Taking Care of Your Pack & Selecting a Den

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Taking Care of Your Pack & Selecting a Den

Post by -x- Silvie -x- » Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:47 pm

Constantly losing pups to starvation? Always limping around trying to care for both your young and your territory? Not having much luck with keeping your family alive?

Well, don't worry, because I designed this guide with those having these troubles in mind. When I have been playing Singleplayer lately, I have learned the best ways to keep all four pups alive while at the den, keeping yourself and your mate healthy, keeping other wolves out of your territory, and more. So, naturally, I decided to share my tips through a guide. ^^

Note: This guide is still being worked on through testing, research, time, and tips. Therefore it will grow over time, since I'm still doing testing for certain areas.

This Guide's Contents

-Some Good Tips and Tactics for Your Pack
-Problems and Things Not to Do

Coming Soon: The Ups and Downs of the Different Dens

Some Good Tips and Tactics for Your Pack

There are many simple ways to keep you and your pack healthy and strong through your days at the den. Here I will list some of those ways; follow those which work best for you to stay strong throughout the spring.

~There are usually many elk carcasses laying about the land around your den, especially around those dens nearby elk hunting grounds. Instead of wasting time and effort to hunt, find a carcass close to your den and feed from that whenever you or your pups are hungry. Trust me, it's must easier to do this than waste energy by actually hunting. Your mate will probably continue to hunt for himself/herself, but this isn't usually much of a problem as he/she will rarely die from starvation.

~When customizing your wolf's stats at the beginning of the quest, think forward to how these strengths/weaknesses will affect both you and your pups in the spring. For example, if you like lots of speed, how will this make your actual fighting skills better or worse for the pups? Or if you like strength, how will it affect how quickly you can get to your pups, or get to food for them? Be sure that you find a good balance that will benefit not only you, but also your pups.

~When at the den, the best way to keep all four pups safe and sound is to stand at a certain point of the den site where you can see all of them; or, as I find, stand near the center, or to one side, and supervise the pups' actions. If one strays too far, pick him/her up and move him/her back to the den; check on their hunger often (keeping a full pup food bar when watching the pups helps); and whenever a predator appears, find the best strategy to chase it away. The best thing to do when a predator arrives is to save the game, then chase it away, using the easiest tactic. For example, if there's a coyote threatening your pups, determine what you should do; if you're low on health, the best thing to do is bite the coyote and return to the den, then if it returns, repeat the process. You should also take into account your strengths and weaknesses here. (I've also found that a good thing to do here is to chase a coyote towards an elk carcass so you can easily "refuel".) As for grizzlies, it's necessary to chase them away from the pups as quickly as possible, since they are unnaturally fast and can quickly kill a pup. Once the grizzly is out of the immediate danger zone, use the advantages of your stats to bite it 3 times in succession and then return to the den. (Grizzlies return the attacks, so try to bite, jump back and wait until your stamina refills, then repeat until the grizzly gives up.)

~Take "pupsitting" shifts with your mate. Your mate will do a lot of hunting for your pups, so while they're away, watch over your pups. When they return, they will protect the puppies while you mark the territory and get food for yourself. This way, the pups will be defended at most times, and they have less chances of starvation.

Problems and Things Not to Do

Here are listed some of the things you shouldn't do when trying to keep that precious family alive. Note: This list is still short as of now, as testing is still being done.

~Never spend too much time fighting an intruder wolf. You'll probably lose lots of health, and might have to crawl to a far-away elk carcass, and your pups may starve themselves in the meantime. Also, you may die on the way to the carcass. The best thing to do is to mark the territory often and avoid too many conflicts; stranger wolves do not do much harm to your pups.

~Don't visit the cattle ranch if you are not close to it while rearing pups. Your pups have an over 85% chance of starvation when you take on the Night Mission if you live at the Saddle Meadows den. Note: Testing is being performed, and the results for the Night Mission will soon be available for other dens.

The FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can look at the FAQs and their answers.

Note: As this guide is still new, there aren't many Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How do I keep my pups safe while I visit the cattle ranch?
A: The best way to keep your pups alive when visiting the cattle ranch is not to visit it at all unless you live at a den that is close to the ranch, such as the Aspen Heights or Slough Creek dens. Your pups are safe from predators while at the den, but they are not invulnerable from starvation. Your mate will usually watch your puppies while you take on the Night Mission, but he or she cannot feed them while you are gone. At the cattle ranch, your pups will starve quickly, so the best thing to do is simply not to visit the ranch unless you really want to. My suggestion is to visit the ranch before you have pups if you like, then avoid it when you have the responsibilty of puppies; it's just too risky to let your pups starve while you're gone. However, if you want a challenge, the Night Mission may be fine for you to take, but remember that your pups might starve whilst you are gone. (The worst den to be at while taking the Night Mission on is the Saddle Meadows den, as it is farthest from the cattle ranch.)


