Saving Problems? Multiple wolf corpses? Read on.

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Saving Problems? Multiple wolf corpses? Read on.

Post by Neamara » Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:58 pm

Hello WolfQuest Community. ^^

This topic focuses on the following common issues with Amethyst Mountain as of version 2.5, "Survival of the Pack". Just found your mate but have found yourself unable to save or load, but are unsure why this may be? Well, you're on the right topic to help you learn more about the issues, and what can be done to help avoid them. What we'll be looking at-
  • Duplicate/multiple player wolf bodies/carcasses
  • Unable to save or load the game in single-player

  • Multiplying corpses

Amethyst Mountain has, as of version 2.5, a bug that is both interesting, but also rather annoying if it happens in an inconvenient area. This bug is prominent only in the Amethyst Mountain map; oddly, it doesn't affect Slough Creek's map at all, so rest easy knowing you won't see duplicates of <your_wolfname>'s body wherever you last died. As strange as it is, this bug is fairly common in 2.5 and still remains in 2.5.1. The cause of this bug isn't known; if you encounter this issue, be sure to send a bug report.

Whenever you die in AM, you'll still be able to respawn without problems. However, if you check your map or look at the location where you died previously, you'll find a copy of your wolf avatar. It does not despawn until you either quit the game or reload. This bug also affects every player in any AM multiplayer session. Normally, the game will flag your body for removal within a few seconds of respawning; this mechanic is either broken or its code is improperly configured due to a previous release, update or fix to the game. There is a complication of this bug, which you'll find out in the next section.

  • Unable to save/load

The inability to save or reload the game stems from conflict with the "multiplying corpse" glitch, and does only affect Amethyst Mountain v2.5.1 at the time of writing; the bug was also present in version 2.0.3.
Let's look into the game's mechanics: during single-player, the game disables the ability to save/load under certain circumstances - death/respawning process and stranger wolf encounters being the most common.

Keeping in mind that the game disables saving/reloading during specific events, dying while being flagged as in an event (ex- social arena encounter), the game will submit the command to respawn your wolf. The game will from this point onwards recognise that the player is idle in the social arena, with a stranger wolf encounter will on-going- this is otherwise known as the game tricking itself and keeping the flag active in a loop that never ceases. In other words, while your dead avatar remains in the stranger wolf area, the game keeps the "cannot save" flag active. Normally this flag is reset when you leave the stranger wolf territory, but because your wolf's corpse is still registered by the game as an active player, this means that the disable save/load flag loops indefinitely.

As there's no way you can have your dead self leave the arena, there's absolutely nothing you can do to kill the active flag that tells the game to disable the save/load feature. The only way around this is to exit the game and start again, or reload from your last save point.

  • Avoidance

There is no manual method of fixing these issues on your own, meaning you'll have to avoid them wherever possible. Here are some tips to help you do just that.
  • Save frequently, or just before encountering a stranger wolf.
  • Keep your distance from bears.
  • Keep full health... just in case!
  • Avoid solo hunting; stick to the carcasses.
  • Retreat/submit from wolves that wish to pick a fight. If you do fight, make sure there's an elk carcass not too far away.
  • Most importantly, try not to die in a stranger wolf territory or anywhere near a stranger wolf.

Note: I have not tested dying outside the social arena too thourougly, so be cautious about where you die. Multiple corpses seem to have a small effect on your biting action, such as temporarily being unable to bite an elk or eat from a carcass. Slough Creek is confirmed to be unaffected by these bugs... just watch out for zombie puppy and pee glitches. ;P

I hope that this may prove useful to members who wish to understand these issues' causes. ^^
If you encounter a bug or glitch, be sure to report it so that the developers can look into it! ;)


  • Mini-FAQ
    • What is a social arena?
      "Social arena" refers to the area in which you encounter or "talk" to the stranger wolf.

      What is a "flag"?
      This is a command that tells the game what to do when certain conditions have been met, which sends a request so that the game may trigger an event.
      Ex- triggering dispersal mate after visiting all territories in any social arena afterwards, marking yes for "has mate" so you may load Slough Creek, etc.

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Re: Saving Problems? Read on.

Post by Masika » Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:59 pm

Thanks for posting this Night!! This shall be extremley helpful to alot of users =) I've noticed alot of people asking questions about saving problems and such.
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Re: Saving Problems? Read on.

Post by Morgrin » Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:16 pm

Thanks for posting this Night. =D
It shall be very helpful.
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Re: Saving Problems? Read on.

Post by Alpha Female » Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:17 pm

Thanks for posting, this will definitely clear up the problem a bit. :wink:

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