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How do I get a rank on the forums?

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:10 pm
by WQ Coordinator
Your rank changes based on the number of posts you make in certain topics. (Not all topics count toward forum rank.) Please follow the forum guidelines while posting; do not post just to increase your rank. This is considered SPAM and may result in a warning or ban.

The current ranks based on post count are as follows:
  • First rank: Newborn Wolf, 1 post.
    Second rank: Pup, 20 posts.
    Third rank: Hunter-in-training, 100 posts.
    Fourth rank: Yearling, 250 posts.
    Fifth rank: Sub-adult Wolf, 500 posts.
    Sixth rank: Adult Wolf, 1,000 posts.
    Seventh rank: Dispersal Wolf, 1,750 posts.
    Eighth rank: New Pack Member, 3,000 posts.
    Ninth rank: Skilled Hunter, 5,000 posts.
    Tenth rank: Pack Leader, 10,000 posts.
    Eleventh rank: Experienced Wolf, 20,000 posts.
    Twelfth rank: Pack Elder, 40,000 posts.
Unobtainable (silly) rank
  • Super Ultimate Mega Wolf, 1,000,000 posts.
These ranks were decided in 2010 on this discussion topic:

Some ranks are determined by your relation to the WolfQuest Community, instead of by post count. These are more commonly known as usergroups (see the next topic, “What are usergroups and how are they used?” for more information on usergroups).