Coat Colors: Decoded

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Coat Colors: Decoded

Post by Skor » Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:12 am

Hello, today we will be discussing WolfQuest's genetic features, and how it shows the connection between you, your mate's, and your pups coat colors.
Doesn't sound like fun, does it? Don't worry, its simple, and it's explaining what pups you can expect to get with different coat mixtures, and what each base coat color* looks like on a pup. Helpful when choosing a mate!
*Base coat color refers to having the two sliders on the fullest white, therefore eliminating tints and shades.
Okay, your wondering what your pups look like and both you and your mate have base coat colors. Just look through the pup pics and find those that correspond to your pups.
~Base Brown Coat: Adult: ... 1296964585 / Pup: ... 1296964662
~Base Grey and White Coat: Adult: ... 1296964721 / Pup: ... 1296964748
~Base Fawn Coat: Adult: ... 1296964900 / Pup: ... 1296964927
~Base Black Coat: Adult: ... 1296964956 / Pup: ... 1296965020
~Base White Coat: Adult: ... 1296965067 / Pup: ... 1296965050

So, the pups that match up to you on here, are obviously the ones that will look like you, and the same goes for your mate. Simple, eh?
Now that that's out of the way, we can get on to the fun part about predicting pup's colors! Please note that all coat colors of dispersal wolves are assumed to be 'basic' because the degree of tints and shades would be near-impossible to determine, and they are the only type of wolf with which you can produce pups, any how. Same-color pairs will not be shown, simply refer to section one to see what the pups will turn out to be in that case. The farthest-right pup in all cases will be the pure white pup, gain-able with 50,000 Experience Points, and discussed in Section Four, since it’s “genetics” are different than other pups.
Please note that you probably can get a pup with your tints and your mates coat, but that variety has not been included here due to lack of research and usable screen-shots. Please use this only as a rough guide as to what you can expect pups to look like.
Also note:
Depending on how many EXP points you have, the color of your puppies coats will vary, specifically when it is not the pure white pup. If you have a low amount of points, then chances are that most of your pups will get your mate's coat and they will get your tints. The more EXP you have the better the chance that more of your pups will have your coat.
All of your puppies [except the pure white one if you have it] will get the same tone matching your coat [dark/light; the gray slide bar when creating your wolf], and puppies that have the same coat type as you will get the same tint as your wolf [orange/brown/white slider when creating your wolf].
Or, that's at least what I've found so far when playing the game.

Shusuke, Quoted from the White Pup thread. It said I can't use a quote, so yeah. Sorry about the inconvenience.
Exact numbers are not known.

•Brown x Grey and White: ... 1296967264
•Brown x Fawn: ... 1296967395
•Brown x Black: ... 1296967458
•Brown x White: ... 1296967550
•Grey and White x Fawn: ... 1296967594
•Grey and White x Black: ... 1296967624
•Grey and White x White: ... 1296967652
•Fawn x Black: ... 1296967723
•Fawn x White: ... 1296967679
•Black x White: ... 1296967762
But wait, we haven’t discussed non-basic coat colors. Many people have them. With wild tints and shades, it makes 'our' wolf more unique to 'us.' Since there are many, many, possibilities, and even more pairings that could be made when taking these in to account, I won’t try to post them all on here. However, I might add some if I think it produces exceptional pups, or if there is much demand for a certain pairing. If you wish to see a non-base pairing appear on here, P.M. me with a screen-shot of the two sliders for tint and shading for the players wolf, as well as what base color you use to make it, and tell me what color the mate is, which would be a base color.
I am in no way guaranteeing that your pairing will show up here, but if you think that it should be included, send a P.M. my way. You never know. (Yes, this section is empty for now. I added it in here so I wouldn't forget later.)
Now, we shall move on to a highly debated subject. It’s the pure white pup, the one, to some, with a pelt worth 50,000 Experience Points. Here are the straight facts, in the form of a Q and A. If you have a question not answered here, P.M. the question to me.

