Tips for Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek

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Finding strangers in SC

Post by Kiba_1996 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:29 am

Here's a tip on how to find a stranger wolf in SC. The easiest is just to mark your territory and a wolf will appear somewhere. But everyone knows that, right? So if you wanna find a stranger in it's own territory here's what you have to do (I discovered this method when my den was on Aspen but I think it works if your den is on Saddle Meadows too):
1.Before you have pups mark your territory but don't pass 80 per cent
2.Then go as deep as you can in the stranger wolf territory
3.While you run into the stranger's territory pee (by pressing "p" key) all over the place
5.Do this for a few minutes and you'll meet a stranger wolf; but be careful: the wolves you'll come upon (Druids) will fight near death so make sure that you have full health before attacking them

You can try this after you have pups but you have to be quick otherwise a message saying "Hungry mouths" will pop up and you'll be sent back to your den.
I didn't try this with the territory in south but when I will I'll let you know or you can tell me if it worked or you.
Hey! I've just tested the strategy I posted in the previous topic and it works in south too.
*Note: you'll know that a wolf appeared close by when you hear the specific music playing
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A Great Way To Find Out Of Range Food

Post by MoonWolf100 » Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:37 pm

You despretly need food or you will die soon! your pups are hungry! You sniff around in scent veiw but there is no food! WAIT! whats that? a coyote! dont kill it! follow it! it may take a while but it will lead you to food. it wont try for the food but will walk right past it. it will still have an 95% chance that it will lead you to food. try it with bears too. Good luck and please comment on how it works for you! :D
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Some Good Tips For WolfQuest

Post by mousy554 » Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:48 pm

.You can jump IN a rock.first get little away from a rock.then jump. can jump through walls.go to a edge the map.jump.itwill take you back though.
3.have 5.0 strongness and 5.0 fastness.put STR down to the middle.pull fastness all the way up.pull STR all the way up. to howl and walk at the same time.jump then howl,then walk do it fast or it wont work. to get AWAY from your mate.walkhowl and go way from your mate.keep doing this.becuase your mate stops when they howl.(single player only) can push people.just go to the side of them and walk. can push animals.first you need to have the froze glitch,where when you kill a animal it poofs.just fo the same thing you did to the other people.
8.coyotes around you EVERYWHERE.just stand at the dead tree next to the dead elk.just wait.

hope these work :D :D

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Surviving Final Mission With Lots Of Food!

Post by XxWolfQueenxX » Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:55 pm

I am sorry if there is already a topic like this

Ok, so I survive with all of my pups on the final mission by hunting. Some people think it is a waste of time. No doubt about it. It takes a lot of time and energy. But if you have a very helpful mate you can afford to waste time. I leave a trail of carcasses in the direction of the summer den. It is never in the exact direction, but pretty close. Don't hunt on the last mission though. Hunt on the part when you have to keep watch of the pups. Then make your trail.
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How to Keep your WolfQuest Game Going on Forever

Post by Meadow125 » Sun Oct 30, 2011 7:09 pm

How to Keep your WolfQuest Game Going on Forever!
Welcome to my guide. This guide shows ways to keep your game going on forever! I wrote this so people who want to see their grand pups and their offspring find mates and raise babies.

When your pups are first born, quickly turn around and take a screenshot. Get as many pictures of as many views as you can of your favorite pup. Complete the game, go to the rendezvous site, etc. Now, look at those screenshots. Select New Game, and make a wolf just like your favorite pup! Name it, customize it, all to look just like your favorite pup. Now do the whole Find a mate quest, as a grown up version of your pup! Create one of all of your pups if you like. When you get to Slough Creek, choose the same den as your parents. You can complete this process as many times as you wish! Create a wolf family tree and keep a note of it. If this doesn't get locked, post about them here!
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Bigger Female Wolf!

Post by Chives » Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:26 pm

Ever started making your wolf, then switched the gender to female and noticed a considerable size change?

Well you can have a big tough looking female wolf! Simply follow these instructions:

1. Type in a name for your wolf.

2. Make up your stats.

3. Ensure that the current gender selected is "Male".

4. Now select "Female" as the gender of your wolf. You will quickly notice how much smaller your wolf is. Straight after doing this press the LEFT (<-) directional button on your keyboard and whalah! Your female wolf should now be as big as a male would be!

