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How to successfully solo a bull elk

Post by SitkaSoul » Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:52 pm

Mods: I did not find a topic on this already, however if there is one please lock this one.

Today I soloed a bull elk in multiplayer and I found the perfect strategy for doing so. This may take a long time but it is relatively easy. I imagine it would be harder to do with an SP mate because the mate would probably scare the elk making stalking it impossible :/ . Anyways! This takes a while but I’m sure can be done with multiple people in MP. So here’s how to solo!

1) Find a bull elk with the V key on your keyboard.
2) Separate the elk from his heard
3) Press the M key and look at the map. Find your nearest invisible wall.
These are indicated on the map with the striped border.
4) Attack the elk a few times.
5) Press the V key and locate the plumes of a carcass
6) Heard the bull elk towards the carcass
7) Replenish your health without losing sight of the bull elk or allowing it to graze.
8) Repeat
9) Locate another carcass. Drive the elk towards that one.
10) Kill the bull elk!
11) Howl
Just do it, its tradition!
12) Eat the elk to charge your health

Tip: Howl and then bow two or three times with the K key. This will rally and raise your strength by three. I set my strength to 5, so it should make it much easier. This works best if you manage to find carcasses.

Here is a link to the pictures: I
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How to Get a Guaranteed Kill in Single Player

Post by ArrowWolf005 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:47 pm

..........How to Get a Guaranteed Kill in WolfQuest..........
............................Single- Player.............................

I play WQ Single Player a lot, so I have found a strategy to guarantee a kill with no mate and no friends.

PRE-GAME TIP: It helps to have full strength and full speed. How to do this? See Thandi's topic "Cheats, Hints, Tips" on how to do this "glitch":

Step 1: Go to nearest elk feeding ground AT A WALK.
Step 2: Find the weakest elk.
Step 3: Stalk up to her.
Step 4: She probably won't see you coming until you bite her. Do that.
Step 5: Click Spacebar rapidly until you disconnect from the elk. After that, DO NOT CLICK "Q". For a few seconds, you will not be able to walk. Once you are able to walk, do so until you have full stamina.
Step 6: Once you have full stamina, click "Q". You should now be running.
Step 7: Repeat steps 4- 6 until the elk is dead.
Step 8: Bon appetite, wolfy!

Note: Whenever I kill an elk, another carcass appears nearby. Does anyone else get this? Just curious!
Hunting with the pack for 2 years

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Hunting at the beginning of the game alone with no mate.

Post by BlaiseWolf » Mon Apr 30, 2012 10:27 am

Hunting at the beginning of the game in single player alone is difficult. Here's my strategy:
First, approach elk herd from FRONT - not back.
Stalk toward (find weakest/most injured elk), Got it? Go bite it! FROM THE FRONT!
Don't chase it, it will be scared, and run. I've noticed most cow elks will try to get back to their herd once they've been separated. Your job is to get between it, and it's herd.
Be patient though. Once between, let it come to you, if you're in front of the herd, the elk will walk right to it's fate. Running towards it can spook it, make it kick you, and/or pass you unharmed. Running also makes you tired. Patience is a virtue :!:
Also, Pay attention, and keep up with the elk! If it suddenly turns left and you're not as close as you need to be, you may have missed a chance to bite it. But don't go too close, you could scare it away which is a waste of time (you have to go around the frightened elk again, to find a new position).
HOWEVER, not all elks are this way. There are plenty other strategies that work apart from mine. Try hard, once you've mastered the cow elk, challenge yourself with a strong bull elk - I dare you:)
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Elk Hunting Guide Volume 1: For Beginners

Post by _Denali_ » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:54 pm

[This is a guide to elk hunts. Mods, feel free to move this to User Guides if it should be posted there.]
If you need in-depth elk hunting help, then you've found the right place! This guide introduces basic scenarios, problems, and solutions about elk and elk hunts in Wolfquest.

Scenario One: Where do I start?
I recommend the pine forest hunting grounds, because it's what a lot of wolves would be used to. Once there, press the 'V' key to view scent. Follow the cow elk scent until you reach the elk herd.

Scenario Two: How do I know which one?
Well, first off, stalk the herd by holding the 'shift' key so they are less likely to notice your wolf. Then, face each elk to see its health bar. Choose the elk with the lowest amount of health to learn how to hunt elk.

Scenario Three: The Old Cow Elk
The best individual elk for your first hunt would be the cow elk with the lowest health. Run towards this elk, keeping its scent trail in view so it does not get re-mingled with the rest.

Scenario Four: The Hunt Begins
Proceed by biting the elk, which is done by pressing the 'SPACE' bar. When possible, herd the elk towards a carcass so your wolf regains health to resume hunting. Then, continue until you bring the elk down.

Good Luck Hunting!
Now that you know the basics of hunting elk in WolfQuest, happy hunting! :3

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The Ultimate Guide to Hunting

Post by Wonderland Summer » Sat Apr 13, 2013 1:18 pm

The Ultimate Guide to Hunting

Hello. If you are here, reading this, it means you need help hunting on WQ. Whether it be Singleplayer oor Multiplayer, you've come to the right place.
There are four sections in this guide. AM, SC, SP, MP.


Animals in AM

(From worst to best)

Grizzly Bear- They roam the land for food. They won't attack you unless you bite them or get near them.
Obviously, you can't 'hunt' the bears. You can stalk them, but they will dissapear eventually.

