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Werewolf Leader

Alternate/Challenging Ways to Play WolfQuest

Post by Werewolf Leader » Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:40 pm

Did you ever wish that the game was harder? Well, i know some little tricks to make the game harder. :idea:

1. When you make you wolf, change the strengh, energy, and speed to something that you are not so good at. (ex. if you like lots of speed then lower the speed)

2.When you start the game go to the options menu then click on game settings. After that make it so there will be no tutorials and click on "hid HUD" (hiding the HUD makes it so you cannot see your health, the compass, the prey's health, and some other usefull things.) To know your wolf's health you have to see how fast it will run and try to guess how low it's health is.

3. Only hunt for food don't just eat some that is on the ground.

4. In south creek pick the den that you think would be the hardest to be in. (for me it would be Aspin Heights because it is farthest away from the summer den, it is close to a wolf's territory and it is not so close to hunting grounds. but that is just what i think for you it might be something else.

5.when you have pups do not turn on the name tags, keep them off. (when you are careing for them or when you are taking them to the summer den it makes it harder because you may lose track of them!)

6. Aways mark your territory! Yes i know you will wast time but it makes the game a bit harder because when do you get the time to do it?

7. When a stranger wolf is in you territory try to become boss of it and make it leave that way. (it makes the game harder because you will lose some of your health but you will get some experience points!)

8. Don't go to sc or to the sumer den without having _____ amount of experience points. (ex. i will not start the journy to the summer den (or to sc) until i have ______ much experince points then when i do have that many i can go to the summer den, or to sc)

9. You have to be in a certain spot before you continue to the next mission. (ex. I have to be at lone tree/a mountain... before i go on to the next mission)

10. you have to go to the cattel ranch ____ many times and not die ____ many times. (ex. i have to go to the cattel ranch 5 times and not die 3 times before i go to the sumer den)

11. Try to not use the map often.

12. When you are training your pups don't just keep on howling to get the blue bar up, do it the harder way wich is to pick up the pups and put then near the den to get blue bar up, it will take a while but it will also make the game harder.

13. In game settings the Terrain & Tree Distance, if you lower that then it will be harder to find you way because you can only see so far. (this tip makes the game a bit less realistic though)

14. You can say that i cannot go to the next mission untill i have; killed ___ many coyotes, hunted ___many elk (cow or bull), have not died ____ many times.

(Try geting ALL 4 pups to the summer den now good luck)

Remember you don't have to be doing ALL of the tips to make the game harder, just use the ones that make it the right level for you!

I hope this will help you make the game a bit harder and a bit funner to :!:
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The Nomadic Wolf Guide

Post by Cromagna » Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:20 pm

For starters, what is "nomadic"? If I am nomadic, then that means that I never stay/live in one place for too long. I never have to go to the Rendezvous site. Instead, I get to travel all across Slough Creek with my family!

Ok, so here's a guide that I made for Nomadic wolves of SC.

● Finding a den
If you're nomadic, it doesn't truly matter which den you choose. Although, I'd give the Bison Creek Cutoff den a 5/5, because 1. It tends to be less glitchy, 2. carcasses everywhere! 3. hardly any stranger wolves come up. Nonetheless, it's up to you!

● Starting the mission off as usual
That's right, just mark your territory and get your pups! Name your pups and "train" them to stay near the den like you always have to do in the beginning of Episode 2.
. . • An easy and quick way to train your pups is to howl. You don't even have to wait for your family to finish howling! Just howl, move a step, howl, move a step, howl, etc. until the blue bar fills up.

● The "Feeding Your Pups" part - Picking your favorites
Ok, here's where we have to start making some tough decisions and do some name-swapping. We all know that we like to play favorites! Whether it be the smartest pups or the prettiest pups. You're going to have to choose one to two (or, depending on how good you are at SC, a possible third) pups that you love. And by goodness, try to make one of them a smart/obedient pup! These pup(s) will be your family for the rest of your nomadic life... If they survive. I, personally, have two and they are all that I can handle.

● Preparing to leave
At last, you must start planning your unwanted pups' demise. I always feel so guilty and horrible when this part comes up. For me, I carried my second born to the river to drown. For you, you may just want to let predators target your pup, to not feed your pup, etc. Next, keep a very close eye on the pup(s) that you want to keep and focus on getting them fed!
. . • If you try to starve or abandon your pup, it may not work because your mate may be smart enough to feed it or carry it. So I suggest making a solitary trip out to the river with your pup(s) and letting them be claimed by the river.

● Leaving the den
Here is the moment that really starts your nomadic life. By now you should have planned how your unwanted pups have been killed/will be killed. For me, I let my third born get snatched away by the eagle. Finally, I have my last two pups and my mate. Don't go to the rendezvous site! Instead, make up your own check points to travel to and fake, temporary dens.

