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Full Guides for WolfQuest Game (v2.5+2.7)

Post by ZippyWizard » Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:33 pm

Amethyst Mountain is the first part of the two-part game.In this part, you must find a mate to breed with.If you're a newbie, it can be a truly confusing game.This walkthrough should help, and if it doesn't, PM me and I'll see what I can do.The first thing you do is design your wolf.Once this is done, and you're ready to start, head towards the wolf territory on your map, which is accessible by pressing M.The first one is right to your west.Once you're in, press V to go into scent view, and follow the yellow dots.Note:A full conversation with the "Stranger" is not needed.Simply say one or two things, before he/she gets mad and bites you, and bail.Now, onto the next territory!It's the one in the top right corner.Once you're there, meet the wolf, and head out.Then head for the only territory left.Once you're in there, this is the deal:If you don't feel like walking all the way back to Grassy Plains, it'll take a few tries to do this, but when you can see the wolf, talk to it and when you bail, DO NOT EXIT THE TERRITORY.Simply walk forward(Trot by pressing Q if you're running)until you can see the wolf.It should be a Dispersal wolf, and the opposite gender.If you see one and you don't like the color, it's okay!!Simply back up, it'll take a few tries to find the right one, but when you like the color, enter the arena and press the "Hello there" response.You have to get five love hearts, and the wolf is officially your mate.Congratulations!
Elk Hunting: This is the fun of this game!You can hunt elk.It's really not that difficult.The orange spots on the map are elk territories, and when you spot a red line, follow it.This is my tactic: Once you find the elk, stop right then and press Q if you're trotting, then Shift+W to stalk.Stalk around until you find the weakest one, then follow it.When a red wolf-head appears, press the space bar and hold on.Continue until the elk is killed.

I will keep editing this to put in tips I find useful.Thanks for reading!
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Guides for Amethyst Mountain and/or Slough Creek

Post by iiSilverheartx3 » Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:18 pm

Hey Everyone, this is my guide to Wolfquest! I've noticed as i'm reading, some people are saying the same things as I am, so I might just be repeating them. So lets get started.
In the beginning of Amethyst Mountain, you were to find a mate and "interact" with other wolves. But now in the Slough Creek edition(I can't wait for the next >_<) , you find a den and have pups with your mate. Here are some tips for finding a den-

I would personally recomend the Bison Peak den, only because it is close to an elk hunting grounds and there are way more carcasses.
There is nothing else wrong with the other dens, but from my experience, Bison Peak is one of the easiest for me.

After finding a den, you'll notice that it will ask you to mark the territory. In the beginning when it asks you that, mark it. But, it will keep asking you to mark your territory but don'tdo it. After a while you'll begin to see strange wolves popping up near your territory. Just ignore them. They will not harm your pups, and if you fight them. You usually end up with not much health. So i repeat! Don't waste your time marking territory. Of course, this is just my opinion, but i find most of the people agree with me :)
Next, your pups!
-You will finally get these cute, yet annoying pups. You will get to name them (only if you have enough experience points), but later on in the game you can always name them after you have enough, also you may rename them. I find having the name tags on really helps! So you can find them. Ususally my fourth pup is the most dumb, so if you have any pups straying from the den(which is constantly) pick em up and put em in front of the den. Your mate will always be looking for food, so when he comes back, take turns caring for the pups. For instance, if hes looking for food when he comes back, leave the den and look for food.
Tips about getting food for your pups-

Never waste the time and energy hunting for elk! It will just simply drain your heath away. Before you have pups, of course! But when you have pups, they tend to get very hungry easily so maybe when you slip away from your den and hunt... they could die from hunger.
Next! When you train your pups-

Theres an easy way. You just keep on howling (H) take step back, howl, and keep on doing until a sign pops up that says you are done.


Of course, your pups can die from drowning and starvation... but lets not forget about the animals!
Bear- Chase them away! If they are brave bears and facing you give them three bites they won't forget about :) Usually that will take much of your health away. But never bite them to death because- BEARS ARE IMMORTAL. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT KILL THEM. Keep them far away from your pups, if you don't they will eat them(not much of an issue for me, they aren't brave in my game =/)
Coyote- Very different from the bear! You can't just chase them away, you must kill them! If your stanima is getting low(the green bar) rest for a few moments and the coyote will come back. Since you've already bit it keep biting it until you've bitten it three times, then it will fall to the ground.
And finally... the worst!
Eagles! Or the Hawk. Note: These are probably your WORST enemies! I was never very good at them, but simply good with all the others, this was just my major flaw, and is most likely yours too. Tips for the eagle. When they circle around your pups don't chase it until it is landing on the ground. Once it has landed, you have about 3-5 seconds to chase it away or they carry your pups away, very sad. Also note that they will not come near the waters edge, or around an adult wolf. This is a tip if you want all four pups. Save the game before an eagle attack, if the eagle eats your pup simply start over, and you will have all four pups. Warning: Ifyou do that it could take months! I did that and it took me 2 month's to finish it! So if you're lookin for speed. Don't do it! If you start stinking out at that eagle part, thats okay! Perfectly normal, my hands started shaking very hard at that part ;) Your not the only one!
Final Journey-

Its the Final Journey, You and your pups have survived from every danger and it is now time to move on. During this trip, you will have to travel very long distances, cross rivers, and have the acquantince of a hungry eagle. The summer den is a green spot, travel there to complete the mission. I'm going to explain how to do it for the Bison Peak Den-
Once you begin, head for the river. You will have to meet the eagles quite a few times. Your mate will know it is time to leave so take one pup, and step backwards. Your mate will carry your pups to you as you continue to the river, move left and test the water, if it is deep, get out keep heading left until you've found a shallow spot. Cross the river with your pups after you are safely on shore. There will be a carcass guarenteed. Some times there are coyotes or bears(idk how) chase them off and check your map. The purple is stranger wolf territory, DON'T GO THERE. After you've gotten out on the green grass again, head for the green dot. Once you've gotten there you'll find it very hard(atleast i did!) When I got there I was on the dot and not any of my pups were, so grab them close to you and your mate! And the mission is done.

Congratulations for reading this all through! Any questions, comments? Contact me :) Thank you for reading it i've taken a lot of effort, sorry for grammar mistakes or spelling errors! I hoped you enjoy it and congratulations for making it! And I can't wait for the next update!

-iiSilverheartx3(or you can call me Silver, i'm a girl xD)
end of story

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Full Guides for WolfQuest Game

Post by Sparkles_Wolf » Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:25 pm

.............Welcome to the newest guide for WolfQuest MP and SP!

Hello and welcome to the brand new WolfQuest guide for the whole MP and SP. This guide will help you how to do special things in WolfQuest. Also how to roleplay in a very detailed and specified mode, be realistic in your single player game, some minigames in the MP, special hunting... ect. Look down for SP guide! (Special Thanks to Zialda!)

Alright, now you are here and don't know what to read first, right?
So well, here is a content so you won't be confused.


>How to roleplay in a detailed mode.
>No mates.
>No humans.
>No unrealistic items or things.
>No other animal controlling or roleplaying.
>How to deal with saving spots.
>Hunting progress.
>Weather, time of the day, sit, and lay.


Part 1; How to roleplay in a detailed mode:
If you actually roleplay as the new persons, then you will take a bad image to the new players. Take care of that, so they actually roleplay the best, as you can also do.

Bad Example:
Player 1: sits down
Player 2: growls
Player 1: stands up and bites wolf
Player 3: watches wolfs

So as you see, it has bad grammar and order, also pointless actions. If you take time to make a better roleplay, it would get better.

Good example:
Player 1: Sits on the wet grass after the winter-coming rain in fall. Its fur flows with the fresh air of autumn.
Player 2: Notices the wolf seen before in the half-frozen river, shakes its fur slightly and starts to bare a snarl to the stranger.
Player 1: Its peace interrupted after the snarl of the stranger, then stood up taking an attack position. It growled lowly and took a bite at the wolf's leg.
Player 3: Taking a deep breath, it padded to the growling sounds. It stopped when a spit of blood almost splashed by its paws. It watched them fight with a fear-like face.


Part 2; No mates:
Actually, in a wolf life, there is of course, mates. But, in multi-player there are young kids who actually don't know the meaning, or they badthough it. Let's give the young kids, a good reason to not do that: BECAUSE IT IS RELATED TO EXTREME MATING THINGS. If you don't know what "mate" means, look down.
Mate: Partner of a canid or feline, or any kind of animal, that helps to create a family, anything else.


