The Guide to Boredom

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The Guide to Boredom

Post by ZippyWizard » Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:55 pm

Ever been bored and don't know what to do? I certainly have. This guide will tell you a whole list of things you can do to keep out of trouble!

Single Player Boredom

I get bored a lot in SP. But one of my favorite things to do when I get bored? Play with the controls. Play with the camera, play with the arrow keys, play with everything! Screenshot photoshoots are very fun :D
Next thing-explore. Just wander aimlessly, not caring where you go. It's fun-and a great way to see the game. If I start exploring, I sometimes find things I would have never have found if I was doing the missions!
Next thing-make up a story in your mind as you go. I find it great fun to imagine my wolf as a real wolf, and relate things like the weather and time to what he/she might be thinking. It's simple, but oh so fun.

Multi Boredom

I can't say too much about what I do when I get bored in multi, since I don't play it that often. But when I do get bored...I have a lot of fun finding glitches! It's like a treasure hunt; poking and prodding the land till you spaz out. I'd say do that!

I know this guide is very short, but it's something to think about. I hope you all liked it!
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WolfQuest Pup to Adult

Post by Oziku » Sat May 25, 2013 6:23 pm

I know WolfQuest multiplayer is going to be shutting down soon and I have been doing this fun activity recently on WolfQuest single player. See, what you do is play single player regularly and get your pups to the rendezvous area. After finishing the game create a new game with the wolf's name as the same name as one of your pups so then you can roleplay in your mind the things the wolf would think like for example if the wolf's father was named Ozo and the pup was named Ten than Ten would probally think something like: "I know Ozo would be proud of me now that I have a mate!" It is very fun and I enjoy doing it and I bet you will too! Thanks for reading, bye.

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The Ultimate Guide To Preventing Wolfquest Boredom (Sp)

Post by duskypack » Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:33 pm

The Ultimate Guide To Preventing Wolfquest Boredom-Singleplayer


Hello Wolfquest members! I'm Dusk and this is my first guide and i hope you enjoy it. Today class we shall be covering boredom in Wolfquest. Boredom in Wolfquest Singleplayer needs a huge guide. Especially with multiplayer coming down. Everyone gets bored sometimes in Wolfquest, usually after they beat the game. That is normal, all games get boring. The thing is Wolfquest may be your fave game. You may be like me who is infuriated when i get bored. I feel like this: ''I love this game! I can get really bored but i really don't want to play anything but Wolfquest! I feel disloyal to play anything else for very long!!!! Help!!!'' Okay, maybe not. But your probably just slightly similar. You may have beat the game, conquered the cattle ranch, found all the human impacts, explored the entire map, killed a bull elk, basically killed 30 cow elk, chased off a bear, killed a coyote, messed around on AM. Etc. If you haven't done all these things then do them. Your are not officially bored enough to read this guide. Sorry. Fine do half the list. See if i care. I have no idea whose reading this guide. I just assume okay? Now for navigation help. Contents is below. Warning: This guide is as big as i can make it and as you can read. (While i'm writing this i'm like. This is going to take forever.) Now lets begin with the contents shall we.
First of all there are many sections. Sections all have a introduction and many chapters. Each section has its own color making finding certain sections easier. Oh and look out for mini sections inside of larger sections. t's chapters may combine two sections making such as pups and animals making it have to do with both subjects. Hope that helps! And be sure to try all the ideas. often have Wolfquest up at the same time. I try at least one thing from each category but i usually have den them already. Happy hunting! And i hope this guide is at least extremely useful.



Section 1: Perfection Puppys
Chapter 1: May the best pup win
Chapter 2: Denning
Chapter 3: Dogworts school of Pupcraft and Wolfery.
Chapter 4: Summer Vacation

Section 2: Storylines
Chapter 1: The sun wolf storyline
Chapter 2: The outcast storyline
Chapter 3: The sick pup storyline
Chapter 4: The Strangers Challenge storyline
Mini Section: Kid Care

Section 3: Mates are actually fun *Gasp*
Chapter 1:How to reduce your mate's annoyance level
Chapter 2: Tag your it! and other fun games
Chapter 3: Your on your own. Sorry.

