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The Guide to Glitches(How to do them or get rid of them)

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:10 am
by RabidLynx
The Guide to Glitches
Glitches and how to do them or get rid of them

There will be glitches

In the game of Wolfquest, there will be glitches. Some may think they are fun. Others may not think the same. So, I created this guide for people who want to learn how to do a glitch or get rid of them. Please note that this guide will forever be on TBC as I discover and learn new glitches.

What's a Glitch?

A glitch is when the game goes wack-o and something weird happens. It can be weird, funny, and even annoying. A glitch may involve your character doing something, your mate or puppies doing something, other animals and other characters doing something, the terrain doing something, anything, really. Some glitches are common, and others aren't so common.

The Speed Glitch

What is it?

The Speed Glitch is where your wolf runs at super fast speed, faster than Sonic.

How to do it?

When going in Multiplayer, while it's loading and your seeing the trees, click "c". When you start the game, your wolf should be running at Speed Glitch speed. You can also do the speed glitch when you die. When you see your wolf plop to the ground, dead, click "c". When you come back to life you will be running super fast.

How to get rid of it?

If you've done the glitch on accident and don't want the glitch, just enter a word in the chat box and you will stop running. If you just don't want to do the glitch, well, don't click "c" when dieing or when entering a game!

The Flying Glitch

What is it?

The Flying Glitch is where your wolf is floating in the air at raven height.

How to do it?

In Slough Creek, there is a certain part in the river next to the elk hunting grounds near the Bison den. Go into the water backwards, then come out. Then run all the way to the part in the river near the elk hunting grounds near the Saddle Meadows den. Go into the water backwards. You wolf should now be floating in the air.

How to get rid of it?

Well, just simply don't do the above! If your flying and want to get out, move. You wolf should fall down to the ground.

The Zombie Pup Glitch

What is it?

It's where your pup is different colors and zombie lookin'!

How to do it?

Grab the pup you want zombiefied and while carrying it, go to a stranger wolf, pup still in mouth. Then, talk with the stranger wolf as normal. Then, once it's over, your pup should now be a zombie!

How to get rid of it?

If you accidentally run into a stranger wolf with a pup in your mouth, just simply get the stranger wolf encounter all over with, press esc, click load game, and i'm not sure, but I think your pup will be normal. Not sure though. I have never tried this glitch myself, sooo.... when i do I will let you guys know!

The Moving Frozen Wolf Glitch

What is it?

This glitch is where your wolf is frozen, but you can still move it.

How to do it?

Go to a stranger wolf. While talking with it, press "p". Your wolf should now be frozen in about the time you presses "p". The other wolf should disappear. Now you can move around frozen!

How to get rid of it?

Restart the game.

The Kill the Bear Glitch

What is it?

This is where you can kill the bear.

How to do it?

Find a bear. Test it and bite it. If it doesn't flinch and just keeps sniffing the air, you've got the right bear. Keep biting it. It will not attack, just calmly sniff the air around it. When you kill it, it will not fall to the ground. Instead, it will just keep sniffing the air.

How to get rid of it?

Just don't attack the bear in the first place.

That's all I have. When I discover and learn more glitches, this guide will be updated.

Guide To Glitches

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:58 am
by Oceansong-Direwolf
Here is a guide to glitches. If there was another guide like this, I didn't see it. So anyways, I hope you enjoy. :3

Zombie Pup
Establish your territory in Slough Creek. It doesn't matter what den, or how well your territory is marked. Browse around your territory with the pup in mouth until you are able to find a stranger wolf. When you approach it, talk like you normally do. Then, when the wolf leaves, your pup should be looking like a zombie!

Albino Pup
In Amethyst Mountain, get 50,000 XP (experience points). You can speed that up by: forcing a wolf into submission, then right before he/she leaves, pop up the menu with Esc and go to pack stats. Don't stop until it's at 50,000 (the glitch won't work if it's over that). Then, go to Slough Creek. Establish your territory. When you have pups, name them. Then finish marking. Go to a stranger wolf. Play as usual with them. When he/she leaves, one of your pups will be all white, except for a black tailtip and markings on it's face.

Elk Mate
Go hunting elk with your mate. Most prefferably for this glitch, a bull elk. Make sure your mate dies when the elk does. When he/she is dead beside the elk, wait until he/she is able to come back alive. When he/she does come back to life, he/she will be a bull elk, a wolf with antlers, a wolf that eats grass, a wolf that does everything like an elk (and you can even hunt and kill and eat your mate!)

For some really odd reason, it's limiting how much I can type. I hope you enjoyed, again sorry if there was one too much like this I didn't see it! I will also add more... later.

The New Game Glitch

Posted: Sun May 15, 2011 12:42 pm
by Oceansong-Direwolf
Guide to the new game glitch.