Thank you for reading. Everyone is welcome to comment, as well as give their tips and questions for the guide. Common questions asked will be added into the FAQ.
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The Perfect Den/ Safest Den for your Pups

Post by UltimateWolfLover » Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:19 am

Having a hard time finding a good den? Each den comes with a description in the game. The only problem is, the descriptions aren't very accurate. Each den has a downside and an upside and this guide is certainly the best way to find the perfect den!

Bison Peak Cutoff My rating:*****
This den is closest to the summer site. However, during this mission, the southern pack territory expands and so you have to walk around it, making it twice as challenging. This to me, is the only downside. This den is amazing! Carcasses appear all over. The highest amount of carcasses I've had appear at once is eleven elk carcasses. Bears and coyotes appear more often but are more focused on the carcasses than your pups. Stranger wolves appear a lot but really cause no harm. This is because if you find them actually IN your den territory, they are super easy to chase away. Say something as simple as "You're not my family" and he/she will give in. This is also an easy way to earn experience because it's so easy to chase them away. The nearest hunting grounds are also right IN the territory! The actual herd, however, is farther away; marching through the plains close to the river. For some reason, pups are more obediant here for me. I made multiple wolves with the same stats in different dens. The pups would always stray away in the other dens more often where as in Bison Peak, they would stay at the den patiently (if a virtual pup could be patient). Finally, this den has a wonderful view, believe it or not! Resting on a slope, the sun in the game gives this den a pleasent and safe feeling. I give this den the highest rank- 5/5!

Saddle Meadows My rating:**
When I first tried WolfQuest, Saddle Meadows was my first den. This den is a bit of a challenge, considering carcasses never show up. The only carcass is on the other side of the hill! The hunting territory is also a great deal away. Feeding your pups is the downside. Coyotes also appear like mad! I killed one coyote and another showed up and as i was chasing that one away, yet another one showed up! Dispersal wolves also showed up at 98% even when I really didn't want to deal with them. I honestly don't reccommend this den. However, if you like playing to complete the game, then Saddle Meadows is an easy way to get to the summer site fastest. The only challenge is food. Carcasses are rare until you get closer to the area. I don't suggest taking the shortcut (running into the territory to get teleported) because you'd then have to walk all around it and only half of your pups show up. I give this den a 2/5.

Aspen Heights My ratng:****
Aspen Heights is the classic den- a cave formed by large rocks on a mound. I like this den for the wide space and terrain. Going to the summer site is so challenging I can't even describe it. Carcasses are slightly more common than other trips to the the site but they mostly appear when you get closer to the wolf territory next it. Don't take the short cut. It may seem like the best thing to do considering the northern territory is close to your den but when you transport to the river, half of your pups are back at the den. You'd have to go all of the way back to get them. As for the rest of the game, caring and growing your pups, carcasses appear pretty well compared to Saddle Meadows which make coyotes frequent. However, stranger wolves only stray into your den like, 15% of the time. The trip to the summer site is extremeley hard. It took me an hour believe it or not! I felt like the eagle came up more often. In other dens, it appeared every fve minutes or so. However, in this den it appeared every two minutes. This could just be coincidental, however. I give this den a 4/5.

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Safest Den for your Pups

Post by klltx2001 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:35 pm

Here are some tips to finding the safest den.
TIP. I've never played Wolfquest before but I've seen many videos online so once I get a chance to play it, I'll see how safe each home is.

(Saddle Meadows)
What I seen is that Saddle Meadows is a great den with the least wolf encounters,but that dosen't mean anything compared to more bears and an utterly small amount of food sometimes. Plus the den site is unusually behind the den. So going to strand in front is a small site to the thought of it. Due to more bears, I wouldn't reccommend this den, because I've seen pups get killed even if the player is right in front of the pups and their home.
(The safety rating is a 1 to 5.)
(Bison Creek)
Bison Creek is an okay site. The advantage of Bison Creek's site is that if you go hunting and trained your pups completely, they are pretty safe. Some wolves appear but don't do too much harm if deal with them fast enough. A few bears and coyotes come up, but not as much as Saddle Meadows.
The safety rating is about 3 to 5)

(Aspine Heights)
Aspine Heights is a good den to start with with upturns and downturns. The upturn is that there are barely any bears to dealt with. Coyotes aren't a problem if you get rid of them fast enough(That way you won't fear if a second one shows up). The downturn is that wolves appear more frequently but if you can fight them(scare them off or kill them) off they aren't a problem.
(But thats the only downturn and get this).
One time I saw a player's pups born in Aspine Heights,and never had a predator in sight (No bears & no coyotes). Never worry about the wolves,or food. Just the coyotes.
(The safety rating is 4 to 5)

Hope this is helpful! :D
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Information on the 4th Den in SC

Post by Thandi » Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:39 pm

Many new WolfQuest users only know about three dens in Slough Creek, Aspen Heights, Saddle Meadows, and Bison Peak Cut-off.