(If you try this please post here and tell me if it worked for you. I only tested it on my computer and would like to know if I helped anyone.)
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10 Tips for Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek

Post by Edme1 » Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:50 am

Here are a few tips for completing both episodes:

-Amethyst Mountain-
1. When I go to all of the wolf territories, I usually go to Soda Butte Vista first, then Amethyst Mountain territory, then Grassy Plains. To me, that's the easiest way.
2. Don't go out of your way to kill a coyote or chase off a bear. Focus on the mission!
3. Try to save before you go into the social arena with an enemy wolf. If the wolf kills you or you die while searching for a carcass, you can reload your saved game and try again.
4. Eat at all the chances you get. Don't pass up food that appears in your path!
5. Once you have beat a wolf from all three territories, then look for a mate in the territory you last beat a wolf in. That way, once you beat the last enemy wolf you need to, you're already there and you just have to wait for a dispersal wolf to appear.
6. I try to skirt around the mountain area near the top of the map, just because it's hard to navigate through and there are many places you can get stuck.
7. I don't spend time hunting elk when I still need to find a mate. I eat from carcasses along the way, then maybe hunt some elk with my mate.
8. Don't kill coyotes or challenge bears on your way to a stranger wolf territory. They will just take away health that you may need for a wolf fight.
9. I find that having name tags on is distracting, and you don't really need them in AM.
10. If you're in a wolf fight, don't give up until you might die soon. Run away with enough health so that you can reach the nearest carcass. However, it's best if you can keep going until the other wolf gives in, but this can be hard with druid wolves.

-Slough Creek-
1. When choosing a den, I usually choose either the Saddle Meadows den or the Bison Peak Cutoff den. Saddle Meadows because it is close to elk hunting grounds and far from wolf territories, and Bison Peak because it has tons of nearby food.
2. When you first get your pups and you need to teach them to stay near the den, howling is a good way to fill the blue bar. You don't even have to finish them! Just howl for a second or two, take a step, howl, take a step, repeat until the blue bar is full.
3. It's good to have name tags on in Slough Creek so you can keep track of your pups.
4. Let your mate do most of the feeding. You only have to feed your pups if he/she doesn't.
5. Don't let your pups stray more than a few feet from the den. Pick them up and drop them right next to the den, even if they haven't walked far.
6. If a coyote or bear threatens your pups, make sure you are at full health before you attack the predator.
7. Make sure to constantly mark your territory. I never let my territory get down to less than 75% marked.
8. Don't go out of your way to get to the cattle ranch unless you are at the Slough Creek den or Aspen Heights den.
9. On the final journey, when an eagle threatens your pups, it can be hard to know which pup it wants. To find out, carry one pup far away from the rest. If the eagle follows you, it wants that pup. Repeat the process until you know which pup the eagle wants, then stay close to that one.
10. On the final journey, carry one pup and let your mate bring the rest. Be careful not the let them drown! I try to save before I carry any of my pups across any part of the river.
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The Guide For Wolf Breeding

Post by Wonderland Summer » Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:17 pm

Hello. Today is the day we are going to save the wolves! (in the game, of course!) We are going to breed a small number of wolves and help the pups find mates. So, on with buisness.




Section Three- PUPS



Section One

Now, when you start the game, you will want to customize your wolf for your level, of course. Well, you also need to think about the pups and your mate. Do you want to have pure bred pups? Or, do you want to have multi- colored pups? Think about it, and then use the sliders to make your wolf look good. Now, name and change stats and stuff. After that, play the game and look for a mate, hunt some elk, and kill some strangers!( if you want.)


Section Two

So, when you customized your wolf, and you have made three wolves submit, a message should pop up that you need to keep looking. That's when the real hunting begins. Go all the way back to Grassy Plains, and you will see a different type of wolf. When the health bar appears, it should say Dispersal instead of Slough. Find the wolf of the opposite sex and then bond with it. If you do not like the color, go out and back into the territory until you find a good one that is the color you like.


