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Things You Don't Have To Worry About

Post by Jedward White Wolf » Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:42 pm

well i just wanted to say this , when you have your pups , you don't have to feed them because your mate will do it for you , she will run to the nearest elk hunting ground , then come back and feed them all at once oh and you can also go hunting if you wanted to without your pups getting killed , well you see , if you go to the nearest elk hunting grounds you will find out that your pups will keep alive , just saying just encase anybody was worried

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tips how to help and train your pups

Post by ilikefoodido » Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:48 pm

(sorry if theres already a topic about this)STEP 1- hello you have just got a new litter of pups then how do you help and train them? well
find a good den spot i would say bison peak is a great den!

STEP 2- now go to the nearest hunting ground and kill lots of elk at least some far away from the den i learned that if you have more carcasss around that more bobs and chesters will come so get rid of the old food and on with the new!

STEP 3- now that you have pups you need to train them make a spot near you den (do it to far your mate will ruin it) and put all your pups there and they will come back once you do some will stay if they do to long pick them up and put them back down again ( make sure you also holw first)

STEP 4- now when a bob comes make sure your ready if your hungry chase bob off far and run RUN back to your elk carcasss because theres so much you can do it fast eat only a little bit then go attack the bob

STEP 5- when chester comes in wait until he gets one feet to the pup then SRIKE!!!! after you kill him run back fast eat and go to your puppies

STEP 6- the eagle will try to get your pups back away from your little ones and howl when the mean old eagle comes in run over and poke it!

STEP 7- you have made it to the last point of the game! now go into the wolf territory with a pup in your mouth and you will be bumped by the wolf three of your pups (or two) will be there now keep going on the light side of the river go to the bush with your pup and take all of them there the rest your mate will do and make sure you guard those little bundles of joy!

good for you! you have made it and beat the game!!! yay! now all u have to do is wait for 2.5 to come out good job and just keep pressing forward :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

glad it helps bye :-)
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WolfQuest-A Guide to the Four Dens

Post by Thruggan » Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:09 pm

Hello! Welcome to my guide to the four dens of Slough Creek! Here is a guide to picking the right den for you. :D

Den One: Bison Peak Cutoff

This den is a tree, with wonderful views, lots of food, and some predators. It is close to the summer den, so almost everyone chooses it for their first game. I, personally, really like this one, but Saddle Meadows (see below) wins first place for my densite. Tips: Pups and mates will get stuck behind the den, so watch out for them running against the tree. To get to the sandbar crossing really quickly, you should run into an enemy's territory, and then you will teleport to the crossing. If pups are left behind, run back to get them. Normally, the other pups stay put.

Rating: ****

Den Two: Slough Creek

Like the Bison Peak Cutoff Den, this is a tree. Fantastic view, especially of the creeks, good amounts of food, and almost no predators! It is sort of glitchy, and here's a YouTube video listing the glitches (note: there may be more glitches not mentioned in the video):

It is relatively close to both the Cattle Ranch and the summer den.

Rating: ****

Den Three: Aspen Heights

Faraway from the summer den, this one is a challenge. Coyotes like this place, similar to Saddle Meadows, and bears are somewhat common. It is a pile of rocks situated on top of a raised mound, giving you a eagle eye view. Now here's the hard part: what's behind you? I can live with this den, but it isn't my favorite.

Rating: **

Den Four: Saddle Meadows

My favorite! Great views, plenty of food, and only coyotes (and a few bears) to bother you. It is some rocks protruding from the hill, and it has raised mounds around it, enclosing your pups safely. At first, it seems empty of food, but when you get pups, more carcasses appear like magic. It is close to the summer den, but if you choose to skirt around the Little Butte, there's bear spawn point. Don't worry, a carcass will appear soon so you don't die!

Rating: *****

Thanks for reading! I hope I helped!
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I Beat SC with all 4 pups, but I didn't do it alone!