Section 4: Bountiful Bugs
Chapter 1: I believe i can fly!
Chapter 2: Mutant Pups "Zombie Pups''
Chapter 3: Cliff Jumpin' Glitch or Suspended in Air
Chapter 5: Dead bodys

Section 5: Other Animals
Chapter 1: (mini section): Pups and Animals
Chapter 2: Stranger Fun
Chapter 3: Bear Confusion (may or may not work)
Chapter 4: Extreme Den Makeover

Section 6: General Other Stuff
Chapter 1: Artwork
Chapter 2: Exploration Station
Chapter 3: Take a bath
Chapter 4: Screenshots=Fun
Chapter 5: Cattle Ranch
Chapter 6: Fun with Human Impacts


Section 1: Perfection Puppys


Puppies, sweet adorable puppys. You feed 'em, you carry 'em, you howl with 'em, when your bored you kill 'em, you love 'em, you get really bored with 'em. Puppies were cool when they came out but what do you do with them now? You may have completed the summer journey with four of them, but boredom now strikes! Puppies are good at being adorable, even adorably dull. You love them, you literally have your own puppies that you can mess around them, but like everyone you slowly tire of them, is this you? Read on, satisfaction guaranteed.

Chapter 1: May the best pup win!

This idea is Koa's not mine. I just improved it slightly. If you want the original look in the ''What do you do when your bored on Wolfquest?''* Topic. Her post is there. Here is Koa's exact words:
~~step 1: obtain puppies on wq singleplayer
step 2: name your puppies after a group of movies, a group of video games, etc.
step 3 : just use wolfquest to decide what game/movie/etc. you should play if you're undecided between a group of games/movies/etc.
step 4 : last one standing wins
step 5: enjoy your movie/game/etc.

~~I also do books. The best thing to do is load a world on the summer journey where as soon as you connect a eagle comes. Have the eagle take away that pup and load the world again. All 4 pups will be alive again and hopefully the eagle will still be there. Rename the pup that was taken ~Out!~ If the Eagle takes away a "Out" then make the pup closest to "Out" that is not named Out become a "Out" If two/three pup participants are by the taken away "Out" Then go up to them and close your eyes. Hit the space bar. Open your eyes. The pup you picked up becomes a out. If you didn't pick up the pup right away then try again and again until you picked up on of the participants. Some times i name one pup Books. If he survives then i load the world again and name my pups four books i like. If you want to do teams other two books/movies/games you can do that also. Enjoy! (Thanks Koa for posting on ''What Do You Do When Your Bored on Wolfquest" topic.
* ... &start=105

Chapter 2: Denning

A year ago i got really, really bored. I recently discovered that even if you don't unlock the Slough Creek Secret Den it still appears. I went home when my pups were dying to the tree den. I was in the Slough Creek Den. I ran home to a tree den. No pups were there. I was scared. Then i realized i was at the Bison Peak Den! Later looking back on that i took my pups to different dens all around the map. I tried to feed them all and keep my mate away by howling. It was fun. Now i do it with bushes, little butte, dens are everywhere, and there are four puppies, enough for some fun! So get out there and do some denning.

