on all platforms, on December 19, 2016.

IMPORTANT: With the addition of moose, multiplayer is not backward-compatible, so make sure you get this update! It's automatic on Mac/Windows, but on mobile devices, you must go to the app store and download the new version.

* Cow and bull moose added to all maps!
* Ten new achievements related to moose.
* Elk and moose antlers are accurate for each season.
* Special holiday decorations (only through late December)
* New idle behavior when wolf stands for awhile.
* Snowshoe hare has white coat in wintertime.
* Codename: MotL

* Bug that sometimes selects wrong time of day when starting Slough Creek games.
* Bug that occasionally forces player to regurgitate all food after eating.
* Bug that prevented "An Error of Judgement" achievement from unlocking.
* Bug that occasionally creates ghost games with non-host player after multiplayer game ends.
* Added security to prevent uninvited players from joining private games.

You're most likely to see moose at dawn and dusk, though even then it's not guaranteed. And moose are quite dangerous, so be careful! On Amethyst Mountain, keep an eye out for two bulls fighting each other.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:23 pm
by loboLoco
WQ 2.7.3p1 is (mostly) released!

We're rolling this patch out over a few days, rather than waiting until all platforms are ready. It's available now on all platforms except iOS (currently waiting for review, hopefully won't be more than another day or so).

Version 2.7.3p1 fixes and improvements:
* Bull moose fights appear correctly for non-host players in multiplayer games.
* Fixed bug that sometimes prevent moose-kill achievements in multiplayer.
* Cow elk achievement fixed to display properly when earned.
* Mysterious white cube has returned from whence it came.

* And on mobile, some tweaks to reduce memory-related crashes in Slough Creek and Lost River. (If game still crashes on phone or tablet, be sure to switch to the lowest quality level in Game Settings, and restart your device before playing the game to ensure the game has all available RAM memory.)

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:17 pm
by loboLoco
We're rolling this patch out over the next few days. It's available now on Mac/Windows versions, and coming in the next few days on mobile platforms.

* New new XP-based achievements, called Ranks. You will automatically earn those when entering a game level. They are displayed on a new Ranks tab in Account: Achievements, and upon entering a multiplayer game.
* New penalties for getting killed in multiplayer games: players killed by elk, moose, grizzly and cougar lose 500 XP, must wait six seconds before respawning, and respawn with 45% health.
* Added an "Add as Friend" button to Pack Stats in Multiplayer games.
* Adding scrollbar to Message panel to allow for longer messages.
* If player chooses higher difficulty when starting Raise Pups missions, achievements will be based on that level.

* Errors with the number of required kills for Many Moosen and Not Moosing Around achievements fixed. NOTE: This fix will not be triggered until you enter a game level.
* Hares, moose, and elk killed in winter season retain their winter color and antlers after the transition to spring.
* Removed floating carcass in Amethyst Mountain.
* Blocked fontsize tags in multiplayer chat to prevent abuse.

Sambhur (WQ moderator) created the rank-achievement icons -- aren't they beautiful?

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:15 pm
by loboLoco
WQ 2.7.3p3 is now available for Mac/Windows (Steam and versions). We'll be rolling out the mobile updates in the next few days.

* Steering controls: Larger range in the steering sensitivity slider, and a few other tweaks to refine the feel of steering and camera responsiveness.

Fixes for the following bugs:
* Player gets stuck on a carcass in multiplayer games.
* Camera glitch if player is in scent view when predator spawns to attack pups.
* Game hangs if host quits game while player has Pause, Pack Stats, or Game Settings windows open.
* Male and female wolves are same size in multiplayer customization.
* Game hangs if player presses C key while HUD is hidden.
* In Accounts: Messages, scrolling window didn't reset to top when new message is selected.
* Chat and wolf label fonts couldn't display special characters.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:03 am
by loboLoco
We've released patch 2.7.3p6 -- it's out on all platforms now.

This patch has a significant improvement to the file sync function, and a number of smaller fixes and improvements.