Part 3; No humans:
Why? Why no humans? Because if you interact bad with them, of course it wil be a bad example of us. WE ARE HUMANS, and we don't need to attack our species! Oh gosh, when will players understand this?


Part 4; No unrealistic items or things:
If you have wings and the others not, they will revenge. WOLVES DON'T HAVE WINGS OR ANY OTHER KIND OF THINGS, like feathers, chains, collars, weird eye colors, growings (horns, wings) and specially shape-shifting.


Part 5; No other animal controlling or roleplaying:
I've actually seen alot of these, players control different wolves or animals, or roleplay as another animal. THIS IS A WOLF GAME, not a mind-controlling one. The others might poof 40 wolves if you roleplay another wolves.


Part 6; How to deal with saving spots:
If a player asks to save a spot, tell the player that it is only for 10 minutes. If it is longer, then no. People are always having fun in the multiplayer games, and there is no need to kick out innocent players. If it is about privacy with other players, MAKE A PRIVATE ONE.


Part 7; Hunting Progress:
Everyone asks about this, but when they read it, they don't actually follow it. You've simply have to get 4 or 5 players with you (incluiding yourself), the fastest at the back of the prey, the strongest at the front, and the medium ones at the sides. The strongest take the bites at the neck, then the fastest run after the prey. The strongers take a quick way where the prey is calculated to reach. The medium follow the fastest, and both groups take bites at the back area. Strongers take bites at the front area while the others bite also, there is done the hunting progress.


Part 8; Weather, time of the day, sit, and lay:
Press R to sit, once again to lay on the ground. In single player, press Z to sleep on a time of day. Weather can change, rain, sunny or simply okay, or snowing. It can be afternoon, morning, dusk and midnight.

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The Complete Guide to Amethyst Mountain

Post by wolf_storm » Fri Sep 30, 2011 9:21 pm

Hello Fellow Wolfquesters!

I know your looking at this and going 'Oh, another Amethyst Mountain guide' and I don't blame you! I actually started this a while back and never got around to finishing. So, I am making a complete version for the forums to enjoy!

***Please note that this is unfinished and I will be adding to it as I gather the information I am lacking at the moment!!!

~Table of Contents~

~Introduction: A basic intro to Wolfquest in general.
~Creating Your Wolf: Self-explanitory.
~Getting Started: Controlling the wolf; different symbols and colors; scent view; other basics.
~How to Hunt: Hunting grounds; Elk, Bull Elk; carcasses; glitches.
~How to Fight: Stranger Wolves; Territories; Strength and Type; Experience points; glitches.
~Finding a Mate: What to do; different kinds; correct sequence; glitches; the heart.
~Intro to Slough Creek: Self-explanitory.
~Multiplayer: The forums; multiplayer; creating an account; joining a game.
~2.5 Updates and Effects on Gameplay The effects of the 2.5 update on Amethyst Mountain; Weather and time of day.
~The Guide~


Greetings! If you are brand new to Wolfquest and need a helping hand, you've come to the right place. Below is a complete guide to help you sucessfully through Amethyst Mountain. First things first:

Downloading the Game
{Currently unavailable, will find and add}

Splash Screen
Yup! that's what it's called. When you first open Wolfquest, it should come to the splash screen with the image of the wolf and puppies. There should be 3 buttons at the bottom. One says Singleplayer the second says Multiplayer, and the third says Quit.
This button will take you to the main wolfquest game.
This button will take you to multiplayer. (See Multiplayer for more information)
Lets you exit the game.

About Wolfquest
Wolfquest is an educational game about wolves. You must learn to hunt and survive, find a partner, start a pack, and keep that pack healthy and safe. You must start with the slopes of Amethyst Mountain, in late fall. Your goal here is to find a mate, or wolf of the opposite gender, while surviving the threats that are out there. Once you have done that, you must travel to Slough Creek and find a safe den to raise your pups in. You have to keep them safe from predators, which will happily eat your pups if your not careful, and make sure they don't starve. Once your pups are big enough, you must travel away from your den to the Summer Rendevous Site, where your family will spend the summer.

To get Started!
To get started playing our lovely little wolf game, you must first find the Icon on your Desktop. It should appear as a wolf's head. Double click on it and a little box should appear called Wolfquest Configuration. for now, don't mess with it, just click play. This should bring you to the Splash Screen.
(Just a note, I don't have a mac so I don't know how the Icon would appear on a mac. If anyone would like to contribute a little extra knowledge, feel free to pm me!)

~Creating Your Wolf~

Now the fun part! Customization. First things first, click the Singleplayer button on the Splash Screen. A menu will appear with three options. New Game, and right beside it will say Continue Saved Game with two options under it, Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek. What you want to do is click New game. This will bring up the wolf customization screen. Now it gets fun.

Wolf Name
This is somewhat self-explanitory. All you have to do is come up with some creative name for your wolf and type it in the box that says Wolf Name. The name can be up to 8 characters.

Base Pelt Color
There should be five boxes under the name box. Each of these is a base pelt color. There should be white, black, fawn, brown, and gray (In that order from left to right). Look at the wolf that is spinning in circles next to the customization box. Click on one of the base colors. The wolf's fur should change to match the base coat color. Choose one that you like and look below for the tints.

Tints are personally my favorite part of customizing. Anyway, you should see two bars. One should go from white to dark gray, and the other should go from orange, to white, to brown. These are your tints. Expiriment with these to see how they affect the color of your wolf. Once the color is satisfactory, look below.

Strength, Speed, Stamina
OK. Once your done finaggling with the colors and stuff, now you need to adjust yor wolf's stats. There should be three bars, labled Strength, Stamina, and Speed. Expiriment with these bars to see how they affect eachother and your wolf.

If you move the strength bar all the way up, your wolf will be very big and powerful, but will run out of energy quickly, and cannot run very fast.
This bar will affect the amount of energy your wolf has. If you move it all the way up, your wolf will be able to run forever without running out of stamina. However, if you move this bar up, your speed and strength bars will go down.
This bar affects how fast your wolf can run. If you put this bar at the top, your wolf will be able to run very fast. However, it will also run out of stamina quickly, and will not be as strong.

Now that you have customized your wolf's stats to suit you, choose the gender of the wolf (Male, Female) and press the button that says 'Play Game'

~Getting Started~

Opening and Objective

Now, you have begun the actual game. After your game loads, a prompt/pop-up should appear, saying:

Quest for a Mate

You are a two-year-old gray wolf born in the Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park. You learn the ways of the wolf in your birth pack. Now it is time for you to find a home and start your own family.

Your first step-- and your quest for this fall season on the slopes of Amethyst Mountain-- is to find a mate. Somewhere out there is such a wolf. And don't forget to hunt elk along the way, or you won't survive long!

At the bottom should be a button that says 'Begin Quest'. Press it.

Wolf Badge

The camera should then fly over part of the map, to land on your wolf. Look to the top right corner of the screen. This is the 'Wolf Badge', or the place where your wolf's information can be found. Note first the two bars that curve away from eachother.

Red Bar
The red bar is your health. This bar decreases over time if you don't eat from a carcass, or if you are injured by another animal or wolf. Eating an elk carcass, which are scattered around the map, will cause this bar to go back up. If this bar empties all the way, you will die and respawn after a couple of seconds.

Green Bar
The green bar is your stamina. It is basically the amount of energy your wolf has. Unless you put the stamina bar all the way up during wolf customization, this bar will go down slowly as you run. The farther down the bar goes, the slower you run, untill you are forced to slow to a walk. If you walk or stop (or sit, see 2.5 update, the orange section) then the bar will go back up, and you will be able to run fast again. This bar also goes down when you bite something (Stranger Wolves are an exception.).

(I will complete this later because my computer is still acting up and won't save it on word, and I still have a lot to do v.v.)
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Game Guide and Tips

Post by Zialda » Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:00 am

Hi, I'm Zialda, formerly known as Ferretluv. I have made this guide to help all who need it. If you have a question, just post it here under all that I will say.
Sincerly- Zialda

Starting off

Finding a mate
To start off, head toward Grassy Plains. Fight the first wolf there, then high-tale it back to your beginning point. Eat a carcass, then go to Soda Butte Vista. Fight there, then go down to Amethyst Mountain and fight. Once fought there, duck out of that territory, and then back in again. Follow the scent trail, and, if your dispersal that you are looking at is the color you like, go on up to him/her. When he/she accepts, go hunting to bond together more, or just run around. Whatever you choose works.
Note:Once your mate's color is chosen, you cannot change it, unless you don't save the game and/or restart. You can change his/her name though if you like later in the game.

