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Why do I see posts with “Code” on them, and what is BBCode?

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:54 pm
by WQ Coordinator
“Code” is referring to BBCode. The BBCode is the code used for making your posts more stylized (italics, bold, different font sizes and colors, etc.). If you want to show someone how to make these post changes (showing the code in your post), you can disable the BBCode so they can see how it works. For example, if this post were blue and “Code” was selected and highlighted around the post, then all the BBCode would show up instead of the post actually being blue in color.

To disable the BBCode, edit your post and (or while you’re posting) go under “options”. Select “Disable BBCode.” This will prevent BBCode from showing up in your post. You can also disable smilies in a similar manner- go to “Options”, then select “Disable smilies”.