Chapter 3: Dogworts School Of Pupcraft and Wolfery
(Its best if this following activity is done at the growing mission. My pups were fourteen pounds when i did this. This can also be done at the summer mission. When the banner asking you if you want to go on the summer mission, click Don't Leave Yet.) You have trained your pups, you completed the defend your pups mission. Now they are old enough to go to school. You looked at public school and you met the teachers Bob and Charlie, a bear and a coyote. You think they look suspicious (Bob's toothy grin is unnerving) so you homeschool your pups. Then you take it to the next level and turn homeschool into an actual school except with your pups only. I like to take them behind the den, and stalk in circles. If they each walk around then they have completed stalking class. Now do wagging tail class. Let them wag their tails, hit J a few times for demonstration. I also like to chase elk and hares over to them and kill them while the pups watch, it teaches them the ways of hunting. I also take them to the river for swimming lessons, and push them in. Let your mate carry them out of the river and back to the den. Sometimes i do rock climbing at saddle meadows. After a few classes feed 'em lunch. Do more classes, you can use your imagination. You can do soccer with hares. At recess let them play for a bit. You can name and theme youIf you like Harry Potter for example you can do Potions Class, Quidditch, Etc. Have fun and use your imagination!
Chapter 4: Summer Vacation

Your sweet, lovable, non-boring (thanks to me) puppies have worked hard in Dogworts. They are fifteen pounds and you want to give them a good summer vacation. You decide to do some traveling. You and your mate find some good places on the map and away you go! I really don't have much to say on this i have to admit but i looked in other guides. The nomadic wolf guide is very handy. Basically you live nomadically. You can go to separate areas. And make checkpoints and fake dens. When you decide the summer is up then you can go back to your Dogworts game. Here is a link to the nomadic guide by Aquilo and Lexwolf to help make your pups vacation non-boring:


So, have you learned alot about fun with pups? I hope you did. This section was really fun to make. Remember if you got bored even on one of my activities (it could be possible right?) you can use your imagination. You are going to have to say goodbye to the cheerful, happy, yellow of wolfquest pups. Don't
worry, the baby blue of the next section is going to be great. Give your wolfquest pups some regurgitated food for me. Section 2:Storylines here we come!

Section 2:Storylines

Welcome to section 2! In this section we will cover storylines. You could also call it roleplaying. A example is that you are injured and only a calf from the cattle ranch will heal you. While imagining this, you'll trek to the cattle ranch and eat a calf. Storylines may seem babyish but its a good way to get your imagination going. The following chapters are the storyline and you follow it on wolfquest. When the chapter comes to the end it'll ask you what to do. You then must do something on wolfquest and make up what your doing. Enjoy the following storylines!

Chapter 1: The Sun Wolf storyline

You are a three year old wolf living in a pack. But one day, a black druid wolf dominates your pack and forces you to leave. You know the druid wolf will only do your pack harm. But one day you meet your old friend who likes to travel and he is very wise. He tells you only the Sun Wolf and the mate of the Sun Wolf would be able to keep the druids at bay. You ask the name of the Sun Wolf and realize that the Sun Wolf was your old best friend who get swept away by the river during some fishing. You wanted to start a pack with that same wolf and now you realize you have to find the Sun Wolf and defeat the Druids. Will you find the orange-colored Sun Wolf? Will you and the Sun Wolf kill the black druid? Will you manage to start a pack? Only you can tell.

Chapter 2: The outcast storyline

Okay, so you have a litter of pups. Its a hard winter and your mate-the sun wolf- loves all of them, even the runt. Your mate isn't evil but a runt weakens the pack and that runt is a especially hungry pup. and your mate orders you to drown it though your mates heart is broken. You love this pup however, you want it to live. So you take your pup far far away. You now if your mate sees this outcast pup your mate would kill it. So every time your mate comes near the pup you howl that the pups back at the den are starving making your mate return to the den or go hunting. You try to feed your pups and its littermates back at home and protect both from predators. You can't keep this up however and your mates bound to notice. You need to find a place for the pup to live safely away from your mate. Will your pups tale have a happy ending or will it forever be a outcast? Where can the pup live safely?

aChapter 3:The Sick Pup Storyline

You and your mate have sweet, wonderful puppies. But your favorite suddenly gets sick with a deadly illness. Your pup needs a hare from the bunny bush, two calves from the cattle ranch, bull elk meat, water from canyon cliffs, And the purple and yellow flower both in order to live. You and your pup as well as the rest of your family need to get the pups these things in order to live. You need to do lots of hunting and you need to place your pup by each flower and by the water. Will you manage to get your pups these things without your losing your life? Will your mate and other pups survive the journey? Only you can give this story a happy ending.

