How to take a Screen Shot of your Computer Screen

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Guides for:ScreenShoting,Not seeing yourself and Mate Probs

Post by SmokeDetector » Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:26 pm

Can i only take a screenshot for reporting?

No,you can also take screenshots in SinglePlayer or Multiplayer wheater in AM or SC.

I forget how to take a screenshot! what do i do?

If you forget how to take a screenshot dont worry!! Just look for F1 and press it.

Can i use screenshots for making videos?

Yes! You can take screenshots for a Video or whatever your doing!

-Moving on to Not seeing yourself-

I press a button by acident and i dont see myself! What happend?

If you dont see yourself then you might have pressed the number 9.

How do i not see myself?

How to not see yourself is:

1.Choose a game wheater Multiplayer or SinglePlayer

2.Choose a Location.OPTIONS ARE: Slough Creek or Amethyst Mountain

3.Once you are on there press 9 and VIOLA! You wont see yourself!

4.To see yourself again then press 9 again

Link to disscussing Mate Problems:


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How to take a Screen Shot of your Computer Screen

Post by Keyyva » Sat Aug 04, 2012 1:11 pm

This guide is "How to take a screen shot of your computer screen" and not just for in-game, also you don't need to download anything

Here is an example of what I mean; A Screen Shot of my computer Desktop;

For a visual guide, please look at my video here;

Knowing how to take screen shots of your computer's screen and not just in-game is very important! If you are in the "Tips Hints and Help" board and you are trying to explain a problem you have with the game (such as an error window pop up) knowing how to take screen shots of that error will help you and others a whole lot more to understand what the problem is. (Thats how this guide relates to "Forum Guides" to help people explain there problems in the help board)

To take a screen shot of your computer screen press the following;

Windows users: PrtSc (print screen)

Mac users: Command+Shift+4

Laptops: For laptops, you may have to
hold Fn then PrtSc (Some you do some you don't)

Then after that, go to a program where you can "past" and "save" such as paint. when you are in the program, click the "past" button and a picture of your screen shot should appear. You can edit this photo any way you like with the program's tools.
Then when you are done, click "save" or "save as". Then where ever you saved the picture, it should be there on your computer now.

To share your picture with others on the forum, you can either send it as a attachment (if enabled) or upload it on a "photo uploader" and share the link it gives you.

Thank you for reading.

Here is the guide found in the FAQ:
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