● Your nomadic life
Well, I prefer this life far better. It keeps the game going and it's always fun to see what challenges come up depending on where you travel! Predators like bears and coyotes HARDLY ever come to attack your pups when traveling around so much. The only thing you need to worry about is rivers, the eagle, and food. Places like the Mini Butte and near the other real dens have coyotes and bears, so watch out! At this stage, your mate (depending on the smartness) will not hunt, but instead help to carry your pup(s) towards you. You can imagine all sorts of things! Like, traveling all day and having to find a small den to spend the night in, giving your pup(s) their first hunting lessons, a pup is sick and you have to find a flower for herbs - all sorts of different scenarios! Most of all, have fun making the SC episode last a life time.

● Tips, Pointers, Help, and More! ●

~Know how to scare away the eagle: When it targets one of your pups, you should be able to pinpoint which pup is the target from the predator fly-over view. Next, take that pup in your mouth and run to any wife, flat, and open area (Ex.: the prairie between the Mini Butte and the Douglass Fir Slopes, the Saddle Meadow, etc.). Keep running around until the eagle circles close enough to the ground so that you can see it. Wait until it lands and starts hopping towards your pup. Now, run away from it for a few seconds! This should put a little bit of distance between you and the pup, and the eagle. Set the pup down and make sure you have your eye on the eagle. Next, run up to the eagle (which shouldn't be too close to your pup) and either pump into it, or press "x" to jump on it. It will fly away!

~Remember to keep out of rival wolf territories: A stranger wolf will come chasing after you and you'll be send back to the sandbar crossing!

~Keep your pups in sight when around water: You never know when your mate will pick up your pup and drop it in the river to drown! I suggest either just not leaving them alone near water, or just make sure you are the one who carries the pup across instead of your mate.

~Feeding your pups: Your mate is most likely not going to be focused on keeping your pups fed, unlike before the journey. So in other words, it's all up to you to keep them from starving!

~Nametags: Keep the name tags on, nearly at all times! It's difficult to spot your pups from afar, since none of them will be staying in/around the same area like the den.

Mods, I'm sorry if there was already a topic like this. I didn't see anything! :c
Feel free to post YOUR guidelines if you are also a fellow nomadic wolf, or just a user looking to contribute!
I hope that this opened an opportunity for many of you, and helped the rest.
Ask if you have any questions or need help if your a beginner at a nomadic life. ^^
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How to turn your game more realistic

Post by Shinnok » Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:06 pm

Hi everyone!
I have been playing WolfQuest for three weeks and I really love it. But one thing I always like to do in ' Wild Life Simulation ' games is turning it more real and make the game as it is part of my life. I am going to explain in another words: I like to think that I am studying Wild Dispersal Wolf in Yellowstone and do some kind of sightseeing to study dispersal wolves and their journey along Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek.
I created this ' vision ' of the game because I like to have an objective when I am playing this simulations game.
When I play I put myself in one of the people who study dispersal wolves and I like to have a sheet with me to register my study about wolves. Later, I like to see this sheets to do stats and to remember all the wolves I have already study.
I am going to give you the sheet if you like to turn the game more real or want to have all pointed out and later view the characteristics of wolves already played, I mean studied!
Here is the sheet:

Wild Dispersal Wolf observation in Yellowstone National Park
Area: ___Amethyst Mountain ___Slough Creek ___Both
Type of sightseeing: ___Journey ___Individual wild life
About the wolf
Name: ______________
Gender: ______________
Fur colour: _______________________________________
Physical characteristics: ___Strength ___Stamina ___Speed
Favorite prey: ___Hare ___Cow Elk ___Bull Elk ___Carcasses
Find a mate
Mate’s name: __________________
Gender: ___________________
Fur colour: _________________________________________
Physical characteristics: ___Strength ___Stamina ___Speed
Favorite prey: ___Hare ___Cow Elk ___Bull Elk ___Carcasses
Find a den
Den chosen: __________________
Mark territory
Technic used: ___Howl ___Peeing ___Both
Number of pups: ___
Pups’ names: ___________________________________________________
Level of protection from predators: ___Low ___Medium ___High
Most common predator: ___Grizzly Bear ___Coyote ___ Eagle
Most common technic used to find food: ___Hunt ___Carcasses
Summer Journey to Rendezvous site
Pups’ health level in the beginning: ___Low ___Medium ___High
Pups’ health level in the end: ___Low ___Medium ___High
Predators find along the way: ___Grizzly Bear ___Coyote ___Eagle
Journey initiated with ___ pups.
Journey finished with ___ pups.
If any pup has died indicate the way it died: __________________________________________________
Other observations

I personally like to play in this way. If you like it too you can fill the sheet and send to this forum, to people know about the wolf you played.
Be well and play WolfQuest.

Nikoi Gryphon

Guides for Challenging Game-play

Post by Nikoi Gryphon » Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:18 pm

So, you want a More Challenging game, eh?
You've came to the right place then, This is a guide for People who are bored with the Basic gameplay, and want it more Realistic and challanging.

Please Note- SilverHybrid Gave me permission to make a more Up-to-date Guide. ^^

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Alright, More realisem, eh?

