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End Wolf Hunting

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:55 pm
by roadrunnerrissy
Hunting anything your not going to eat is just messed up! And , I'm pretty sure you wouldn't eat a wolf ( I know I wouldn't!!! )
It shouldn't be allowed! Help end wolf hunting!

Re: End Wolf Hunting

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:08 pm
by Koa
It's a little more complicated than that. Hunting, believe or not, can have a positive impact on the environment.
Wolf populations as a whole are quite stable. Please see my thread on the conservation status of gray wolves in the U.S here-
(It may not seem like a lot, but they are actually doing quite well!)

I would take a look at the worldwide population numbers on this thread as well-

Lastly, I recommend you continue your discussion about hunting on this thread-