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Help Save The Wolf Centre

Post by AceWolf2010 » Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:09 pm

Message to all you lovely wolf lovers on WolfQuest...

Those of you who live within UK may have watched the Channel 5 series “The Wolfman” and “Mr & Mrs Wolf” featuring Shaun Ellis, a man who studies wolf behaviour down in Devon, the south of England. If you haven't then Youtube it, you're missing out!

Shaun studies Gray Wolf behaviour within his wolf pack on site and he has even been accepted into a completely wild wolf pack. He is also a genuinely good person and has courses to help dog owners train their dogs using wolf psychology, since dogs do descend from gray wolves. Also, you can go and visit the centre and be taught how to interact with Wolf Hybrids, not wolves unfortunately since they are not so forgiving and accepting.

The Wolf Centre looks after Gray Wolf and Wolf Hybrids (part wolf part dog). It also helps us to see the balance and beauty of nature and open our mind to consider the conservation of species worldwide - not just wolves.

However, the centre is under threat. After a complaint by a neighbour about the howling (which I personally would love to hear every day!) the council have said that planning permission is necessary for the wolves to stay where they are.

When planning permission was filed for it was refused on the grounds of "the potential for excessive noise and increased traffic, and the fact that it was considered the development does not preserve or enhance the natural beauty of the area and any economic benefits or tourism benefits are not considered to outweigh the detriment". But if you visit the website, you will see the centre has many visitors, generating money, and enclosures were made to blend in with the wild surroundings they can barely be seen off the site. Also, the howling noise was assessed and an inspector said it was an OK level and many people say they enjoy hearing it (Yay!)
Shaun's research is very valuable for wolves and many other animals.


I don't wish to make this article terribly long, so now I will skip to how you can help or else I'd write forever. It's very simple, just go to the website and click the clear, red hyperlink that says "SIGN OUR PETITION NOW!".

It is, of course, free. You just enter your name, email, and country. So it doesn't matter where you live, you can help these wolves.

One last powerful quote:
"It is time to fight for the plight of the wolves... does it not demonstrate man's utter disrespect for the natural world, the fact that these animals, in their short lives, have had planning policies dictate their fate on two occasions, once when they were mere pups and again now as they head towards their old age"

Please tell as many people as you can. Thanks for reading.

For the petition ... ur-petitio

Courses available


Shaun Ellis video
Respect the world

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