Section Three

Now, you must go on to slough creek. Find a den and mark your territory. Now you will have pups. They may be different colors, and they may be the same! You are going to be thinking, what? why did cocoa say the pups are irritating? They are so cute and small! Well, they will misbehave and walk all over the place. Plat the game until you get to the defend your den misssion.

Section Four

Now, you must defend your pups. After you click ok, the camera will zoom in on a big, fat, scary bear. DO NOT PANIC! Simply go up to the top of the den, and bite the bear three times. Same with coyotes. After you kill about ten coyotes, and chase off seven bobs, the game will say you need to feed the pups. eat, eat, eat! take turns watching the pups from bears and coyotes. Your mate will hunt and you will eat carcasses. NEVER leave your pups alone! now, once you get the pups to fifteen pounds, (fattys!) a pop up will say that you are starting the summer mission. If you live at bison peak, go dead ahead at the star. Do not drop your pup until you get to the densite. Why? A golden eagle will snach them up for dinner. Keep bringing the pups to the den, and then you will howl. Beware of the flying pup glitch where your pup will start to fly and then it will starve. once all the pups are in the place you want them, take them out of your mouth. If not, you will howl with a pup in your mouth and it will go to live in the clouds. You finished the game!

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A General WolfQuest Game Guide

Post by _Denali_ » Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:30 pm

Need help in Amethyst Mountain? Here's some easy, simple tips. Read on!

Problem: No dispersal wolves; cannot find a mate
Answer: Interact with at least one stranger wolf from each territory.

Problem: Wolf dies and respawns, but the screen and controls are messed up.
Answer: Unfortunately, just restart the game and report the bug.

Problem: Wolf dies, and the body is still there.
Answer: This is a glitch specific to Amethyst Mountain. Try reporting the bug.

Problem: No other pack territories.
Answer: In multiplayer WQ, there are no 'social arena' wolf territories.

Problem: The mission is to find a mate, but I can't!
Answer: In multiplayer, you cannot find or get a mate. This is in the FAQ.

Help for Slough Creek.

Problem: Where are the pups?
Answer: In multiplayer, you cannot have a mate or pups. This is in the WolfQuest FAQ.


Problem: My wolf keeps glitching in the river.
Answer: As this is a common glitch in Slough Creek, try to stay out of the river.

Problem: My wolf cannot swim in the river in Snowpack games.
Answer: This is another common glitch in Slough. It is most likely because of 'winter freeze effects'.

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Epic Jumping/Howling

Post by praypray » Tue Dec 04, 2012 3:48 pm

Epic Jump/Jump back = Get to the edge of the map, then try to run straight to the edge, when you can't run, jump
Epic Howl Without Raising Your Head = x, h, j, then take a step back. !AND RUN! :wink:
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WQ Singleplayer | How to play to the honest way

Post by Starz10 » Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:25 pm

Hi, I decided to make this simple guide to help those who want to play WQ the fair way, without cheating. So, here are some for Slough Creek.
Don't use the expirence point cheat: When that stranger wolf is about to run away, don't bother to rush and press that Esc button, this could possibly mess up your file. Your at your own risk using this, so you must decide if that white pup is worth it.
Save and reload: See a bear or coyote coming your way? Maybe even an eagle? Your probably tempted to quicky save your game. Don't do it. If a pup is about to die then its probably meant to be that way. Yes its saddening and worrying, but the heavier the load the harder.
Reseting the game, really?: So, you saved your game when those predators came around, simply reload your game and don't do it again. As I said above, the heavier the load the harder. Maybe next time you reload you might not be so lucky, don't you think one pup's demise is better than two?
Amethyst Tips
Face it, don't fear it: You see that your health is low, that stranger wolf is beating you. Maybe now would be a good time to give up, don't do it. This may cause a glitch but its better to face your fears than to run from them.
Don't raise those bars: You know that cheat that gives you full strength and your chocie of speed or stamina? Don't use it, this is cheating. Simply chose a simple setting for your wolf that describes him/her.
Just go with it: Don't like your new mate's fur color? Deal with it. Don't go crazy trying to go in and out of the territroy looking for a certain colored mate.
Now here are some tips on how to challenge yourself! Ametyst Mountain challenges are marked AM) and Slough Creek challenges are marked SC).
SC) Aspen Heights Den: Choose this den as your densite! If you want a far and challenging final challenge then this is the den for you!
AM) Bull Elk Hunt Without Mate: Try hunting a bull elk... without your mate!
I hope you enjoyed my small guide on how to play a good, honest, and fair game. Enjoy!

