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Wolf Ambassadors Around the World!

Post by Rikkuzilla » Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:00 pm

When you see "wolf ambassadors", I'm sure many of you may think of Grizzer and the gang from the International Wolf Center. But, just as we are from all over the world, I'm sure there are other wolf ambassadors out there, educating children and adults about wolves too! Do you know another "wolf ambassador" somewhere else? We'd love to learn more about them!

Share some facts, news, and/or images, about your favorite wolf ambassador!

(Note: This includes all wolf subspecies)

So, here's a pretty little lass -- her name is Amulet and she is an ambassador for Mission: Wolf, located in Westcliffe, CO.
Mission: Wolf wrote:Amulet and her brother Fenris came to us in the summer of 2007. Their mother was found to be pregnant after she and seventeen other wolves were confiscated from a private compound in Michigan during a gun and a drug raid that resulted in a policeman and the owner being shot.

The pregnant wolf was taken to a shelter, where she gave birth to four black pups. Mother and puppies, two of which were Amulet and Fenris, lived together for four months in a 10x10 enclosure with little human interaction. In addition, the trauma their mother had encountered from watching the death of her owner and being moved into an unfamiliar environment was transferred to the puppies through high levels of adrenaline in-utero.

Through news reports and the outreach efforts of the shelter staff, Mission: Wolf was informed of these pups. We agreed to take two of the puppies, hoping that due to their young age, we would be able to socialize them. Unfortunately, Amulet and Fenris spent their first two months at the refuge cowering and fear baking from the back of their enclosure. We then introduced them to Maggie, our ambassador wolf, in hope that she would teach them to be more comfortable around humans. Instead, Maggie’s joining with the timid pups resulted in her retreat from human contact as well, so we decided to separate the pups and give each one an adult wolf to look up to. Amulet was introduced to a black male named Merlin and Maggie’s sister, Raven, adopted Fenris. Now unable to feed off each other’s fear, Amulet and Fenris began to settle down.

Over the years Amulet has grown into an agile and beautiful black wolf. Although she is rarely brave enough to approach visitors to her enclosure, she can occasionally be seen curiously looking on from a distance. After Merlin’s death in July 2009, we placed Amulet with a wolf-dog named Luke. They are happy, playful companions and are gaining more confidence with people.
Source: http://www.missionwolf.com/wolves/amulet/

You can check out Mission: Wolf's other wolf ambassadors here at http://www.missionwolf.com and even sponsor one. :]
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