Hunting tips and tricks
If you are wanting to hunt so badly, here is a guide, or tips, to hunting.
The cow elk are the easiest to get, so I suggest them. Go in front of a cow, and charge forward without stalking. Go for the neck, it's the best way to get more damage on it. Constantly run at it, and, if your energy is so low, you think you'll die before the elk, there are two options:
1: Die
2: Chase and herd the elk toward a carcass. Once you get there, eat, then follow it again.
I know it may sound like a cheat, but it works. If you do die, don't worry. You'll regenerate in the place you died. Don't freak out if you see your body laying on the ground. That's an AM glitch.

If you are starving in the game, or have low health, your mate might hunt for you. Mine did, and he stalked a hare for me. How sweet. To grow a tight relationship with your mate, howl, bow, and play together. Running and hunting are also super efficient ways to do so.

Slough Creek Edition

Your Den
Once in Slough Creek, you must find your den. I suggest Bison Peaks, because that is the closest one to Douglas Fire Forest- your summer destination point. Once there you must mark your territory.
Note: Check around all of your territory. If you don't, you may have a little surprise of intruders that will kill your pups.

Pups have arrived
Your pups are your family. They will spread your blood through many generations of wolves to come. Protect them with your life. Now that you have your pups, you need to begin training them. (Howling makes the training and affinity quicker) You don't have to drag them to your den all the time, just howl. After your training is complete, you must feed them. Then you have to 'crow' them. Once they are 15 lbs., you must make the treacherous journey across the plains to the Douglas Fir Forest. Coyotes, bears, and hawks will be watching you!

The Journey
You must now make the journey across the plains to get to your summer home. Avoid pink areas, that's other wolf territory. They will run at you and try to kill your pups if you enter.
Note: If your pups are hungry, (NOT starving) don't feed them. Back up slowly, and they will follow gradually. Back up toards your destination. It's easier in most cases then running back and forth with your pups.
Watch out though! Coyotes and bears will be following you, encircling your pups. There is also a hawk on guard in the air... Circle your pups constantly to keep the predators away. If your mate runs off towards Oxbow Bend, don't follow him/her. They are just doing what they do when you were at the den with your pups- getting food. Once you make it to the Douglas Fir Forest, (STAR) take a screenshot of your happy pack and post it on here to show your progress.

I will be posting more later on, more tips, tricks, glitch help, and more!

Happy hunting,
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WQ Walkthrough

Post by Zialda » Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:36 am

WQ Walkthrough

Hi, I'm Zialda. This is the WQ Walkthrough, giving you all the hints, tips, cheats, and tricks to get through Wolf Quest Amethyst Mountain, and Slough Creek, with no delay. If you have any further comments, questions, or suggestions, please post under. Thanks for reading!
Happy Hunting,

~Buttons and Controls~
~Hunting Tips~
~Amethyst Mountain Guide~
~Mates- The perfect one~
~Slough Creek Guide~
~Your Pups~
~The Final Challenge-The Journey~

Wolf Quest is an online, interactive game where you are a wolf, going through your life cycle. You must hunt, mate, find territory, and protect your pack. There will be struggles throughout your 'life', and you must face them, head on and standing your ground. You must be prepared to give your life for your pack- no matter what the challenge is. Be bold. Be strong. Be courageous. Star Pack is watching over you...

Buttons and Controls
Q: Switch from running mode to walk (vice versa)
W/Up arrow key: Forward run/walk
A/Left arrow key: Left turn
S/Right arrow key: Right turn
Z/Downward arrow key: Walk backwards
O: Switch from locked on mode, to free turn mode
P: Mark scent (Only works in Slough Creek)
-: Zoom out
+/=: Zoom in
H: Howl
J: Wag tail
K: Bow/Play
X: Jump
C: Chat (Multiplayer only)
V: Switch from scent mode to locked/free turn mode
N: Names on/off
M: Map
Shift with W: Stalk
?: Control panel
ESC: Options screen
Home button (optional): Back up plan if screen freezes

Making your wolf is the most creative part of the game. You get to choose the color, speed, stamina, strength, gender, and name of your wolf. Make up a fun, creative name for your wolf. (Ex. Dyoxy, Shadow, BlackBlood, Feraleye, ect.)
Note: If you want full speed and strength, follow these simple instructions:
1) Proceed to pull speed all the way to the top
2) Pull strength up about a 1/2 inch, then pull speed all the way to the top again
3) Repeat this method until the strength ceases to pull back, letting the speed get all the way to the top
Note-to-self: Males give full strength, while females take away about 1/2 inch of progress.

Hunting Tips
You must eat to survive on your journey. Hunting can be difficult, and it is for most. If you do not wish to hunt, simply find a rabbit or carcass to feed on. But on the subject of hunting, I will give you tips to help you along the way. First, you must choose the gender of the elk: male, which is more hard; or female, easy to kill. Males are called bulls, and females cows. Once you choose, pick the one of the least amount of health. Then, instead of stalking it from behind, charge at it head on! If you bite the neck, it does more damage. When the health has gone down to approxiementaly 3 bites left, it will turn around to face you. Wait until your green stamina is full, then lunge at it's throat and hold down the spacebar for maximum damage. You may die, but that is okay because you respawn. Do not be afraid to die, but be sure to save your game some time during the hunt, as to if a glitch occurs in the middle of the hunt. Try to avoid high grounds during a hunt, many wolves have glitched out and begun to 'fly' over AM and SC. When the hunt is complete, walk over to your kill and begin to eat. If you have a mate (usually the females do it), your mate will sometimes hunt for you. Watch out for that as well. The elk may kill your mate, and your mate will respawn. Just make sure he/she doesn't die next to a carcass, or he/she may actually look, act, or be an elk- one you can actually hunt and kill. Surprising. Be careful of the bulls, they will strike back as soon as you make the 4th blow or less.

Amethyst Mountain Guide
Get to know your surroundings. You will hunt, mate, and travel faster, and more efficiently. Take the time to get to know AM, which stands for Amethyst Mountain. (SC stands for Slough Creek) Coyotes can be a nusiance, as can bears. Coyotes are mainly scavengers, meaning that once you leave the carcass you are feeding on, they will surround it and begin to eat it. Bears, on the other hand, have their own carcasses they killed. Go within 10 feet of the beast, and it will slash at you, taking away 1/4 of your health. In some cases, you can run in and eat the carcass, bear swatting at you. When you get near the last bite, and when the bear isn't swatting at you, run backwards. Then you will happily have full health and a full stomach. Watch out though, if you go to Soda Butte Vista, or High Ridge, you may find yourself 'flying' if you proceed to go straight off the edge of the butte. I found that out for myself while attacking a bear. Save every few minutes, it saves all progress if you glitch out or your screen freezes suddenly. There is a carcass at the starting point of AM- by the dead tree. Not the pond, called dead tree, the tree itself on the lower left part of the screen where you begin.

Mates- The perfect one
In the game, you must find the perfect mate for life. It depends on what color you want your pups to be, and what personality you want your mate to be. Start out by going to the brightest colored wolf on your compass, which is on the top left corner of your screen. It displays your stamina, health, name, mate, pack affinity, pups' health, and territory marker. Though, you only start out with no mate, pups, or territory of your own. When you get to know AM and begin your quest for a mate, you have to fight 3 other wolves before you can even think about it. The brightest colored wolf on your compass is the closest wolf territory. When you enter the territory, enter Scent Mode (V). That way you can sniff out the scent markers around the territory. When you see a yelow line, open up your map and judge which side to follow. (Ex. Scent marker is out at edge of territory to left, go to the right.) After you have fought the 3 wolves, you must look for a Dispersal Male/Female. Duck out of the territory you are currently in, then turn around and go back in to look for a mate. If you are male, you want a small, healthy, but mild tempered female. (AM itself has good choices) If you are female, you want a large, healthy, and mild tempered male. (Grassy Plains has good choices.) If you enter the territory, find the wolf, but don't like it, just redo ducking in and out. When you find the perfect mate, use this pattern: 'Hello there!' (Mate repeats), 'I like you' (MR), 'Let's Play!' (MR), 'Let's start a pack!' (MR, and do it the last 2 times.). Now, if by some strange chance, your future mate gets edgy or nervous, say, 'Don't leave, it's okay'. Once you get your prize, howl, hunt, and run together and get to 'know' each other. Your bond grows stronger that way. If you want your pups to be the color of you and your mate combined, gain 50,000 Experience Points along the way. Once you leave, you must find a den, mark it, then the pups come- hence, I suggest gaining those points at AM.

