Tips for Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek

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Tips for Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek

Post by HappyKitten » Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:24 pm

Here is a cool way you can have multiple litters of pups with just one wolf. It is not a glitch, it just is a clever use of WolfQuest's files. And it's not hacking the files, because you don't edit them.

Basically, you just make a copy of your wolf and play it in Slough Creek, then make another copy and play it in Slough Creek again. Nothing more complicated. If you're having trouble understanding this guide, then drop me a PM, and I'll try to help.

Mods: I apologize if I haven't properly understood the rules for this new forum; please feel free to lock/delete!

1. First and foremost, start out with a wolf that has a mate, but you have not played Slough Creek with. If you have, it won't work.
2. Once you're sure you have an appropriate wolf, go the folder with your saved WolfQuest games. On Windows this is My Documents/WolfQuest2, or something like that; on Mac this is Home/Wolfquest or something like that (I haven't tried on Macs so I don't know ).
3. Now choose your desired wolf to have multiple litters and copy the "[wolf name].wolfquest" file. For example, say I want to have my wolf Mrutte have several litters. I would copy the "Mrutte.wolfquest" file.
4. Paste the file. Yes, into the same place as the original ones. It will come out as "Copy of Mrutte.wolfquest" or something like that.
5. Rename the file to whatever you want it to be; for example "MrutteFirstLitter.wolfquest".
6. Now close the window with the saved games folder and open up WolfQuest. Try loading your new game (in my example, MrutteFirstLitter) in Slough Creek and playing it!
7. You can do this an infinite amount of times. Just make a copy of your original wolf and play it in Slough Creek to get another litter! The most important thing is, NEVER PLAY YOUR ORIGINAL WOLF IN SLOUGH CREEK! If you do, all your copies will be exactly where you stopped in the game, so if you'd already had pups, you'll just have the same ones.

Hope you enjoy! :)
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Tips for Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek

Post by ZippyWizard » Sat Dec 25, 2010 8:06 pm

First off, if you want to name your pups, gain the exp beforehand.Mates will ditch you on hunting in this version!Don't worry though; on missions, such as trainging,mates will hunt for you.
Tip 2- Choose a den that will suit your methods.I prefer a den that has a safe camera and my pups can roam a little w/o glitching.Keep the final journey in mind at all times while choosing.
Tip 3- You will have stupid pups.If you can pick them out, this makes it soo much easier to watch them and keep them safe.FYI, your mate might think protect means kill, and your mate does NOT care about smart or stupid.Keep a good watch.
Tip 3-Always scavenge, never hunt.Hunting wastes time and your pups are likely to face chester than starve.While you may believe your mate will keep watch, he probably will go looking for you.
Tip 4-At feeding time, ration the food.If one pup would be fine with no food and one might starve, feed the hungry one.Your mate will feed the less hungry before they starve, so ration up.
Tip 5-Always have food stocked up for emergencies.If you run low, save a carcass for you and one for pup food.
Tip 6-On the final mission, zoom about halfway out so you can keep an eye on everyone.Try to put Orbit on and turn it to in front of you.
Tip 6-I really don't think any of us forget this, but I'd keep your face/ stupid/ glitchy pup by your side on the FM.Remember, Hawks do not go near adult wolves, so keep all pups close or the ones you want to keep from glitching.
I hope this helped you!
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Max Speed - Max Strength Tip

Post by Thandi » Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:29 pm

This is a guide on how to get max speed and max strength. This is a step by step guide so be sure to follow
all of the listed steps. This has only been tested on single player and not on multiplayer.

• Go to WolfQuest

• Go to Create- A- Wolf

• Pull Strength all the way down

• Pull speed all the way up

• Carefully edge up strength a bit

• Speed and stamina will go down a bit, pull speed up

• Repeat last two steps until you are able to pull strength all the way up

Now your wolf should have maxed, or close to maxed, speed and strength. ;)
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train your pups to stay close to the den in less then 1 min!

Post by Werewolf Leader » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:37 pm

This is a common easy way to get your pups to learn to stay close to the den in less then 1 min.! (This mission is given when you first get your pups)
What you have to do is howl... just howl. Instead of always picking up your pups and bringing them back to the den, you can just howl to get the blue bar up faster! The best part it, you do not have to finesh your howl, you can howl a bit then move, then howl, your pups howls will sound weird but don't worry. This is the fastest way to get your pups to learn to stay near the den.

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Slough Creek Bison Den Journey Tips

Post by ShizukaHyuga » Fri Jan 14, 2011 11:50 pm

Here's some tips on the Journey.