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How to survive Amethyst mountian

Post by Amethyst Rose » Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:19 am

I just thought i'd share my knowledge of surviving the first episode of WolfQuest. Please let me know if there is already a guide (I looked through and i didn't see one)

- Food & Hunting
Lets start with the basics. Food and hunting. Yeah, sounds easy, i know. Problem is, it isn't. Hunting is hard, whatever thing your going against. Hares are fast, Female elk are aggresive and Bull elk are deadly. A carcass is your easiest catch. But the problem is that you might encounter a coyote or bear when you want to eat. Coyotes run when you approach them, so you can just walk up and start munching on the carcass. But the problem is they usually eat in more than one, so they probably would of finished off half the carcass anyway. Bears are even more of a problem. This is less likely than the coyote.
Bears eat and eat at the carcass, and when you try and share with them, they attack you (A simple swipe of their paw takes away alot of health) and they don't stop eating until the carcass is gone. Some users have the problem of low health after approaching a bear and they need to venture a loooong way to find a new carcass, and by then, they're almost dead. And plus, half of carcasses are half eaten anyway.
Hunting is harder than just feasting on carcasses, but it's worth it in the end. A motherload of lovely elk meat. But, of course, con time. You loose alot of health during this and then when you've FINALLY killed it and feast on it, you leave half a carcass. What a waste! So you just have to leave it for those annoying food-stealing "buddies" you share Amethyst mountain with. And sometimes, you approach your new kill and an annoying little "thing" comes and feasts on YOUR kill!

So my best bet is a mix of both. Although, to some, hunting's pointless and you might as well feast on those rotting carcasses. And, of course, some want a "healthy" diet, so it's hunt, hunt, hunt. And hunt.

- Other Animals (Including Prey)
Some animals in Amethyst mountian, can be annoying. Let me list them for you.
- Elk
- Hares
- Bears
- Coyotes
(If i've missed any animals, just tell me. I don't bite c:)
Hares are probably the most harmless. They don't swipe at you, or kick you. they just merely run away from you. Of course, they are prey, so you gobble them up. No harm done. Elk are also prey. Exept that they do kick and hurt you. Although they hurt you, they make a great feast, so a bit of harm done.
So, moving onto the annoying ones. Coyotes and Bears. Bears, usually run from you, so do coyotes. But bears, if you approach them while eating, of course, attack you, and continue to eat the carcass away. This is really annoying, so i usually would keep my distance. Although, you could fall asleep somewhat next to the carcass while they're eating and they won't pay attention to you. Coyotes are just as annoying. They run from you, of course, but, when you are going around you MIGHT, not often, see them in a "pack". They go and usually eat and eat and eat. Sometimes, when you're not looking, they go and munch on your fresh kill. Also very annoying.

So, keep an eye on your kill! These pesky animals might eat it. Stay away from hungry bears, and chasing coyotes is a good pass-time ;)

- Wolves
Of course, you are not the only wolf in AM. There are three packs. Druid, Specimen, and Slough. The Druid pack are a nasty bunch. They are strong and dominant, and if you try and "chat" with one, it'll end up saying "Get out of my sight" or something like that. Although, killing one of them is hard, which means that there's alot of EXP in it if you do manage to kill one. Slough and Specimen are also rude little packs, so you might as well just visit them so you can get the all-important mate.
Facing stranger wolves can be a challenge. Especially if you haven't eaten. Trying to kill one is a real challenge, weak or not. Druids are a deal in you are going to try and kill one, because half the time they just end up killing you. If you do manage to kill one, lucky you. Although, like every pack, they have dispersals. Dispersals are less aggresive than other wolves, even if they're the same gender as you.
Even sometimes, if you show your "Alpha" side enough they might start to show submissive behaviour. Like, if you say for example, "Leave!" They will say "I can take a hint" or something among those lines.

So, try and stay away from other wolves. Although it is necessary to visit each pack to get a mate, try and "take it easy" and only attack if you're ready for it. Dispersals are the friendliest, even if they are the same gender as you.