Slough Creek Guide
You and your mate must now establish territory of your own for your pups to live in safely. Now, if you want the Great Journey to be more adventurous, take either Saddle Meadows or Aspen Heights. If you prefer the still-trecherous journey of going across the Sand Bar Crossing and past wolf territory, pick Bison Peaks. (There is a 'secret' den next to Bison Peaks. That one sadly cannot be used. Check out all the den sites to see which one you like best, if you're not choosy. But mainly and above all, get to know your surroundings. Hunt some elk with your mate, or just scavenge carcasses from around the area. Toy with a few bears maybe, stealing their prey. Annoy and play tag with coyotes, it's pretty fun. Kill a few of them if you want to show who's boss. Have fun exploring!

Once you choose your favorite site, go around your territory and mark it. Make sure you scan the whole territory- enemy wolves are lurking everywhere if you don't mark your territory often. Sometimes you have to fight, but it's for your pack. Be ready for the pups to come, because once you mark it up to 88-90% it says, 'Please wait a moment for springtime (and your pups) to come to Slough Creek...'. Mark it often, or intruders like bears, wolves, and coyotes will come and snatch your pups from before your very eyes. Howl often, too.

Your Pups
Once you have your pups, you can name them, unless you don't have many Experience Points. If you can't name them, or want to rename them later, press Esc., then Pack Stats, and you can rename your mate and/or pup(s). Training your pups. Training your pups with the dragging them back to the den can be exhausting! Just howl, if you don't want all the work. Finally, it comes time to crow your pups. Feed them every 2 minutes or so, depending on how long you plan to keep them here before the journey to your Rendevous Site. Once your pups reach 15.0-9 pounds, you can either stay at the den, or make The Great Journey. Howl often, and feed your pups often.

Hawk/Eagle: Large- as big as you. It will fly around in circles and swoop in to grab one of your pups. Lunge at it (X) or run at it to scare it off. It will follow you throughout your whole Great Journey, so be careful!
Coyotes: Small- but don't judge them by their size. They will dodge in, kill a pup, eat it, and then dodge back out. Run after them and kill them! Then other coyotes know to stay away from your territory...
Bears: Large- but cowardish. They back away from you and run away. Chase tem, bite them 4 times, then go eat a carcass, because they will fight back. Watch out for these lumbering beasts!

The Final Challenge- The Journey
Best Routes for Den Sites:
Saddle Meadows: Go down the hill, swim across the creek as fast as you can, or go to the most shallow spot. Go around Little Butte and journey dead ahead straight across the meadow to Douglas Fir Forest.
Aspen Heights: Go across the field towards the Sand Bar Crossing. Watch out for wolf territory that is not yours. Go around pink/red territory and go straight across to Douglas Fir Forest.
Bison Peaks: Go down through elk hunting grounds and go around pink territory. Venture on towards Douglas Fir Forest.
Note!: Zoom out all the way, walk backwards toward your destination, and the pups will follow. Unless you prefer to carry your pups one by one across.

It was SO much fun writing this Guide! Thanks for reading! Gotta go write my book! Please post!
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Full guide to Wolfquest singleplayer!

Post by halotalo » Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:42 pm

Hi to all you wolves out there! Here is the full guide to Wolfquest singleplayer! (including Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek) For starters, here are the controls.

Walk: W A S D or arrow keys
Bite/Skip flyover: space or right-click
Rest: R
Toggle nametags: N
Map: M
Jump: X
Sleep: Z
Toggle run/walk: Q
Scent view: V
Wolf cam: 9 on number pad
Howl: H
Stalk: Shift + W

That's pretty much it for now!

The object of Amethyst Mountain is to find a mate. In order to do this, you will need to visit all wolf territories, and dominate the wolf there. Once you have done this, go to any territory, (not the one your at) and try to find a dispersal wolf of the opposite gender. Once you have done this, this is what you should say.
You: Hello there
Other wolf: Hello there
You: I like you
Other wolf: I like you
You: Let's play!
Other wolf: Let's play!
You: Let's start a pack!
Other wolf: Let's start a pack!
You: Let's start a pack!
Other wolf: Let's start a pack!

Now that you've done that, you name your mate, then your done. But, don't celebrate yet. Your struggle has only just begun. :wink:


So, first you see it's snowy. Great. NOW time to find a den. I highly suggest the Bison Peak den, carcasses all around and closest to the summer site. (Closest to the wolf territory too, but they aren't much of a threat. Mostly they give in. So you've gotten to your site, and you need to this: mark your territory. You may now start going like eww. But hey, it's part of a wolf's life. Start marking all over the territory, and once you've marked enough you should get a message saying, YOU'VE GOT PUPS! If you've got enough XP, you should be able to name them. (don't worry, it's almost impossible to not get enough XP for this, once I rushed through Amethyst Mountain and still had enough points to name my pups.) So name them, then you've got a swarm of puppies crawling all over your territory. To keep them close to the den, pick them up, (space) and put them right next to the den. The meter for this should be blue and on your wolf's profile. Their also VERY hungry, so be sure to stock up on food. You'll get an extra food meter named FOOD FOR PUPS. So, at first you think this is all a breeze. Well think again. Suddenly, a bear appears. You see the camera point out the pup in danger, then the bear's location. Act quickly, or else he'll snatch your pup and eat him for dinner! To get rid of grizzlies, simply bite them three times. (you'll lose a lot of health. Be sure you have full health before facing.) coyotes are also a threat at this stage. Kill them to get rid of it.
After a long while of pup defending/feeding, you should get a message that says your pups are big enough to leave the den. This is the hardest and most dangerous part of the whole game for now. You'll get a new thing on your compass, a star. This is the site your trying to get your pups to. You have gotten used to the coyotes and grizzlies, so you think this will be the same, just carrying your pups to a different place. Again, unfortunately, you are wrong. There is a new and very dangerous predator on the loose. A golden eagle. At first you are like pfft, a bird couldn't put up a fight. However it cannot, but it is very swift so it could easily take your puppy. There is only one way to get rid of the Golden Eagle. But here is the most common mistake wolf parents make. they simply put the target pup into their mouth. Well, hate to say it but, they can snatch it out of your mouth. Now here is the good way to get rid of the Eagle. Body slam them. they will come close to the ground at SOME point, but it is hard to body slam them because their moving. If you can do it, congratz, you protected your pup against the largest threat in the Wolfquest game. Once you've protected your pup from the eagle fed them blah blah blah it is time to go. I suggest going to some place that is closer to the star, then wait for your mate to bring all the pups to you.(with a pup in your mouth, to cut time.) If your mate doesn't do this, you'll have to do it the hard way. go backwards, luring all your pups and your mate to you. sooner or later you will get to the star. Now here is my song to you for finishing:

You finished the Wolfquest game,
now your not a newbie no, your a champion!
your the best at this game
and now they can't blame you for
chasing the elk away,
so now your ready to move on...