Turn the Music off, go to Game settings and pull the slider to the left side where its "Off" After a Little while you'll probably Notice you can hear birds. and your wolf and mate Walking.


Thats right, no HUD! ^^ Go to Game settings and click "Hide HUD"
This will make the Game Super realistic, and Chellenging, You won't see a Thing, I know, but it'll be Quite Challanging! You came Here for a Challenge, riiiiiiiight?
Psh, if you don't then-then, Find another guide, Hmmph. =P

No Tutorials
Thats Right, Turn 'em Off! You gotta' learn the ropes on your own.
It Brings realisem and Challenge to the Game!

No Scent Mode
Yep, No. You came here to get a 'new' game, Well, This is a part of the Guide ~ It'll be Fun and a Challenge, you won't be taking the Easier features for granted, and It'll be more like your the Wolf.

No, No, NO. xD
No Nametags, and Don't use your map. No HUD, no tutorials, no music, just no. >;D
If you think sometime makes the game Easier, say No. :'D it'll be Hard, but it'll be Quite realistic! ^^

Be the Wolf!
Press 9 on your keyboard, you'll be Able to see through your Wolves eyes.
And it isn't Scent view, How great? I'm not Sure if 9 is the right key on Mac, but you'll just have to try. ^^ Don't do this too long, or you May start to get a headache, you'll get used to it. ^^

Now, Here are some More Good game Guides, Go fetch!

Sorry it wasn't a Real In depth guide ~ ^^
But I do hope you Have fun with the Help of this Guide!

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•~• SwiftHelp! •~• Realistic Gaming •~•

Post by -SwiftPaws- » Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:55 pm

•~• SwiftHelp! •~• Realistic Gaming

WolfQuest Game Guide by -SwiftPaws-

1. Acting as a neutral Grey Wolf (Wolf).
Normally, gamers want to head to the next level, like me or you. Looking at the map like twenty times each minute, walking straight and eating carcasses all the way through the game; everything we do to just win the game. Win win win, WolfQuest isn't made for that! It is made for learning the neutral "natural" Grey Wolf in our inside! A quick answer to the problem is this: unleash your inner wolf and your creativity! Go ahead and unleash that inner wolf in you!

2. Generations, why so many differences?
If you didn't notice right now, you may have part of the things your younger grandmother or father had! That means something special for the pups too. If you and your mate are white, and one of the pups are black and brown, that means you or your mate had a black and brown father/mother! Also it includes the hability of speed, listen and vision in your family. You might have a great, fast, white and grey pup or a slow, brown, wise pup whenever!

3. Multiplayer; the boring chats.
Wherever you go, you might see some literate roleplaying users or poor roleplaying users. Unleash yourself in the roleplay writing! Just follow the rules of the general game and go ahead, be the base for the others! You can also play hide and seek, races, hunting, and some other fun things if you are bored with your friends.

WolfQuest Game Guide © -SwiftPaws- 2012

        • -SwiftPaws-
  • Proud WolfQuester since January 1st of 2012.
  • Proud member of ESP & LdC.
    • Av and Sig © -SwiftPaws- 2012

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How to Make Slough Creek Harder

Post by Thornlegs » Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:42 am

Is Slough Creek a bit too easy for you? Are you bored of taking care of your pups so easily? Well, here are some ideas to make your game harder/more interesting.
  • -- Always stay at half-health throughout the game.
    -- Always hunt when you need to feed your pups- never scavenge.

    -- Eat all nearby carcasses so you have to walk a way to eat.
    -- Never eat from an elk carcass. Only eat hare.

    -- Don't mark your territory again so more stranger wolves/predators show up.
    -- Don't train your pups again after the Train Your Pups mission.

    -- Use the Saddle Meadows den.
    -- Carry your pups through deep water.

    -- Only feed your pups when they are under 20% health.
    -- Don't keep your pup food bar full. Only fill it up when you need the food.

    -- Only kill coyotes if there are two of them.
    -- Chase away coyotes- don't kill them.

    -- Defeat a bear before you kill a coyote.
    -- Play with as many annoying, disobedient pups as possible.

    -- Run away to the other end of the map. Only come back when you need to care for your pups.
    -- Complete the game with as many coyotes around as you can.

    -- On the final mission, keep your pups as far away from you as possible.
Nuzlocke Runs
This type of challenge was aimed for the Pokemon games, to give the players are more interesting challenge. I've changed the rules to fit WolfQuest. You need to follow all the rules to do it properly.
  • -- If a pup dies, it really is gone and cannot be retrieved.
    -- If all your pups die, it's game over. You have to start again on Amethyst Mountain.

    -- You can't change the past- no reloading games allowed.
    -- The only elk you can kill is the first one that get spooked and starts running/trotting.
Have fun trying the Nuzlocke Run out :]

So that's about everything in the topic. I hope you have fun with your new, more difficult game :D
By the way, if you find these too hard, there's no one stopping you from quitting. It's your game, and you can decide whether you continue or not.