These dens are the three base dens, but there is another, the 4th den of SC;


The fourth den looks almost, if not exactly like the Bison Peak Cut-Off den. It is geopraphically places on top of a steep hill near the Cattle Ranch and a hunting ground. It is surrounded by young and adult pine trees and a few other specimens. It has many flowers and a beautiful view of Slough Creek.

Good for Pups?

To me, yes, if it did not have so many glitches (See Glitches). The geography provides a wide, flat view for which you can watch your pups in and from my experiance, there are often less bears than coyotes.
There are also two very close food sources near by. One is a nearby hunting ground with many deer, and the other is the Cattle Ranch, in which you can hunt a calf.

How do I Get It?

You can obtain the 4th den by getting 25000 experience points. Experiance points are points that you are rewarded throughout the game when you hunt, conquer a territory, etc.


Alas, with this den there are many glitches such as unmovable wolves, unfeedable pups and grey maps.
See the full list of glitches here: http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.p ... t=+4th+den

So, in conclusion, the 4th den is a glitch infested yet beautiful den that you should never get unless you enjoy glitchy games.
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Slough Creek guide to the dens

Post by wolfy2205 » Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:34 am

hello there,
today we are going to be discussing the dens of Slough Creek and recomending them.

we will start off with the Aspen Heights den.

Aspen Heights 4/10:

Aspen Heights in my opinion is probably the worst den there is,as there are bears and coyotes everywhere,dispersal wolves come all the time and to me,don't pick this den.it is close to the ranch though,so if you like chasing bears,coyotes and dispersal wolves and going to the ranch then for you this may be a good den but to me a huge NO!

We will now move on to the Bison Peek Cutoff den.

Bison Peek Cutoff 9/10:

Bison Peek Cutoff is almost the best den there is but there is an even better one that i will mention later,the pups only very rarely get eaten or starve,it is another den close to the ranch,it is closer than Aspen Heights and it is a equal distance between the den,the hunting grounds and the nearest pack territory and also,the territory you have to mark goes a little into the hunting grounds so this is one of my recomended den sites.

Now for Saddle Meadows

Saddle Meadows 5/10:

this den isn't all that great as its problems are quite the same as Aspen Heights allthough it does not have as many coyotes it still has a lot of bears so i don't really recomend this den.

last but not least is the Slough Creek den(secret den)10/10:

this is the best den there is and here i will tell you how to get it.
whilst you are searching for a mate in Amythyst Mountain when you are battling your last wolf before the look for a mate tutorial pops up,just the moment between the wolf runs away pause the game and go to pack status and watch your experiance points go shooting up and get at least over 50000 then resume the game and when you go to Slough Creek,boom!right beside the Bison Peek Cutoff den is the secret den.

have any questions?
ask me in the coments!
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WolfQuest - SC Guide to Completely New Dens

Post by Bumble-flower » Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:57 pm

The existing WolfQuest dens are fantastic, but sometimes you may feel like you want to pick a completely new den. How would you do that without being a nomadic wolf?
In this guide, though, I'll teach you how to pick completely new dens without being nomadic.
Read on, fellow WolfQuest user!


1. Start off the Mission as You Usually Would
If you don't start the mission off as usual, you won't get your pups in the first place! What would be the point of getting new dens if you don't have pups? So start the mission off as you would usually- find a den (I suggest Bison Peak Cutoff, but it's your choice completely), and begin to raise your pups.

2. Pick out the Pups
If you're going to be able to do this, you'll have to choose some of your pups that you will raise for the rest of your SC life. This means you'll have to pick one or two (or if you're really good at SC, a possible third/fourth) pups that you will take with you to your new den. The others will be lost. It's best to have obedient pups that you truly love coming with you, but it's all up to you.

3. Prepare for the Journey
Now you need to prepare for the journey. As you get closer and closer to the rendeszous journey, you'll need to begin getting ready for it. Of course, you won't be going to the rendezvous site, but you'll be finding a new den, so it still counts. First, plan how your unwanted pup(s) will be gotten rid of. I'd suggest going to the creek and letting them be claimed by the rushing water. If you leave your pup in the middle of nowhere to starve, your mate might be clever enough to collect it and feed it. But this part is up to you.
Next, feed your pups. Your mate won't be helping as much from now on, so your pups will be depending on you for food.
Now you're all prepared and ready for the journey to the new den.

4. To the New Den
Finally, it's time to set out and find another den for your puppies and you to live.
Travel around SC, searching for a fake den to live in. Remember to think about the Ups and Downs of that den site- it will be no use to you if there are no carcasses around. If there is a wolf territory very nearby (and by that, I mean only a few steps away), I wouldn't suggest it. If there's a hunting ground near, good.
Once you've chosen your new, fake den, gather your pack together and howl. Now save your game.

5. Afterword
You've chosen your den. I prefer this life more than the usual life on SC, as the game doesn't stop.
But there is still a few things you'll need to know. One of those things is, in the real game, the rendezous journey isn't over, and the hawk will still be about. Read through this part to find out about adapting to your den, and other tips for your new life.

