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If I uninstall an episode, will I lose my saved games?

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:59 pm
by WQ Coordinator
Basically, when you uninstall the first version, it should keep a folder called "WolfQuest" (or WolfQuest2), which has all of your saved games. On Windows, it should be in: [your username]/ MyDocuments/WolfQuest/. On Mac, it is [your username]/WolfQuest. Then, when you download and install the new release, you should still be able to access those saved games from the new version. If you're worried about losing your saved games and can't find where they are, just do a search for them on your computer and save them in a separate location. Then you can just move them back to the correct "WolfQuest" folder after the new game has been installed.