Post by Dawndust » Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:38 pm

Hooray!!! : D I was finally able to beat Slough Creek with all four pups, but I couldn't have done it without reading several EXTREMELY helpful posts by various members of our community. I would like to thank the people who wrote "Guide to keeping all four pups alive", "The ultimate guide to the final mission", "What you do and don't have to worry about", "Cheats, Hints and Tips", "Glitches and how to use them", and also "Guide to then Cattle Ranch/Night Mission", thanks to which I was able to kill me calf and eat it, too! (Well, just one quick bite, and then I scrammed, but I got off scott-free on only my second try!) I also read various opinions on which den is best, how to get rid of predators, keep the den safe, cross rivers, and all kinds of topics full of invaluable information without which I would not have been successful. So, yes, I am now able to bask in the glory of my victory-but it is not mine alone, for I did not achieve it alone. It is ours! OURS! WE are the victors! Just because I beat beat the game without losing a single pup does NOT mean that I alone get the glory! I did it thanks to all of you, my fellow community members, my team, my pack! We are the Wolfquest Community, and because we all help one another, just like a wolf pack, THAT is why are successful! THAT is why people like me, a newcomer, is able to learn from the ones who have gone before me and passed down their wisdom, allowing me to achieve victory by means of reading all of their carefully crafted posts. Thank you all so much! I have done what I thought was not possible because I had YOUR help! This victory belongs to ALL of us! Alone, each of us is like a single wolf-weak-but together, like a pack of wolves, we are STRONG! We can do anything if we all work together! It has been proven. I, who could only finish Slough Creek with two pups, after reading all of the advice I could find, (and I found much,) was able to finish with ALL FOUR- count 'em: FOUR- PUPS! I am so happy, and I am so grateful to everyone whose posts I read! If I forgot to mention you, it is only because I read so many peoples' posts that I can't remember them all. Thanks again, and may you all share in my joy, and if you haven't yet done what I have, know that it IS possible! Just read up on it, launch out, shoot for the moon, and SAVE YOUR GAME OFTEN, and with patience and persistence, you can do it, too! Later, and thanks again! ~Dawndust
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how to take care of your pups.

Post by brightstar99 » Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:45 pm

one: hunting

before you have pups, hunt as much elk as you can. step one,the hunt: you must find the weakest elk...bite the elk until it walks backwards then herd the elk to your den site,food pile and/or near your den. step two,after the hunt. make sure that piles of elk are togeter or next to each other.

two: the den

you must find a den for your family but four dens have a diffenerce. always chose bison if you want a faster jouney. chose the sercet den if you like the view and going to the cattle farm. chose apen if you want the joueny to last longer. and chose saddle meadow if you like the view and want a faster jouney.

your pups

your pups might wander off but always keep them near the den by howling. you can name your pups anything but never,ever name a pup bad words and rude things.
feed your pups is better when you howl. press f to feed them. protect them with your life from predators. chase away bears and kill coytoes.

the jouney

when the pups weight about 15 then you can grab s a pup and put the in a spot and race to get another pup or lead/herd your pups to the summer site. pick a pup up when crosing sand bars. never carry a pup in deep water!, the pups may die if you carry them in deep water!. watch out for hawks! they will grab and kill your pups. howl if a hawk is coming. press x to jump at it or run inti it. note: never,ever run into a hawk with a pup in your mouth!

i hope this helps!
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What is the Best SC Den for Your Game? Find out here!

Post by Thornlegs » Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:50 pm

The Best Slough Creek Den for Your Game
In this topic, you will find out which den you will most enjoy in your SC. I'll give a description of where the den is, the ups, the downs, my opinion of the den, rendezvous view and rating for both the "Challenger" type and "Practice" type!
Oh, and not to mention a few extras at the end..
I hope you enjoy!

Bison Peak Cutoff
This towering tree den is so eye-catching you can see it from the nearest hunting grounds! It is situated near the south rival pack territory, and is inside the most southern hunting grounds.
Ups: There are plenty of carcasses around, the hunting grounds are INSIDE the territory, and it's closest to the rendezvous site. The actual area is very clear too, so you can easily see all your pups.
Downs: It's very close to the nearest rival pack territory, which even expands hugely when the time comes for you to go to the summer site, giving your journey quite a narrow path. Predators also don't stop coming.
Rendezvous View: The rendezvous journey is quite short, but you must be very careful, as the only route is pressed against the nearest rival pack territory.
Challenger: I don't recommend this den if you want to have a difficult game. It's quite easy to pass SC if you choose this den, the minimum amount of time taken to complete the game being 10 minutes.
Practice: This den is very good for first-timers, being rated in other topics as a five-star home.
My Opinion: What's not to like about this den, exactly? There's a wonderful view of the creek, it's not too hard to complete with, and it's easy to spot predators/pups from a distance.