Chasing Away the Hawk
Of course, that big old bird won't be gone- you'll need to know how to chase it away to defend your pups. Whenever you spot one on the hunt on one of your pups, run towards it and press X to jump at it. It should fly away.

Stranger Wolf Territories
At all times, keep out of wolf territories! If you step into one, you'll be sent straight to where the Sandbar Crossing is, where your den (probably) is not.

Summer Site (Optional)
If you want, you can make up a summer site, where you can spend the summer with your family.

Moving Dens (Optional)
Again, another optional idea. How about making a kind of scenario- your den collapses, is taken over by humans, etc. and moving dens? It would be a good experience, finding another fake den to live.

Name Tags
Keep on the name tags at all times- they are vital in your SC life. It's very difficult to see your pups or mate from even a short distance away (depending on your den).

Sorry if there's anything else that is this, mods! I didn't see anything but the Nomadic Wolf Guide. :[
Well, thanks for reading, and have a jolly time! :lol:

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More to Safe Dens

Post by Whitewing Mage » Thu Mar 17, 2011 11:11 am

My thing about then dens:

Apsesen Heights- My Rating: *****
I love this den! Carcasses apper all the time and there are almost no bears! If you have a white coat you will have no disperial counters. Only Druid, really. The territory is very near the border and hunting grounds so it is a breeze. Hares apper about two every two hours, so, eh. I have a small fast wolf so the journy would not take long. Glitches are only running in circles and mate picking up and putting down pups rapidly. Pausing while eating for about five seconds is also a little glitch. Coyotes here or weaker, and mainly focuse on the many carcasses around the territory. My rating is 5/5.

Bison Peak Cutoff- My Rating: ***
I like this den because there are fewer hawks, lots of carcasses, and is closest to the summer den. Although you have to go around the southern wolf pack, it is closest to the crossing. Coyotes are mad around here, and there are quite a few bears. It is also closest to the hunting grounds, but the herd here is more powerful. I have auctally had more glitches here. One of them helped, though. It made a bull elk really unhealthy and let me beat it without dieing. Another glitch was there was two herds at one time in the territory.


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Guide- the fourth den of Slough Creek.

Post by Oceansong-Direwolf » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:50 pm

Guide- the fourth den of Slough Creek.

How do you get to the fourth den, and what is it called?

The Slough Creek den, as it is called, can only be usable if you have 30,000 Experience Points. More is also okay. If you get that many in Slough Creek, you'll still be able to use it. This isn't a glitch, but most people think so.
The location of this den is quite near Aspen Hights. It also looks like it too. But the Slough Creek den is on the West of the Aspen Hights den.

How good is hunting, and are there many predators?

Elk hunting grounds are quite a distance away, and so are both of the wolf pack territories. The wolves should be no problem. Bears are also scarce here. But coyotes are plentiful. Many coyotes appear out of nowhere. Elk carcasses, if you are unable to hunt, are also semi-scarce. Carcasses appear from a long distance away. Usually, the one closest to the den is on a big cliffy area. It's also not very close.

Are there many glitches to this den?

Yes, quite alot. But it differs from people-- some people glitch so bad they have to delete the game. Others seem to have no problem (like me). one of the main glitches is the Tar Creek. But I shan't tell you what/how to do it. Another bad thing that happens is that your pups begin to randomly wander away from the den, even when you've fully trained them to be staying in one place. This can be annoying.

My rating for this den: *** (3/5 stars)

I hope this helped you. Choose this den carefully, if you wish to choose it at all!
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Tips on how to keep your pups healthy and safe from predator

Post by RabidLynx » Sun May 22, 2011 8:09 pm

Hello. Mynameisfaolan here. Or you can call me Myna. I'm started not to like the name Silver anymore.

Anyways, we all know taking care of your pups is hard. They get hungry extremely fast, and there are so many predators!

But there is a way to keep your pups full, healthy, and safe from coyotes,bears, and wolves! Read on, and find out ways that can help you with parenthood!

Find a stash
When you enter Slough Creek with you mate, find a den of your choice. When you are on the "Mark your territory" mission, eat all nearby carcasses. If you are full and there are still more carcasses, lose some health by attacking an elk/coyote/bear. Once all the nearby carcasses are gone, you must find a good place for a stash. You need this stash later when you have pups. It can't be too far from the territory, but it has to be far enough so predators will not enter the territory. Once you've found a good place, go to the nearest elk hunting ground. Herd one of the elk to your stash place and kill it there. Then go back to the herd and kill another elk in your stash. Keep doing this until you have at least 10 or 11 elk, so you have enough food, and if a coyote or bear comes to eat some carcasses, there should still be enough meat. If you notice the food is getting low you should kill more elk, about three or four more should be good. Now continue the mission until you have puppies.

