Tips on fending off eagles, coyotes, and bears

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Tips on fending off eagles, coyotes, and bears

Post by ShizukaHyuga » Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:35 am

(this topic is still being worked on)

From what I've learned so far, this is some advice I can offer on protecting your cubs.

Eagles: When an eagle appears, the game will warn you which cub it is targeting be the zoom in. If you didn't have name tags turned on, it would be easier to turn it on. The Eagle will circle around the cub it wants a few times. Heres the important part. Keep a slight distance from any pup, while facing, from a tiny distance, the cub the eagle wants. If your cubs are too close, your wolf will turn to them and you may end up not turning back to the eagle in time, pushing your cubs too the eagles claws, or just not getting to your cub that's in danger in time at all. Moving backwards from your cubs wont trigger the turning to cub effect, so move backwards, forewards, turning, so that you can inch away from the three other cubs that may be following you, while still facing the cub that is being targeted. As the eagle flies lower, dont go and bump into it until if lands, or it will fly away and come back shortly after. When it finally lands and slowly, walk or run(if you cant control running, dont take your chances because you might miss the eagle and not turn back in time) up to the eagle and bump into it. It wil fly off.Also, when you're going up to it, don't hold a cub in your mouth because the eagle will gladly take the cub from your mouth. If you're stuck facing a cub, backing up is the quickest way to turn away.

Coyotes: Coyotes are faster and will run up and kill your cubs. When the game alerts you with the zoomin, you will see which cub it is targeting. Don't run far from your cubs or it will make it's move. Find some space to run forward without running into a cub, and chase it down and kill it. It's helpful, when you're makeing your journey to your summer den, to stay a bit of distance from other wolf territories, so you dont have to work around chasing coyotes into their territory. If you don't kill a coyote, it will definitely come back to try and get your cub. Also try to kill the coyote quickly so that you don't ever have to deal with two coyotes at a time.

Bears: From what I know,bears can be unnataturally fast when they try to kill your cubs. But like the coyote and the eagle, it will target a cub and go after that one. You go up to the bear bite it three times and it will run away. The fighting with a bear works in turns. Your turn, it's turn your turn, it's turn. You will be very low on health after the fight so go find a carcuss to eat right away before something else comes up.

Another thing is, there have been cases where the game didn't alert me of an eagle, coyote, or bear. My cubs were running off in all four directions, a coyote appeared, I ran off to save that one, and behind me, the eagle was carrying off my cubs with out the game alert.

I'm not absolutely sure if this is correct, but I will definitely edit this if something more accurate comes up.
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Scaring Off Bears & General Tips

Post by XxWolfQueenxX » Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:32 pm

I Am Sorry If There Is Already A Post Like This

This works for me. Ok, it is pretty simple. If you have to chase away a bear it says to bite it 3 times. The bears are strong and fast. They take a lot of your health. So you have to be fast at biting them, just "click click click click click"! pretty fast. Then before you know it, the bear will be running away.
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Scaring Off Bears & General Tips

Post by Overcast » Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:35 pm

Trying to snipe a bite from an occupied carcass is a dangerous mission for your hungry wolf. Here are the steps one can take to scare off any bear eating from a carcass so one can have an easy, bear-free meal!
  • 1. Locate a bear that is eating from a carcass.

    2. Approach the bear when walking. Running is too fast and stalking is too slow.

    3. When you get close enough to the bear that the bear stops eating and turns to face you, start backing up.

    4. Keep backing up until the bear turns to eat again.

    5. Repeat steps 2-4 several times, until the bear simply begins to run in wide circles and eventually runss completely away.

    6. Enjoy your bear-free meal^^!

The key is to find that invisible perimeter around the bear that dictates when he pays attention to your wolf and when he does not. Then simply cross and re-cross that border as many times as it takes to scare him away.

Good luck,


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How to Fend Off Predators

Post by Edme1 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:53 pm

In WolfQuest, predators will target your pups often. It always helps to know how to fend them off!

Coyotes are the small, tan creatures with green scent trails. They are fairly easy to kill. Once the cutscene shows you where the coyote is, then run out and get it! If it spawns close to your den, then pinpoint it before running after it. The coyote could slip around you and get your pups if you're not sure where it is. Be careful while chasing them; they swerve around a lot, making it more difficult to bite them. Three bites will usually kill a coyote, but it depends on your wolf stats. You must kill an attacking coyote; if you let it live and stop chasing it, it will turn around and target your pups again. Remember, if you're not sure where it is, go into scent view and run around. A coyote's scent trail shows up as a green dotted line. Find the scent to locate the coyote.

Coyote Scent Trail:

Bears are tougher to deal with. The cutscene will show where they spawn. However, do not immediately go and get it. It will run circles around your den while you stay with your pups there. Make sure you are at full health before you take on the bear. If not, don't eat a carcass inside your den area, or the bear will be able to get your pups. Go outside of the 50-meter area so that you won't have to worry about pups dying while you eat. Return to your den at full health and follow the bear. Chase it until you get close enough to bite it. When you do, it will turn around and attack. Starting out at full health, three bites will chase a bear away. Bite it three times, and it will run away. Once it does, find a nearby carcass. Bears are tough and take down a lot of health with each attack. If you can't find the attacking bear, go into scent view mode and look for its scent trail. Grizzly bear scent is blue.

Grizzly Bear Scent Trail:
Grizzly Bear:

Eagles will attack your pups on the final journey to the rendezvous site. The predator cutscene will show the eagle flying above you and your family. Just after that, you may not see it because it is circling high above your pups. As time passes, it will circle lower and lower until it descends almost onto the ground. It will move slowly forward with its talons outstretched. Eagles have no scent markers, so be careful. Always watch to know when it attacks. Run towards it and hit it. You do not need to bite it, and the red attack symbol will not appear. Once you hit it, the eagle will fly off. Eagles are persistent and come back often, so always be on guard and watch the sky.


*All of these screenshots were taken by me, Edme1.
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