- Dens
Yes. I said it. Dens. You may be thinking, "Dens?! Only SC has dens.". WRONG. There are many places that act like a small shelter. You can choose anywhere to be a "den". This is a great thing to do if you wish to stay at AM for a while, or you have a mate and want to "get to know them" before moving onto having a family. I do not recommend staying at a wolf's territory. Because you could run into them anytime. Although this is not neseccary, it is fun. That's why this part is short.
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The Ultimate guide to dens, pups, and dangers

Post by american hunter1 » Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:19 pm

Chapter 1: choosing a den
Aspen heights: 5/10 i give aspen heights this rating beacause its far from the rendezvous site.
Saddle meadows:7/10 i give saddle meadows this rating beacause its not too far from hunting grounds or the rendezvous site.I would recommend this den to beginners.
Bison peak cutoff: 10/10 i give bison peak this rating beacause its less glitchy than the other dens. Its the closest to the rendezvous site. But it is close to another territory, forcing you to go around it during final journey.
The secret den: 2/10 i give the fourth den this rating beacause its sometimes so glitchy players have to re download their game. Other times the glitches are funny and random. Anyways this is far from the summer den AND hunting grounds. It looks like a mini bison peak.
Chapter 2: puppies!
So your in slough creek you chose your den and you have pups! These AI's are like 2 year olds. You better be careful, they can get pretty crazy with all the predetors. Lets go over the missions that involve pups. DEFEND YOUR PUPS
Well, the cover is self explanitory. You have to defend your pups from predators such as bears, coyotes, and both coming at once. Bears- you can't just chase a bear away. If you just chase it, it will come back. Sometimes it will get thier before you and snatch your pup. Whatever you do, ONLY PROTECT THE TARGETED PUP. I tested this, the bears and other predators will go through other pups to get thier target.

Chapter 3: Dangers for pups and you
Bears-and all of a sudden, while your hunting the predator cam pops up. Whoo-hoo! It's a bear! DO NOT WASTE ENERGY CHASING THEM. Bite them three times and they'll go away. Trust me, don't be afraid of them. They are idiots. But they will still kill you and your pups.
Eagle- this is only a BIG threat on the final mission. It will snach your pup. Sometimes insted of predator cam the game changes music. Always have volume up. Only come at the eagle when it's on the ground.
Coyote- wow. You might want to use a glitch to make all your stats high. Always kill the coyote. Don't bite it, kill it. It's extremely fast, so be careful and protect your pups.
Water- deep water will make your pups drown. Especially a danger during final journey.
Wolf territory- don't go in it during final journey. Any pup you're holding will be teleported with you and your mate to the sandbar crossing, leaving other pups a target for predators.
Chapter 4: glitches
Ah glitches. The most random and entertaining thing on wolfquest.
The zombie pup glitch- this glitch is very known. You bring a pup to a stranger wolf and exit the arena. Or bring the pup to a bear.
Flying social arena- in amethest mountain find a stranger wolf on the bottom of a hill. Talk to it while your above it. Dont exit! Now say "Im boss back off." When you bite, it will make you air bite.
Chapter 5: miscellaneous
Bob the vampire bear : Sniff. That's all ol' Bobby does. KILL HIM! >:D
The blood bear: I heard there's a dead bear with a gun next to it and blood all over in multi. Uh-hu... right...
Chapter 6: secrets
Albino pup: Thanks to the update you have boring brown pups. In AM you can get 50000 experience points to get an albino pup that will stand out from the pack. Secret den: same with the pup. Get xp and find the unclaimed territory. Genetic pups: when you have pups in slough creek, kill them. When you respawn, your new pups should be half of your mates color, and half of your color. ALBINO PARTAY TODAY! Human items: only in slough creek. There are 2 footprints, a put out campfire, and a cattle ranch. Right now, the cattle ranch is the most useful thing because you can hunt a calf for your pups. Let's talk about the ranch for a while.
Reasons to go: 1: your bad at hunting, desperate to feed your pups. 2. I wanna go for fun and make WQ last longer. Entities: cows: stay away from them! They will chase you off the ranch. Calf: kill em' for food! WARNING: you can only go when you have pups. How to do it: Go to the ranch and enter it. When you enter, look. You should see a purple smoke cloud. That will teleport you back to slough creek. Jump over the fence and stay away from the cows. Find the calf. Bite it. Eat quickly! If you don't hear dogs now, you should. When your finished, run to the mist or a cow. You completed the cattle ranch!
Looking at slough creek/ Amethyst mtn.
There is a part of AM where you can see slough, and a part of SC where you can see amethyst.