Notes and other stuff:
When the eagle is around, putting the pup in your mouth and running away actually is a way of keeping your pup alive, but it's not very efficient because the eagle simply goes back up and will strike again.
When using the Bison Peak den, the territory expands and that becomes a problem. Your pups drown in the river, so you have only two not very good choices: 1.jump up so your pup can breathe, and keep doing that, 2. run across with your pup at full health and hope for the best.
You don't have to dominate the other wolf, I just recommend it for XP.
The song was originally made by me, and I will not allow anyone to copy it and use it for something public.
I will update this for newer versions if something hasn't happened to it
I forgot to say this in the guide: Good luck and happy wolfquesting!
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Easy Guide To Singleplayer- includes white pup

Post by GREEKWOLVES4561 » Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:26 am

Hopefully this will help any player, especially new ones. If you just want a white pup, ill have a separate post for that too, but it is also included here. Start as a male, white wolf. Read all this before starting. If you don't understand some of the keys, when you're playing make a question mark (shift ?) and a screen showing all the different keys and what they mean will come up. Please read all this before starting. :D
Amethyst Mountain:
game right now is to interact with at least one wolf in each territory. Start by going to the closest territory, the grassy meadow, and be sure to run there (press the Q button to run). When you get there, press the scent key (V) and follow the yellow dots (they're actually the wolves marks), until you see a whole group of them. If you see the marks get fainter, go the other direction. That means the wolf had started to mark there,, usually on the end of a territory. When you get to the wolf, always be on full heath (make sure the red bar is full). Your bar will be full when you eat carcasses. To find a carcass, press the scent key and follow what looks like pink twisters. After you eat, go to the wolf. If it is a druid wolf, it won't give up easily. Here are the things you need to say until it gives in: I want to be boss, I'm boss back off, get going! After that, move on to the territory by fossil forest, then the one on Amethyst Mountain. After a black message pops up saying it's time to find a mate, exit the territory and re-enter. If the wolf is a dispersal opposite your own sex, walk up to it and say the mating stuff (you'll see it). If the wolf is not dispersal or your opposite sex, leave the area with yellow dots and re-enter the area. Once you have a mate, run a few spaces, and a black screen will pop up, saying mission completed. Now, press the Esc button on your key board, and click "save game". Next on the Esc screen, click "new Game". Then go to the same single player screen but click "Slough Creek". This will bring you to the next "level" where you raise pups.
Slough Creek:
The object of this game is to raise pups and bring them to the summer den. First you must choose one den, out of three. If you are new to the game, go to the Saddle Meadow one and choose it. If you are intermediate, choose the Bison Peak Cutoff one. If you are an expert, choose Aspen Heights. Once you have done that, you have to mark your territory (P). Now is the hard part. You are given four pups, all brown. DO NOT name them! If you are new, this will be good to start. Four pups is very tricky, so you need to start with one. Here is the reason you need to start at this den. This will sound rough, but you will have to drown three of your pups. It's the best way, I'm afraid. There is a small lake by Saddle, pick up one pup and carry it over, put it in the water, and leave. It will say your pup is drowning, then it died. Do this three times. Now you have one pup left. You can now name it too. Now you can make your pup a special, white albino pup. Pick up your pup. Find the nearest carcass and go to it. Be sure not to mark your territory. There should be a stranger wolf by it. Still holding your pup, interact with it and defeat it. When you are done, you should have a white, albino pup. After, go back to your den. You will then complete the steps for training, defending, and feeding your pup until it is about 15 pounds. Now is time for the summer den. You may see that one territory has become bigger. The summer den is by it. To get to the den, you have to cross water with your pup. Only do this at the sand bar crossing. Your pup will survive. Also, never drop your pup unless you are feeding it. A magpie will steal it. Once you are at the summer den, howl with your pack. Then your mission will be completed. And one more thing: when you are at your den with your white pup, hold it and press the O key. Then turn so that your wolf faces your self. Take a screen shot to remember your pup. Once you have completed your game, try going to the Bison den and kill less pups. Once you have survived with four at that den, try living in the Aspen one and saving all four pups. Hope this really helped, and good luck! :D

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A Guide on The Game

Post by Hurai » Fri Apr 06, 2012 4:28 am

OK, so the first thing you have to do it design your wolf, pick a fur color and gender. Then customize your stats. After you have finished, save wolf and start game. The first Quest you will want to get done is finding a mate. But before you find a mate you have to go up against at least one stranger wolf from each of the territories. After you have faced the last stranger wolf, you should come up against a dispersal mate. When you have your mate, he/she will follow you around everywhere, and will help you with hunting for food and help with protection. Automatically after you have a mate a box will appear saying that your Quest has been completed, and that you can save the game and move onto the second part of the Quest. :mrgreen:

When you have finished and saved the game you can move onto Slough creek. It will be snowing when you enter the game, and there will be little cave icons on your radar, these are dens. You and your mate need to find a den that is right for you and when you find one, click the box that says make this your den. When that is settled you will have to mark your territory. When that is finished it will say that you have completed that part. Then you will have to wait until spring.When that it done you will have new pups. Four of them. If you have enough experience points you can give them all names. You will have to teach them to stay near the den by howling or picking up your pups and returning them to the den when they wander away to far. When they have been trained, your mate will take constant trips to hunt for the pups, and although you will still have to hunt for them as well, you will also have to protect the pups from Bears and Coyotes. When you have protected them enough you will have to grow them by feeding them and helping them put on enough weight so that they can survive the journey you will have to make to your Summer home. When they have grown and you have started your journey across Slough creek you will have to protect them from not only bear and Coyotes but Eagles as well. They will swoop down and pick up your pups. You need to run at them when they have landed to drive them away. You will need to cross the creek, but the pups will drown if you cross at a deep area.So you need to find a shallow area. Don't forget to hunt for your pups and yourself.
An Area on the map will show you were your new den is. And the radar will have a picture of a star, to show you were your summer den is. :mrgreen:
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How to Keep All of your Pups Alive--Den and Final Journey--

Post by Edme1 » Sat Jul 28, 2012 6:22 pm

Do you ever have trouble keeping all of your pups alive at the den and on the final journey? This might help!

Starting the Game
So, when you enter Slough Creek, you're standing on the Little Butte. You must choose a den to rear your pups at. So, which den should you choose? I usually take either the Saddle Meadows den or the Bison Peak Cutoff den; Saddle because it's close to the rendezvous site and you don't have to deal with that pesky stranger wolf on the final journey, and Bison Peak because it has lots of nearby food. Travel to whichever den you choose and make it your den. Then, thoroughly mark your territory until the whole half-circle is bright yellow.

Rearing Your Pups
Now you have pups! They will start off not knowing to stay near the den, so I usually try to stay close to the den until the blue bar is full or almost-full. To fill it, pick up pups that have strayed too far from the den and place them near the den. Your mate will usually go off to get food at regular intervals. When he/she is gone, stay near the pups to place them near the den and feed them. When your mate gets back, run off to get food, mark your territory, and chase off stranger wolves (if there are any). When you get back, your mate will run off again. Take shifts with your mate so that an adult wolf is with the pups at all times. Feed the pups constantly and always place them near the den if they stray away.

Dealing with Predators
A lot of times, predators will threaten your pups. Grizzlies and coyotes will try to get them at the den, and eagles attack your pups on the final journey. When you are at the den, it will show you a cutscene of where the predator is and what it is. Once I know that, I get right to work. If it is a coyote, I head out to where it is and bite it until it is dead. No more problem. Bears, however, are more complicated. You must start out at full health to be able to chase them off. Find a nearby carcass and eat until your health bar (the red one) is full, then find the bear. Chase it until you bite it. Once you do, it will turn and attack. Three bites will get rid of it, so bite it and bite it until it runs. After that, it is no threat to your family. It will hurt you a lot, so find a carcass immediately upon chasing it away. With hawks, the cutscene will show which pup it plans to attack. Wait near the pup until the eagle flies down and hovers, going for the pup with its talons out. Then, run towards it and hit it. It will fly away, but be careful: they come back often.

The Final Journey
You, your mate, and your pups are ready to make the final journey to the rendezvous site. Immediately after you click the button to leave the den, I bring my family to the nearest carcass and fill up, whether it is out of the way or not. Once I eat enough to have full health and full pup food, I feed the pups, then refill my extra food bar. And we're off! I usually carry one pup a ways ahead, then stop and wait for my mate to bring the other pups up to me, then continue with the pup I am carrying. Coyotes, bears, and eagles will attack you on your final journey, so be alert. You must be careful when carrying pups across the river, or they'll drown. Go to the sandbar crossing (with Saddle den, go to the river near the elk hunting grounds. It is shallow and you can run through with a pup.) Just in case, I always save my game before carrying a pup across the river. Once your pups are across the river, then just continue on carrying one and letting your mate bring the others until you're at the rendezvous site! A few helpful hints and tips: Your pups will follow you if you have extra food ready for them. Always have nametags on so you can see where your mate and pups are!

