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How to Kill a Bull Elk Without Any Mate

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:16 am
by HappyKitten
Having trouble killing a bull elk in Amethyst Mountain, without any mate? Or in Slough Creek with a mate, for that matter? Well, here's how to do it. I've used this method successfully multiple times. It may take a while, so be patient, but afterwards you'll be able to boast about it! :)

1. Build up an area with a lot of carcasses, preferably near a hunting ground. You may notice an area like this that naturally happens, or you can try any of the below methods. Just make sure to have a lot of carcasses!
Note from moumba12: In Slough Creek, chase an elk through the space between Canyon Cliffs and Saddle. There should be an elk carcass or two there.
a. Use the hare glitch - kill a hare, save and reload, and you've got a (half-eaten) carcass.
b. Herd cow elk towards your chosen spot and kill them there. Once you've done a little hunting practice this'll be easy.
Have an idea for a carcass-building method? PM it to me!
2. Go to the hunting area nearest your carcass supply and find a bull elk.
3. Now try to chase the elk towards your carcass supply. Keep in mind that if you veer to one side, the bull elk will usually turn towards the other. Experiment a bit; you'll soon get it right.
4. Once you're decently close, attack. Attack again.
5. When you're down in health and/or near a carcass, have a bite to eat, then go after the bull elk again. It's usually pretty easy to pick up its scent and chase it again. However, it may have wandered off far away from your carcass supply, so take care to chase it back again.
6. Keep repeating this--attack, attack, eat, attack, attack, eat--until you've brought it down!
7. Celebrate and bask in all those experience points!

Once you've built up a good carcass supply, it can be used again and again. Plus the bull elk will be there to eat as well! :)

Any ideas? Corrections? Comments? PM me!

Thanks to moumba12 for contributing to this guide!

How to Hunt Infinite Rabbits

Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:00 pm
by RedWolfLover
There's a special place in the game that will let you hunt as many rabbits (hares) as you want.* It's near a u-turn in the river on the right side of Slough Creek. The location can be found on this map here: ... itmap1.png.
What you do is simple:
1. Run around the grassy area. This has worked every time for me, but it may not be necessary (it could be just timing related, but further testing is needed). You will need to find exactly where the rabbit comes from because the rabbits will always come from that same spot. (You can see a picture here: ... abbit1.png)
2. When a rabbit appears chase it and kill it. There's a simple equation that goes along with this: 1 rabbit killed= 1 rabbit appears. If you don't kill the rabbit, no others will come.
3. Enjoy a rabbit feast! (Here's a picture of the success you can have with rabbit hunting: ... tdead1.png)
There's two other interesting things that have happened involving rabbits. The first time I learned about this was from the user bloodblood on multiplayer. But on this multiplayer game there were dozens of rabbits everywhere hopping in place (sadly I didn't get any screenshots). They wouldn't run away, and you could just kill them. I couldn't eat the carcasses, but that may be because my wolf was too fast at the time. I came back later and this time there were two groups of rabbits, and the groups were too different colors (light brown and dark brown). There were about 10-15 rabbits in each group. Unfortunately, bloodblood had to remake another game, and we were not able to make the same results. The other thing that happened was exactly like this except the rabbits were all dead, and only one player could see them. I couldn't see the rabbits, but apparently one or two other people saw several dead rabbits scattered across the ground.

*Note that I have only tested this in multiplayer mode. Also keep in mind that this has only been tested at Slough Creek.