Mods, feel free to do whatever you want with this topic :)
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A variation on the nomadic lifestyle - Four Seasons

Post by Lexwolf » Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:48 pm

There are four seasons. In Wolfquest’s normal singleplayer gameplay, you only get to play through two of them and a small part of another, but if you enjoy roleplaying, or if you’re just bored of the normal gameplay, here’s a way you can play through all four of the seasons.
Imagination required!

The first thing you need to do is decide how long you want each season to be. It can last as long as you want. You can make it just 30 days, or if you want a more realistic approach, you could make it 3 full months (90 days). The seasons can be different lengths, too, if you want. You probably don’t want to make them too long, or you’ll get bored of playing in the same season!
You can make a journal of your travels in WQ, if you want. This is great if you enjoy roleplaying. Make entries from your wolf’s point of view. You can make an entry a day, or just make entries whenever something interesting happens. For me, I like to make two entries a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. It’s your journal though, so do whatever you want with it!

Now it’s time to get started. All seasons except for autumn take place in Slough Creek (unless you want part of winter in Amethyst Mountain too).
Make your wolf, just as usual. Think about how your stats will impact your game – if your wolf is really strong, will you be able to run fast enough to catch elk and get back to your pups when they’re in danger? If it’s really fast, will you be strong enough to fight off bears and stranger wolves?
You start in Autumn, on Amethyst Mountain.

In this season you will want to find a mate, as usual. But you don’t have to rush to do it. You can run around alone for nearly the entire season and find your mate right at the end, if you want. Spend this season developing your wolf’s and its mate’s characters, making up little scenarios (if you want to roleplay), and racking up the experience points (if you want any extras in the next seasons!). There isn’t a whole lot to do other than explore, hunt, and roleplay, so have fun with it!

This season takes place at least partially in Slough Creek. Once Autumn is over, it’s time to move! (You could also stay in AM for part of winter, but it doesn’t snow and you’ll have to go to SC for at least the end of winter, to find your den and all.) You can roleplay this out in your journal if you’re keeping one, but if not, all you have to do is open your saved game in Slough Creek. Make sure to save it under a different name if you want to come back to Amethyst Mountain later.
Over the winter, you’ll need to think about the den you’ll choose. Keep racking up those experience points – if you want to get the secret den or the white pup, this is your last chance! Also, be exploring and making a map of places to visit during the summer. In summer you’ll get to be a nomadic wolf, wandering around the map freely. (Nomadic wolf guide here: Near the end of winter, go and choose your den. If you want to roleplay out the first days of your pups’ lives, while they’re still in the den, figure out how long you want to do that and claim the densite, but don’t mark your territory until you’re done with that.

This is from the time you get your pups to the last mission at the den. It’s rather hard to define a time for this season, as you might end up finishing a mission by accident before you wanted to. To fix that, you can stay at the den after you finish the Grow your Pups mission until the end of spring.
If you’re roleplaying this out in your journal, don’t let a day last too long, but don’t let it be too short either. Have fun caring for your pups. Start thinking about which pups you want to take with you during the summer (if you haven’t read the Nomadic Wolf guide, go read that now).

Summer starts when you start the “final journey”. This is where the nomadic wolf guide comes in. You’ll need to select which pups you want to take with you, and then the sad part – if there are any that you don’t want to take that are still alive, you’ll need to get rid of them somehow. If you want to take them all with you, then go for it! If you’re roleplaying this out your journal, you might want to just let your “unwanted” pups get killed by a predator or “accidentally” drown.
Now the map you made in the winter comes in. Travel around with your pups, going to the places you marked, and keep roleplaying it out if that’s what you’re doing. Have fun with this part! You can make this part last forever if you want, but if not…

At the End of the Summer
At summer’s end, choose one surviving pup to “inherit”. You can make a new game with a wolf based on this pup and do it all over again! But before you do that, go to the rendezvous point. You don’t really have to, but it’s kind of fun to, to sort of say the game is over. You can give this any meaning you want – you and your pack are going to travel somewhere else to live for the next year, and the rendezvous is on the path there, or anything! You can’t play through the next year of your pups’ lives, sadly, but if you’ve been keeping a journal you can roleplay that out if you want. Now go make a new game with one of the pups, and play it again!

Special thanks to Aquilo for making the Nomadic Wolf guide and giving me the inspiration for this.
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The Wolflocke Challenge—A More Realistic Way to Play

Post by Nordue » Sat Aug 25, 2012 3:31 pm

                • The Wolflocke Challenge
          • A realistic, more difficult alternative to playing WolfQuest in singleplayer mode.
  • The Wolflocke Challenge was inspired by Pokemon’s fanmade Nuzlocke Challenge, which aimed to make the play through of the traditional Pokémon games more difficult. Here is a quote from Bulbapedia that summarizes the Nuzlocke Challenge:
    The Nuzlocke Challenge is a set of rules intended to create a higher level of difficulty while playing the Pokémon games.... The rules are not an in-game function, but are self-imposed on the part of the player, and thus subject to variation.
    Source: ... _Challenge

    Of particular interest to us the last line of this quote. What I mean is that the Wolflocke Challenge consists of user-made rules, ones that go beyond the limitations set down by the WQ game itself. It is the participant’s decision on which rules of the Challenge they choose to follow and how strictly they wish to do so.

