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Multiplayer Game Tips

Post by Wolph » Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:33 pm

I'm not exactly sure if this should be here or in the Tips, Hints, and Help board so Mods please move if needed.

Q: Why won't people come on my mulitplayer game?

A: This always seems to be a problem and so I thought up a few suggestions that may help attract people to your games.

.: Rules - nobody likes rules but establishing a few simple rules at the start of your games will help keep everyone in order. For example: No hunting, no unreasonable fighting, no mating (obviously), and so on.

.: Pack, Loner, or Both - choose which you'd like to do in your game. If you want a pack only game or a loner only game try to put that in title so people know before joining. If you don't have room then tell people once they join. If you don't really care for a particular one then that's fine too, I've been in games where players eventually form their own pack and also have a couple of loners wandering around. It's completely up to you, but make sure people know if you are doing a pack or loner only game.

.: To Roleplay or Not to Roleplay - roleplays are fun, but sometimes people don't want to. If you're one of those people make sure you tell everyone at the start of your game that it is not a roleplay. Better yet, if you have room in your title put it there. And vice versa for those who do want to roleplay.

.: Descriptions - it makes things so much easier if you have everybody explain a little about their wolf character. That way nobody has to play the guessing game. Like the rules keep your character's description short and simple. Example: I'm Midnight, a 2 year old black loner female. Now you can add some other details like eye color, scars, territory, etc. But like in the example keep things short and simple, nobody wants to read 6 sentences explaining every little detail about somebody's character. As the game goes along you can throw in those details and bits of you character's history if you like.

.: Simple or Literate Roleplay - I for one am a fan of the literate roleplay but you can choose according to your own standards. Like before be sure to tell players once they enter your game or if you can, put it in the title.

.: Power or Real - though WolfQuest is for realism there are those who prefer to play with characters that have powers. If you are doing a power or real game do try to put that in the title, it makes things much easier than telling everyone as they enter.

.: Wolf or Other Animal - this is WOLFQuest, not WARRIORSQuest or HORSEQuest, so if you're making a game do try to make it wolf only. But, again people prefer other types of creatures so if you are making a game for something other than wolves try to put it in the title first.

Suggestions? If you have any suggestions that could be added feel free to post them below! =)
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Detailed RPing

Post by Thandi » Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:20 pm

RPing, or roleplaying is when you pretend. Some people are less in depth than others, but here's a guide of how to RP with detail, or how to role play indepth.

One --- Words
Words mean everything when you roleplay seriously and with detail. Try using advanced vocabulary, but always check with the current list of words. (Found here: [i][/i]

Instead of using the word a lot, use abundance. Instead of big, use tremendous. Try substituting small words for bigger ones.

Two --- Examples
Here's an example of a detailed RP:

Wolf 1: Scents the towering pine tree swiftly and dissapears into the foliage
Wolf 2: Slows her trot into a moderate paced canter as she treads through the sandy pebbles
Wolf 1: Emerges from forest to lay eyes upon the frail wolf before her

And that wraps it up! Any questions, post here.
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Guide to Fun MP Ideas To Fend Off Boredom :3

Post by BunnyLeap » Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:29 pm

Ok, so i've heard about many MPlaying people not having anything to do except hunt, but those days (and complaints) are over, because Bunny is here to help!
Here is a list of fun ideas to do on MP, seperated into 3 categories, Amethyst Mountain, Slough Creek, and Both!
1. Amethyst Mountain
>Pack fun-Go searching for a "den" and make civilization with your pack, and use it throughout the game lol

>MoonTree Gathering- We all know of the forest of dead trees that makes up Elk hunting grounds 1, but have you ever seen the lone MoonTree, a dead silver gray tree, standing alone? I like to gather my buddies, go there and howl; this would be fun in 2.5 when night comes!

>Find Slough Creek!- This is a game i LOVE to play. There is a place in AM where you can see SC, and i like to challenge my pals to go and find it! Whoever finds it first gets to be alpha and "rule" over AM lol hope you try it and like it!

>Coyote Hunt-You COULD do this in SC, but in AM it's funner because the coyotes are hard to find from ground color

2.Slough Creek

>Find Amethyst Mountain!- Just like Find SC ;)

>Grizzly Hunt- There are WAY more grizzlies in SC, so i suggest grizzly hunting there :wink:

>Human Object Scavenger Hunt- There are ALOT of human objects in SC, so gather some buddies and see if you can find all of them!

>Contest- you and some friends are about to RP when you or someone else breaks into a quarrel about whos alpha or somethin. So how do you fix it? Simple: Play Object Scavenge! In this contest, two wolves have to find 3 human objects and make it back to the lone tree before his/hers opponent!

>Swimming- Go play in the river, or scout for super deep parts where you can't even see your ears! :lol:

>Final Mission All Over Again- Get one person to be the mom/dad, and the others to be pups, go find a den, and travel with your "family" to the summer grounds.

3. Both

>Adventure- Explore all of AM/SC and look for memorable spots, abnormal objects, or interesting areas.