Stranger Wolf- They just stand there being derp wolves. You can't hunt them, but if you try hard enough, you
can kill them, like a wolf gladiator.

Coyote- Coyotes aren't really a big threat in AM, you can kill them for sport, or if you want a carcass.

Bull Elk- Bull Elk are the only males of an elk herd. They are hard to kill, and you always end up dying. I would not hunt this elk.

Cow Elk- Your main source of food in AM is a cow elk. Dead or alive, they are great to hunt. You can hunt them alone, or with your mate, who always dies because he/she doesn't eat.

Hare- Hares are golden. They appear when you need them most, just out of the blue. There's a magic flower in AM where bunnies come out and you can kill them...

Hunting in AM

Hunting in Amethyst Mountain is challenging, but it can be fun. Listed below are the elk territories and other places to hunt.

Elk Territories

The Burns- The Burns is a burnt forest just about a mile away from your spawning point. Here, the elk seem to be jumpy and rather scared. The most used method for hunting here is chasing the elk to a boundary and biting it until it backs up and you can kill it with a few bites to the neck. This is a great place to hunt, coyotes never bother you and run around while you hunt, and there are carcasses near by if you ever need to fill up before a hunt.

The Fir Forest- The Fir Forest is a lush forest of pines and the occasional fallen tree. Here, the elk are aggressive, fast, and strong. Hunting here is quite a challenge. If you are new to the game, I suggest that you DON'T hunt here. You can end up getting trapped in the mountains with low health and dying, or you lose the elk. It is not easy to hunt here. But, on the bright side, there are plenty of hares and carcasses.

Here ends AM Hunting.
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Avoiding problems hunting

Post by snake1 » Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:50 am

Here's a few things that I think is better to do while hunting a moose (mostly male):
-Do not hunt alone, unless you have experience and strength, but it remains a danger, and male elk, forget it, I recommend that they are together with a 5 players taking turns!
-When the moose stop running and start to attack, not the attack face to face! Try to get him back, where you take less damage from kicks, and headbutts.
-If you go too slow, do not try to catch it (the moose) from the front, because I've done it and he kicked my face!

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How To Successfully Hunt In MP

Post by Arianan » Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:31 am

How To Successfully Hunt In MP

I understand that hunting with your multiplayer pack can sometimes be difficult. Often, your pack begins to bicker and fight. I believe that this problem comes from everyone attacking at once, with no order or plan. Having no plan causes confusion, and many times the hunt is unsuccessful. This is a little step-by-step guide on how to correctly organize your MP pack so your hunt is fun and successful.

1. To organize your pack you need to create jobs. You will need a herder, stalker, and attacker(s). Let me explain each of these jobs so you can pick the best possible wolf for the role.
STALKER: This job could also be called scarer. Basically, this wolf stalks the herd without scaring until he or she picks out the weakest animal. Then the wolf jumps up and scares it towards the direction of the packs herder. This animal can be fast, strong, or have good endurance. It doesn't matter.
HERDER: After the chosen elk has been directed towards them, they begin to herd (hence the job name) the elk towards the attackers, while planting bites in the elk. Other than herding, the wolf should try and tire the elk out for the attackers, and also keep it from returning to the herd during the attack. This animal should be mostly fast.
ATTACKER(s): The wolves chosen for this job should have full strength and full stamina. You can do this with a cheat that can be found all over the internet, which allows you to have full strength and full speed or stamina. Their job is to basically attack. If all goes accordingly, one of these wolves should deliver the death blow. If you have five wolves in the server, you should have one herder, one stalker, and three attackers. These wolves take turns attacking until the elk dies.

2. After you have killed the elk, let the herder eat first, then the attacker(s), then the stalker. This order is set up because the herder and attacker(s) will likely be the most influenced by the hunt, whereas the stalker has a job that doesn't take much of it's health.

3. Howl and Feast!

Congrats! You completed your hunt! I hope this helped you! Please feel free to share your ideas, plans, and constructive criticism. Enjoy!


It Would be Wise to... (a WolfQuest gaming guide)

Post by Lunariwolf » Sat May 03, 2014 10:37 am

if u ever wanted the best way for playing WolfQuest, then read here. it might help you. good luck!

THE HUNTING GUIDE: has it ever been hard to not die when u are hunting elk? i know a way you can stay alive and be more succsessful!

STEP ONE: turn on Scent Mode with the "V" key. then, go to the nearest elk herd.

STEP TWO: pick the elk u want to hunt. (i suggest the elk with the least health) then, chase it away from the herd to prevent losing it.

STEP THREE: turn Scent mode on again. then look for the place where you started for the first time.look for it on the map cuz thats where theres a LOT of dead deer if u noticed.

STEP FOUR: chase the elk yu chose to that location. you can give it a few attacks if u want to along the way.

STEP FIVE: when u get there, make sure ypur elk wont hav chances of running away. then go to the nearest dead elk and feed from it.

STEP SIX: eat your fill and go back to killing the elk.

STEP SEVEN: try to eat as fast as possible to prevent losing the elk. then bite the elk until it dies.

SUCCSESS: you have your meal! enjoy!

KEEP WATCH FOR NEXT GUIDE!: now im running outta space here so stay put for the next guides of It Would be Wise To...


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