    The Wolflocke challenge aims to make WolfQuest’s Singleplayer mode more difficult and more realistic. This topic is where the official (unofficial?) Wolflocke Challenge rules can be found, as well as where participants and critiques can voice their comments, suggestions and (possibly) complaints.
Wolf Creation & Names
  • 1. You must start the Wolflocke Challenge with a brand new wolf.
    2. When you create your wolf, their stat bonuses cannot exceed (but can equal) +2 or -2 in any stat.
    3. Do not name your wolf, your mate, or your pups.
General Gameplay
  • 4. You must play the entire game in ‘scent mode’ (v key).
    5. Your interface can remain on, to represent how a wolf knows when it’s hungry or in pain.
    6. If your game glitches, try to restore it in any way you can to keep playing.
    7. If the game is not recoverable, start a new one.
  • 8. If your wolf dies, the game is over. You must restart with an entirely new wolf if you wish to keep playing.
Mates & Rivals
  • 9. You must select the first available mate your wolf encounters from the closest area to your wolf.
    10. Both fighting and submitting is allowed in the social arena.
  • 11. A single wolf may not hunt a single male or female elk unless the elk’s health meter is halfway or under full.
    12. A wolf with OR without a mate can only scavenge once (with two bites on the carcass) from one found OR hunted carcass during a hunt.
    13. Wolves with mates can choose to hunt elk of either gender.
  • 14. You can only take one to two bites maximum from any one found carcass.
    15. Once you have eaten from a found carcass, you cannot eat from it again.
    16. A successfully killed elk may be eaten from any number of times, EXCEPT when on a hunt. In that case, the one-time feeding rule (#12) applies.
Finding a Den
  • 17. Any den can be chosen
  • 18. You can only replenish the ‘food for pups’ meter when it runs empty.
    19. If any number of pups dies, keep going anyway.
Rendezvous Site/Final Mission
  • 20. The teleportation trick (used to get your pups near the river after entering a rival pack’s territory) is not allowed unless it happened by complete accident.
    21. Feel free to attack any predators that try to harm your pups.
  • 22. Only kill coyotes that are eating from a carcass you plan to eat from, or are attacking your pups. Otherwise, don’t waste the energy in killing them.
    23. Killing coyotes at the Dead Tree in Amethyst Mountain is not allowed more than once, since they often respawn there.
Bobs—I mean Bears
  • 24. Don’t engage a random bear. Just don’t. You’re allowed to, just do it at your own risk. If you die, you have to end the game!
    25. If he is attacking your pups, then yes, you can attack him.
  • (There are no rules on eagles at this time. Feel free to suggest some!)
  • 26. A wolf’s top speed on a flat surface is around 37mph. A hare’s is greater, at 48mph. In order to reflect this in-game, your wolf must trot/walk (the slower move option) when hunting hares.
    27. You cannot hunt two or more hares in a row. So you would have to eat from an elk after eating a hare.
    28. Hunting from the ‘bunny hole’ in Slough Creek is not allowed more than once, since hares respawn there.
Weather & Time
  • 29. Your wolf can be awake during the dawn and dusk period of any season. Wolves are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk.
    30. In summer and spring, your wolf must sleeps out the day to avoid the heat.
    31. In winter and autumn, your wolf must sleep out the night to avoid the cold.
    32. When it is raining with lightning or snowing hard, your wolf must rest under a tree or near some other form of shelter.
    33. When the weather is clear, your wolf can sleep anywhere.
    34. The exception to #29, #30 and #31 is when you are caring for your pups.
Cattle Ranch
  • 35. You are allowed to enter the cattle ranch only when it is night in Slough Creek, and not more than twice in one night.
    36. You must escape back through the blue mist without using the cow trick where you run into a cow and you are teleported back to the mist.
    37. You can eat as much of from a killed calf as you like/can.
    • * Rules may be updated or subject to changes and/or modifications at any time. Check the Updates section for details and more user-added rules!
  • Remember, your feedback is welcome! We need to know if this challenge is too hard or makes the game still quite easy. Browse the FAQ section on how to submit your own rules for the challenge.
  • oxoDestinyoxo has submitted optional rules A-H for the challenge!
    wolf_storm has submitted optional rules I-K for the challenge!
    pearlymoorehen has submitted optional rule L for the challenge!
    Little_the_first has submitted optional rule M for the challenge!
User-Made Rules
  • A. You can play the game in either scent mode (v) or head cam (9 on the number pad) or switch between the two.
    B. You cannot make your pups howl to protect them from the eagle.
    C. You cannot kill off your pups or let them die on purpose.
    D. Don't use nametags.
    E. Name your wolves with numbers and genders, like M67 or F11. Wolves being tracked by biologists and other wildlife specialists are often organized in this manner.
    F. You cannot find a mate in the same area as your last social encounter.
    G. You cannot run the whole way to elk or wolf territories. You must walk/trot most of the time.
    H. If your wolf is injured in a fight by large proportions, you must eat right away, then rest until the next time your wolf should be active.
    I. You cannot glitch the eagle by pausing the game while it is circling overhead and making it fly off the map.
    J. You cannot glitch the pups so that they are stuck in front of the den.
    K. You must keep territory marking strength at least 3/4 of the way up.
    L. You have to have a save before you have a mate, and if your mate dies, you have to restart from that save.
    M. You must attack a bear that is attacking your pups.
  • Q: Why would I want to do this?
    A: While the WQ game does a good job towards educating players about realistic wolf behaviour, many players find certain aspects of the game too easy or unchallenging. The Wolflocke challenge was created for users by users in order to further educate players on the daily challenges of the lives of wild wolves, and to make SP more challenging to complete.

