Patch 1.0f Released!

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Patch 1.0f Released!

Post by loboLoco » Mon Jul 29, 2019 12:28 pm

The first rule of patches is "Don't break the game." Alas, last night's patch did that -- we added more information to one of the courtship popups, which pushed the Yes/No buttons down offscreen. You could only click those if you had noticed the interface scaling slider in Game Settings, otherwise you were stuck. Very sorry about that! That's fixed in this patch.

We have also diagnosed the problem with the game freezing/crashing during the initial loading (two wolves against the blue moon). In many cases, at least, that is because the game is set to require more VRAM (Video RAM, a special kind of RAM on your graphics card) than your computer actually has. This patch has a new function which detects your computer's VRAM and automatically adjusts the quality level downward if necessary. Similarly, if you try to choose a quality level in Game Settings that your computer doesn't have enough VRAM for, the game won't allow that selection, and automatically switches to one that it can. (Currently there is no tip or warning about that, but we'll add one in the next patch.) Note that this method won't solve the problem in every case (since there is so much range of computer configurations out there), but it should fix it for many people. We will keep refining it. And please not that the game may still freeze or crash on that blue-moon loading screen if your computer simply doesn't meet the minimum hardware requirements.

* Made Yes/No buttons on Courtship panel visible again
* Prevent game from using more VRAM than computer has (at launch, and when adjusting quality levels).
* Tweaked colliders on the cottonwood trees by river.

* More texture memory reductions.
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Re: Patch 1.0f Released!

Post by PearlyReborn » Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:19 pm

I encountered the text box glitch today and I'm very glad you all fixed it so quickly!

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