Good Stash Places
There are some very good stash places on the map. There is a good stash place near each den. I have not experimented with the Slough Creek den, so it is not on the current map. I will update the map soon. Here is the map. The key is below the link.


Red= Bison Den Stash Place
Green= Saddle Meadows Den Stash Place
Yellow= Aspen Den Stash place

Keeping your puppies healthy
This is where your elk stash comes in. When your puppies start to go hungry, run to your stash. Do not hunt elk. It takes too long. It usually works out like this: Chase the elk halfway across the map, die a few times, one of your pups dies while you're hunting, finally kill the elk, eat, and by the time you come back another pup is gone. Two hunts and your pups are dead. That should never happen with your stash. Since your stash is not too far away from your territory, it doesn't take a long time to reach the stash. Since it is not close enough to the den, predators will rarely enter your territory, because carcasses are what attract them. Eat until you have enough food and run back, feeding your puppies. Sometimes you will not have to use your stash because your mate is foolish enough to hunt and he/she will soon come back with food. Or maybe he/she uses a stash too. We may never know.

Keeping your pups safe from predators
When you are making your stash, you should remember not to make it too close. Coyotes and bears are attracted to carcasses. If your stash is too close, there will be an army of predators invading your territory. To avoid this from happening, make sure your stash is a decent distance away.If a predator shows up while your eating, kill it, or if it's a bear, drive it off. If you don't kill it/drive it off, chances are it'll follow you home and enter your territory, leaving your pups in danger. There will still be coyotes and bears, but not as much. If you notice there are more coyotes and bears than usual, a carcass might of spawned somewhere near your territory. Check scent mode and sniff for nearby carcasses. If you see any purple smoke, far or close, eat it. If there are no nearby carcasses, then it either means there are too many bear/coyote spawning places near your territory or your stash is too close. I have a solution to this: Evacuate! That's right, you're going to have to move to a new den. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Search for a perfect den. You will have to leave your mate behind. Don't take too long. Your mate will not leave the pups, so he/she cannot hunt, so your pups will get hungry soon. Don't travel halfway across the map. Try and find a den close by, but not too close to your original den. Here are the perfect dens, depending on which den you live in:

Saddle Meadows Den: Aspen Den
Bison Den: Slough Creek den
Aspen Den: Bison den
Slough Creek den: Bison Den

Step 2: Once you've found your den, go back and feed your puppies. Let your mate go on another hunt. Then leave, taking one pup in your mouth. Place him near your new den, then go get the other puppies, doing the same thing.

Step 3: You did it! You moved to your new den! But you are still not all finished with moving. In real life, if you move to a new house, once you've moved in, you put in all the furniture and decorations. That's what we are going to do - with our puppies.

You see, remember when you completed the first mission, where you trained your pups to stay at the den? Well, now, the pups are always going to stay by the den, and they will struggle to get back to your original den. What you have to do is "freeze" them, which might be hard if your game is not as glitchy. If you freeze them, they are frozen, and they cannot move. There are many ways you can freeze your pups. Try putting them in small, cramped places. For some reason, my pups freeze when I place them right in front of my den. Once all your pups are frozen, they cannot move. And they are much easier to feed, too.

Now that your pups are frozen, create another stash. Now you have finally moved to your new den! But hopefully your stash is far enough so you will not have to do all of this.

Keeping your pups safe from wolves

You might be thinking, "Huh? No, all they do is just go in your territory and kill you. They
don't do anything to your pups." Actually, they do. Your pups are starving, you are about to go get some food, but then a wolf appears in front of you and your trying to get him to leave, and meanwhile, your pups are starving. Then, once he FINALLY leaves, and you FINALLY get food, one of your pups have died. You maybe, a coyote or bear is invading your den, he is eyeballing the pups, and while you're running to the rescue, a wolf appears out of nowhere and while you're trying to get him out of the way, a bear/coyote kills your pups.

To prevent wolves from coming, you will have to mark your territory. Yes, yes, but I know how to make that all easier.

Do you have a timer or alarm clock? If not, put your game on "windows" (to do this, click the wolfquest icon, then check the "windowed" box.), then go to this website:


Set your timer for 3 minutes. When it goes off, check your yellow bar. Even if just a pinch of it is gone, mark your territory until it is 100%. If a big chunk of your bar is off, "freeze" your pups (check the 'keep your pups safe from predators' section), and then mark your territory. Set your timer again. Keep doing this, so your pups are safe from wolves.

But what about the Summer mission?
If you've followed this guide, your pups are safe and healthy. You have a peaceful life, with barely any coyotes, bears, or wolves. You think everything is fine when suddenly, a pop up appears out of nowhere. You have started on your Summer Mission. You scream, pulling your hair out, banging on the keyboard, hollering "NO! THE SUMMER MISSION NO! MY PUPS WILL DIE FOR SURE!... But wait, Myna has a solution for that too!"