Chapter 4: The Strangers Challenge

You have a happy pack. Your favorite pup is not sick anymore and your brother/sisters outcast pup was taken care of. One day a stranger wolf comes in your territory. You tell him to leave and he agrees but he gives you a challenge that only a true pack leader can achieve. The challenge is to kill three calves, take your family from the aspen heights den to the summer home without anyone (including yourself) dying and to kill 50 hares at the bunny bush. You constantly wonder whether you are a true pack leader so you accept. Can you complete the challenge without losing your life or will you fail and leave your pack in shame?

Mini Section: Kid Care

Hello and welcome to the first mini-section. Mini-sections are usually ideas that should be in two sections. Such as a chapter having to do with Pups and Other Animals. Thats when a mini-section comes in. Now heres what your waiting for:

Kid Care: A fun way to combine pups and storylines is giving your pup a extra amount of care: You can give your pup chores, school (see chapter 3 in Section 1: Perfection Puppies for school) exercise, and a healthy diet. This requires a good amount of imagination. For chores your pup may have to clean the den (wait till your pup rolls over) Collect moss (let your pup playbow by a blade of grass) For exercise you could have swimming lessons (in shallow water or just let your pup walk in the water on its own) Having to go to a tree and back. (let your pup follow you when its hungry) For a healthy diet: Elk is veggies, Bull elk is fruit, Hares are sweets, Cattle ranch cows are carbs and protein. If you want to do a bit more roleplaying as a good parent read the mini section Pups and Animals and do Mini-Chapter: Your pups pet.


Did you enjoy Section 2? I know its kind of short. I hope you at least try one of the storylines. Chapter 3: The Sick Pup sounds fun. Anywho i hope you enjoyed Section 2 and i hope to see you at Section 3: Mates are actually fun! Say goodbye to the baby blue and hello to to the Green of Part 3!

Part 3: Mates are actually fun!

Hello and welcome to part 3: Mates are actually fun! Everyone knows how boring and annoying wolfquest mates are! They get in the way, wag tails nonstop, and never let your pups leave the den. This part is how to make your wolfquest mate(s) fun and plus to your wolfquest experience not a minus.

Chapter 1: How to reduce your mate's annoyance level.

Now, i feel like the best way to start things out is to make your mate less annoying in your eyes. First of all, if you want a really good mate you should start fresh. So make a new game, spend some time customizing your wolf until you have achieved perfection. Then start the game. I personally visit the Soda Butte Vista Aka Druid Territory first and i always like to kill the druid and take a pic. Then off to amethyst mountain-Speciman Territory. Now finally the territory of the Slough Wolves: Grassy Plain. Show that wolf who's boss. Now the ideal mate thing should pop up. You should decide what would your ideal mate would be. Now leave the territory, eat something, take a deep breath and charge back in. Now when the candidates start appearin' you decide what color you would like your mate to be. If the candidate isn't your fave color back up until the wolf disappears a new one will pop up. Decide a favorite color. Okay, if you are like me you would be deciding if the last paragraph is necessary. Except the little territory to territory walkthrough it isn't too important unless you haven't played the game before. Basically what important is that you like the wolf before you. Choose your mates color the same way you'd choose your wolf's color. Try to get as close to the candidate as you can. Press O then use this [ and ] this to orbit around the wolf. Get a good look at him or her. Imagine that wolf as your mate. Sometimes i visit each territory again to get a good look at all the candidates. I'm not sure if wolfquest mates have personality's but here are each stranger packs personality based on when fighting each and every wolf: Druid: Strong and fighting to the death. Much like Klingons from Star Trek The sloughs have a normal temperament willing to fight but a precious few fight to the death. They are a good pack. I always get Slough Mates but as i write this guide and i play Wolfquest at the same time i shall break my very, very, long streak. Today i'm getting my mate in Druid Territory. Once when you find the ideal color chat with him/her. Don't be in a rush, take your time. Do it until your positive this wolf doesn't want you to say "I have to go". Now once you said every single word except all the versions of "Bye" or "I'm boss, back off' Now once when you are sure you want to say "Lets start a pack!" twice (twice basically makes final.) Now are you sure? Good, do it. Now, name your mate after things you like (like if you like Pine Trees Pine) or a crush (I find that embarrassing if he/she finds out. Best to avoid in my opinion) Now, done. When the pretty music plays basically howl and wag. When the music stops why don't you *hunt a (drumbeat) bull elk!* Notice how your mate even dies for you. :wink: Now during Amethyst Mountain and before them puparoos come do some bonding. The first few things can really help with that process. Why? Because when you like your mate instead of like :roll: or especially XC then your mate seems less annoying. .. ,,