If you chose Bison den, when you start the journey, scare off that first eagle, pick up a cub, and run south toward that wolf's terratory. When the wolf meets you, you'll be teleported, you and all your cubs and mate, to the river. So that takes you accross some land easy!

Cross the river there,(stay away from the other wolf's territory) and there's a nice carcass on the other side on the sandy beach to refil your entire pack's health. Put down your pup and stand and wait, and your mate will bring over the other three cubs.

But here, you'll meet a bear. Fight it off and go replenish your health with that carcass.

Then turn to face the other side of the river again, being careful not to go into the other wolf's territory by checking the map and the direction you're facing, and cross the river with a cub. It's shallow there. Then wait for your mate to carry your cubs over.

Then, turn aways from the wolf's territory, and run forward for 4 or 5 seconds with a cub, while keeping a little distance from the other wolf's territory.

You keep away from the territory because if a coyote comes, it may escape to this territory, and it's a hassel trying to get it to come back so you can kill it, without another coyote appearing.

While keeping distance from the other wolf's territory, keep: running forward for 4 or 5 seconds with a cub, and waiting for your mate to bring the other cubs over.

Occasionally your mate will run off to hunt, when this happans, I just check my direction on the map, face my back to where I'm going, pick up a cub and walk back wards while waiting for the cubs to follow, probable because they're wanting to get fed :D I do this while waiting for my mate to return.

Coyotes, bears, and the eagle will appear occasionally. Check my other topic "Tips on fending off eagles, coyotes, and bears" on dealing with them. Make sure to put down the cub you're holding :)

Save at the edge of the forest. Incase something wierd happans, like a glitch or something.

When you arrive at the site, walk to the center of the clearing and have your cubs and mate follow. I think howling helps round them all up.

Sometimes an eagle appears here. You just scare it off by backing up to get around your cubs and bumping into it. Sometimes the game ends while an eagle appeared, but you finished the game! If the eagle kills a cub while the game ends, and wolf quest 3 comes, you can just go back to your save spot at the edge of the forest :D

End! :D
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Cheats, Hints, Tips

Post by Winterwolf123 » Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:01 am

Hiya. Ever got aggravated with the eagle constantly taking your pups? Or the bear coming around every three minutes? Well these cheats, hints, tips will help you in a lot of things! Want to be better than your friends in Multi-player? I have some cheats, hints and tips that can be very useful for your Wolf Quest game. :D

1. Go talk with a stranger wolf
2. Make it submit to you
3. Between the moment of that wolfs last phrase and it run away, press Esc
4. Go to pack stats
5. See your points skyrocket
6. Click resume game when you think you have enough exp.

Note: a glitch------sometimes after that your wolf will start to run in circles, when this happens just press esc, resume game and that's it. Also, if you reach around 500000 exp. you will crash (happened to me) so be careful.

The next ones are kind of like glitches. Here they are:

1. Press H and then X at same time and start to walk. You will Howl/Walk!
2. Do the same thing but with X+K. You will Bow/walk! Its like slide. Try to do this down cliffs. Its amazingly cool.

And here are some other cheats and tips...

OK, now 1 cheat and 1 hunt technique and some activities to play in MP when you get bored:

Go to a type of "Falls" that are in the Slough Creek (the creek, not the game) near Sandbar Crossing.
Go to the top fall and let the water push you; you can only jump
You are flying!
To move your wolf on the air, just jump. Be careful with the border of the river. You cant move to the front or back, only rotate your wolf to jump.

Hunt Technique
For fast prey (like bunnis):
1. Enter stalk mode
2. Go to the bunny
3. When it starts to walk/jump/run/whatever, you stop stalk mode and start to run too.

MP activities
1. Count how many ravens a carcass has
2. Tag:
-On the ground
-"Flying" on the falls
-Under the water*
3. RP
4. "Slide" on the mountains
5. Hide-and-seek
6. Take screenshots
7. *Did you notice a small deep lake near canyon cliffs? Go there. Your wolf will turn into a "crocodile"! You will have a surprise, just try it!!

I hope you liked these and that they helped you a lot >< :D
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A Guide for Self/Mate/Pup General Care/Tips

Post by ZippyWizard » Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:03 pm

This guide is made on the topic of care.It includes a list of tips for self care, mate care, and pup care.Feeding, protecting, traveling, hunting, all of those things.If you need a walkthrough/guide made on the topic of SP Familes, hunting, and dens, PM me and I'll write up one.If it goes to YouTube as a video walkthrough, you get to be featured in the description.Thanks for reading!

