Infamous Victoria Wolf "Takaya" Killed

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Infamous Victoria Wolf "Takaya" Killed

Post by roguemoon » Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:38 pm

Full article: ... -1.4868792

"VICTORIA -- A lone wolf that recently ventured into Victoria and had to be relocated by conservation officers has been shot dead.

CTV News Vancouver Island has confirmed Takaya, a well known wolf who spent years living alone on Discovery Island, has died this week.

Cheryl Alexander is a conservation photographer who has been following one of nature’s great predators for years and said the animal was shot by a hunter."

Very sad, disappointing news. I'd been following the story of Takaya for quite some time now. After hearing he had been relocated several months ago ( ... -1.5441984) I was concerned for his safety.
For more about Takaya you can watch the short documentary about him and his unique life
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Re: Infamous Victoria Wolf "Takaya" Killed

Post by Koa » Sun Apr 12, 2020 11:10 am

Yeah, saw this. It sucks but it happens, you know?

Posted this article in the #wolfnews channel on Discord so I'm going to copy/paste my thoughts here haha.

There are ~60,000 wolves in Canada and it's (mostly) legal to hunt them. CBC's article ... -1.5511304) says investigation is still pending, but the Vancouver Sun claims that this wolf was legally hunted. I think we would be more productive in responsible conservation if we (1 instead of getting mad over one legally killed wolf, had the same outrage for other animal species that actually need our help and (2 stop giving names to wolves. When we name animals like wolves, I feel like when they are killed it gives people something to latch onto and makes them lose sight of the bigger picture. Are wolves back to their former range/numbers? No. Will they ever be? Probably not. But are they doing well? Yes. I think that's something we have to give wolves credit for, even if they aren't as adaptable and resilient as let's say, coyotes.

Now that I've copy/pasted that, I haven't checked in on this since the news broke so I'm interested to see if there are any updated pertaining legality. We're talking Canada, though, and with its wolf population in mind, I'd be surprised if the kill was not legal.

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