That's it! Hope you guys like it, its my first in depth guide. Note: my username was changed to silver howl.
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☺Some Tips for New Players 2.7/2.7.2☺

Post by smmaniac1 » Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:22 pm

Hello! I noticed a lot of people who need help with single player. Some of these are fact, some are my opinion. Enjoy!
Amethyst Mountain
♦If you are playing with a new wolf with 0 exp, you have to get it up to 800 to get a mate. You usually will get an elk with really low health that spawns near you to get some points. If you kill a cow elk it is 100 exp. If you want to kill a bull elk, the points vary. I usually get somewhere around 200-400 exp.
♦If you don't want to waste time killing elk, you can go for something smaller. Coyotes. They give you about 25 exp, so doing the math, you have to kill about 32. You don't have to go looking for them because where you spawn, to the right there is a rock. You should be able to walk up to the rock and a coyote will appear.
♦You still will have to face and dominate at least* one stranger wolf.
*not sure if you will have to face them at all, or more than once
♦Here is how you should interact with the Dispersal Female/Male wolf:
Dispersal Wolf: I'm not sure about this.
You: Hello there.
Dispersal Wolf: Hello there.
You: I like you.
Dispersal Wolf: I like you.
You: Let's play!
Dispersal Wolf: Let's play!
You: Let's start a pack!
Dispersal Wolf: Let's start a pack!
You: Let's start a pack!
Dispersal Wolf: Let's start a pack!
That's all I have for Amethyst Mountain. Reply or PM if you have more tips. I will give credit. ☺
Slough Creek
♦This part is possibly the second most frustrating. Picking the right den.
Saddle Meadows: Here on Saddle Meadows, the nearest elk grounds are some distance away, but there are no other wolf territories nearby. If you choose this site, you will travel farther to hunt, but with less worry about stranger wolves encroaching onto your territory.
Aspen Heights: The nearest elk grounds are close by, as is the nearest wolf pack territory. If you choose this site, your pups will be at greater risk from the stranger wolves, but you would also travel a shorter distance to hunt. This den is farthest away from your summer hunting grounds, to which you must go later in the spring.
Bison Peak: Here on Bison Peak, this den is about equal distance from elk grounds and the nearest wolf pack territory. Hunting forays take longer, but stranger wolves are less likely to intrude into your territory.
East Creek: Congratulations! Due to your great experience as a wolf, you have found this den site on East Creek. It lies far from both elk grounds and other wolf pack territories. It is a safe location, but you would spend more time traveling to elk hunts.
You will need 7,500 exp to get the East Creek den
♦In my opinion, the Bison Peak den is the best den. I will tell you later why it is.
♦Once you have picked your den, don't mark your territory. Go to the nearest hunting grounds and kill as many elk as you can. This is so you'll have food for your puppies and they won't starve while you go out to kill an elk.
♦This is my preference, but do not go to the fence on the compass. If you go to the cattle ranch, your mate will follow you and your pups will starve. If you do decide to go, go through the purple cloud so that an option to leave will show up. Don't click it, but keep it there until you kill the calf and the dogs start barking, then leave.
♦When you completed all the challenges of raising your pups, you will get to go to the Rendezvous Point, otherwise known as the most frustrating thing. Why I like the Bison peak den is because it's closer. The stranger wolf territories will get bigger, so you have to cross twice, but it is not that bad. ... cesmap.png And you can see there are three crossings so you won't drown your pups. I suggest you cross the river first and have your mate bring them because they have pretty good stamina and know where to cross.
That;s all I have for Slough Creek. Reply or PM me if you have more tips. I will give credit. ☺
I just want to say how proud I am about how much the WQ developers have done since I got Amethyst Deluxe. Thank you to the developers and the friendly people who play this game. :)


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