What is the pure white pup?
The pure white pup is a prize in Slough Creek for gaining your 50,000th Experience Point there. It is a pup that, as you probably have guessed, is almost “pure” white.
How do you get the white pup?
Get the pure white pup by starting a new game in Amethyst Mountain, getting a mate, and moving to Slough Creek. Then, some time while you’re at Slough Creek, you have to reach your 50,000th experience point. One of your pups will be pure white.
Can you get the white pup from having a white coat or a white-coated mate without the EXP?
No. The pup you get from having a white-coated wolf or mate when lacking 50,000 EXP is the plain white one, sometimes referred to as the grey one. It has larger amounts of grey on it, and does not need to be gained with 50,000 Experience Points. See the topic: for more info and ways to compare.
What influences your chances of getting the pure white pup?
Other than gaining 50,000 Experience Points in Slough Creek, nothing else does, to the best of my knowledge. No coat colors, where you got your mate, you, your pups, or your mate’s name, not the den you choose, time spent in game, none of those can directly influence one of your pups to turn pure white, aside from any Experience Points you may gain from said things. If you have solid proof otherwise, please let me know.
I got more than 1 pure white pup! /I got a pure white pup by using white parents and without the EXP! /I got a pure white pup without 50,000 Experience Points!
In all cases, you either had a glitch, or you are confusing the common grey/white pup for the pure white one. Please be absolutely sure that it/they are pure white. If they are, send me a P.M. with some screen-shots and, as always, I’ll edit the guide.
What do the pure white pups look like?
Well, when they are a pup they look like: ... 1296965105
However, if you are talking about what it looks like as an adult, no one can be sure. It may not even ever have an adult form, since there are no plans yet for a third episode of WolfQuest, when the pups would grow up. We can speculate that it would most likely look something like the regular white wolf, but as of now, we can’t be completely sure.
Can you get a pure white pup with white parents?
Yes, although you still need the 50,000 Experience Points.
I already reached over 50,000 Experience Points in Amethyst Mountain and still want the pup! /I do not want to or know how to make that many Experience Points, Help!
If you are having difficulty obtaining that high of Experience Points, please look here:
If you are sure you want the pure white pup and have already earned 50,000 Experience Points, then you must do this:
- Go to the river and drown all of your pups. Yup. I said it. Every last one.
- After drowning the pups, the pop up will come up telling you that all of your pups have died, and ask you to restart or load a saved game. Click the load a save game button, and when the list of games come up, simply exit. You will now be in Slough Creek with no pups.
- Go back to the den and save and reload, or go hunt in the Cattle Ranch. When you return, you will have four living pups, and one should be pure white.
**Please note that some research has indicated that doing this can cause you to get pups that have colors different to that of you and your mate. There is no known remedy for this, so it’s your call whether you want a pure white pup or pups that show their heritage.
Thank you for reading my rather lengthy and tedious guide, I hope that you learned something from it. If you notice any inaccurate information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope this guide has helped those who were unsure about what coat combo to use, and told them what to expect in advance.
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WQ Pelt Color Chart :)

Post by zali » Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:28 pm

I had nothing else to do so I decided to make a pelt color chart.
It took awhile to make, but it should help you find the perfect color for your wolf's pelt.
I hope you you guys like it and tell me what you think.

Link to Pelt Color Chart- ... -319259556
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Customization guide

Post by pearlymoorehen » Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:56 pm

hello fellow wolfquesters! do you want help in making a unique wolf? read on.
chapter 1- Outlandish colors!
orange- this is one of the most outlandish. basicly get a cream pelt, then push your slider to all the way orange.
blue- well, only partially blue. get the white pelt and you will see the head is blue on top and in stripes on the side. you can have a blue rear if you get the first pelt color.
chapter 2- realistic
get a pelt and only adjust darkness.
chapter 3- unique pelts
these aren't used as much as other pelts.
cream- not used as much in favor of white and grey.
tricolor- fawn with a blue rear, this is not seen as much as other pelts.
the end, for now!
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