:?: There are many unanswered questions that we have about infinite rabbit hunting. The order of my answers are most likely, possibly, maybe, most unlikely.
Here are some that need to be answered:
• Can eating the carcasses produce extra rabbits? (possibly)
• How do you produce more than one live rabbit?
• How do you make a whole lot of live rabbits appear (as explained earlier)?
• Is it affected by time, location, or both? (most likely)
• Are the dozens of live rabbits produced by a specific time, location, or both? (possibly)
• Does the amount of wolves affect the results? (maybe)
• Can it be done in Amethyst Mountain? (most likely)
• Does it have to be located by grass? (maybe)
• Are there other areas where this happens? (most likely)
• Can it be done in single player/story mode? (most likely)
• Can the amount of dead rabbits become live rabbits later (applying to the large amount of rabbits explained earlier)? (maybe)
• Are the large groups of live rabbits a glitch or the whole infinite rabbit thing itself? (most likely)
• Can your stats, gender, or color affect the outcome? (most unlikely)
• Can experience points affect the outcome? (most unlikely)
• Can this “spawning” happen to other animals? (possibly)

If you have any answers or information please tell me (screenies would be preferred). Feel free to ask questions or post comments. Thanks goes to bloodblood for helping me figure this out and introducing me to the infinite rabbit trick. Best wishes to you all and have a joyful rabbit feast!

How to successfully hunt

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:05 am
by +Fenrir+
Multiplayer is a fun way to use WolfQuest, right? You get to play, fight, explore, or just hang out with your friends. But perhaps you like to do my favorite multiplayer activity--go hunting. Now if you've ever tried to go hunting with a group, it probably plays out something like this; you all end up chasing the elk to the edge of the map and after dying a couple of times, the thing is FINALLY dead. Well, I don't really like this method as it's not very fun and it's very time-consuming. So I have come up with a quicker more efficient strategy which will be more fun for everyone involved. This plan will be divided into three parts; preparation, the hunt, and after the hunt.


Of course you want to hunt, but you can't do it alone! The first thing you have to do is get everyone together. Designate a meeting place and tell everyone who wants to join in on the hunt to go there. You seperate your group into three parts--the wolves that have good strength, the ones with good speed, and the ones with good endurance. I'll explain why this is done in the next section. Then you rally the pack--the extra strength that is gained by doing this will be needed later. You're finalyl ready to go out and find the herd! Choose someone to track down the herd by scent. The rest of you will follow him or her until the herd is found. Now it's time for the hunt.

The Hunt:

Now is the time when the three groups seperate. (Not many wolves seem to choose endurance, so I created this plan so that it may easily be performed with only the speed and strength groups if need be.) The fast wolves skirt around the herd to the other side. They must be extremely careful to not get too close; if you scare the herd now, the whole hunt will be ruined. Once the fast wolves are in position on the opposite side of the herd, the wolves with endurance take their place on one side of the herd. Either the left or the right will do. The strong wolves wait in front of the herd. They must be ready to ambush the elk that the fast wolves drive toward them.
Now the hunt really begins! The fast wolves choose an elk to kill. They drive the chosen prey toward the strong wolves, weakening it with bites to the hindquarters as they go. Once they're about halfway there, the wolves with good endurance dash in and give the elk a few good bites. Then the endurance wolves stay with the fast ones and help them herd the creature toward the strong group. Once the elk is as close as the first two groups can get it, the strong wolves spring. The fast wolves and endurance wolves back away at first, but they can help deliver a few bites when they want to. The animal will probably be dead in a moment or two. The main part of the hunt is over.

After The Hunt:

The killing may be over, but the hunt isn't. It is important that the fast wolves ear first. They have done a lot of the work, and will probably be missing a lot of running energy AND health. After they finish, the strong wolves eat. They will need to replenish their health; they will probably be quite low on it by now. The endurance wolves eat last, as they will probably have a lot of running energy and health left. There may be exceptions to this, but it's the way it usually goes. Now that it's all over, you have two choices; go out on your merry little way or hunt again!

Closing Words:

So you've done it! You and your pack have hunted in a fun and efficient way. Now you can go on to hunt bigger things like bucks and stronger does. I sometimes use this method on multiple elk at a time, trying to kill two at once instead of just one. Maybe you have other multiplaer hunting techniques or have an idea to make this one better. Go ahead and try them! The whole point of hunting is to expiriment and find out what works best for your pack. Seeya!

How to Kill Bull Elk Without Dieing or Having to Eat An Elk.

