What are usergroups and how are they used?

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What are usergroups and how are they used?

Post by WQ Coordinator » Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:06 pm

Usergroups are just a way for us to distinguish specific members from the rest of the WolfQuest forum users. Usergroups are decided and maintained by the administrator, and there are currently no usergroups you can ‘apply’ to or create yourself. Some of the usergroups we have include:
  • User of the Month (discussed in the “What is User of the Month and how is the User of the Month chosen?” topic) and the subsidiary group, Former Users of the Month,
  • Senior members (contains members whose accounts have accumulated 1,000 or more posts and existed for at least 1 year),
  • Image Tags (discussed here in the General WolfQuest Discussion part of the forum),
  • Celebrating # years of WQ (opened for a full year every five-year milestone WolfQuest reaches),
  • Beta Testers (discussed in The Game-General section of the WolfQuest FAQs),
  • WolfQuest Report Team Members (discussed in the General WolfQuest Discussion part of the forum), and
  • WolfQuest Team Members (which includes most of the creators of WolfQuest).

Other pre-defined usergroups include Administrators, Global Moderators, Registered Users, Newly Registered Users, and Registered COPPA users. When you first join the forums, you are automatically a Newly Registered User. While in this group, your first post(s) on the forums will need to be approved by a moderator before it shows up on the forums. Once your first post is approved, you are automatically removed from the Newly Registered Users group and will no longer require moderator approval of your posts unless an administrator deems it necessary due to forum behavior.

Some usergroups can also be distinguished by the color of their username or their rank badge. Here is a short color code for the current usergroups by name, rank and badge: Retired Miscellaneous
  • Guests, Guest,
    Bots, Bot,
    Ban Parrot, Epic Ban Parrot of Doom, ..... This user and its group are a joke.
If a user is in more than one usergroup, their name will show in the color of their preferred, manually-defined default group.

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