This glitch is not new, despite it's name.

If you start up a new game and finish your wolf-customizing, you should end up in Amethyst Mountain. In the HUD, you should have:
Health Bar
Stamina Bar

But, if you go to slough creek, you have:
Health Bar
Stamina Bar
Mate's Health
Four Paws for Pups' Health

So, what's that have to do with the glitch I'm about to tell you? A lot, in fact.
Go and start up the Multiplayer. As far as I know, this will only work if you join an open game, not a private one. If you create a game, that's fine too, I'm sure. Then roam around for a few minutes (three at the most).
After that, go back to the main screen. Select "Single Player," then, "New Game." After you're finished with all your creating of your wolf, select "Save Wolf & Begin."
You should start the game with your HUD having:
Health Bar
Stamina Bar
Mate's Health Heart
Four Paws for Pups' Health

You started the game with Slough Creek's HUD!
But that's not all of it. First off, you have no mate. When you try to find a mate, you aren't able to. You have no pups. No den. The bears will fight you, like in Slough Creek.
How do you stop this craze? Simple.
Go back to the main screen. Select "Multiplayer." Go to Amethyst Mountain. Joining an open game is the only choice to fix the glitch.
Then, wait there for three minutes at the most. Next, leave to the main screen. Select "Single Player," then "New Game." Finish creating your wolf. Select "Save Wolf & Begin."
You're game should then start up as normal.
And that is how to accomplish the New Game Glitch. Good luck!

WolfQuest ─ Most Complete Guide To Glitches

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:39 am
by Oceansong-Direwolf
The guide to glitches for Amethyst Mountain to Slough Creek


Zombie Pup

To perform the zombie pup, you must have left Amethyst Mountain and went on to Slough Creek, claimed a den, and you must have had pups. If you haven't any of those things, then this glitch will not work. But once you do have all four of your pups, take one. Roam about your territory. But keep the pup in your mouth and don't drop it for anything! Hopefully you will find a stranger wolf in your territory. Then approach the wolf. Talk, but make the talking quick. After that, your pup should look all weird. To stop this glitch, you'll have to restart the game.

Frozen Pup

For this glitch to work you will need to have left Amethyst Mountain and went on to Slough Creek, claimed a den, and you must have had pups. If you haven't any of those things, then this glitch will not work. Your pups will freeze at random times. That's okay. All you have to do is howl, pick it up, or run into it to un-freeze the pup.

Endless Running Pup

For this glitch to work, you will need to have left Amethyst Mountain and went on to Slough Creek, claimed a den, and you must have had pups. If you haven't any of those things, then this glitch will not work. So I'm not sure if this only happens to me or not, but on the last mission, run into one of your pups. They will start sliding very fast across the map, and away from you! Every time you try to get near it, they'll keep sliding or running. The solution to this glitch is it restart the game.


Elk Mate

For this glitch to work, you must be in Slough Creek or Amethyst Mountain. Let your mate die beside and elk carcass. When he or she respawns, he or she will be either a wolf with antlers, a bull elk, a cow elk, a wolf that acts like an elk (and is huntable!), or an elk that acts like a wolf.


See-Through Head

For this glitch to work, you must be in Slough Creek or Amethyst Mountain. Like if you were to scent the air for any food, press the V key. After that, you are in scent-mode. Press the X button to jump. You'll see through your own head! Or you can press the H button to howl. You'll see through your head if you do that, too.

Cheetah Speed

For this glitch to work, you must be in Multiplayer. Open up the Multiplayer thing. Customize your wolf to your pleasure. Then select a mode of game: create one or join one. Then when your wolf freezes and it's loading, press C. When you actually go into the game, you'll be running faster than a cheetah! But your stamina may also go down dramaticly. You can steer with the mouse. To stop this glitch, simply type and send the text.

New Game In Slough Creek

For this glitch to work, you must Start New Game. But before you start new game, go into a game in Slough Creek. Then get out of it. Go to New Game. Customize your wolf and everything, then actually start the game. What's this? You are in Slough Creek! With your mate and pups' health! And it tells you to find a mate. Well, you can't. And you don't have any pups, either. But how to stop this? All you must simply do is restart the game.

Walking On Air

For this glitch to work, you must be in Slough Creek. Go to the waterfalls closest to Bison Peak Cutoff. When at the top fall, press X to jump. Then just don't move, or you'll fall. It looks like you are going with the creek at first, but then you'll come off of the falls and over the air! To stop this glitch, just wait for the creek to put you on land or just start walking away.