Be sure to visit in ''Other Animals'' Chapter 4: Extreme Den Makeover for more hunting fun.

Chapter 2: Tag your it! And other fun games

Whats the fun with Wolfquest Mates if you can't play with them? You do say "Lets Play'' when mating. Where the play. Don't worry, i got y'a covered. We'll start with tag. The following games are best played before pups.
First of all howl. But don't finish your howl. Stop your howl as soon as you hit the button. Your mate should howl. Start running your mate will take a few second for "follow" to click. Its best with a wolf with stamina and speed instead of strength. You can't stop until your mate literally touches you. I like to wag and stop midwag then howl. Your mate usually finishes the wag and howls. I went a long way and discovered the fireplace as i ran. If you get hungry eat a carcass but just press the space and run away. This is a great way to explore. I had lots of fun doing it. I like to do a random thing i call circles: I just run in circles around a tree, etc. My mate follows that simple and slightly addictive. I also like to leap over my mate. I also do hide and seek which is a version of tag except i hide in a rock or river. For a relay race you place a pup a little ways when your mate is at the den. Distract your mate with a few other pups then when your mate comes back with the other youngsters race him/her to the pup you took away whoever picks up the pup and brings it back while in first place wins!

Chapter 3: On your own.

The ones above are how to enjoy your mate but this one is how to take a break. Hunt with your mate and choose a really strong elk (bull elk or cow elk with full health) let your mate (not you) do all the biting until your mate is basically dead. Run away for a bit and your mate may leave the elk alone. Your mate will no longer be able to run and will stray a ways behind you. Take this time to play with your pups, have some "me" time. If you want you can help your mate find a carcass to fill him/hers health back up.


So there! You have conquered mates and you know a useful thing or two about them. I hope this helps you in the future. I hope your mates are less annoying. I even refreshed you of how to find 'em. So say a fond goodbye and hello to the new redish pink!

Section 4: Bountiful Bugs


We've tackled Pups, Mates and Roleplay. Now we are doing bugs... Another word for glitches, bugs can be oh so annoying or not if you know how to use them. In this chapter we will be showing some fun bugs that you can mess around with.
Ohh... This sounds fun. Lets begin shall we!

Chapter 1: I believe i can fly!

If you go near Old Oxbow you will encounter a glitch where you will began flying. If you take pups there they will start drowning. Carcass's sometimes float sometimes don't. You are unable to run so basically i think the game thinks your swimming. Its a fun glitch but it can be very annoying. Sometimes it looks like you get bigger. If you want the glitch to stop all you have to do is walk a while and you come back to "land" which is basically you stop flying.

Chapter 2: Mutant Pups "Zombie Pups"

Your puppies are now a dull brown thanks to the new update. You think you can't have a puppy of any other color. Your brown puppies are sooo boring. The reason why i put this in Section 4: Bugs instead of Section 2: Puppies is because its more of a bug than anything. Its a bug first, then its a puppy thing. How to "zombify" your pup(s) is all you have to do is pick up a pup and run around your territory looking for a stranger wolf when you run into it (with your puppy in mouth) you can leave the arena and the pup you carried in is now a zombie pup. (What did the big, bad stranger did to my poor puppy!!!) Its actually a texture glitch. If you want your pup to revert to normal just save and quit and go back on.