Caring for your wolf has to be the easiest.You know when you're hungry, you know when you're tired, and it's easy to protect yourself.Parenting those pups can take it out of you, so here are a few tips on keeping a happy, healthy wolf:
1.When you are low on health, you will start to see it even if you can't see the bar.You'll run slower, trot slower, and act slower.It's vital that you eat what you need, and when you need it.If you can't chase a predator, you're doomed.Try to eat when your health bar gets below half, and make sure to fill up for the pups, too.
2.Don't run long distances.Real wolves can keep a 20 mph pace for a few miles, but our stamina bar goes empty pretty fast.When going around AM finding a mate, trot every once in a while-your health will thank you.
3.Judge food wisely.Is it really needed to hunt when you're full, or to starve yourself when you are hungry.In SC, it may be needed to eat to feed the pups, even when you're full.

Caring for your mate is up to them entirely.You can't feed them.You can't make them trot or run.You can't make them hunt when they're not hungry.Protecting your mate isn't as needed as it is protecting the rest of your family.But here are a few tips on keeping your mate happy and healthy:

1.Your mate is in charge of when they eat.Never try to make them eat,

This topic is in progress, the computer is glitching rally badly.
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Stranger wolf territory glitch/cheat

Post by wolf_storm » Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:32 am

(NOTE: this will only work, i beleive, if you have Bison Peak as a den!)

Ok, everyone knows how annoying it is to have to squeeze across sandbar crossing, not drowning your pups but not getting in stranger wolf territory as well. well, this might help.

Ok, first things first, from my personal experience, Bison Peak is the best den. less predators, close hunting grounds, lots of carcasses, plus its close to the randevou (spelling?) point. However, between you, your pups, mate, and safety is stranger wolf territory. everyone knows that once the journy begins, the stranger wolf territory gets HUGE. normally, you'd have to go around it, but there is a shortcut to aviod sandbar crossing altogether.

Ok, what you have to do is pick up a pup, and run straight into the Stranger wolf territory. as usual, a stranger wolf should appear and run at you. BUT, instead of letting it catch you, Jump just as it reaches you and your pup. the sign should pop up, as usual, that says "you shouldnt be sniffin' around these parts, BUT, you will not be at sandbar, you'll be standing right where you were, not having budged an inch!

Once you have done this, it should be easy going from there. just lead your pups and mate straight through stranger wolf territory without being bothered. this lets you cut straight across to the randevous (spelling?) point, and therefor saving you a bunch of travel time. it also saves you from not having any carcasses around, and starving, 10-life-points-away-from-death pups, and the only carcass in the area is just inside the Stranger wolf territory, and you cant get to it. very frustrating.

I hope this helps some of you who are struggling with this mission!

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A 'secret' way to remove the eagle... temporarily

Post by wolf_storm » Fri Feb 11, 2011 8:12 pm

(well, since my other one was was made uneditable, and I wanted to share this with everyone...)

OK, I was messing around with the journey mission, and saw the eagle. I paused the game to look at it, and It started sliding away from me really fast. I kept it paused for about ten minutes, and was able to finish the game without it coming back!

To do this, all you have to do is have the eagle in sight, on the screen, (this works best if its hopping or very close to the ground, cuz it takes it longer to come back, or when you've already scared it off, and its flying away) and then you simply pause the game. the eagle will freeze and start sliding in the direction it was facing. you can keep it paused as long as your want. the longer its paused, the farther the eagle goes, and the longer it takes for it to come back.

however, there is a risk to your pups with this glitch. if the eagle is on the ground, hopping, and is facing a pup when you pause it, it will slide forwards and over your pup. when it does this, it will catch your pup and freeze in place, and when you unpause it, it will fly off with your pup! so be careful when you do this glitch!

This has worked for me many, many times, but i have also lost several pups to it, so use at your own risk!It can be very helpful though.

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How to win a rally!

Post by Werewolf Leader » Sun Feb 13, 2011 9:37 pm

Making and completing a rally is easy yet some wolves/people dont quite understand how to get it right.

Geting it started
To get a rally started is easy, just howl. Everyone knows that right? (When you howl try to get everyone together then howl, it makes it much easyer or right when you find the herd of elk and everyone is together.)

Why is the rally not starting?
This is the part where most people dont understand fully. When you howl and the bar on the right shows up, inside of it is a yellow filling, but it is not a rally? What should i do now? When most people see this, they think that everyone has to howl to get the rally going but that is not what you need to do! In order to get the yellow filling all the way up and start a rally is not to have everyone to howl, but it is to have everyone close together... :idea: Now that you hear this you should understand the non scense of the yellow filling going up and down when wolves move around. This is best to do when everyone is all ready together.

