Missing Buttons - WQ Main Menu Solution

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Missing Buttons - WQ Main Menu Solution

Post by Neamara » Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:45 am

** This issue appears to primarily affect most Windows users; notably, users running Windows 7 Ultimate based on past threads. **

You've just downloaded and installed WolfQuest. Upon opening the game, are you greeted by a picture of a wolf family, but there are no buttons -- Single Player, Multiplayer and Quit -- to be seen anywhere on-screen.
Unfortunately, the game appears to have run into a compatbility issue or conflict and will not go past this screen in its current state. Fortunately, there are three possible solutions.

Solution 1: Run WolfQuest as an Administrator
If you use a family computer or any other computer where you do not have administrative access, this issue may occur. Running the game as an administrator may bypass the issue but you will require either the administrator's password or an administrator's account on your computer. (Windows) If your account is 'limited', you will be prompted for a password. Ask your computer's administrator to input the password for you.

If the game launches with buttons visible things should be good to go, but you might always need to run the game as an administrator before the buttons will appear. If this is the case, set the game to always request admin permissions to run - right-click WolfQuest, click "Properties", under the "Compatibility" tab check "Run as an administrator" and click OK to confirm. If this did not work, proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2: Run WolfQuest using Compatibility Mode
  • 1) Close any open WolfQuest applications.
    2) Right-click the WolfQuest short-cut from the desktop or start menu, and click "Properties".
    3) From the Properties window, click the "Compatibility" tab.
    4) Click the check-box beside "run this program in compatibility mode for" then select Windows ME, 98, XP, or Vista.
    5) Apply the changes and launch WolfQuest and click "OK".
If the mode you've selected does not work, repeat steps 1-3 and choose another compatibility setting. Once you've found which compatibility mode bypasses the problem and allows you to run WolfQuest with the buttons displayed, leave compatibility mode on and click "OK" to permanently apply the change. Now, whenever WolfQuest is launched, it will run with the compatibility settings and you should now be able to play the game. :)
Warning: It should be known that this is only a temporary solution. The problem WILL inevitably return and this solution will no longer work even if it is reapplied. The alternative work-around involves use of a virtual machine running a different operating system.
Solution 3: Run WolfQuest using a Virtual Machine
Virtual Machines offer a way to emulate different versions of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. This is a bit more of an advanced solution.
  • Download and install a VM- VirtualBoxVirtual PCVMware
  • Install a compatible operating system; a CD or ISO file is needed, links to which will not be provided for legal reasons.
Once fully installed and operational, a virtual machine acts as a computer within a computer. From there, you can proceed to download the game in the virtual environment, or, if you've already downloaded the game installer, transfer a copy to your virtual machine. (Refer to your VM's instructions.)

Credits If you know any work-arounds for this issue, feel free to PM me or another moderator so that they may be added here and hopefully help players affected by this issue.
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