Guide to Rivers in SC

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Guide to Rivers in SC

Post by sarrepta1 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:58 am

You may be reading this, thinking that this is a duplicate, but it is actually a guide to pups surviving the rivers in SC during the final mission. Mods, sorry if this is too similar to the SC guide topics, I just wanted to make a topic just for the rivers.

How can the river affect my pups?
The rivers in SC are harmless to adult wolves, but they are the perfect pots of death to pups. Placing or carrying your pup in deep rivers will kill them in seconds. Though you do have a chance at getting your pup out in time, most of them end up dead. There are some tips and guidelines to helping your pup survive the dangers of the rivers. Be sure to read each tip and guideline carefully because they can easily be screwed up.

1:Pups and the River
Wolf pups and rivers do not make a good pair. Rivers are extremely dangerous and can drown your pups in seconds. Be sure to pay attention to your pups when crossing. If you have stupid pups with you, (pups that wander off, curiosity pups, ect.) then keep your eye on them at all times.

Pups can drown Themselves
The way SC was built is not a friendly enviorment, at least to my records. Stupid pups are likely to drown themselves by playing in the water. It is recommended to stay a few paces away from the river before something crazy happens.

Your mate and even you can drown your pups
As a parent wolf in SC, it is your responsibility to keep your pups alive. Keep watch on your mate, because they have lots of idiocy during the final mission. If you cross the river in deep water, sometimes mates will bring your pups across there and will die. (Tip on making sure the water is safe: Howl and go in the water yourself to see if it is safe. Your mate and pups will be too busy howling to focus on what you're doing. Once they're done howling, get out of the water quickly and cross it if its shallow, or keep looking when its deep.) Well now you're probably wonering, how can a responsible, awesome parent like you drown your own babies? It's a common mistake that most people make in SC. Sometimes they'll accidentally bring the pups across deep water. You can do this, too (pay close attention to the tip above.).

Tips on keeping your pups safe from rivers:

Howl to keep your mates and pups busy, and then you go into the water to see if it's shallow or deep

If the river is thin, then go to the edge of the water and jump in with the pup in your mouth. Then quickly get to the other side. This rarely works, but it might work if you do each thing mentioned carefully.

Stay away from the edges of deep water when traveling. If you don't want to take the risk above, then at least stay away from the water. Your stupid pup may eventually go into it.

Never trust your mate to help you safely get across the river. Ever. Mates in SC can be helpful or stupid, but even really helpful mates get stupid enough to bring your pups across deep water.

If your pups get into the water, grab them before they drown.

If a pup almost drowns, make sure you are always stocked up on food for emergencies. Otherwise, your pup will die.

Let the pups keep up with you. It takes them a while to walk, so watch them carefully. If one or more if your pups is not following you (if they are not already dead) it may be likely that they are playing in the water.

Again, mods I'm sorry if there is a topic like this, I couldn't find anything except the guide to the final mission and the how to keep all of your pups alive topics. I just wanted to make a topic just for the rivers in SC.
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