* New and improved file sync system for syncing saved wolf and game files across multiple platforms. Generally the "Sync All Files" is the best option, as it is smartest about detecting the latest version of each wolf and game file and updating both your device and the server with that version. But in certain situations, the Push or Pull options may suit your needs better. Read the explanations of each button before clicking.
* Fixed bug that could cause incorrect pup death in multiplayer games, when standing near river's edge.
* Made the "playbow" whine audio louder.
* Modified the biting sound effect to be more like in old game.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:09 am
by loboLoco
Rolling out patch 2.7.3p7

We've released this patch for all PC/Mac versions (Steam and and will be rolling it out on mobile in the next few days.

This patch has one new feature -- players can rename existing wolves -- and several minor fixes. A few players have had problems since the last update with their wolves being renamed "Wolf." We could not reproduce this problem, so decided to add the new renaming feature to let players fix that problem themselves, while also giving everyone a much-requested feature.

Fixes and Improvements:

* Players can now rename their wolves. Go to the Modify Your Wolf panel (in New Game-Amethyst), change the name, then click Save Changes. The new name will appear in all saved games with that wolf.
* Fixed bug with Limpy's tail tuck animation.
* Adding timer to prevent spamming the Report buttons.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:12 am
by loboLoco
Rolling out patch 2.7.3p8b

This is a mobile-only patch that fixes a bug in Lost River which can crash the game in certain circumstances. The update is available now for all mobile versions. Please be sure to get this update if you're on mobile, and very sorry for the trouble. (And thanks to the player who gave us a good repro report!)

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:47 am
by loboLoco
Rolling out patch 2.7.3p9 -- now out on all platforms and app stores.

Bug fixes:
* * Game won’t trigger conclusion after everyone reaches rendezvous site.
* Cougar won't despawn in Slough Creek if chased towards the river.
* Multiple pups can be picked up and carried at the same time.
* Game Controls and Difficulty popups don't appear in Lost River.
* On mobile, can bite moose without taking damage.
* On mobile, can't earn the boot achievement in Slough Creek.
* Pup can drown unexpectedly at certain spots in mixed PC-mobile multiplayer games.
* Saved wolf renamed on computer without a filename.
* Tweaks to Kindle version to reduce crashes after marking territory.

Other changes:
* New info about game updates (WolfQuest 3 and Tower Fall) added to main menu.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:27 pm
by loboLoco
WQ patch 2.7.3p9a is out on all mobile app stores now. This fixes a new issue in the patch a few days ago when biting prey (if you're finger is on the joystick while you tap the Bite button, you'll hold onto the prey even if you don't intend to -- a quick way to die)! So be sure to download it!

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:11 am
by loboLoco
One more patch! Last night we released 2.7.3p9b for Kindle, which (at last!) makes the auto-login function work properly. (If auto-login doesn't work for you on Android or iOS, please email and we can release that patch on those app stores too, but we haven't gotten any reports about that.)

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:12 pm
by loboLoco
We just released a minor patch for iOS, adjusting the quality levels -- which should help with crashes (especially when finishing marking territory) that began with the last patch. Get it on the iOS App Store: v2.7.3p9c

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:46 am
by loboLoco
Patch 2.7.3p9e

We're rolling out a patch today on all platforms. This has a few fixes, listed below, but the critical change is an upgrade to the multiplayer backend system. YOU MUST GET THIS UPDATE FOR MULTIPLAYER GAMES. If you don't, soon the multiplayer lobby will be empty, since this upgrade is not backward-compatible. (This upgrade has no effect on multiplayer gameplay or functionality.)

While these patches are rolling out to each platform, you'll see fewer rooms than usual in the multiplayer lobby, as some player will have the update while others don't.

Fixes and changes:
* Multiplayer now requires IPv6 (required by Apple now, which forced us to upgrade it on all platforms)
* Adjustment to Limpy's howl audio timing
* On iOS, you can now delete multiple messages (this was already fixed in the last patch on Android)
* Adjusted game canvas on iPhone X so UI elements like the chat panel are not hidden behind the notch.

Re: WolfQuest 2.7 Patch Releases

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:59 pm
by loboLoco
v2.7.3p9f -- a new patch out today for PC/Mac only.

Turns out we overlooked something in Monday's patch (a debug-logging function was left on "maximum") -- and that has caused multiplayer games to run slowly on some PC/Mac computers. We've got a hotfix out for that now. This does not affect the mobile version.