The summer mission... yes, such a dangerous mission... you do not have to worry about wolves entering your territory, for you don't have one. And now it's payback time - there is danger in entering another wolf's territory. Bears and coyotes everywhere, spawning up at random times, and the new danger of the eagle, the fierce, bloodthirsty, winged predator...

But there is a way to keep your pups safe during this mission.

First, you must prepare for the mission. First, click on this link, save it, and then put it into paint, GIMP, or whatever, to edit it:

http://i766.photobucket.com/albums/xx30 ... st/map.png (please ignore the names, as I did not take this picture)

Now go back to the pop up and click "start the trip later" or whatever. Then, get off the computer and grab a notebook.

Now it's time to go exploring. Leave your den behind and take some trails to the summer area. This may take a long time. Explore, and when you find a carcass or bear/coyote spawning point, jot that down in your note book. Put down what you saw and where on the map. For example, while finding a good trail, you come across a bear spawning point. You check the map and realize you are near the Old Oxbow. Here is what you should put down in your notebook:

Bear spawning point near Old Oxbow;

Take these notes as you find bear and coyote spawning points. Also note the hare spawning points, too- they are food and are awesome if you're on the go on your mission.

When you are done with your trail, go to your map and draw a line that shows your trail. Then look down at your notebook. Look at your notes. Here is an example:

Trail One:
Hare spawning point near Upland Meadows; bear spawning point at Sandbar crossing; bear spawning points near Douglas Fir Forest

Do at least five trails, and come back to feed your pups when you're done with each one. On the map draw a line with a different color for each one, and in your notes, put the color on each trail. For example:

Trail One:
Hare spawning point near Upland Meadows; bear spawning point at Sandbar crossing; bear spawning points near Douglas Fir Forest; color

Look at your notes. Pause the game and think for a while. Which one should you pick? You are trying to pick the one with the least bear spawning points, but the one that is easier. You don't want to get into steep hills and deep rivers, not to mention wolf territories. Try and pick the best one.

But you still cannot go on your journey yet.

Yes, yes, this is lots of work, but it will make your trip easier.

Since you won't rely on your stash anymore, you will have to make what I call "Pit stops". This is where the map you made comes in. Follow your trail, and kill elk along the way. Make plenty of carcasses on the trail. Well, not exactly on the trail. Try and make them far enough so coyotes and bears won't interrupt the journey, but not to far so they are reachable. I will provide a map soon that will show you how far the carcasses should be. If there are any elk too close, eat them. If your pups are starving back at the den run back and feed them so they don't starve.

Now that you have provided food during your trail, and you've planned the trip so you are safe from predators, you are now ready to start your journey.

The Journey
You have planned for this for a while. It is exciting. Finally, you can go on your journey.

But it is still dangerous, even with your pit stops.

If you realize you've made the pit stops too close, there is nothing you can do about it.

That's why you should make sure they are far enough, but not too far.

To move the pups, put them in a line. They will be marching like a small army. Be much slower than them.

Anyways, there won't be any stranger wolves- for you are a stranger wolf. Once you have entered a wolf's territory a wolf comes charging at you. He is faster than you. Stronger than you. And you cannot escape. That's why you shouldn't have your trail so close to any wolf territory. You might accidentally tumble into the territory. Be careful.

To move the pups, put them in a line. They will be marching like a small army. Be much slower than them.

Even though there won't be as much bear and coyote spawning points, there will still be coyotes and bears. You will have to create a plan if a coyote or bear attacks. Watch your pups and mate at a certain angle. But don't go right behind or forward them. This way you have a good view of the pups, and if a coyote or bear attacks, you have a good chance of seeing where it's coming from so you can attack. The best thing to do is zoom out completely. If one does come, if first thought might be: Panic! But please don't do that. Relax. Stay calm and try to find where it's coming from. once you find where the coyote or bear is, attack. If it's coming from behind you, stay there until you see it. Keep an extremely close eye on your pups.

Now, eagles don't have spawning points - they'll just pop up out of nowhere and attack. But relax when one does come. Always keep your view zoomed out, so you have the eagle spotted early. Once you find him, lock him with your eyes, like you're about to fire a missile at him or something. Boy, wouldn't that be nice if we could fire missiles at the eagle? Anyways, when the eagle is about to take one of your pups, charge! Run into him and he'll be flying away. Go back to your original spot. Just remember, you have a 50/100 chance of this working, so you might lose your pup. If I do have a better way of solving this, I'll let you all know.

Now, with this all covered, you'll be at the summer den.

The game is now completed

Finally, you've completed the game! And with the help of my guide, taking care of pups was a breeze. I hope this guide helped many people out there! I will forever be testing to find new ways to make being a parent easier, so look out in the future for any updates!
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What not to do with your pups ;)

Post by BunnyLeap » Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:34 pm

For the people who are new to WQ (welcome!), im gonna give you some tips on what NOT to do with your pups! :3

Never encounter a wolf with a pup:[/color]
if you are carrying a pup and you see a stranger wolf on your territory, place the pup down at a safe place, THEN encounter the wolfWARNING: Encounter with a pup may cause injuries (scratches, red patches, showing bone,ect.) and the pup will be in that condition for the rest of the game until it happens to another pup.