Slide Howl & Slide Bow

For Slide Howl glitch to work, you must be in Slough Creek or Amethyst Mountain. For the Slide Bow glitch to work, you must be in Multiplayer. When you nromally howl or bow, you are unable to move. But with the Slide, you can move around and bow or howl! All you must do is press H+X at the same time for slide howl, or K+X to slide bow. How to stop this glitch? Wait for the howling or bowing to get done.


Underwater Herd

For this glitch to work, you must be in Slough Creek. Go to the hunting grounds closest to Saddle
Meadows. Find and follow the scent trail. Then, when you find the elk herd, they might be under water. However, there is only a 30% chance that they will be under water. To stop this glitch get far from the herd and try coming back.

Invisible, Uneatable Elk Carcass

For this glitch to work, you must be in Slough Creek or Amethyst Mountain. Sometimes, but rarely, there will be the scent of an elk carcass, but no carcass will be there. The solution is to get away from it, get out of scent-mode, and wait a few minutes. Hopefully it will be there in just a few minutes.

Half-Eaten Hare

For this glitch to work, you must be in Amethyst Mountain or Slough Creek. When you find a hare, kill it. Then save your game. Start eating the hare, but before you eat it all, press Esc. and Save Game again. After that, select New Game. Go back to your saved game. The hare you were eating should say that it is half-eaten. Solution: eat the hare.

The Bunny Bush

For this glitch to work, you must be in Slough Creek. The Bunny Bush is located by the creek and is part of a big U shape formed by the bushes. It's the last bush. Hares will start randomly coming out of that bush. Usually only one will go, but sometimes two, even three! There you can eat hares till you pop. How to fix this glitch: you can't. The hares are endless there.

Not Going Anywhere Elk

For this glitch you will have to be in Slough Creek or Amethyst Mountain. Go into elk hunting grounds. Then sniff out the elk herd. Sometimes, they all might be walking in place. What's the solution to this? Kill the elk. Then it really won't go anywhere.


Bob The Living Dead Bear

For this glitch to work, you must be in Amethyst Mountain or Slough Creek. Sometimes Bob the Vampire Bear will randomly freeze. When you go to attack him, he'll just be sniffing the air. If you keep attacking him, his health will drop to nothing. He'll still be sniffing the air. To stop this glitch... you can't. But he will probably disappear for no apparent reason.

The Invisible Coyote

Sometimes coyotes appear and move around, but they are invisible. You can attack them, you can chase them off, you can see their green scent. But you can't the coyote. No solution for this.

The Glitchfully Dead Coyote

For this glitch to work, you must be in Slough Creek. First, find a coyote. They often appear when you are near an elk carcass. Then chase and kill the coyote. they sometimes take an odd position that looks like rolling over or ROFLing. They just freeze like that and stop. There's no solution to this rare glitch.

Not Going Anywhere Coyote

For this glitch to work, you must be in Amethyst Mountain or Slough Creek. Sometimes coyotes will start running from you, but they'll go nowhere. If you run into them, they'll slide across the map, but eventually snap back to the place they starting not going anywhere. To stop this glitch, kill the coyote.

Thank you for looking at the Most Complete Guide To Glitches! I hope this was helpful to you!
Another will be made when the release of episode 2.5 comes or when more glitches are found. Bye, have a wonderfully glitchy time on WolfQuest!

WolfQuest glitches

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:41 pm
by faolan678
Hey, wolves! :)
in this post, I will be listing a number of WolfQuest glitches. Glitches fall into three categories: Helpful, Annoying, and other :mrgreen:
1. when you get a mate, and you find a stranger wolf, make it submit, and when it runs away, right before it goes, open the game menu. Go to pack stats, and watch your points rise! (this is cheating. I will not use it on my main singleplayer game.)
2.White pup (this may not be helpful, but people say the white pup is rare, so, I guess you could say, I got a white pup! I got a white pup! don't brag. That won't be nice, now would it?) get under 50000 points in Amethyst Mountain (if not it won't work.) then, when you have pups, earn 50000 points, and look! one of your pups changed to white!
this area is still under construction. If i find more helpful glitches, it will be here!\
1. vanishing elk when you come to the edge of the map, and bite your elk, sometimes it vanishes. I find this VERY annoying. :x
2. plain old crashing (and the things that come with it) when this starts, the wolves that you are playing with don't speak, don't move. they can hear you, but you can't hear them. the coyotes and elks walk in place, and bob's not around.
3. puppy freezes when you howl, if you don't have all pups in sight, the ones you can't see will freeze, howling. To fix this bug simply howl again.
this area is still under construction. if i find more annoying glitches, you'll see them!
1. bow walk in multiplayer, press wag tail key then quickly after that bow. move. Wow, your sledding!
2. howl walk in multiplayer, press the jump key and then quickly press howl. then move. Wow, your walk-howling!
this area is still under construction. if i find another glitch that isn't annoying or helpful, you'll see it here!
NOTE: none of these i got from another post. I found them (or one of the people on WolfQuest that i was playing with told me) from pure testing. If you posted about one of the glitches, i really truly didn't steal it.
That's all wolves! :D

Special glitches

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:45 am
by Zialda
You may wonder if I'm telling the truth. I am for certain.