I hope this guide helped you out with your single player Slough Creek games! The final journey can be hard, but it is doable! Use all of these guidelines, and you'll get your family safely to the rendezvous site!
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A Complete WolfQuest (single Player) Game Guide

Post by BestWolfForever » Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:54 pm

The Complete WolfQuest 2.5 Single Player Game Guide:

Hi there wolves! Follow this guide to have a fun & easy game!

Quick Look-up Stuff:


Bears: Bears can not be killed in any way. You can bite them but they wont die. If a bear is just walking around not eating, you can chase it away. If its eating you can walk up to it while it eats, then it will get up ready to attack, then back up, keep doing that until it leaves, then you can have a free meal. Bears are also dangerous to your pups. Scent of Bear: Blue.

Coyotes: Coyotes you can kill. But they are fast and swift. They can go and take your pup from you fast and you wont catch them unless your fast enough, and your pup will die. Coyotes also swerve around when you chase them. To kill a coyote you chase it and bit it 2-3 times, after each time you bite them they can go faster. Coyote scent: Green.

Eagles: Eagles can not be killed. They also dont have a scent color. They only appear in Slough Creek, and they will take your pups.

Stranger wolves: You can communicate to these wolves. If you fight while communicating you or the stranger may get hurt.


Elk: Elk are the main food source for the wolves. They take a while to kill, but 1 wolf can kill one. The Bull (male) elk will fight back more then a Cow (female) elk. They dont have calfs with them at all. Elk Scent: Pink or dark pink.

Hare: Hare are rabbits. They are easy to kill and you can eat them. You can kill them in one bite, and eat them in one bite. They are a small food source. Hare Scent: Orange.


Q= Walk/Run, W= Move forward and W+Shift: Stalk, R=Rest, O=Choose camera, P=Mark territory, A=Steer left, s=Move back, D= steer right, F=feed pups, H= howl, Z=sleep, x=jump, V=Scent view, N=name tag, M=map, ?=help menu, Space Bar= Bite and eat and pick up or drop pup, Arrow Keys= same as A,S,D, and W.
(For more controls press ? and click Interface Help.)

There is Rain, lightning, thunder, and snow. Rain makes scents harder to smell. You can turn off weather by clicking ? then Game Settings then click the box next to Weather Effects. Lightning can set trees on fire. And weather can make the game go slower.

The Compass:
The compass will tell you where stranger wolf territorys are, and hunting grounds (and in Slough creek, shows den and Cattle ranch).

Wolf Status: The green bar on the wolf status is your energy. The red is Stamina.
Later in the game it will show Experiance, and your pups, the darker the paw print the healthier your pup is. It also shows your territorys status and you contection to your family.

there are 2 lands, Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek.

The time of day changes from night to day to dawn to dusk.

Slough Creek=
1. Pick the den close to the Summer home. which is the den in Bison Peak.
2. Dont hunt when you have pups, your pups may starve while your gone.

Amethyst Mountain=
-At the moment there are no tips on this, you may post a tip on this thread-

Complete Guide To The Game:

After you create your wolf, you start the game. You must find a mate, but stay alive. Search the territory close to your starting point, then do the territory farthest away. Then do the one in the mountains. It has happened to me many times that after you go to each territory, you look for a mate, that you go out of the last territory you were in then go back in to find a mate and your mate wil be there. After you befriend your new mate, save the game and go to slough creek. There you must find a den. To have a easy game pick the den close to the summer home, the close den is in Bison Peak.
After you find a den you have 4 pups. you have to try to keep them all alive. Dont hunt to find food when you have pups, just look for dead elk. You can go to the picture of a fence on the compass to go to the Cattle Ranch. There, you can only catch calves, the Adults will alarm the farmer and his dogs that your there, and the farmer will shot you.
So stay away from adults and sneak to the calves. After you go back to your pups, Click F to feed them. After they weigh 15 pounds, they can be taken on the trip to the summer home. Howl to make sure your pups stay with you. Dont take them through the stranger wolf territory, you will simply be kicked out. Take the pups through the shallowest part of the lake to the other side of the territory then make your way to the Summer home, where you will live for the summer. The game ends after you get to the Summer Home.

Glitches & Tricks:
-There are no Glitchs or tricks yet, but if you know one, please post it on this thread-

If you have any Questions or comments about this, or the game please post it on this thread! thanks for reading and i hope this helped! :D

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Post by PacussWolf » Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:57 am

So its very easy. I have 12 and i love the game, and now i can help us! Soo....
So step by step and learn! :D
So running with A,W,S and D keys or arrow keys! Jumping with X, howl with H, tail stinking with J and in multiplayer too K - play, P to make marker, Q to run/slow walking. V is a key for- Click on V, see any marks ? When yeap, these marks are marks from animalls-preys.

Code: Select all

[color=#FF4000]Orange - Hare[/color]
[color=#0080FF]Blue - Bear[/color]
[color=#FFFF00]Yellow - Wolf[/color]
[color=#FF40FF]Pink - Deers, Rendeers[/color]
[color=#008000]Green - Coyot[/color]
+ Pink pure is a dead deer"!
Now, how hunting or eat? Easy! With SPACE or right button on Mouse! Go to any near Dead Deer and click SPACE, or hunting, Follow any animall and click SPACE, BUT BUT BUT! Dont kill Bears or Deers! For first only Hares and eat dead Deers"! Becouse Bear easy kill you, deer too. NOW in WolfQuest 2, you can rest, sit and sleep.
  • Sit - R
    Rest- 2x R
    Sleep- Z
Now you know all what you need to know! Lets start with part 2. !
So for make a pack, you need for first found 3x found any wolf territory! So click on M and now. See these purple rings? These are Wolf Territories, click on M. Now go to one wolf territory. On compas you can see a wolf and deer, Go to any wolf. Now when you re on the territory, click on V and found yellow marks. Go to new marks, these, what they are writed in the mark compas- In right up in the game - NEED TO USE KEY V ON KEYBOARD!, When the mark compas, list write Wolf mark 1 Minute ago, Wolf mark 0 minute ago etc. You go to the good way. When it write 1 minute ago, 2 minutes ago, THIS IS BAD! Turn around and go to the other side. Now when you see more and more yellow marks, close V and found a wolf. See a wolf? Follow the wolf. Now you need kill or make to the wolf go away from the territory. So click on "I am boss" When the wolf say "I am boss..." Click and click on I am boss... When the wolf die its good, when no, and it make I am not boss or other click on "Leave", "Go away" or somenthing like this. Now when you done 1. wolf, go to other territory and make this same what you make now! Then go to other territory and make that same what you make in the 1. or 2. wolf, And now when you killed 3 wolves or get it away from their territory, go to any territory and found Male or Female wolf. When you re male, found Female. When female, found male! And when you found it, now click on 1."Hello there!", 2."I like you" and when hearts added 3x now click 2x on "Lets make a pack!". When you have 5x Hearts its good! Now make for the wolf name and go away from territory. Then save and click on "New Game". Click on Single player and click on Slough Creek! Now how make pups? Found any den, what you want- in compass you can see 3 dens! Now go to any den. Chose it and now start marks your territory. Marks with P. Why i need mark my territory? Becouse other animals, predators are hungry and can kill your pups! When you re done, PUPS ARE BORN! :3 *Wof* Now save the game and click to resume game. Now you have a familly! Enjoy!*Howl*
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The Ultimate Walkthrough of WolfQuest 2.5.1