Chapter 3: Cliff Jumpin' Glitch or Suspended In Air

Not related at all to Chapter 1's glitch "Flying' this is a cliff-jumping wolves's worst nightmare. Its best to go to Canyon Cliffs. Now admire the view. Done? Now jump off the cliff. You will be suspended in air and will be glitching on and off the cliff you jumped off.

Chapter 5: Dead Bodys

Now how to activate this glitch is go on multiplayer and die on Amethyst Mountain. Now when you come alive you will see your dead body and it will have your nametag (you share a nametag with a dead body!) If you lie down then you travel across the land and it looks at your dead body. It shows your twin on the map where the dead body is. The only way to have 100 nametags and dots on one map!


So, that was a very, very, short section. Don't worry, check back and i will probably edit new bugs every once in a while. Now say bye, bye to the reddish pink and hello to the purple of Section 5: Other Animals!

Section 5: Other Animals


Hello! Welcome to Section 5: Other Animals. (I love this color! And i love the subject we are working on!) You have learned to bend many things in wolfquest to your will in terms of boredom. Now we are going into a, very, very, important. Other AI's! Now this section is going to be devoted to other animals. You will learn how to enjoy elk, hares, etc. Lets get started!
Chapter 1-Mini Section: Pups and Animals!

This is basically what pups can do with other animals.

Mini-Chapter 1: Pup's Pet

Your pup has been a good pup and very responsible. Why don't you get him/her a pet? I mark the territory, feed the pups, tell my eldest Blade to babysit until dad comes home (random story: I saw someone play Wolfquest as a female, so I thought the male wolves didn't have to take care of the pups, and so sometimes my wolves are male as a habit, even though i'm female, because my wolf is, not me, make sense?) and set out for the hunting ground. I found the weakest elk and bit it until it stopped running and either turned to fight or walk backwards. Then i literally pushed the elk back home back against my den. (I personally find it easier to do this with a tree den) The elk stayed by the den. I introduced her to my pups and named her. When i go off to hunt she usually starts grazing. When i come back i make sure she comes back home. My mate gave her some trouble but i howled until my mate stopped trying to eat her. Now the elk Zoe is a regular part of family life and when the journey comes i will literally push her the whole way! It should be noted that if you load the game the elk will disappear so try to keep a pet without going to the main menu screen. My mate can kill my pet sometimes. But one thing: The hunting music loops over and over again if you have one around.

Mini-Chapter 2: Leave your pup for another

If you get tired of your pup and you decide you can't keep him/her i like to take my pup to the elk herd and live him/her i come back regularly for feeding. I also do the same with stranger wolf territorys!

Chapter 2: Stranger Fun

A fun thing to do is go to a stranger territory and say random stuff and confuse him. I find that enjoying, especially with dispersals that you could mate with. Say things like ''Lets Start A Pack!" TheM "Hello, there" Then "Lets play." Another thing to do is approach a stranger backwards messing everything up and marking your territory without raising your leg while still in the arena. The best glitches are the stranger wolf glitches.

Chapter 3: Confuse A Bear and steal some food (sometimes works)

You know when you go a long way to find a elk carcass in AM and it spawns... With a bear! What do you do!? Do you run away and starve to death?, do you bravely fight it and die?, No! You act tricky and gain yourself a well earned meal. So, run in circles around it and howl every once in a while. If it start running in circles around the carcass dash in take a bite run out. Run in again if bob is still circling and grab another bite. Keep doing that until you have a full stomach.