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:05 pm
by RabidLynx
It is nearly impossible to kill a bull elk in the game without dieing. There is a solution to this- killing many cow elks, then hunting the bull elk, eating a carcass when needed. But this may get boring time after time. It just doesn't make since to kill a whole herd of elk just to hunt one elk, does it? Besides, a real wolf would keeping hunting a bull elk until it was too weak, go to a carcass, eat, then return to hunt. But you still want to live, right? Not to worry! I have another solution to killing a bull elk without eating a carcass or dieing.

Note: You must have a mate to do this.

First find a elk hunting territory and get as far away from it as you can. Then, howl but cut it short. Your mate should howl. Run away from him and go to the elk territory while your mate is howling. When he starts to move, howl and cut short. Keep doing this until you have reached the elk herd, and your mate is far away.

Now you have to find the bull elk. Keep biting him until you don't have much health left. Then wait for your mate to come. Watch as your mate does all the work. The bull elk should be dead and you wouldn't have to kill another carcass to do it.

And that's how you do it!

Relief to Hunting Trouble (Single-Player)

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:05 am
by Bumble-flower
Since hunting those quick creatures can be pretty difficult, I decided to make a guide to help you fellow hunters who are having trouble.
Since there's already a Bull Elk guide (And I haven't successfully hunted one yet), I can only help with hunting hares or Cow Elk.

How to hunt a Cow Elk - Relief
1// Go into an Elk Hunting Ground. Switch into Scent View (V key) and search for an elk trail. Follow it to the herd.
2// Pick out one (or two!) elk that you will hunt down. Stalk it and chase it away from the herd.
3// Bite, bite bite! Keep pressing the space-bar while hanging onto the elk's hind leg until you fall.
4// Now you need to stalk it again, if it's really far off. Stalking will still let your energy charge. If the elk isn't far off, just stand still and let your energy charge up.
5// When the energy bar is filled, dart at your target, and bite.
6// Repeat this cycle, stalking/standing still when your energy goes down, until your prey is finally dead.

How to hunt a Hare - Relief
1// Search for a hare to kill. Or two hares, if you can handle it!
2// Stalk the hare. When you're close enough, lunge and try to bite.
3// If your prey escapes your paws, chase it and try to bite again.
4// When your energy level is low, stand still or stalk the hare again until the bar fills up.
5// Continue chasing your hare and trying to bite.
6// Repeat, until you finally kill the hare.

If there is already something like this, sorry! I didn't see anything, not a relief for single-player hunting.
Well, anyway, enjoy!

Hunting Tactics for new wolves

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:27 pm
by Fireflys
I love to hunt and I like to teach how to hunt too.

My Tactic for MP hunting: This requires five wolves. Four of the wolves go on the sides of a cliff and wait for the other wolf to drive the cow/bull elk into the canyon. Then the four wolves will charge at the elk and bite it till it dies. :wink:

a secret to hunting in sc single player

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:50 am
by swiftkill132
when you hunt in slough creek you usualy hunt in the nearest hunting grounds, but it can still be far away from your den. But if you know a secret to makeing your elk go closer to your den yhem whooo hoo! but if you dont then im goeing to tell you what to do.
( its realy not a secret thought lol :mrgreen: )

what to do
first go find an elk, cow or bull it dosent matter. next clarify were your den is. in order for tis special hunt to work you need to bit the elk till it has half health. then you must herd the elk to your den.
to heard a elk
what you must do to herd the elk to your den is you must run closley behind your elk toward your den. you dont have to run direcly toward your den until you reach trees. then you need to go on on side of the elk to steer it fully to the den. you are probly close to your den now so you can start to bite it untill it is almost dead. when you are very close to your den thn you can kill it. enjoy your feast! :D
hope this helps :)

MP Elk hunting tips

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:46 pm
by Reesa
Because you have a pack, you should hunt like one!

if you are hunting the elk that graze near the river, get 2 of your pack members on the side that they normally bolt off in. While you stay back on the other side, you pack members should run after them until they can see you in site. Once they can jump out and help your pack.