Never charge a golden eagle with a pup:[/color]
Holding a pup and charging a golden eagle is a big N-O! Charging the eagle will make you lose a pup, for somehow it takes your pup from your jaws. I learned the hard way :cry:

Never cross deep water with pup: Crossing deep parts of the river will drown your pups, so try to find places to wade
( I would have a hint up here, but i dont know how lol :?)

Do not attempt to leave any pups behind!!! :[/color]
On the last mission, the journey to the new territory, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LEAVE A SINGLE PUP BEHIND WHILE YOU CONTINUE ON YOUR JOURNEY!!!!!! If you leave a pup behind, and you make it to the end, it will not count because you don't have the whole pack together!

Never starve your pups:[/color]
Starving your pups will result in a slower, more time-consuming mission because the lower health a pup has, the slower they will walk, so yes.

No matter how annoying, never turn off your nametags:[/color]
Once you have pups, never turn off your nametags, for keeping them on will help you know who's who and finding.

I hope these tips will help you on your journey! :wink:
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How to raise your family basics

Post by Midnight Sky Wolf » Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:26 am

Dear Reader,

You may / may not be new to WolfQuest. If you are (which I am not) then I suggest you read this.


Step One: Find a mate. <- In order to do this, you will have to visit all three wolf pack sites at least once. If you are nice to the wolves you find, it will be more likely to find a good mate. Make sure you stay topped up on food while you travel!

Step Two: Make friends with the wolf. <- The trick is to start small. Once you find a wolf which is a dispersal wolf of the opposite gender, you must communicate with him or her. It's always best to just start off with a 'Hello there' and go up slowly. DO NOT dominate him or her by 'I am the alpha' or something like that. Once you get 5 hearts on your mate, you will be able to give the mate a name.

You may visit Slough Creek now. Your first quest if complete.


Step One: Choose a territory. <- You must know what's best for your pups if you are hoping to have a good family. The territory should be far away from a rival pack and near to a hunting ground. I always find that Saddle Meadows is the best place, but it's up to thw wolves.

Step Two: Find a den. <- The den will be in the middle of the territory. Find it there. Check that the area is good and not too open. If it is, make sure you watch the pups when they are born.

Step Three: Mark your territory. <- The territory needs to be marked with your wolf's scent. Keep clicking P inside the designated area until the whole field goes a bright yellow in the corner.

Step Four: Training your pups. <- Your pups must learn to stay inside their den. Howl with them until the blue bar gets full.

Step Five: Defending your pups. <- You must not let your guard down. Fight off all opponents who attempt to kill your pups. Pups cannot recover so make sure you feed them along the way.

Step Six: Feeding your pups. <- Your pups are hungry! Eat extra food to fill your bar. Then visit the hungry pups and wait for them to beg. It looks like a little dance in front of you. Press F when shown and feed them. Slowly the bar will go down.

Step Seven: The Journey. <- You can pick when you want to leave the den and go to the site. Once you go, there's no turning back. Once you leave you will take a pup at a time a little bit forward and at the same time, guard them from predators. This takes a lot of time and skill and requires patience. I always find I end up with 2 or 3 pups left afterwards and always re-fill my food for pups bar. Your mate will keep your pups well fed and will quite often bring them closer. Sometimes he or she will take the pups the wrong way to hunt for them. Then they are all at risk. Eagles are the worst predators to get pups as they cannot be killed. Chase them off when you know which pup they want and hide the puppies in long grass. It helps hide them. Once you get the the revendous site (located on map and compass) you have completed the game. Well done.

More hints, tips and extras:

The new episode is making wolfquest harder. Look out for the new effects.
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Guide- The best dens for you and your family.

Post by Oceansong-Direwolf » Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:28 pm

Guide- the best dens for you and your family.

Here I shall cover all of the four dens from worst to best. For each one, I'll give you my rating for it.

Slough Creek My Rating: 1/5
I would say that this isn't a very good den. It's the fourth den, the one people either don't know about or don't know how to get.
To unlock this den, you must have 30,000 XP or more. Some people say you only need 25,000 but for me, that never works. The wolf territories are far from this den, but wolves don't really do much. This den also looks a lot like -- if not exactly like -- the Bison Peak Cutoff den.
Bears don't come here often. Niether do coyotes. And I know why: there aren't many carcasses. The closest carcass is a distance away, and you never want to leave your pups. They always run away from you. So many glitches are in this den. Such as, the Tar Creek, Bob the Invincible Vampire Bear, and Invisible, Uneatable Elk. I don't like this den, and I wouldn't want to ever have to use this one.