Chapter 4: Extreme Den Makeover

This is one of my favorite activities to do with a friend or with a mate. Are your dens too shabby? Do they need some major sprucing up? Do they lack food and customization? You came to the right place. Find your boring, ordinary, den. Mark it a few times and howl. Now, before the pups come you need to start decorating. First of all you need to go to a hunting ground and find a cow or bull elk. Chase it to your den. Wear down its health till it can't run. Now howl a bunch until your mate stops biting it. Now push it to a good spot and swiftly kill it. Do the same with coyotes and bull elk. Make heart shapes and star shapes out of carcass's. On multiplayer with my friends i like to say that the value of the den/house depends on the amount of bull elk. 1 bull elk is average. 5 is mansion. 10 is whitehouse. 20 is super, douper, crazy, house. Fun when the puppers' come along.


This was really fun to do, so fun that i will be editing it adding new chapters whenever i can. I feel very unhappy saying bye to this section. These were things i all tried. Well, Bye, Bye, Part 5 and Purple Color. Say hello to the final section and the (gorgeous) pinkish color!

Part 6: Other Stuff

Hello and welcome to the final section. Starting this section makes me unhappy because its the last section of the guide and i love making the guide. Though i'm going to update ever so often... Ok, i feel better. Now this is going to be stuff that doesn't belong in the other sections. Things that don't belong yet every boredom guide should have. This is going to have no afterword. The afterword is the conclusion to this whole guide. Anyway, lets get started!

Chapter 1: Artwork

This is a really tiny chapter... Anyway your bored, its snowing, and you want to get creative. Easy! Make hearts, Stars, The initials of your wolf's name (or your name) etc. But remember: Every paw print goes away in nine/ten seconds so be speedy!

Chapter 2: Exploration Station

Did you know that half the wolfquest members can't even go somewhere, anywhere and recognize their exact area without the map or compass. So guess what your doing to do? You are going to close your eyes, and press the forward button keep the sound up so you know where water is. Keep running, you may take a pup as long as you keep from water. Spend at least 5-10 with your eyes closed. Now you have been running open your eyes and look
around. Before you go select Hide Hud in options and don't use the map. A extra challenge-Do it with pups at home so try to get back without using nametags to feed them before they perish.

Chapter 3: Take a bath!

Wolves smell. I bet your mate goes of hunting to get away from your stench. Want to stop smelling? Take a bath. Go into some shallow water (there is a pool near spawn in AM) And lie down. Take a snapshot of you having a bath. Also lie down in some flowers to dry off and when you come home you'll smell fresh as a daisy. ;]

Chapter 4: Screenshot Fun

One off the most fun things to do is take a screenshot. You can take a screenshot of anything-just try to be in full screen when you do it. Here is how to take a screenshot: And screenshots that will inspire you. You can do so many things with wolfquest screenshots. You can make a wolfquest comic with them, show them off on the screenshot board, and use them to remember a funny thing in wolfquest.

Chapter 5: Cattle Ranch

A fun place to go is the cattle ranch. Also called the night mission this place is at night. You are able to hunt calves there. But if you hear the dogs bark, run straight into a full grown cow. It will say the "The cows kicked you off the ranch." Then run straight to the purple glob. That will take back home. Its in slough creek. Here is a map for human impacts and the cattle ranch: ... cesmap.png Here is a guide for the cattle ranch:

Chapter 6: Fun with human impacts

If you read the chapter above you'll see a link to the map of the cattle ranch and human impacts. You can use the human impacts to prevent human impacts. Number 1: Is a hiking sign with a trail and i like to pretend to hike and take screenshots. I like to sit by the fire and howl with my family at night. I like to follow the footprints. The wheel i try to play with. Anyway i'm saying that its fun to play with human impacts. Make up a few storylines with those as props.