    Q: I have a rule I’d like to add to this list. How do I add it here?
    A: In order for a rule to be added to this topic, it must be PMed to Tonbei. It will then be added to the UPDATES & USER-MADE RULES section.

    Q: Where did you come up with this idea?
    A: Well, the concept for this topic actually started on the Pokémon topic in the Other Video Games board on this forum. There, users starbeam, Xiald, Jaguartail, Kivia and SilverHybrid informed me of the Nuzlocke Challenge, which this topic was inspired by.

    Q: Can I do the WC on Multiplayer?
    You can try. Currently I am trying to get the non-word ‘Wolflocke’ to be added to the Chat Lexicon so that users can inform others of this topic. If you want even more MP challenge, try to not use the chat box to interact with each other! (After explaining what you’re doing, of course!)

    Q: I Need Moar Challenges!
    Try any of the following forum-based, user-made challenges!
    Mission Impossible: Wolf Style:
    Elk Kill Challenge:
    [WolfQuest User-Run Forum Olympics]:
    WolfQuest Olympics | Which Team Will You Be?:
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Alternate Way to Play WolfQuest: Strictly Realistic

Post by Koroda » Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:50 pm

So, you want to be a realistic WolfQuester now, don't you? Are you sure you can do it? Well, here is an In-Depth Guide to doing just that.

~Table of Contents~

1. Customizing your Wolf
2. Let's Set a Few Rules
3. Hunting
4. Times of Day
5. Amethyst Mountain in General
6. Your Mate
7. Preparing for Pups
8. Slough Creek in General
9. Redenzvous Journey
10. A New Beginning

~~~Customizing your Wolf~~~

At the beginning of every game, you will have to customize your wolf that you will be playing with. So, let us begin, shall we?

This part, here, is a fun one. You get to give your wolf a name. Now, we won't be giving our wolf any ordinary name such as Jack, Midnight, Sunny, etc. We are giving it a name that a scientist would. First, you need to pick 3 numbers, any ones you want, but of course, 10 or higher is not allowed. Then, put F or M after those numbers. F stands for Female and M stands for Male. Got it? So, here is an example.


Don't worry about your name being boring, you won't even see it during the game.

This is pretty self-explanatory, WolfQuest is a game that was designed to be realistic, so there are realistic fur colors. But, if you want to be really, really, realistic, I would steer towards colors that are NOT pitch black, pure white or solid red. Try to vary your tints and color.

Our final customization tip is the stats. Now, if you are still able to do that Perfact Stats Trick (Which I tried, but I'm still not sure if you can), DON'T. And, that is pretty much it for stats, customize them to your heart's content!
~~~Let's Set a Few Rules~~~

Time for some rules! Oh, don't we all just love them! Don't worry, this all works towards being realistic, you know?

1. No HUD. This tells you which way your facing and if you're in a hunting ground of wolf territory.
2. No Map. Real wolves don't have maps! Nuff said.
3. No Border Cheating. If your prey or whatever you're chasing hits the border, leave it alone. In real life, it would be gone, anyway.
4. Don't eat carcasses that have already been eaten by bears. After all, in real life, that bear could ambush you.
5. If You Die, Too Bad! When a wolf dies, it dies. Restart you game witha new wolf and try again. Be careful out there.6. Use Scent View at Night. It's a substitute for night vision.
7. No EXP Glitch! Don't use the glitch to send your EXP skyrocketing! Just, don't!

Are you hungry? Well here is how to be realistic while hunting!

~What Time?~
Wolves usually tend to hunt at night, do, go at night, when the elk can't see you in real life. So, for elk hunting, do nighttime for the most part.

~What Can You Hunt?~
If you don't have a mate, you can only hunt hares. After all, wolves cannot take down elk alone. Plus, it will be hard to pick out a weak one without the HUD. With a mates, you may hunt anything except for bull elk.

Don't challenge bears for a carcass, just don't. If one comes up to your kill. Run. Don't eat, just run away. A bear can kill you easily, so it's best to leave it be and find something else.