When the rally starts...
This part all most everyone knows what to do. When everyone is together and the yellow filling in the bar has got to the top, the filling will turn blue and lower on the left of the bar will say; "H howl, J wag, K bow" So all you do is howl, way and bow to get the blue bar up. Everyone has to do this to win the extra strength.

Tips on Rallying
A few tips that I have found out about rallying.
-Remember to have everyone together when you rally
-When you start, it is best to let everyone know that you should rally, and perhaps a reason
-When you hunt, rally when you find the elk to make hunting quicker from extra strength, and if the little strength icon is gone when you are still hunting, do another rally to keep the strength
-When it is just you in a room, you can rally just by yourself. Just howl and then howl, wag, and bow to get the blue bar up. You dont really have to get everyone together because well... you are all ready together, it is just you.
-in AM the extra strength will be 3X but in SC it is only 2X. (They made it like that to make you ask questions. :lol: In other words i dont know why it is that way, it just is)
-To get the blue bar up faster, just keep on pressing J K J K J K really fast (to bow and wag really fast) When you do this, your wolf will look funny, but it will get your part of the blue bar up really fast

Hope this helps! :D

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me

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My version on having your pup(s) survive. (I'm not stealing)

Post by Raptor Red » Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:04 pm

Hi there. It's been a really long time since I've been here. but it's nice to see you guys again. :wink:

And there is already a topic that helps you to have your kids survive but it may not be helpful. So this is a different version on how to help your pups or 1 pup survive:

First of all, find a den. The one I've succeeded the second mission with is the one at bison peak but there could be others.

Use the map here and in-game to consider the den.

The second step is to mark your territory. Because otherwise, more strangers will arrive although they don't try to kill your pups.

Thirdly, find food for your kids. But you may have to hunt for food if you can't find a carcass. And mates don't always follow you in Slough Creek. Therefore, here's my advice: take turns looking after the kids. But you may have to leave if the pups get really hungry. In that case, sometimes your mate will return to the den and take his/her shift. If that happens, then she'll leave immediately when you return and you can take your turn.

Although pups survive best when given food, I don't think I should point it out since you guys already know it.

The last step is well, make the journey to the summer ground. I've managed to succeed this step because when I did, only one pup survive. And sometimes you can just swim across a river without drowning your pup(s).

Well, those are my tips. Now if you feel like I've been stealing, please forgive me. And if not, then tell me what you think. :wink:

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How to Speed Glitch in Multiplayer

Post by MsGoldenMC4 » Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:15 am

Go to Multiplayer and Select AM or SC

Customize your wolf

Make a Chat(Private or Open)

Choose the amount of player 2-5

Type in your Username and Password


Click Join your Pack

Go to the Hunting Grounds

Go after a Bull

Keep on biteing until you die

Press CHAT and DO NOT Talk

Then when you come back alive,you should be Speed Glitching! Still,Click Join your Pack but do not Chat or Press Enter or Send.

To stop,Press ENTER

Also,I dont not want any Replys or Suggestons.I know it all XD

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How to get good speed strength and stanima

Post by SilverB » Fri Apr 08, 2011 12:20 pm

OK, i lost my fourm for this so i'm gonna make a new one, if that one got deleted by a mod, let me know, ;) now down to buisness, i was playing around with the status and i was trying to get full status nothing worked untill (Now its not going to be full, ok) i got this going:
1.reset status
2. click female
3. put strength down to bottom
4. click male
5. raise speed to the top,
6. click female
7. (this is kinda tricky) raise the strength a tad bit then raise the speed again, keep doing this again and again untill its at the top, and if you don't want to be a female simply change to male and raise the streangth, (don't try to raise speed again, it'll ruin it, the you have to start over, i think) hope this works,
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The magic Flowers!

Post by lozzie » Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:55 am

has anyone noticed a bunch of flowers in amethyst mountain by one of the lakes?
well when you go up to them,the music changes and when you get even closer to it a rabbit jumps out!
kill the rabbit, go back to the flower and another one will jump out, you can do this a few times and then save the game, click start new game, then load that one. there should be loads of elk carcasses. by the way the carcasses may be eaten and almost no health left!
this can help you to kill a bull elk, drive it toward them and take a bite when needed!
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How to survive cattle ranch.

Post by lightshadowwolf223 » Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:44 pm

Ok first do not spook the cows.
Second only try to kill the calf.
Third if you hear bells once your fine. You hear bells twice make a run for slough!
Because if you stay to long you get shot.
Hunting is not destruction and i get annoyed by people all ways going like: OOO your killing the animals!
I just say: No. its population managment, and could someone who hates animals know so much about them?


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