Five days ago i started a guide. I learned lots about wolfquest since then. I hope you enjoyed this guide and its at least exceedingly helpful to you. I promise you i will update this often and maybe even make a multiplayer section. This guide is only beginning. I hope you enjoyed it. I encourage you to use your imagination to think up even more things.
(I think i'm going to edit this later)
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boredom in WQ (pls move)

Post by pearlymoorehen » Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:30 am

so you beat the game, did the cattle ranch, and still find it boring. well I will help you.
singleplayer boredom tips!
hunting spree- take a herd of elk to the other herd, and direct them to a place with a lot of carcasses. kill them all :twisted: .
1. loner-you get to hunt and roam AM. you act submissive to stranger wolves.
2. packs-you design your wolf to be a druid, specimen, or slough pack wolf. max out one stat: strength for druid, speed fo specimen, and stamina for slough. you start as a pack wolf, and when you dominate a packmate, you move on to being a hunter. after hunting 10 elk, you move on to warrior, and when you batle all other packs, you are the leader. remember to keep tabs on your packmates. give them names, like the mottled brown female druid is feather, leader.
now we move on to slough creek!
snowy wolf love. you and you mate live in the snow at east creek, (under 25,000 points) and hunt and do other stuff like that.
puppy race. stand a ways away from your pups. sit there and wait for the pups to start. whoever get's to you first wins.
hide and seek. howl, cut it off, and find a hiding place. press R twice, and the pup to find you first wins!
sick pup- original idea by duskypack. activate the zombie pup with your fave, it works well with albinos! your pup has been inflicted with a terrible illness. yoou try every thing like calves, hares, fresh elk, but nothing works, you need to take the pup to the rendevouz site, where the fesh air and magic soil will heal it. you have to do it without saving and loading.
cattle ranch raider. food suppply is low. so the cattle ranch is where you go, and you find a taste for calf, and it becomes your regular meal! how many times can you raid the ranch without being shot?
nomad life. start the journey, and take you pups to a new den. live there fo a bit, and feed them, get a ful food for pups bar and go to the next place. you can go to the cattle ranch (howl a lot becase they wander.) and try teaching them to hunt hares at the bunny bush.
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amethyst mountain stuff.
on tour- name a wolf after a famous band or singer, and design it based off that person (example: Miku is the white pelt as it has blue hair sorta). make a route for your "tour" at each stop make a "concert" by howling a lot. after your tour, run from coyotes because they are crazed stalker fans. :shock:
Bob's spy- spy on wolf packs on bob's command to earn food. if he attacks you you failed the mission.
coyote massacre: kill as many coyotes as possible before dying and count the bodies.
Slough creek stuff.
pokemon- give each pup the name of a pokemon. when in a stranger wolf encounter, if you have no pups, run away. if you have pups in your mouth, fight back, and if you win you can choose to "evolve" them by changing it's name.
vacation- take one pup to hunt with you, and after your other pups starve a little, come back home.
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Holiday things:
halloween: start in day on amethyst mountain. find a fake den and decorate it and have loads of elk and hares there. dead coyotes as decorations, like on halloween. then stop at each carcass and eat. keep track of each treat you get, and if a bear is there, try to get away with a bite. at the end see if anyone has trick or treated your "house"! you can also take a pup on slough creek to be a zombie :3
christmas: try and get gifts for your pups take them to a human impact as their gift, and get a calf for christmas dinner.
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Games!-fun with your multi pack

Post by american hunter1 » Wed May 27, 2015 8:57 pm

Hi everyone! First topic here! Ok. Lets get started. Have you ever run a boring pack with no fun and just hunts and stuff? Well then this is the topic for you! GAME 1- tag
Choose someone to be the tagger. That person must tag as many people as he or she can in a certain area so its not too hard.
GAME 2-DEN coration
Each player will choose a fake den site. Get one person to be a judge to judge the dens afterwards. Get carcesses into shapes around your den. The judge will then decide which den looks the best. GAME 3-loner wars
Seperate everyone in your pack. No teams, no nuthin. All fight until there is one person standing. (Once youre dead, your dead.)
GAME 4-finders keepers
Try to find one human thing like the camfire. Once you find it its yours. When everyone has thiers, fight! If you kill someone,you get thier thing. Repeat until one person has everything. Thats it for today!
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