Hunting can kill you. If you can't walk, I'd advise you to give up. Try again. At least you'll be alive.
~~~Times of Day~~~
You can travel, hunt some hares, and attack wolves, nothing really much to do in this time of day.

You can travel, hunt some hares, and attack wolves. Maybe find a good place to sleep as well.

You can get a little hunting in with a small amount of sunlight, but better wait till nighttime.

Hunting time! This is a wolf's main time of activity. Do what you need to do now. Don't forget Scent View!
~~~Amethyst Mountain in General~~~
Your mission in AM is to find a mate. You basically know what to do. But here is how to make it more realistic.

These are the weakest wolves. To make it harder, try to make about 5 or 6 wolves in this pack submit to you.

These are a bit harder, so try to make 4-5 wolves submit to you.

These are they hardest. They are known to fight to the death. So, make 3-4 wolves submit to you.

Now, you have to do all of these all in one trip to the territory. If you fail, leave the territory, eat something, and try again. Also, no skipping wolves by trying to find a light colored one (light wolves tend to be weaker). Be careful not to die!

~Getting a Mate~
Try to get the first available Dispersal Wolf you can find.
~~~Your Mate~~~
Now you have a mate. What can you do with her/her? And what are your restrictions? After all, everything has restrictions!

Name your mate in the same format as your wolf. So, 551F's mate will be 362M.

You cannot hunt elk more than once a night with your mate. He/she will be too tired in real life.

Try to stay 3 more days in AM before moving on to SC. But, you can do longer. But it's good to get EXP, anyway.
~~~Preparing for Pups~~~

Eat a bunch of them so it is harder to feed the pups. More realistic that way, you know?

Try to stay at the first den you find, either Saddle, Aspen, Bison or the Secret Den.

If you are a female wolf, only walk. It isn't too good of an idea to run with pups in your belly. But, if you are a male, you may just want to go slow for your mate.
~~~Slough Creek in General~~~
So, now you have your pups. About half of pups die of starvation and being hunted, and that is why we got rid of a few carcasses.

~Pup Names~
Same procedure. 551F and 362's pups will be 457F, 815F, 723M and 119F.

Try to bit the coyotes only when they come near the den. And as for bears, the same thing. You don't want to leave the den unattended.

~Cattle Ranch~
Only go ONCE during the whole mission. That farmer will be expecting you a second time. But, beware of being shot, game over if you die.

Mark it every spare minute you have. Your pups' lives depend on it.

Don't go far from the den unless your mate is there to cover for you. And, don't go to the other side of the map, really. It's just too far to do anything beneficial.

~Pup Deaths~
If all your pups die, I'm sorry, but you will have to return to AM to try again another year.
~~~Redenzvous Journey~~~

Have all of your pups made it this far? Why, I am proud! It takes real courage and a family bond to make it this far, even with just one pup. But, this is not over yet. Time for your journey to the Summer Hunting Grounds.

~Crossing the Creek~
Never cross deep areas in the creek, your pup could drown if this was real life.

~The Hawk~
With the hawk, you can just be normal. I've given your wolf a tough enough life, let's give them a break!