Saddle Meadows My Rating: 2/5
This is another den I would not want to use. The elk carcasses aren't very close to this den. Bob must think this is his favorite vacation spot, or something. He appears all the time! For some odd reason, it takes me FIVE bites to scare him off.
This den is also farthest from the Cattle Ranch. I don't really care about going there, because I don't see how it helps me, but if you try to go there and you still have your pups waiting, I am 85% sure they will starve or fall prey to Bob. And at least one or two pups of mine always wander off and away from this den. I wouldn't suggest using this.

Aspen Heights My Rating: 4/5
This den is actually pretty good. Very many elk carcasses for me. But coyotes always come here, and Bob comes over to visit quite a few times. My pups stay here patiently when I go out to find food. Only one goes out to roam, usually.
But this den is also farthest from the Rondevouz Site. The eagle appears every two minutes. And right when I think my pups are safe, SCREECH, SWOOP, FLY OFF! No more little puppy.
But I do actually like this den. I think you should use it sometime.

Bison Peak Cutoff My Rating: 6/5!
This den is absolutely wonderful! Plentiful elk carcasses. I never have to hunt. I guess Bob likes to give out free food here...
And, Bob and the coyotes don't really try to kill my pups. If they do come, it's usually just to eat the elk and not to kill my pups. Wolves, from the Douglas Fir Slopes, do nothing. If they do come, then they are easily chased off here. Predators don't really do much here.
Almost no glitches happen here. My pups will never leave the den. And on the final mission, the eagle only appears every ten minutes (I actually roughly estimated).
This is a perfect den for first-timers, and even though I've played the Survival of the Pack for a long time, I still like going here.
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How to make all your pups survive to the end!

Post by Charbanae » Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:17 pm

Hello, this is a Guide to help all your pups survive until you get to your Summer den with all four pups.

Den: Pick the den in Saddle Meadows, there's few predators and not many wolves, it's also not far from hunting grounds, and the summer den. There's also a lot of dead elk laying around for food.

Teaching pups to stay close
: Personally, I teach them then I let them wander far and more far because then they are more used to a long journey (the Summer den.)

Feeding your pups: You have to get them 15 pounds, so just keep repeating and repeating feeding them as much as you can! Keep them around 18-20 pounds.

The Journey: Take a pup one by one to halfway to the Summer den, leave them there and then wait, your mate usually runs back and carries one to you. Then you run back, carry one and wait, your mate will run back to the the pup that's alone and carry it to where you are. Now it will be pretty easy to carry all of them to the Summer den, and remember keep them fed!

The Summer Den: Well, you made it! Congrats!

Take note: I made this of my own experience, and I hope you'll try it. :wink:
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Tips on Hunting When Having Pups

Post by sarrepta1 » Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:16 am

Most people would say that you always have to scavenge when taking care of pups, but there are millions that really want to go hunting. Well, if you want to keep your pups alive if you actually want to hunt elk, then this is the guide for you!

Keep your pup's health at 80+ make sure your territory is marked 100% Why? Because if you don't keep your pup's health high while you're gone, they may starve, and starvation kills your pups in the game. And why mark your territory? To keep the stranger wolves out, that's why! Don't even talk back the saying, "Stranger wolves are harmless!" because the GAME actually tells you to keep them out! I have no idea why, but the game might be warning you about stranger wolves.

You cannot and should not leave the den before listening to the tips above.

When leaving, only hunt in the closest hunting grounds. This is because your pups have a higher chance of starving while you're gone at another den's hunting grounds. I believe something in the game, correct me if I'm wrong, it says when you mark your territory, the nearest hunting grounds will now be claimed as yours. Stay in that hunting ground only.

Follow the elk trail as usual, until you see the elk herd. This is where the important stuff begins. When you find the herd, run into it! The elk will scatter, and it will help you with the next tip.

Find the weakest elk and go after that one. You can go after stronger elk before you have pups, but when hunting when you have them, you must go after the weakest one. It takes a shorter amount of time to go after weaker elk, and going after the weak ones gives your pups a lower chance of dying from starvation. Make sure you know which elk you're after. You can tell that the weakest elk have the least amount of health on their health bars, so know which one that is.

When you killed the elk, eat it until you're done, then hurry back to the den. Hurrying is the best way to keep your pups from starving. Your pup's health should be low the time you get back. The stronger the elk, the lower your pup's health will be. Make sure your pup food bar is full and feed them right away!

I hope this was helpful to those that want to hunt while raising pups, and Mods, I'm sorry if there is a topic like this already. This was for helping people hunt safely while owning pups.
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How To Keep Your Pup's Alive When The Eagle Comes

Post by Jedward White Wolf » Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:36 pm

Well...The trick is to when the eagle comes it will tell you witch pup its after , so grab the pup its after , run , the eagle will follow you , but then when the eagle comes down (you will hear it flapping) , run a bit , then drop the pup , turn around , and you will see the eagle down on the ground in the distance , so you run and chase it away , it seems a bit much but it really isn't , hope i helped you guys!

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