Post by DerpBacon » Fri Feb 28, 2014 10:41 pm

*Hunting will not be mentioned, as there is another guide*
Just downloaded? Made an account but just staring at the desktop, confused? Read on to get through WolfQuest.
It's obvious the first step to play is to load the game. Find the WolfQuest icon (a gray wolf) and double click on it. Click Play on the page that appears. You're ready!
Click Singleplayer to begin. Choose your wolf's fur color and customize it's brightness and tint. Then, create the stats for your wolf. The more strength, the bigger the wolf. Next, decide whether your wolf is male or female. Pick a name for your wolf. The maximum of letters is 8. Finally, click the Play Game button on the bottom. Read the introduction to Amethyst Mountain. It isn't useful, but it serves as a good history of your wolf and your objective for Amethyst Mountain. The objective of Amethyst Mountain is to find a mate. After reading, study the keys for playing. Notice that the arrow keys and the WASD keys serve as the same purpose. You can choose either WASD or arrow keys, whichever you feel comfortable. When your wolf first appears, look at the top left. There is an oval with a wolf head and green and red bars. This is your badge. It holds some of your wolf stats. The green bar is energy, it can be refilled by just standing, sitting, sleeping, or laying down. Walking and sneaking recovers the energy bar slowly. The red bar is health, it can be refilled by eating carcasses. If the health bar is empty, your wolf will die. However, the wolf will respawn. The wolf head is just for decoration. The name under the wolf head is your wolf's name. Under it is your XP, or experience points. Try using the keys you learned from the beginning. See what they do. Toggle the map by pressing M. Read the key on the left. Go toward the nearest purple circle, also known as wolf territory. There are three of them. The orange circles are hunting grounds. There are two of them. Walk or sprint towards the territory. You can view your direction on the compass. The elk picture is toward the hunting grounds, and a wolf picture is toward wolf territory. Once you are in a territory, turn on Scent View, or V. Walk around until you see yellow dots. Follow the dots. The dots will lead to a Slough Wolf, either male or female and any color. You must fight the wolf to earn XP and to be on your way of finding a mate. On the bottom left are four buttons in a box. Those are ways you can respond to the wolf. Click in the most aggressive responses to fight. Soon, you will spam click the 'I'm boss, back off!' button and both wolves will be jumping and biting each other. At a low health bar, the Slough Wolf would be submissive. Respond with one more aggressive button, and the view will be back to normal. The Slough Wolf has been defeated or even killed, and you have won your first battle. You will have to go through three battles to be able to find a mate. Go through each territory and fight with the most aggressive responses. Remember to find elk carcasses or hunt hares and to eat them to manage your health! Here is a list of all the Amethyst Mountain territories, ranging from easiest at the bottom, and near impossible but completable at the top:
Druid Wolf territory (Soda Butte)
Specimen Wolf Territory (Amethyst Mountain)
Slough Pack Territory (Grassy Plains)
Once you fight and be successful in all three territories, go back to one favored territory. You will receive a message describing your future mate. Follow the dots and look for a Dispersal Male or Dispersal Female, and it must be the opposite gender of your wolf. Once you find one, walk up toward it. Here is the order of buttons to get a mate:
Hello there
I like you
Let's play!
Let's start a pack!
Let's start a pack!
You will be able to name your mate. You have completed your first quest. To save your game, hit Esc on your keyboard and click Save Game. Make sure you aren't in wolf territory! Name your game file and click Save. This file will load Slough Creek in winter. Exit to the main menu. You have completed part 1 of WolfQuest.
To play Slough Creek, click Singleplayer, then Slough Creek. Click on the game file you saved, and read the Slough Creek introduction. You must find a den and establish a territory. To do so, go to your map. The green circles are den sites. Go to a den site you would like to have and read a short description of it. You may choose to either make it your den or to find another. After choosing a den, you must mark your territory. You may do so by howling completely, or urinating. To urinate, hit P. Your wolf will urinate. A small map of your territory will show up in a dull yellow semicircle. Urinate until the bar is at least 92% complete. Save your game. Springtime will come. Your mate has delivered 4 healthy pups! Name your pups. Defend your pups from bears and coyotes, who now pose a severe threat to your game. You can pick up and drop pups by pressing space bar. Keep them near your den. Don't forget to mark your territory. You and your mate must feed your pups. You can feed your pups by pressing F when a yellow wolf head shows above the pup. If you run out of food for pups, eat a carcass. Continue this operation until you reach the final mission. Save your game often. In the final mission, you must carry your remaining pups to a summer den. Howl with your pack until the blue bar is full. A star will show up on the compass. Feed and carry your pups to the summer den. This mission may take a while. Cross with pups in shallow parts of the river. Once you have reached the summer den, your wolf's pack will howl together. Read the ending. Congratulations, you have completed WolfQuest!
If you have a WolfQuest Community account, you can play multiplayer games. Up to 5 people may join a game. You can hunt, chat, or roleplay in these games. To join a game, go to the main menu and click Multiplayer. Make a Multiplayer wolf and click Play. Choose Join a Public Game and click on a game you want to join. Sign in with your Community username and password and start playing. To make a game, go to the main menu, make a wolf, and click Make A Public Game. Choose what time of day you want the game to be in, and the map. Choose a game name, how many people may join, and you sign in with your Community username and password. Your game will appear in the game listings. Remember, patience is key. In multiplayer, to chat, you press C on your keyboard. You can press K on your keyboard to play bow.
Whatever type of mode you choose, whatever wolf, whatever time, whatever day, WolfQuest will be guaranteed to satisfy wolf lovers everywhere!

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ULTIMATE WQ GUIDE. move to right section pls

Post by pearlymoorehen » Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:04 pm

first, create your wolf. adjust the stats with your pups in mind. (will I want to catch up to the bears more, or easily finish off coyotes?) this is important. my favorite stat to max out is stamina, so you can run forever. speed and stamina are good for the first mission as you go all over the map, but keep the pups in mind.
ah, love... this is the most confusing for new players. you must visit each territory, as said in the somtimes ignored pop-up. repeat after me- DO NOT TRY TO MATE WITH A DRUID! IT WILL END VERY VERY BADLY. after visiting all 3 territories on the map, you will find a pop up explaining you must find a dispersal wolf. look in the territories, and find one of the oppisite gender. say phrases in this order: Hello there! I like you let's play! let's start a pack! let's start a pack! you now have a mate! you can name it, and move to slough creek and have pups.
bison peak. east creek (maybe). aspen hights. saddle meadows. choosing a den will determine how hard or easy it is to finish the game. I personally favor bison peak. I will reveiw them all.
bison peak- 5/5
closest to little butte, and great for new players. it is a tree. there are some carcasses around, and it is close to the rendevouz site. bears and coyotes appear more often though.
east creek- 0/5
if you managed to get 25,000 XP points, your map will show a 4th den. however, it is the glitchiest den. EVER. some people have to reinstall WQ. pups wander, and it just is terrible. good "hard mode" though.
aspen hights- 3/5
aspen hights is a classic den made of rocks. it has a small sprig of flowers. it is pretty, but when you start the journey, you will see it's dark side. it's very far from the rendevouz site. the carcasses are far away, and near a bear spawn. it's good for a WQ "stay at den" play.
saddle meadows- 4/5
another den of rocks, it is on a hill. it is easy to take your pups to the summer den, and has some good carcasses.
press p. and laugh. ;) aanyway, mark until the territory is displayed as yellow in the left corner. you will now get pups! yay!
first, name them. if you got 50,000 points, your first born pup is albino. then, get to the mission. howl. step. howl. step. repeat until the new blue bar is all the way up.
this is REALLY hard. save when a predator cutscene starts, and unleash your wolf parent fury. first, a bear will come. BEHIND THE DEN. bite him three times, and he will dash away! RUN FOR THE HILLS, BOB! after this stressful chase, EAT. if a coyote appears, bite it 'till it's dead. if you just chase it, it WILL come back. keep killing and chasing until it is time for our next mission.
time to fatten the pups. your mate will not get them to gain wheight if it feeds them. so you must feed them. howl to prevent your mate from feeding them. check "PACK STATS" in options tocheck their wheight. some people fatten pups to 100 lbs. you can for fun.
oh oh, you've come so far, you've fought so hard to where you AARE! okay, I'll stop singing. you have the option to say home, or take on the journey. select Let's go! to start it. a predator cutscene will show. in the air. EAGLLLLLE! walk back from the pup it wants, and when it's on the ground ram into it. "BYE EDDIE!" if it gets a pup, you cannot save it. it will say, "your puppy, _____, will die soon." and then it says it died :'( a quick cheat to get rid of it is save, quit, and get back in. you have successfully used eagle spray. go backward, and your mate will carry pups. you need to take your pups accross the creek at the sandbar, at the u-shaped part of the creek. remember to keep chasing eagles and bears, and to kill coyotes. head to the star. when you get there, your family will howl, and you will have completed the game. congradulations!
when you complete the game, you can think of creative ways to play.
PATH 1- amethyst loners
you find no mate, and hunt, fight other wolves, and explore. it's easy without thee neediness of pups.
PATH 2- snowy lover wolfies
you and your mate find no den. you play in the snow, doing wolfy lovey dovey stuff. it's a slough creek freeplay! in the snow!
PATH 3- home is where the den is.
you always choose stay at den. you live at the den and take good care of pups.
PATH 4- nomads
you travel with your pups across the map, attempting to show them how to hunt hares, etc. can make for great screenshots of your adventures.
I hope this helped with all you wolfquesters out there! :mrgreen:
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The Unofficial WolfQuest Game Guide (2.7)

