The In Depth Keys to Socialization

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The In Depth Keys to Socialization

Post by RoarOriole » Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:17 pm

If there is a topic about this, then this may be locked.

I eventually got bored on Slough Creek, and then decided to make a guide for fighting and interacting with stranger wolves. I experimented for a long time, and eventually have even come up with ways to even defeat Druid wolves. This is also for help to gain experience for those (if there are any at all) who don't want to use the glitch to gain experience.

Note: Results will vary because of the customized stat bonus.

Stranger Wolves

What You and What The Stranger Wolf can Say

To Leave the Arena
  • I can take a hint!
  • I'll be going now
  • OK, I'll Leave
  • I gotta Go
  • I'm Leaving Anyway
Coax a Fight or Easy Submission
  • You're not my Family
  • Do I know you?
  • I want to be boss
  • I want to be boss
  • I'm boss, back off
  • Do I know you?
  • Get out of here!
  • I'm Not Boss
  • You're stronger than I am
  • I give in!
  • Take it easy
  • It's cool
  • No Offense Meant
Stranger Wolf Exclusives
  • What's up?
  • What are you looking at?
  • Make my day!
That's all that I have discovered when in conversations with stranger wolves. I have also discovered a secret to defeat them, too. Here are tips to defeat violent stranger wolves, as well as the skittish ones.

The Strategy
When fighting a wolf, the key is to try to end the fight with as little damage as possible, but even I have not managed to do this. All I have been able to do so far is win fights with every single wolf I have encountered that have a violent nature, and this key is what I will share with you. I will try to explain in the simplest way possible:

Keep Full Health - I would prefer that you have full health, or at least most of it to keep from death and a long, tiresome walk to a carcass that's VEry FAR AWAY or the chance that you will starve while heading to said carcass.
  • You can always hunt an elk or two and lead them to the territory so you don't have to walk very far to get food
Get them While they "Breathe" - I have noticed that when in the social arena, the chests of both the stranger wolf and player wolf puffs in and out, as if they were breathing. When the chest is puffed up BIG and you attack, their health goes down a very small amount, and there is no telling if they will take a big chunk or a tiny chunk from your health as well. However, when the chest is SHRUNK while they breathe in, their health goes down a LOT, as if a bomb went off.
  • To shorten this explanation. Watch the wolf's chest expand and recede, and attack when it RECEDES, or "shrinks".
Take Advantage of PeaceKeepers - Some wolves give up easily, or refuse to fight at all. Take advantage of their kindness and send them away kindly, or rudely, if you wish.

The Packs
This section is still under construction.

Difficult - fighting is inevitable; might fight towards near-death
Medium - will fight butwill give up easily
Easy - will refuse to fight and give up right away

Druid Pack (Soda Butte Vista)
Druid Male (Black) (1200 exp)
Druid Female (Brown) (1114 exp)
Ways to Defeat a Druid
This section is under construction :3
Slough Pack (Grassy Plain)
Slough Male (Black) (650 exp)
Slough Female (Black) (650 exp)
Slough Male (Brown) (650 exp)
Slough Male (Gray) (650 exp)

Speclmen Pack
Speclmen Male (Gray) (750 exp)
Speclmen Male (Black) (700 exp)
Speclmen Female (750 exp)

Check out this sweet tip from Catarinab! It helps with defeating Druids if you don't want to limp to the nearest carcass!
Catarinab wrote:This bost your attacks a bit:
1-Before our wolf move itself to attack the other, press Esc.
2-Then after you ear your wolf biting, press Resume game.
3-Keep doing this to Kill/make the other wolf submit.
You can also gain exp points from hunting elk, and killing hare and coyote:
Hare - 10 exp
Coyote - 25 exp
Female Elk - 100 exp
Bull elk - 475 exp

Thank you's to Catarinab and SilverHybrid for extra infor and experience point amounts. :3
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How to find a stranger wolf in Amethyst Mountain

Post by WolfCut » Wed May 11, 2011 10:39 am

I used to have problems with the first mission: Finding a mate.
So if you need help finding your heart keeper, read this.

First, i suggest you go to the nearest wolf territory (click M on keyboard. the blue arrow is you and the big, pink circles, are wolf territories). Yes. The wolf territory right above ''Grassy Plain''. Once you get there, a box should pop up saying that you are in a wolf territory. Once you click ''OK'' you press V on your keyboard. Your head should be zoomed in and if you see something like ''Pink smoke'' you should ignore it unless your health is low (the red meter under your wolf name) If your health is low, follow the pink smoke, until you reach a dead elk. So now you learned that the pink smoke, is a dead carcass of an elk (and its good to eat by clicking spacebar on your keyboard). Now, once youve entered the wolf territory, click V as mentioned. You sould see some sort of ''Yellow circle''. Go to that yellow circle. Some box (Top right) should say ''Territory Marker ___ Minutes Ago''. Often it says ''Territory Marker 4 Minutes Ago'' or more. Look around, and you will see another yellow circle. Go to that one, and it should say the same or less minutes than the last one. Look around again and you will se one more. Go to it, look around, go to the other one, and keep going. When it says ''Territory Marker 1 Minute Ago'', you are REALLY close. Keep on following the yellow markers until it says '' Territory Marker Just Now'' the wolf should be like 2-3 game meters away. You will also notice a lot of yellow circles, by following All thoose circles, you will spot a wolf. Go to that wolf and after it has said something, you say ''I want to be boss''. The wolf says ''Im boss back off!'' Say the same untill the wolf says ''I Give In!'' Then you say ''Leave Now!'' and the wolf will go. Do the same on each wolf in each territory, and a box will pop up saying that you havent found your mate yet. Now go back to the wolf you just fought, if its gone, just go like 10 game meters away from it, and back. If the wolf is the same gender as you are
, go to it and say 'I got to go'' or something alike. When youve left, go back, and if its male, talk to it. say the nicest stuff you find like ''I like you'' or ''Lets Play!'' But start with ''I like you'' Go over to ''Lets Play!'' and then Lets start a pack!'' And say that over and over again until the wolf becomes your mate. Name him/her and now you have your mate! Save the game and click ''Esc'' and New Game. Click Slough Creek, and then the name you used to save it with. Now finally, you can move on to the next step.

Thanks for reading! Hope this helped! :mrgreen:
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Guide to the Wolves

Post by echooflife » Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:28 pm

Here's a short guide on where to find the different kinds of wolves of the game, there strength, personalities, and a few hints on what to do about them.

Specimen Wolves-Usually Found In Grassy Plains Territory. Moderate To Weak Strength. Not Very Fierce, On Occasion You Can Find A Very Fierce Specimen Female.

Druid Wolves: Found In Soda Butte Vista And Aymhest Mountain Territories. Very Strong. Very Fierce. Druid's Are To Be Avoided.

Druld Wolves: Found In All Territories [Mostly Aymhest Mountain Territory] And In Slough Creek. Weak. Not Fierce. Good Wolves For The Sky Rocketing XP Glitch.

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How to scare off the stubborn stranger wolves

Post by wolf_sa » Sun Mar 11, 2012 9:07 am

I found out a way to scare off even the most stubborn stranger wolves, and it (almost ) never fails.
First of all, make sure your health is at 100%, otherwise you will die trying. Secondly, go up to the stranger. Keep saying "I want to be boss", no matter how low your health gets.
Soon, their health meter should start getting lower and lower, and the wolf will give in(provided they aren't too stubborn, and if they are you have to kill them).
I hope you find this useful.
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