>Hunt- Go back to the good old days and make a hunting trip!
I hope this guide of ideas was helpful and watch for my edit when 2.5 comes!
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Multiplayer ─ How to do detailed RolePlaying

Post by Oceansong-Direwolf » Fri Sep 02, 2011 6:42 pm

RolePlaying is when you take the role of another person, or animal. On WolfQuest, it's better if you RolePlay as a wolf, because this is WolfQuest, not something like LionQuest.
In RolePlay, words are very important. You can go as detailed as you want. Here are a few examples of plain, boring RolePlay ─

Wolf1- sniffs the air
Wolf2- walks around
Wolf3- drinks water

Not very interesting, is it? You can use more detailed RolePlaying, for example this ─

Wolf1- I raise my head higher to sniff the still air, trying to pick up the scent of prey
Wolf2- I happily trot next to the creek, enjoying the beautiful, warm sunny day
Wolf3- I drink the cold, refreshing water, smiling as I get another drink of the clear creek water

See how much more interesting that was? We went from sniffs the air to something a lot better. Detailed RolePlaying effects how some people would act around you. Boring, lazy work might not provide enough details to fully understand you, while adding detail would make it a lot more easy for you to understand.
I hope this has helped you!

If you have any questions about this, you can always reply to this by clicking the New Topic button and putting the title as
Re: Multiplayer ─ How to do detailed RolePlaying
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How to make the perfect pack on the WQ Multi Game - Guide

Post by sSilvers » Fri Sep 02, 2011 8:49 pm

Hello, Wolfquesters! Here, I will tell you how to make the perfect pack on the WQ Multiplayer game!

- Come up with a name - Brainstorm! Think of places, things that interest you, and others that interest you! (Be sure not to just put, 'Please Join My Pack' as your game title. Its not catchy and/or not going give anyone taste about your pack.

-Create Your Game!- Set up your game, with your pack name, with something that with tell people its accepting. (So mine would look like

and your would look like,
Join[Your pack's name here]

-No one's joining your pack?- Sometimes you may have to come to the forums and create a topic for your pack. Still not getting members? Go to 'Advertise Your Pack Here!' in Pack Central. Also, I suggest you have your volume on so you can here if someone joins, also, I suggest you have your wolfquest game windowed, so you can minimize your game as you create a topic for your pack.

-No one still is joining! I think Ill pm some people to see if they'll join!- Good idea! But, sorry, please read this quote:
I already made a pack, but it seems no one cares about it.
If you're not getting enough members, then it is possible for you to invite some friends of yours to come join your pack on WolfQuest. However, it is not recommended that you go around PMing random people; as it can be classified under spam (it is possible to send PMs to your friends about the pack before it is made, and just when it's made.)You can also advertise your pack in this lovely topic(Advertise Your Pack here): Make sure to follow the rules of the topic before posting!

Code: Select all
As I underlined, it is considered SPAM.

-I give up!- If you give up, your saying you cant! But, before you do give up, check your internet connnection!

Thanks, I hope this helped!

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Guide to Actions on Disabled Chat

Post by wolf pup » Thu Oct 13, 2011 6:24 pm

So I have found that some people have a harder time figuring out what somethings means without the chat to explain it.
So I made a guide to actions.

.:; Guide to Usable Actions ;:.

~ Sitting: This action is usually used when a wolf is tired or injured to prevent exhaustion. This a a neutral action.
~ Laying: An action that means the player is asleep or tired. It is suggested that you do not disturb them or they can become angry. This is a neutral action.
~ Stalking/Crouching: If this action is preformed in a hunting ground towards a elk herd than it is a neutral action. If a wolf is stalking towards you then it is a sign of aggression and should be taken cautiously. It is an aggressive action that is ofter followed by a lunge.
~ Jump/Leap/Lunge: If this action is used over an object or elsewhere it is a jump/leap. Leaps/Jumps are neutral actions. It this action is done towards you then it is an lunge and is meant as an attack, often towards unwanted invaders. Lunges are aggressive actions that should be feared.
~ Tail Wag: This gesture is commonly used towards pack mates or family. It is a friendly action and is usually returned.
~ Bow: This is used by younger wolves as a playful gesture but is also a submissive posture. This is a friendly action.

Pleas let me know if I missed any :mrgreen:
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Re: Guide to Actions on Disabled Chat

Post by Koa » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:06 pm

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Multiplayer- A whole new WolfQuest Wonder

Post by DerpBacon » Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:54 pm

Most people who play WolfQuest can play Multiplayer. If you had just figured out there IS a Multiplayer, read on.

I noticed! I'm excited! Um, what should I do?

Did you sign up for a WolfQuest Community Forums Account? If not, hurry and create one. It is free and never asks for personal info. This is the only way you are gonna play Multiplayer!

Loading Multiplayer

Go to the WolfQuest main menu. Click on Multiplayer. Create a wolf. Read the rules for Multiplayer. If you don't agree, you will be taken to the main menu. Once you finish, you see five buttons. The fifth one is a Back button, which leads to the main menu. Below are some tips and guides to loading any type of game:

Creating an Open Game

This is the main Multiplayer game type. Follow the on-screen instructions. You can choose the time of day, the map, and the chat type. You WILL need to sign in with your account. Simple, right?

Joining an Open Game

Find a game you want to join. Click on it, then sign in.

Creating a Private Game

This game type is for when you want only your friends to join. Same instructions for open games, except that you need to make a game password.

Joining a Private Game

Type in the name of the game you want to join and the game password.

What can I do in Multiplayer?

You can hunt, roleplay, and of course, chat! To chat, press C. Here is a list of chat types and what they do:

Lexicon In My opinion, the best chat type. You can just type what you want to say! However, some words are censored, and they will show up in the chat box as ???.

Phrase Chat With this chat type, you choose phrases from categories and create sentences.

Disabled No chat whatsoever.

This was a complete guide for WolfQuest Multiplayer.

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