Walking on air in AM
First of all, it has only worked in Amethyst Mountain if you want to get flying right away. You have to go to Dead Tree, High Ridge, or AM to make it work. Soda Butte Vista worked once for me. Next, (High Ridge Version) you confront the bear near the water, run over the water, and straight off the cliff. If this does not work, you can try going near to the Birch Wolf Territiry on Grassy Plains. Notice: your health with drain down to almost death if you do not eat or if you run around before starting this glitch. Also take note that when flying you can't howl, run, eat, bite, ect. You can only 'play' or bow.
How to get rid of it? Simple. Run to, A, the nearest slope or hill with a shallow slope, not a precipitious, precary sloep. (Not Deep) Or, B, get in a fight with a wolf; sometimes it leads to fighting in air- then you are stuck until you save the game, restart, and get back in.

Fighting in air without flying
Simple- to do so: Press X when close to an enemy wolf.
How to get rid of it? Easy- save, exit, reopen, and enter game.

Sittin' in a tree
It has to do with the flying- if you begin to fly (first glitch) you simply go to the nearest, tallest tree in sight. Hence forth, sittin' in it.
You can get rid of it in the solutions of the first glitch.
(You can also wait for a tree to catch fire, then walk over to it and site in it. Great screen shot!)

Flying pup glitch
This glitch rarely happens, so please don't be dissapointed if it doesn't work.
You have to head towards the STAR on the map, all pups left following. You make sure your mate ran back to Oxbow Bend, you run to the star, then into the field next to Douglas Fire Forest. Your mate will run back, and with you still running, or walking, you howl and the pup is up in the air. Tada! lol, I like this one.

Walk on water glitch
You can walk on water by: X onto the water, then you slowly slide down the river like the moon walk.
How to get rid of it? Listen to this: all you have to do it walk to the other side of the water, back into the water, and then out again.

Moon Walkin' Wolf
X onto the water, then walk straight onto land and walk around. You can't go upstream while walking, sadly. In this glitch, just note that you can only walk, not run on land.

I have many more secrets hidden, waiting to be revealed. All white pups turning to black, the lightning glitch, and so much more!

Happy Hunting,

White Zombie Pup

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:23 pm
by praypray
This is some hints about getting the white zombie pup in WolfQuest singler player. First.... you have to be a white wolf to get the WHITE zombie pup. Second..... pick up one of your pups'. Third..... try to find a wolf encounter. Fourth.... when you see one try to run into it. Fifth..... say this to the wolf encounter= i got to go or something that makes you leave. Sixth..... When you run away form the wolf then pick up your pup. And when you see your pup it will be a WHITE zombie pup! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink: :wink: :D

glitch help, tips, and glitches u might want to try

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:31 pm
by Lunariwolf
have u ever got stuck under the river in Slough Creek? started helplessly floating?well suffer no more! this guide will help you!

GLITCH HELP: well if u ever got stuck in a river, try jumping around(hit the "x" key) until yu get out. its better to jump close to shore. if this doesnt work try running into shore. if THAT doesnt work, well sorry u will have to quit. :'(

when u encounter the floating glitch you need to run around and keep on running untill u fall down. thats the only way i know could fix it. if u encounter other glitches fill me in ill be happy to help! plz fill me in by replying to this forum.(no double posts please!) oh and Nightangelwolf? please dont lock this forum until everyones done. i want to help other people.

GLITCH TIPS: if u encounter a glitch that u dont like, remember when and where this happened. and maybe come back at the place where the glitch happened to see if it happens again. if it does, dont go back there. sadly, the WQ moderators will not fix any glitches further. so youll just hav to live with it.

GLITCHES U MIGHT WANNA TRY: ok here are some glitches u may like and wanna try. first, there is the Zoom Points glitch. to do it, first u hav to go into wolf territory.(make sure the wolf u encounter is NOT saying "im not sure of this" cuz u have to be violent for this glitch to work. so then u say "im boss" and keep fighting until the other wolf says "i give in!" then YOU say "leave now!" and just when wolf is about to leave, PAUSE IT!!! u should see the Experience Points growing.(this can help with extra den and white pup)

INNER DEN GLITCH: the Inner Den glitch is where you jump inside the den literally. first you go to a wide and/or flat surface on your den. then press yourself as much as you can to the den wall your facing. then jump,(press "x" key) and u should sink inside the den.(it should take a few tries i tried it in Multiplayer.

to be continued...