It is better if you have grass drawn distance on 'far' so that you have places to hide.

With any type of elk (Bull or cow) you should surround the herd, stalk and launch!

Hope these tips helped

Tips on hunting easily in WolfQuest

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:48 pm
by Oceansong-Direwolf

How do you prevent getting really low health (possibly even dying) when an elk turns around on you?

When elk turns around on you, it gets your health lower trying to bite it at the neck, because the elk will stomp on you. To prevent that from happening, try to work your way at the back, and bite it's rump. You will loose health, but not as much health as you would when biting at the neck.

How do you kill a bull elk without a mate, and without dying?

Before actually hunting the bull elk itself, hunt the cows of his herd. Kill at least four cows in the herd by directing them to a certain spot until there is a mass area covered by cow elk carcasses. Then go for the bull. Lead him towards the area of cow elk. Then begin biting and trying to kill him. When your health gets very low, eat some of one of the carcasses. You'll gan health, but he won't. Eventually, the bull elk will die, when you didn't have to!

How do you hunt two elk at the same time?

I have done this before, and it's easier than you would think. First, pick the weakest two cow elk in the herd you found. Then send them both in the same direction. Bite one. When your stamina regains, bite the other. Keep repeating this until they both die.


How do you hunt a bull elk succsessfully with four or five people?

Make one person be on both sides of the elk. Make sure they are the strongest. Then send two of the fastes wolves out to chase the bull. When the bull finally turns around, make sure all of the wolves help to kill it. One person at the behind, one person at the front, one person on the right side, and one person on the left. If there is a fifth person, they can join on any diagnal area.

If you have any more ideas for hunting easily in WQ, please PM me!

Guide To An Easy-Peezy Hunt!

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:58 am
by BunnyLeap
Before I begin, I want to say thatI have not seen anything close to this, so if im repeating, don't hunt me down! :lol:
Now that that is cleared, here are some of my "classified" hunting tips(with fancy names as well :lol:)! Hope they help! ;3

Spot 'n Herd Manuver- Stalk through the herd to pick out the weakest elk in the herd and seperate it from the rest by "driving" it away
Notice: Move to the elk's right side to drive it to the left, and move the its left to drive it right!

Running Stop- Once you have seperated the weak from the strong, chase it and bite it. Now, I know what your thinking, "Run after it!". WRONG!!!!!! You stalk after the elk until your stamina is full again, THEN chase it! Repeat until the elk has turned around to counterattack

Quicky Tricky- This is kind of a fun manuver to use on the elk once it has turned around to kick. When the elk turns around it revolves with you lol! So what do you do? Simple: the Quicky Tricky!! Press the "Q" key on your keyboard, and when you move you should be running! Run around the elk and "confuse" it. When you are next to its hindquaters, bite it to avoid being kicked!

Double Chomp- When you bite an elk it kicks, right? When it kicks, bite it again, and volla! You just bit it two times in one move! Use this and the Quicky Tricky to get more bites into your attack!

Carcass Drive- This is helpful at times of need. Drive your alive prey near a carcass when you are weak, and grab a bite as you pass!

I hope these tips help you when you go out to catch you're own lunch!

Hunting Guide (Amethest Mountains)

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:04 pm
by WhiteWolfStrike
Hello I am going to tell you the way I hunt that has made hunting easy for me in Amethest Mountain area.

1) First find the herd you wish to hunt and run at the elk so that they spread out and are not standing together in a big group.

2) Then you stalk up near each elk but not to close or it will run away but not to far away because you need to be able to see there health bar and try and find an elk that has a chunk of it's health already gone.

3) Chases the elk and heard it so it starts running to a set of mountains and chase it to the mountains because it can't run as fast in mountains and you can keep up with it and bite it easyer.

4) Keep at it until it turns around and faces you then jump at it and when you jump press the bite button when it appers and it's health will go down faster then when you just bite it and skip the jump.