Post by Rosey_Love » Sat Mar 23, 2019 7:53 pm

Making A Wolf
In order to start your game, you must first create a wolf. Once the game loads, hit the “single Player” button. Now hit the “Amethyst Mountain” button, located under the “start at the beginning” caption. Now select “create new wolf.” You should now see five skin packs: Default, Lamar Canyon Pack, Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack, Life is Rough Pack 1, and Life is Rough Pack 2. All packs have five skins in them. Pick a skin, than adjust the saturation at the bottom of the screen. My favorite is the Lamar Canyon Pack. I like the first skin in it, and I make the saturation at light as possible. Now hit “abilities.” Adjust the strength, speed, and stamina. I usually adjust the strength to 30%, and the speed and stamina on 60%. You may hit the “reset bonus” button if the game glitches during this part. The total should equal up to 150. Now select your howl type. There are number 1-8, and I like seven. Now hit the “body” button. You may choose a normal body, notched ear, torn ear, flat ear, radio collar, bent ear, or limpy. I like limpy the most, as it gives your wolf a limp that looks quite cute. The problem with limpy is, that using it gives you wolf -10 strength and +10 stamina. Now look to where your wolf is. Right above it, select the gender.
Naming Your Wolf
After you have customized your wolf, it is time to give your wolf a name. I prefer nature names based off the wolf’s coat color. For example, you might name a white wolf sky. I will now give you ten different names for every coat color:
Mostly White:
Snow, Winter, Cloud, Lily, Milky, Wind, Feather, Frost, Icy, Daisy
Mostly Brown:
Den, Tree, Dusty, Dirt, Cliff, Mountain, Bronze, Earth, Deer, Muddy
Mostly Ginger:
Amethyst, Yellowstone (light ginger), Squirrel, Ginger, Sunset, Flame, Star, Carrot, Honey, Sunflower (light Ginger)
Mostly Gray:
Breezy, Sky, Dust, Rock, Rain, Lake, River, Silver, Pigeon, Moon
Mostly Black:
Night, Midnight, Darkness, Dawn, Dusk, Darkness, Coal, Galaxy, Wool, Blackie

Sometimes you will also name a wolf a random name that you like. For example, naming an ginger wolf Current or Forest. You don’t have to give your wolf a nature name, either. You could name your wolf names like Shewolf or Xander. You could also give your wolf a name that makes you laugh, such as Mr.Funnypants. I sometimes give my wolves meaningful names. One time I had a pup who acted unlike the other pups, so I named him Agamani, meaning unique. After you have chosen a name, press the “continue’’ button.

Episode One

Two boxes should now pop up on the screen: “Quest for a Mate”, and “Game Controls”. Read both, and close out of them with buttons at the bottom of the screen. Now one more box will pop up, “How Hard of a Life?”, “You can choose pretty easy”, “challenging”, “arduous”, and “bring it on!” You now need to gain experience in order to get a mate. Experience varies depending on the wolf, but you usually need 750-800 experience points. You can check your experience in “Pack Stats”. You will get more boxes popping up on the screen, but these only tell you missions, where you are, and what to do. A female elk will now be near you. You can kill that. Here is how much experience things give you:
Death: -500 xp
Mark territory with urine: 1-2 xp
Wag tail to pup: 2 xp
Play bow to pup: 3 xp
Mark territory with howl: ~4 xp
Drop pup by den in training: ~8 xp
Killing a hare: 10 xp
Feed pup: 10 xp
Killing a coyote: 25 xp
Chasing away a dispersal wolf: 25-50 xp
Killing a fox: 100 xp
Killing a cow elk: 100 xp
Killing a cow moose: ~200 xp
Chasing a bear away: 200 xp
Chasing a cougar away: 200 xp
Protecting your pups from a stranger wolf: 300 xp
Killing a cougar: 350 xp
Killing a bull elk: 500 xp
Killing a bull moose: ~600 xp

Now that you have 750-800 xp points, you can look for a mate. Look for the picture of a wolf on your compass, and head towards it. Once you get the notification you are in a wolf’s territory, you can start sniffing. Once you have found yellow dots, follow the brighter yellow. Once you hit a wolf, check the gender. If the wolf is the opposite gender of you, then say the following; hello there, I like you, let’s play, let’s start a pack, let’s start a pack. After that, the wolf will become your mate. Give your mate a name, then exit the arena. A new icon should pop up next to your name. This will be a heart, and represents your mate’s health. If it is light pink or white, your mate needs to eat. If it is red or dark pink, your mate is fine. After, you may continue to hunt in Yellowstone national park with your mate, or go to Slough Creek to have pups. Before going, if you have 7,500 experience points you will unlock East Creek den. If you have 50,000 experience points, you will have a white pup, even if neither of the parents have any white fur.

If you choose to go to Slough Creek, you follow the star on your compass. Once you have reached the star, the game will ask you if you would like to go to Slough Creek. Select yes.

Episode Two
Once you are at Slough Creek, it will be winter. You now will have to choose a den. These are shown by green circles on your map. My favorite is Bison Peak Cutoff. If you visit the area around the den before deciding on it, you get an achievement. Here are the different dens:

East Creek: This den is located on the east side of Slough Creek. It is the closest territory to the cattle ranch, but far away from elk hunting grounds. This territory is the farthest from enemy wolves, and is located under a tree.
Bison Peak Cutoff: This den is close to both elk hunting grounds and enemy wolf territory. It is the closest den to your summer destination, and you do not have to go in deep water when traveling for the summer. It is southeast on the map.
Aspen Heights: This den is northeast on the map, and is made up of a pile of rocks. This den is the farthest from your summer destination, and you have to cross two deep steams to get to it. This den is far away from enemy territory, and is close to both elk hunting grounds and the cattle ranch.
Saddle Meadows: This den is in the northwest region of the map. This den is relatively far from enemy wolf territory and elk hunting grounds. The den is a cave located in a meadow. This den had a broken dead tree beside it, making it easy to find.

Dens are located in the middle of the territory. Once you arrive, you must mark your territory. You can do so by peeing or howling. Once you have marked your territory, you are ready to have pups. A message will pop up on the screen telling you so. You will always have four pups. Another mission will pop up, telling you to train your puppies. The game will also notify you when your puppies are hungry. The four paw prints under your mate’s health will tell you when your pups are hungry. You want your pups to all have red paw prints. A dark pink is okay, too. A light pink means that pup is in need of food. White means your pup is almost dead. If the paw print turns black, then your pup has died. Once at 2000 experience points, you can name your pups. Pups have seven animations. Play Bow, Tail Wag, dead, and sleeping animations are like yours and your mates. “Walking” is like yours except the pup has their head up, and “playing” is jumping on top of one another. “Hanging” is when you pick your pup up. If you get 15000 experience points, your fourth born will be replaced by a pure white pup. Your pups have a brown scent. No two pups can look exactly the same. Coat colors are made of base, tint and gradient, and can be inherited from parents or ancestors. Eye color can be blue, amber, brown, grey and orange. You can bond with your pups through play bows, tail wags, grins, and rolls.

In the summer journey, your pups have to all be 15+ pounds, and the pack must be decently bonded. No matter which den you choose, you will have to cross two streams with your pups to make it to the forest. It is highly recommended that you feed your pack well before starting the journey. During the journey, there will be attacks from coyotes, eagles, and sometimes even bears or wolves. Bring your pups close to the wolf pack territory at the bottom of the screen. There should be shallow spaces to cross the creek. If your pups are too hungry, feed them well before crossing the deep part of the stream. Sniff around often. An elk carcass or hare is a treasure, as you often starve during this journey. Stay out of wolf territory, and protect your pups. A strategy I have is to pick up your favorite pup, have your mate pick up your second favorite, and run ahead until they whine. Then go back and get the other two puppies. Once you have crossed the stream, keep heading towards the star. If you crossed the deep end, look for food first, as your pups will be almost dead. Make sure to save your game frequently. If all your pups die, you will lose the game. You then can load a save or start from when your pups were born. If you make it to the rendezvous site with at least one pup alive, you win the game.


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