Aspen Heights
A rather big rock den in the hilly area of Aspen Heights. Although the hunting grounds are rather far away, the northern rival pack territory is, too.
Ups: The den looks nice, the nearest rival pack territory is far away, the nearest elk are easy to hunt, and the game takes longer to complete, meaning more time to play with the controls and such.
Downs: The rendezvous journey takes a very long time, so there is more time to chase away the eagle.
Rendezvous View: Despite the fact the final mission takes a large amount of time, it's actually quite easy to do.
Challenger: This is definitely an enjoyable den. If you want to keep your game going as long as you can, simply head for this den.
Practice: It's a little difficult, but anyone can enjoy this game, really.
My Opinion: This is my favourite den, without doubt. Enough said.

Saddle Meadows
Near Canyon Cliffs is the great, height-y area of Saddle Meadows. Safely at the top of the hill is the den- a small rock den in the open. You may have to go a little while to hunt, but the north rival pack territory is absolutely miles away from the den!
Ups: The nearest rival pack territory is over 200 miles away from the den.
Downs: The rendezvous journey is the hardest by far, the nearest elk carcass is on the other side of the hill (!!), predators are oddly attracted to this den, and you cannot cross the deep parts of the creek as there is a horrible glitch if you do.
Rendezvous View: The final mission is harder than hunting with pups (Well, at least for some people).
Challenger: I highly recommend this den if you want a difficult game. You will have to fix glitches, fight many coyotes and you will have to travel over the hill to find the nearest carcass.
Practice: This den is probably the hardest one there is. Don't even think about this one if you want an easy game.
My Opinion: I honestly don't like this den.

OK, now you've finished the main part. These are just a few extras I thought up. Feel free to take it as advice.

First I'll go through some random Bison Peak Cutoff extras. This den is super for many reasons- if you wish to alternate the Slough Creek game ending, this will be a quick way to move on to wherever you need to go. This den is also the perfect way to gain experience points, as you can hunt as many bull elk as you like. After all, the hunting grounds is right next to the territory.
These are just a few ways you can use Bison Peak. There are many other ways, I'm just too lazy to type them all up.
Next is Saddle Meadows. I don't actually have too much to say about this area, but it's a nice boredom buster, because there's a load to see in around those landmarks.
Lastly, Aspen Heights is a wonderful role play area. I recommend it to any who enjoy multiplayer packs. If you want, the hunintg grounds isn't too far away, PLUS there are carcasses all around there, so you could try hunting some bull elk if you want.

Hopefully, this guide will have taught you most things about all three of the main dens in Slough Creek. With any luck, I'll have shown you which den you should pick for your Slough Creek den, too. Hooray if I did!
Sorry, mods, if there is anything else with the same information is this. I have only seen one,with nothing of what I have said here.

Thanks! :D
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~ Tips for Slough Creek: Dens! ~

Post by Hawkflight297 » Fri Aug 02, 2013 5:58 am

Okay, many people have messed up in finding an ideal den (including me), so I've decided to list some tips :D

~ Aspen Heights { My den rating: 7/10 }
Aspen heights is way too close to the upland meadows yet so close to the hunting grounds. I take great consideration for safety, so it's a yes if you care more about food.

~ Bison Peak Cutoff { My den rating: 9/10 }
Bison peak (in my opinion) is an ideal den. Very close to elk hunting grounds, and wolf pack territories are a fair mile away, but it is harder to mark the territory because of all the sheer cliffs. It's a yes If you care more about safety.

~ Saddle Meadows { My den rating: 6/10 }
Ok, let's think outside the box: the whole densite is just a series of rocks. You are vulnerable to coyotes, grizzlies, but rarely do you encounter stranger wolves. Far from hunting grounds. It's a soandso in both qualities of food and safety.

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Who den is most comfortable and who den is the best

Post by MimpiDreams » Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:22 am

The comfortable den is the Bison Peak Cutoff den,because is near the cattle ranch and final journey zone- you can easy come for the final mission but is very near to the wolfs and predators.

The "Normal" den is the den is Saddle Meadows far for the wolf territory but is far for the elk hunting ground.In that den the predator is not very much and is easy for the first missions but for the final its too hard.

The best is secret den.(you need 50 000 xp for the den). The den is near for the final and is far for the wolfs and predators.Its very near to cattle ranch and hunting grounds.


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