5) DIG IN!

I hope I helped all of you that were have trouble or just gave others a new way that is worth a try.Have fun in WolfQuest everyone!

Hunting Guide (Slough Creek)

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 7:10 am
by WhiteWolfStrike
If you are having trouble hunting or just want to try a new way to hunt.Then this guide can help you take doen even a Bull elk without dieing.

First Find the herd you wish to hunt then rush them so they spread out and are not standing so close together.Then stalk near each elk until you find one that has a chunk of health already gone.

Stalk up as close as you can without the elk running away and run after it.Then after you bite it twice you run to you left and circle around in front of it.then run at it and bite it's neck because you are now in front.Repeat this until the elk turns to face yuou.

Now hit the jump button and when you jump hit the space bar when the bite sign appers.When you jump and bite it takes away more health the when yo bite it without the jump.You also stay alive becuase it can't kick you when your in the air (when you jump).

I hope I helped those who where having trouble hunting in the Slough Creek area.Soon I will make an Amethest Mountain guide.Good Luck!!

How to Successfully Hunt Elk

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 10:20 am
by AlluredWolf
I've found a way to successfully hunt cow elk. It takes running and feeding on carcasses but it worked prettywell.


1.Make sure you have a full health bar.
2. Locate your herd. Select the weakest one for your prey.
3. Stalk your prey. (Key W+Shift) The elk won't run, they'll trot.
4. Once you've gotten close enough to power up, dart towards the animal. (Q- Full speed.)
5. Bite 3 times if possible.
6. If health bar is low, eat something.
7. Repeat steps 3-5 until the animal is dead.
8. You'll have enough for your pups (If you have any) and you'll have enough for yourself.

Note: I didn't chase it to a specific place. If you don't eat, when you need to for a while, you will die.

Tip on how to find rabbits often

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 1:24 am
by Dawndust
I've noticed that, at least in SP AM, a good way to find rabbits often is to run in a zig-zag. I haven't tested walking in a zig-zag to see if it works, too, but definately running in a zig-zag seems to make rabbits spawn more often. Make sure the zig-zag is wide; don't just run in a squiggly line; run for a few seconds in one direction, then switch the angle, rinse and repeat. Also, it's a good idea to kill rabbits whenever you find them, even if you're not hungry, so you can eat them later. They'll still be there waiting for you when you are hungry, unless your mate eats them! XD Happy rabbit hunting! ~Dawndust

How to hunt in slough creek

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:23 pm
by faolan678
Most wolves here are new (I think) and want to learn a bit about hunting. Well, here i will list a couple of ways to hunt, and I will rate them. NOTE: you have to find the elks first, I think everyone knows that. I will also show how to find them
how to find elk:
It depends what hunting ground your going in. The first one, (the one you spawn closest to when you start out) always spawn right in the middle
2. Sandbar Crossing these elk can spawn in two places. The first one, Is close to the river. The second one, Is in the middle
3. The one near Old Oxbow these spawn close to the edge, on a hill.
How to hunt:
1. (how I hunt) find the elk you want, bite it, then you will stop for a moment for energy. Once you can move again, walk until you gain full health. Then, run at it and bite again. keep repeating until elk turns around to defend itself. then, bite bite bite! I would rate this 5/5.
why do you think I do it?
2. (this is alot like the first one) stalk the elk. Once you get close enough, bite. keep doing until elk turns around. Then, once again, bite, bite, bite! I find that the stalking is pointless. Oh well. I guess other players find a use out of it. anyway, the only downside of this is the stalking, earning this way a 3/5.
3. Gather a pack. Surround the elk. Pounce! I really do not think this way is the best. Yes, It does alot of damage, but is almost impossible to gather the pack and surround the elk (trust me! its hard enough to get the pack together, now surround the elk?!)
I would give this way a 1/5.
That's all, wolves. If you have another way, please submit it. I just can't think of any other way a wolf on wolfquest would hunt.