The Albino Pup Guide and Tips

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The Albino Pup Guide and Tips

Post by Wolfqueen199 » Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:51 pm

Ok, so this is a cheat/glitch that I will tell you step by step on how to get an albino pup. Hope it will help!!!!! :D

-First start a new game on Wolfquest
-Then get a mate
-Now find a wolf and fight over who is boss
-Then make it submit
-Now when it says "Leave Now" and click it
-Then when it says "I can Take a Hint", and before it runs away, push "Esc" and go to "Pack Stats" and your Expirence Points should sky rocket (WARNING: If you go over 50,000 points it won't work)
-You want your points to be over at least 45,000 for the cheat/glitch to work
-Now save your game and after saving click "New Game"
-Now go to the saved game on Slough Creek (WARNING: When you go to Slough Creek try not to interact with other animals or hunt them, otherwise your Expirence Points will go over the limit)
-Now pick any den you want to raise your pups in
-Now have your pups
-After that, mark your turf by urinating all over, and keep urinating until a random wolf appears
-Then after you tell it to "Get Going" go back to your den and you will see an albino pup

It is an albino pup because it does not have any markings on it except on the tip of it's tail and belly.

Hope this was helpful!!!!! :mrgreen: ,
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How to Get Albino Pup and New Den (Single Player)

Post by Glojo » Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:59 am

Ever wondered how to get the albino pup and the new den near Bison Peak in Slough Creek Single Player? Well I'm here to tell you how...

1: In Amethyst Mountain find your mate. (To do this you have to visit and encounter wolves in all three territories, then you can find your mate).
2: Next, with your mate in tow, go to a wolf's territory again and select actions until the enemy wolf is ready to run away. Just before they run off with their tail between their legs press the button Esc. Click "Pack Stats" in the Pause Menu.
3: See your Experience rising? If not resume the game again and wait until the wolf is turning away from you... Then check "Pack Stats" again.
4: Wait until your Experience rises to 50,000. Then exit "Pack Stats" and save your game.
5: Go to Slough Creek Single Player and check your map... There should be another den available! Once you have your pups one should be albino.

If my instructions didn't help you very much watch this video:

Hope this helped!
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Albino Pup and Identical Pup Glitch Tutorials

Post by Chibi_the_Mutt » Fri May 31, 2013 2:42 pm

Albino Pup
This tutorial will show you how to get the Albino Pup on WolfQuest. First, you need to start a new game. You need to go through all the territories and get a mate (Pattern of texts: Hello There, I like you, Let’s Play, Let’s start a pack x2). Once you are done, head to the wolf territory you spawned next to. Second of all, you need to go and find a wolf that resides there. Attack him until he/she submits (don’t kill it!) and right when he/she does, press Escape and go to pack stats. Then you should see your points increasing rapidly. Wait there until it gets to at least 50,000. Then, find a den. After that, mark your territory. When you are done, name your pups (optional) and you should see the albino pup! Hope this helps ;)
Identical Pups
This tutorial will show you how to get pups to look like you and your mate on WolfQuest. First, go and go through all the wolf territories in Amethyst Mountain. After that, go and find your mate (put these in order: Hello There, I like you, Let’s Play!, Let’s start a pack x2) Then, go and save your game, reboot single player and find a den. Mark your territory and start with your pups. This may sound wrong, but purposely kill your pups. Trust me; you need to do this in order to work. Then, once they’re all dead, *evil laugh* click restart with pups and then you have 2 pups that look like you and 2 that look like your mate! Enjoy the new identical parenting >:3


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