~Your Arrival~
Contgratulations! Nothing realistic to do here, but give yourself a pat on the back for living as a real wolf does in Yellowstone!
~~~A New Beginning~~~
Choose one of your Surviving Pups and play as them, getting a mate. Soon, you'll be whizzing through generation after generation!

Note: I apoligize if there are any other WQ Guides like this. I tried to make it different from all of the other guides I saw on this forum. If I missed one, I really do apoligize, and you can delete this if you really must. But, I hope this will help some people.
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The Guide To Challenging Gameplay

Post by little pup 2 » Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:00 pm

Before we get into this, I'm so so sorry if this is in the wrong section. Mods feel free to move it!

Basically my sister got the game recently and has asked me (totally not a crazy fan girl for this game) how to make it harder. So I thought lots of people may be asking this question, so here I am! :wink:

Step 1: put your stat bars at the highest, where your disadvantages are. For example, I'm used to being slower, but I'm much stronger. Meaning I can take a lot more hits from other wolves, so I never fret when I have to fight. Now, I put the strength lower and I have issues with everything, and I have to work around it. :D

Step 2: (a classic one :)) Only hunt for food. Don't be a scavenger and hunt your own food like a wolf!

Step 3:
but role play is for multiplayer!
says my sister. Make a story for your wolf. Give it disadvantages! Example: Willow, a 4 year old wolf, who is slow, but strong inside. Though looking tough, she does not know how to swim. If this is the case for your wolf, he/she won't be able to swim.

This is all I have :/ I'm not very good with this type of thing. Anyways, I hope this helps you make the game harder for you so the game doesn't help you!
The Shallow Creek Pack Story

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How to Go Beyond the Summer Journey

Post by duskypack » Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:11 pm

Hey Wolfquesters,

The single suggestion I hear most on the forums is 'I want to raise my pups after the summer journey and watch them grow'. Just imagine being able to watch your pups grow and learn and being able to teach them all you can do this in the game as it is? No, it's not a feature - it's a playstyle - but trust me, it's worth a try and it is very fun. Intrigued? Read on!

This guide requires 2.7 or higher, preferably with the latest patch installed. A small part of it can be done in 2.5 but 2.7 is highly recommended.
Part 1: Summer
Before you can get started you must find a mate, raise your pups and reach the final mission. Save it right before you reach the rendezvous site, or before your entire family reaches it. It is recommended that while you rename it when you save it to duplicate the game in case anything happens. Feel free to finish the summer journey with the howl if you want to (and read the pop-up explaining how your pack will spend the rest of the year). Load up the duplicated game that is saved right before you reach the rendezvous site. You'll be playing on that save for the rest of the summer, eternally on the last mission. Lastly, change the difficulty to 'Pretty Easy' so you can leave your pups to go hunting without many predators bothering you.

Now, wolves don't spend the whole summer in one place. Instead, they migrate to different Rendezvous Sites and follow the prey as they teach their pups to hunt and many other skills. Spend this precious summer teaching your pups. There are so many things you can do, like giving them 'swimming lessons' in the shallows without drowning them, maybe taking them to the bunny bush for some hunting training, chasing elk to them and letting them watch you kill it, showing them different stranger wolf territories, climbing mountains with them and letting them walk long distances without assistance, showing them different predators like cougars, educating them on ravens and foxes, the list is endless! Be creative in all the ways you teach and travel with your pups. I really love exploring Slough Creek with my pack without constantly worrying about my pups starving or being eaten and finding new Rendezvous Sites. I really enjoy going to the hills surrounding the dens (excluding the one you used that year). The forests surrounding Bison Peak and Saddle Meadows are really pretty! I also enjoy going to Canyon Cliffs and exploring all of Douglas Fir Slopes (especially around the campfire). The edges of the map also tend to be really pretty in same places!

If you want to you can host a Pack Life game for late summer and fall (maybe in Amethyst Mountain?) and hunt with your pups (assign a pup to each player, you can even roleplay with them!). For wolves, fall is basically a time of following elk herds as they migrate and eating lots of extra food to store up fat for winter (basically just go hunting a lot with other players!). When you're done you can move onto Winter!

Part 2: Winter

This is when Co-Op Multiplayer comes in. Make (or join) a game with the same wolf you used for Singleplayer and play through it. See the pop-up that explains the other players are your pups from previous years? Well, for the purposes of roleplay, they are. The players that look the most like each pup will 'be' that pup and you can enjoy hunting and raising a new litter of pups with your previous pups. If you keep track of pup personalities it can really be fun to see how each 'pup' acts like as a yearling. That player running in circles and lacking in usefulness? That's the pup that seemed equally confused on the summer journey. After you make it to the Rendezvous Site you can continue to play with the other players if you like (especially good if you're roleplaying), or you can just end the year there.

The Years After

If you would like your wolf to raise more litters of pups w/ the previous litters you can continue to play in co-op mode, but when you're done with that particular wolf you can choose one of your surviving pups to play as and you can continue your wolf's legacy from generation to generation. I like to keep track of my own legacy in a Google Doc where I tell the stories of each wolf, their pups and keep track of the heirs. After a short while you'll find that, out of that one wolf, is a legacy that lasts for a long time. Are your wolf's descendants similar to your wolf? Were their lives easier? How did the fur colors slowly shift through the generations?

So, I do suggest that you give this a try. It's more fun than it sounds and you may find yourself with a legacy on your hands - or just a really good time.
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How To Play Out Of A Wolf's Eyes....

Post by SilkenGalaxy » Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:56 pm

Have you ever wanted to see out of a wolf's eyes? Ever wanted a first person view of your WolfQuest wolf's life? Well, let's get reading this guide and you'll find out how!
Needed materials:
~ A computer (Desktop or laptop, doesn't matter)
~ WolfQuest (latest version would be helpful)
~ A decent keyboard that works on your computer

NOTE: The instructions here work only on WQ 2.5, for WQ 2.7, headcam is available by pressing the T button! Also, headcam is available for both Single and Multiplayer!

Okeedokee, hopefully you have all of your materials by now, so here's how you do it! Open up WolfQuest, like as if you were gonna play it any regular old time, and click on single player on the splash screen. It'll take you to the wolf customization page, then just name your wolf (if you wish), make it whatever color you want, and set the stats and gender. It'll take you to Amethyst Mountain, but it'll be like normal, now here's the fun part! Hit 9 on the numpad if you have a desktop pc, if you are a laptop user, I think you have to use F9 if I'm not mistaken. Now everything should look totally different! This, I think, is called Wolf Cam, it's a first person mode made into the game! Now this can only be used in single player as far as I know, but now that you are seeing the world through your wolf's eyes, go ahead and play through the game!

Now here are some challenges you can attempt now that you've discovered this mode, that is, if you wanna try them:
~Play the whole entire game in this mode!
~Hunt in this mode!
~Try to chase of 5 bears in this mode!

The possibilties are endless! Just go out there and have fun!

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